500 câu bài tập collocation ôn thi TN THPT

500 câu bài tập collocation ôn thi TN THPT

1. His father used to be a _______ professor at the university. Many students worshipped him..

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. distinct                               B. distinctive               C. distinguishing         D. distinguished

2. Mark Zuckerberg’s enormous success has taken a lot of hardwork and _______.

A. indifference                        B. dedication               C. loyalty                    D. reputation

3. During the Medieval period, people were made public _______ of being witches.

A. complaint                           B. criminal                  C. trouble                    D. accusation

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

4. He is _______ -influenced by his father and grandfather. His behaviors and decisions are exactly the same.

A. mightily                              B. strongly                  C. terribly                    D. weakly

5. At the age of 50, Robby William _______ his career after spending his twenty years playing electric guitar.

A. moved                                B. changed                  C. adjusted                  D. stopped

6. She has a wonderful voice but unfortunately, she never gets the _______ to sing in public.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. event                                  B. occasion                 C. ability                     D. chance

7. Thanks to the help of the teacher, she is _______ encouraging progress in math.

A. doing                                  B. making                   C. checking                 D. stopping

8. The _______ of the soil reduced the productivity of the farm.

A. fertility                               B. hardship                  C. poverty                   D. inadequacy

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

9. Each child had to _______ a short speech to the rest of the class.

A. do                                       B. carry out                 C . make                      D. take

10. Although it was more than an hour late, the superstar finally showed up and _______ the attention of the audience.

A. grabbed                              B. held                        C. paid                        D. took

11. Has the interviewer _______ the date? Yes, it’s on next Monday.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. amend                                B. fixed                       C. moved                    D. revised

12. Don’t worry. We’re in good time; there’s _______ to hurry.

A. impossible                          B. no need                   C. no purpose              D. unnecessary

13. Overpopulation in urban areas tends to create unfavourable conditions, which may result in _______ of food in developing countries.

A. damages                             B. failures                   C. shortages                D. supplies

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

14. He wasn’t able to _______ with the stresses and strains of the job.

A. catch                                   B. come                       C. cope                        D. handle

15. During the lesson, if you have questions or comments, please feel free to _______ them.

A. enlarge                               B. increase                  C. go up                      D. raise

16. We have to come to the conclusion. We are _______ out of time.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. driving                                B. going                      C. running                   D. walking

17. Thanks to the development in technology, students have _______ to good resources.

A. adapt                                  B. access                     C. assist                       D. assess

18. Poaching _______ the greatest threat to many species.

A. creates                                B. presents                  C. poses                      D. produces

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

19. In Africa, people’s interference in the rhino’s _______ leads to habitat loss.

A. sector                                  B. territory                  C. domain                   D. country

20. I never leave any electrical appliances on standby and I think it is a good way to _______ energy in the home.

A. look                                    B. use                          C. keep                        D. conserve

21. Every _______ piece of equipment was sent to the fire.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. consumable                                    B. spendable               C. available                 D. disposable

22. In the _______ agriculture, farmers try to limit the use of chemicals and fertilizers.

A. sustainable                         B. conserving              C. preserving              D. supporting

23. In Singapore, people try to _______ 80% of all waste.

A. reprocess                            B. reclaim                   C. recycle                    D. reuse

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

24. A good leader in globalization is not to impose but _______ change.

A. facilitate                             B. cause                      C. show                       D. oppose

25. Information technology has _______ our lives.

A. evolved                              B. reserved                  C. assimilated             D. transformed

26. We need to act quickly to _______ to climate change, or it will be a disaster for the whole planet.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. adapt                                  B. go back                   C. reverse                    D. transit

27. The mass media are _______ of communication, such as books, newspapers, recordings, radio, movies, television, mobile phones and the Internet.

A. models.                               B. means                     C. parts                        D. types

28. TV companies _______ their programmes across the country or even across the world.

A. broadcast                            B. refresh                    C. connect                   D. publish

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

29. While a sports match has spectators and radio has listeners, television has _______.

A. audience                             B. witnesses                C. viewers                   D. commentators

30. I hate _______ newspapers; they’re just full of gossip, scandal and lies!

A. online                                 B. daily                       C. tabloid                    D. rubbish

31. On some TV channels, a(n) _______ tells you what the next programme is going to be.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. journalist                            B. commentator          C. announcer               D. producer

32. The _______ involves TV, radio and even electronic forms of communication such as the Internet.

A. media                                 B. press                       C. network                  D. telecommunication

33. There’s a(n) _______ in the paper about the Reality Television in Viet Nam.

A. feature                                B. article                     C. essay                       D. announcement

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

34. I always get the news from my local radio ____.

A. place                                   B. site                          C. studio                      D. station

35. It is not always easy to _______ the difference between fact and opinion.

A. make                                  B. say                          C. do                           D. tell

36. In my _______, freedom of the press must be maintained.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. mind                                   B. sight                        C. view                        D. thought

37. Media mogul Ronald Morduck has _______ control of another tabloid.

A. made                                  B. given                      C. found                      D. taken

38. Some people feel a strong _______ to keep their cultural identities.

A. craving                               B. pressure                  C. urge                        D. wish

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

39. Unluckily, David’s dangerous and incredible journey in search of the Blue Fairy is in _______.

A. advance                              B. danger                    C. end                          D. vain

40. GPS systems help a lot of people _______ on land, on the sea, and in the air.

A. inform                                B . interfere                 C. navigate                  D. reunite

41. Researchers have _______ to the conclusion that your personality is affected by your genes.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. arrived                                B. come                       C. got                          D. reached

42. It is likely that artificial intelligence might decide to _______ an end to humanity simply because it surpasses human intelligence.

A. come                                  B. make                       C. put                         D. take

43. I don’t think people should be allowed to _______ experiments on animals.

A. create                                  B. make                       C. perform                  D. produce

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

44. When the factory closed, over a hundred people were _______ redundant.

A. made                                  B. given                      C. taken                       D. done

45. I’d like to speak to the person in _______ please.

A. duty                                    B. responsibility          C. obligation               D. charge

46. I would be grateful for an opportunity to visit your company and discuss my application with you _______.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. in privacy                           B. individually            C. privately                 D. in person

47. The President _______ tribute to all the people who had supported him.

A. made                                 B. gave                       C. paid                       D. did

48. I _______ a liking to my new doctor the moment I met her.

A. got                                     B. took                       C. had                         D. made        

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

49. I _______ a feeling I had met Richard before, but I couldn’t remember where.

A. gave                                  B. made                     C. had                         D. took

50. She has always been _______ concerned about the environment and would like to work for a conservation agency.

A. deeply                               B. totally                    C. strongly                 D. really

II. Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences.

1. Mrs Dawson said that we are _______ our lesson in the library next Monday.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. going                                 B. having                   C. making                  D. reading

2. If you need to _______ the teacher’s attention, just put up your hand.

A. attract                                B. pay                         C. take                        D. pull

3. The greenhouse _______ takes place when certain gases in the atmosphere trap sun’s heat.

A. emission                           B. gas                         C. effect                     D. affect

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

4. They ______ sacrifices so that their only child could have a good education.

A. made                                 B. did                         C. provided               D. lent

5. After the visit to that special school, we _______ friends with some students with reading disabilities.

A. acquainted                        B. had                         C. made                      D. realised

6. One aim of the International Day of Persons with disabilities is to further _______ awareness of disability issues.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. raise                                  B. rise                         C. increase                 D. pull

7. Generation _______ is the difference in the thoughts and viewpoints amongst generations living together.

A. distance                            B. gap                         C. spa                         D. difference

8. I was tired and couldn’t ______ on doing my research project properly.

A. concentrate                       B. look                       C. pay attention        D. Both A and C

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

9. My parents don’t let me get married until I graduate from university and they never _______ their mind about that.

A. keep                                  B. impose                  C. focus                      D. change  

10. My father used to _______ a lot of challenges before establishing his own insurance company.

A. provide                             B. enjoy                     C. give                       D. face

11. My mother _______ the responsibility for running the household.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. holds                                 B. takes                      C. runs                       D. bears

12. During the last hundred years we have _______ great damage to the environment.

A. made                                 B. achieved               C. done                       D. paid

13. The kids are being scolded for _______ noise in the lunchtime.

A. doing                                B. making                   C. having                  D. taking

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

14. When I first started learning English ten years ago, I could hardly _______ a word – “hello”, “goodbye”, “thank you” was just about it!

A. speak                                 B. talk                        C. say                         D. tell

15. I went to classes two evenings a week and I was surprised at how quickly I _______ progress.

A. had                                    B. made                     C. did                         D. produced

16. Some Koreans believe that it’s impolite to _______ eye contact with a person who has a high position.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. maintain                            B. lose                        C. show                      D. put

17. On many days of the year, Vietnamese people not only _______ the table for meals, but they also put food on the altar for their ancestors.

A. lay                                     B. lie                           C. book                      D. clear

18. They visit a retirement home and _______ time doing fun activities with the elderly who lack immediate family.

A. spend                                 B. lose                        C. waste                     D. consume

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

19. Both CARE and Oxfam organisations have programmes to help people in underdeveloped countries _______ their lives.

A. make                                 B. risk                         C. improve                 D. start

20. She had to _______ her First Certificate Exam three times.

A. study                                 B. take                        C. make                      D. do

21. In some Asian countries, the groom and bride _______ their wedding rings in front of the altar.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. change                              B. exchange               C. give                       D. take

22. Superstitions _______ an important part in the lives of many people in Viet Nam.

A. take                                   B. act                          C. occupy                  D. play

23. Traditionally, most Vietnamese people never _______ the floor during the first three days of the New Year.

A. sweep                                B. paint                      C. polish                    D. resurface

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

24. The “Marching song” was adopted as the national _______ of Viet Nam in 1945.

A. anthem                              B. song                       C. flag                         D. identity

25. He likes to _______ a nap for an hour when he arrives home from work.

A. do                                      B. get                          C. make                      D. take

26. I’ve been a night owl ______ up late for years, hitting the sheets anytime between 12 and 3 a.m.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. finishing                           B. getting                   C. staying                  D. waking

27.  It’s not too late to _______ your bad habits (smoking, drinking, overeating, etc.) and immediately start living a happier, healthier life.

A. get rid                                B. give on                  C. kick                       D. remember

28. Some foods and spices may _______ your breath for days after a meal.

A. damage                             B. harm                      C. reduce                   D. spoil

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

29. Food and drinks which strongly _______ the body can cause stress.

A. boost                                 B. develop                 C. encourage             D. stimulate

30. Acupuncture modality relies on sophisticated skills to select appropriate acupoints to _______ needles accurately.

A. infuse                                B. inject                     C. insert                     D. install

31. Linh can’t go out with us to see a movie now because she’s _______ meal.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. preparing                          B. making                  C. arranging              D. keeping

32. Ms. Mai asked me how she could _______ household chores equally in her family.

A. make                                 B. divide                    C. give                       D. contribute

33. In my family, my father always takes charge of doing the _______ lifting.

A. strong                                B. hard                       C. heavy                     D. huge

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

34. My mother told me to do the _______ yesterday but I forgot about it since I had much homework to finish.

A. wash-up                            B. laundry                  C. childcare               D. exercises

35. _______out  the rubbish in the early morning is a part of my daily routine.

A. Taking                              B. Coming                 C. Pulling                  D. Bringing

36. My wife is going on her business next week so I have to _______ most of the chores around the house.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. distribute                          B. hold                       C. take                        D. handle

37. To Hoa, her father is the greatest person in the world and he always sets a good _______ for her.

A. role                                    B. behaviour              C. example                D. action

38. Most people will receive _______ benefits when sharing the housework in their family.

A. large                                  B. big                         C. enormous              D. strong

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

39. The idea to_______ a visit to the local council residence was welcomed by all the visitors.

A. walk                               B. go                           C. pay                       D. do

40. Einstein _______ a great impact on modern physics.  

A. feels                                  B. does                       C. affect                     D. has

41. At the age of 50, Robby William _______ his career after spending his twenty years playing electric guitar.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. moved                               B. changed                 C. adjusted                D. stopped

42. I always get the news from my local radio _______.

A. place                                 B. site                         C. studio                    D. station

43.  Johnny Depp rarely _______ invitations to do interviews.

A. agrees                                B. accepts                  C. denies                    D. approves

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

44. Video and computer games have also developed into a _______ media form.

A. mess                                  B. big                         C. mass                      D. global

45. Most governments tax people on the amount of money they _______ each year.

A. win                                    B. gain                       C. earn                       D. benefit

46. When you _______ the interview, remember to bring some sample of your work.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. apply                                 B. join                        C. attend                    D. make

47. Exhaust _______ from cars are responsible for much of the air pollution in cities.

A. fumes                                B. smokes                  C. gases                     D . smog

48. The mass media are _______ of communication, such as books, newspapers, recordings, radio, movies, television, mobile phones and the Internet.

A. models                              B. means                    C. parts                       D. types

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

49. One of the ways we _______ our teenager’s needs as parents is by giving them attention.

A. watch                                B. solve                      C. share                      D. meet

50. The bride and groom cut the wedding cake and _______ speeches.

A. prepared                            B. wrote                     C. heard                     D. made

III. Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences.

1. If you don’t want your business to _______ bankrupt, avoid consulting those willing to step out on a limb.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. come                                 B. take                        C. go                           D. pay

2. Lawyers are naturally keen to have _______ with anyone who could provide him with incontrovertible eviedences concerning the lawsuits they’re in charge.

A. contact                              B. association            C. connection            D. communication

3. In Physic class, we are told that resistance wire can be found in an electrical _______ such as a heater or an oven.

A. device                               B. appliance              C. untensil                 D. gadget

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

4. Entering the meeting half an hour late, he tried to _______ an excuse, still the strict chairman of the board told him to leave the room.

A. make                                 B. do                           C. give                       D. have

5. It seems that they had had a _______ row, as she had locked him out of the aparment all night long.

A. freezing                            B. warming               C. grieving                D. blazing

6. The recent heavy rains have contributed to ease the water _______ resulted from the severe prolonged drought.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. shortage                            B. lack                        C. absence                 D. deprivation

7. Students in private school often receive more _______ attention from their teacher; therefore, they have more chance to reach their full learning potential.

A. personal                            B. individual             C. distinctive             D. unique

8. That manuufacturer is worldly-known for selecting only ingredients that meet their very strict _______ of quality and renewability.

A. demands                           B. necessities            C. criterions               D. requirements

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

9. Despite the development of e-books and online reading materials, printed books are still regarded as a wonderful _______ of entertainment.

A. resource                            B. place                      C. source                    D. replacement

10. Some teachers have tendency to _______ preference to students with disadvantaged backgrounds sich as poor and handicapped students.

A. lend                                   B. give                       C. deliver                   D. send

11. There was a time when human beings worried that all of the earth’s surface would be _______ covered with lava were a giant meteor to hit the planet.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. thickly                               B. fully                       C. densely                  D. totally

12. As estimated in the report, the storm _______ great damage to not only the coastal cities but the mountainous areas as well.

A. make                                 B. cause                     C. lead                        D. bring

13. If traipsing around shops does not _______ to you, perhaps using a catalogue will do.

A. appear                               B. attract                    C. access                    D. appeal

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

14. The influence of the last _______ 12 storm on the central region is so disruptive that the local authority had to spend months to surmount the consequence.

A. power                                B. energy                   C. force                      D. velocity

15. He’s praised for processing a distinctive _______ style which was plain and factual, without witticisms or flourishes.

A. literature                           B. literal                     C. literary                 D. literally

16. She did agree to lend him some money; nevertheless, after being told that he was a blackleg, she _______ a second thought.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. transferred                        B. changed                C. made                     D. gave

17. Had it not been for its cautiously prepared performance, the play could not have _______ most of the audience to tears.

A. moved                               B. given                     C. brought                 D. travelled

18. His mother encouraged him to take up some sports and do exercise regularly in order to stay in _______.

A. shadow                             B. shape                     C. shield                     D. shell

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

19. In the 19th century, a group of archeologist explored an ancient castle in West Austria and found lots of precious pottery utensils _______ 50 meters.

A. in the depth of                 B. at the deep of       C. at the depth of      D. in the deep of

20. Thanks to our continuous attempt, the year-end brochure will be _______ for publication in late November.

A. ready                                 B. willing                   C. capable                  D. agile

21. There are all kinds of giveaway which could be used _______ product samples.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. in point of                         B. in advance of        C. in need of              D. in place of

22. He desperately wishes to _______ a living through writing but his writings are so dull that no published agree to publish them.

A. earn                                   B. do                           C. save                       D. accumulate

23. The inner city’s traffic eventually came to a _______ as a seriously-injured accident happened.

A. delay                                 B. inaction                 C. gridlock                D. standstill

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

24. Although the Internet is thought to give children opportunities to _______ their minds, reports has shown its negative effect on children’s mental health.

A. enlarge                              B. broaden                 C. spread                    D. open

25. I should have been offered that job had I arrived in time for the interview, but I _______ my chance.

A. threw                                 B. flew                       C. blew                      D. drew

26. The goal of the conference is to _______ a compromise between the two nations in terms of military and economy.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. have                                  B. reach                     C. make                     D. touch 

27. It’s not difficult to recognise the _______ contrast between the lives of the poorest and the richest members of society.

A. acute                                 B. tampering             C. briery                     D. sharp

28. President Gorbachev demanded and got more and more personal power, although he was _______ able to use it effectively.

A. rarely                                 B. scantly                   C. faintly                    D. hardly

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

29. She was one of the few of the younger generation who took the time to _______ a conference questionaire seriously.

A. get                                     B. take                        C. put                         D. give

30. The living condition which children in slum areas of Africa is _______ belief.

A. over                                   B. beyond                  C. above                     D. off

31. The celebrity lost her temper when realising that the evening dress she had ordered online was completly ____ in her size.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. out of stock                      B. out of order          C. out of touch          D. out of sight

32. For some reasons, pollution in big cities can be to _______ for severe traffic congestion and poor waste treatment.

A. criticise                             B. accuse                   C. blame                    D. imply

33. The kidnapper promised not to _______ the child harm if her affluent parents gave him a large amount of money.

A. make                                 B. give                       C. do                           D. bring

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

34. The bank client was clever to _______ a pretense of giving the robber some money while her colleague called the police.

A. take                                   B. make                     C. have                       D. do

35. The litte girl has such a deep  _______ for her newly-born brother that she spends almost all her day off playing with him.

A. emotion                            B. endearment           C. passion                  D. affection

36. This year our company lost £5 million, which is a far _______ from last year’s £80 million profit.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. laugh                                 B. smile                     C. cry                         D. frown

37. My mom told me that it was _______ crying over spilt milk; therefore, I never feel bad with poor marks.

A. a waste time                     B. a waste of time     C. a time waste         D. a time of waste

38. To avoid hurting the witnesses’ feelings, the judge didn’t _ detail about the scene of the murder case.

A. go through                        B. go into                   C. go over                  D. go down 

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

39. To be honest, the twins _______ a lot of resemblance to each other; as a result, it takes time to tell them apart.

A. carry                                  B. maintain                C. bear                       D. evade

40. After seeing my medical record, the doctor advised me to have an operation without _______.

A. postponement                  B. setback                  C. interruption          D. delay

41. Had he not remembered _______ that his passport was in his coat pocket, he would have had his flight cancelled.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. for the time being                                                B. behind the time   

C. ahead of his time                                                 D. in the nick of time

42. Now that you have spent all day typing the report, it’s time for you to _______ a rest.

A. pay                                    B. make                     C. take                        D. give

43. She is narrating the accident in great _______ so that the police can find the cause of it.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. feature                               B. detail                     C. figure                     D. detachment

44. It was very kind of Peter to _______ me a favor. Had it not been for his help, I would not have finished my cleaning.

A. do                                      B. have                       C. give                       D. bring

45. After several days persuadiing, eventually I _______ my parents’ permission to attend my boy’s friend’s birthday party.

A. had                                    B. took                       C. held                       D. got

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

46. To be honest, she shouldn’t have bellieved in the stories he told. He’s just a _______ talker.

A. huge                                  B. broad                     C. large                      D. big

47. So nerve-wracing seemed the news that everyone  _______ their breath to wait for it.

A. kept                                   B. held                       C. put                         D. had

48. Despite their effort to boost the revenue of the company, they failed to _______ the objective established 3 months ago.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. attain                                 B. regain                    C. retain                     D. obtain

49. The doctor advised her to _______ a heart valves operation; otherwise, her health will get worse.

A. take                                   B. get                          C. have                       D. do

50. I’m on cloud nine because the lecturer _______ me a compliment at class this morning.

A. paid                                   B. gave                       C put                          D. gained

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

51. The last points he gave at the debate bear no _______ to the overall topic, which enables the opponent team to win.

A. relationship                      B. relation                  C. relative                  D. related

52. Having a talented and successful brother, I’m often told to _______ his example.

A. adopt                                 B. pursue                   C. shadow                  D. follow

53. By the time the campaign was held, the organisation had _______ a survey on what youngsters think of cohabitation.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. conveyed                          B. confirmed             C. conducted             D. connected

54. _______ smokers are more likely to go down with lung cancer than those who don’t have the habit of smoking.

A. strong                                B. great                      C. big                         D. heavy

55. It’s high time she had to _______ a decision whether to take the job offer or not.

A. make                                 B. come                     C. bring                      D. get

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

56. World War II definitely _______ the growth of worldwide economy, contributing to poverty and death in participating countries.

A. avoid                                 B. curb                       C. evade                     D. reccess

57. The government claims that every citizen in the country must _______ the traffic rule in order to save their own life.

A. comply                              B. obey                      C. adhere                   D. perform

58. A _______ number of elephants are being killed for ivory across the country.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. large                                  B. big                         C. broad                     D. ample

59. Eliud Kipchoge, an athlete from Kenya, is said to have _______ the marathon record with the result of 02:01:39.

A. cracked                             B. clothed                  C. broken                   D. divided

60. It was a ten-year-old students on his way home that was _______ injured in the road accident this morning.

A. seriously                           B. perilously              C. gravely                  D. harmfully

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

61. In celebration for my parents’ wedding anniversary, my father is going to call the restaurant to reserve _______ a table of five.

A. to                                       B. for                          C. on                           D. with

62. Had her younger brother dressed warm enough last night, he wouldn’t have _______ a cold this morning.

A. grabbed                             B. reached                 C. caught                   D. attained

63. After several years hard of hearing, my grandmother _______ deaf the age of eighty-four.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. made                                 B. took                       C. went                      D. bore

64. Even though moving away, the boy next door still tried to _______ with me via emails.

A. keep in touch                                                       B. be in touch           

C. make a call                                                           D. have a connection

65. It took the police half a year to investigate the case and find the evidence _______ enough to accuse the muderer of his crime.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. heavy                                B. large                      C. hard                       D. strong

66. When I entered the room, Tom was sitting silently on the couch, in _______ thought.

A. broad                                 B. deep                       C. profound               D. sunk

67. It may be a _______ mistake to say that he is a caring person. In fact, he hardly spends time with his family.

A. full                                     B. vast                        C. big                         D. huge

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

68. After weeks of staying in the hospital he recovered and now his health is in good _______.

A. condition                          B. situation                C. edition                   D. conception

69. His discovery of the new drug has _______ a difference in medical sector.

A. done                                  B. given                     C. made                     D. brought

70. Some developed countries can take advantage of its _______ strength to invest in domestic and foreign corporation.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. economics                        B. economical           C. economistic          D. economic

71. The project wil prove efficient in the long _______; therefore, it’s time to conduct it.

A. jump                                  B. run                         C. walk                      D. hike

72. Some scientists spend all their lives _______ researches on a specific subject and became successful but some didn’t.

A. making                              B. having                   C. doing                     D. getting

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

73. My little puppy _______ missing 4 days ago and wherever I tried to find him, he didn’t appear.

A. went                                  B. did                         C. made                     D. got

74. They _______ oppose killing dogs for food; therefore, you shouldn’t talk about dog meet in front of them.

A. bitterly                              B. really                     C. fairly                     D. extremely

75. While listening to the teacher, the students attempted to _______ notes so that they can revise the lesson at home.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. make                                 B. take                        C. break                     D. give

76. All the characters in his fiction are _______ imaginary, but readers can always find them familiar.

A. wholly                               B. utterly                    C. barely                    D. purely

77. They had to manage a lot to _______ ends meet in the former days due to the influence of war.

A. have                                  B. get                          C. make                     D. do

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

78. It’s _______ hot outside, so take an umbrella with you whenever going out.

A. cooling                              B. frying                    C. boiling                   D. freezing

79. However hard she tried, she couldn’t make a(n) _______ on the boy next door.

A. confession                        B. impression            C. expression            D. possession

80. No sooner had I gone out of the shop than I caught _______ of my boyfriend hand in hand with another girl.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. sight                                  B. light                       C. tight                       D. might

81. My sister is a _______ spender who is willing to spend huge amount of money on shopping.

A. heavy                                B. strong                    C. great                      D. big

82. Pollution is the _______ of the environemnt in general and our health in particular.

A. commitment                     B. detriment              C. measurement        D. employment

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

83. To _______ the audience’s attention, the speaker stopped some minutes and told a joke before starting a new point.

A. keep                                  B. take                        C. give                       D. hold

84. The company’s productivity has increased _______ for the last three months.

A. highly                                B. entirely                  C. largely                   D. markedly

85. Slamming the door, one reporter stepped into the room and _______ the news on a road accident.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. broke                                 B. cracked                 C. split                       D. wrapped

86. The new law will soon come into _______ after being passed by the constitution.

A. practice                             B. force                      C. influence               D. reality

87. Deforestation has driven wild animals to the ____ of extinction.

A. verge                                 B. border                    C. brim                       D. margin 

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

88. If he hadn’t inherited an enormous legacy after his father’s death, he would have nothing _______ hand now.

A. on                                      B. at                            C. in                           D. of

89. They went to court to divorce as the husband had realized his wife _______ a relationship with his neighbor.

A. got                                     B. brought                 C. bore                       D. had           

90. In short _______ of time, the rescue workers arrive to rescue people getting stuck in collapse.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. episode                             B. duration                C. interval                  D. period

91. Every _____ appliance has its average life span, which means it will be out of order then.

A. electrical                           B. electric                  C. electricity              D. electron    

92. This is the house where an elderly lady lived all _______ in the last stage of life.

A. lonely                                B. lone                       C. alone                     D. loner

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

93. The group is the collection of people interested in art, regardless of their social _______.

A. property                            B. status                     C. condition               D. account

94. After weighing the pros and cons, the supporting team _______ a suggestion that motorbikes should be banned.

A. had                                    B. made                     C. did                         D. took

95. He is certainly a hot-tempered. He can easily lose his _______ when someone say something against his opinion.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. mood                                 B. emotion                 C. spirit                      D. temper

96. In the social skills class, we learnt about how to make eye _______ with others in a conversation.

A. touch                                 B. connection            C. contact                  D. intercourse

97. _______ the absence of the Prime Minister, the meeting had to be cancelled to another day.

A. In                                       B. On                          C. For                         D. With

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

98. It was a strange boy that _______ my life when I felt into water this afternoon.

A. saved                                 B. earned                   C. made                     D. gave

99. The thing I like doing during the weekends is _______ the shopping with my family.

A. making                              B. going                     C. doing                     D. bringing

100. I took him nearly ten years to build a firm _______ name for his products as today.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. brand                                 B. label                      C. package                 D. company

101. As a matter of fact, finding a solution to ____ that issue is not that easy. We need to do more researches and surveys.

A. locate                                B. challenge              C. answer                   D. address

102. People living by the river are _______ the advantage of the fertile soil for cultivation.

A. putting                              B. taking                    C. getting                   D. having

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

103. To get married to a man that is almost the same age as his father is a _______ decision of her life.

A. large                                  B. good                      C. big                         D. huge 

104. I shouldn’t have _______ lies to my mom. She could easily identify any mistake I have made.

A. told                                    B. said                        C. spoke                     D. talked

105. We believe that it is _______ wrong to prohibit children to go to school. They need to socialize to gain more social understanding.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. solely                                B. perfectly               C. purely                    D. utterly

106. When I arrived, the children were giving their mother a hand to _______ the table.

A. put                                     B. lay                          C. place                      D. lift

107. We can’t deny the fact that parents’ actions have an effect _______ their kids’ behaviours when they mature.

A. in                                       B. on                           C. to                           D. with

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

108. Charles _______ regretted not looking after his father who has just passed away when he was in hopistal.

A. movingly                          B. sadly                      C. deeply                   D. severely

109. My friend, Alex, is under a lot of pressure due to the _______ workload his boss assigned to him.

A. big                                     B. wide                      C. heavy                     D. acute

110. My brother is the kind of person that always do whatever he can to _______ his promise.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. hold                                   B. store                      C. save                       D. keep

111. After going over the annual financial report, the head of the board claimed that this year skim is to kick _______ the sales.

A. up                                      B. in                           C. for                          D. to

112. Such a _______ sleeper is his sister that no boy wants to have a relationship with her.

A. ample                                B. heavy                     C. burden                   D. massive

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

113. If you park your car somewhere illegally, you will receive a _______ ticket.

A. parkage                             B. parked                   C. package                 D. parking

114. It is 7 km from the shopping center to the museum; however, if you _______ a short cut, the way will be much shorter.

A. give                                   B. have                       C. take                        D. do

115. Thanks to this course, I’m _______ aware of computer software and technologies.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. fully                                  B. mostly                   C. merely                   D. hardly

116. Being bullied by her classmates, the little girl burst _______ tears and quickly run home.

A. for                                      B. into                        C. with                       D. of

117. The teacher told me to take a _______ when I asked whether I should apply for that scholarship.

A. faith                                   B. risk                        C. chance                   D. shot

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

118. It was my girlfriend that helped me _______ the habit of smoking.

A. destroy                              B. weaken                  C. crash                      D. break

119. This is the first time I have been to Ho Chi Minh City, so I’ll _______ a train instead of booking a flight.

A. get                                     B. bring                      C. put                         D. catch

120. Hardltt had we driven into the highway when we realized that our car had _______ out of petrol.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. moved                               B. led                          C. left                         D. run

121. As the speaker finished his speech, all the audience gave him a _______ of applause.

A. round                                B, circle                     C. ring                        D. wheel

122. On behalf of the organization, the chairman decided to _______ a meeting to discuss the new scheme.

A. run                                     B. hold                       C. keep                       D. talk

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

123. He promised to tell me the truth as long as I _______ calm.

A. keep                                  B. make                     C. get                          D. bring

124. If I hadn’t forgotten to bring along some cash, I wouldn’t have had to pay _______ credit card this morning.

A. in                                       B. by                           C. on                           D. for

125. After discussing for more than an hour, they finally _______ to a conclusion that the project should be put forward.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. reach                                 B. arrive                     C. come                     D. touch

126. Because they didn’t bring along umbrella, they _______ wet in the sudden rain.

A. took                                   B. came                      C. made                     D. got

127. What my ex told me was a _______ of lies, which disappointed me so much.

A. pack                                  B. herd                       C. bundle                   D. load

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

128. In buses, we should give seats for women who are _______ a baby so that she won’t get tired.

A. taking                                B. doing                     C. bringing                D. having

129. Being deprived of her little daughter, the mother _______ mad.

A. came                                 B. went                      C. made                     D. put

130. The final exam left us completely tired. In other words, we were _______ after that exam.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. mostly to                          B. out of                     C. barely with           D. all in 

131. She is the only person that I can _______ on after all.

A. put                                     B. decide                    C. turn                        D. count

132. It’s extremely difficult to _______ the genuine and artificial painting apart, but the critic can do that as a piece of cake.

A. tell                                     B. say                         C. talk                        D. speak

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

133. Although it’s the first time we’ve met each other, we tried to _______ the ice by gossiping about some bits and pieces.

A. break                                 B. build                      C. melt                       D. feel

134. Never before has my mother spent any money _______ her hair, but today she did it.

A. making                              B. doing                     C. having                   D. putting

135. As the young women has just recovere from the shock, the nurse told her to take a _______ breath to calm down.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. great                                  B. big                         C. deep                       D. wide

136. To earn enough money for her living, she had to work _______ 6 days a week.

A. extra time                         B. more time             C. spare time             D. overtime

137. Had I not gone out late last night, I would not ____ a child now.

A. take                                   B. catch                      C. bring                      D. get

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

138. It is said that _____ exercise is beneficial for the development of not only children but adults as well.

A. regular                              B. instant                   C. intense                   D. usual

139. This drug is recommended by the doctor to _______ the pain in your knee.

A. increase                            B. ease                       C. put                         D. construct

140. The story _______ to end as the main character chooses to kill herself.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. arrived                              B. reached                 C. came                      D. went         

141. On March 8th, Bob went to the flower shop and bought his mom a _______ of flowers.

A. flock                                  B. load                       C. pile                        D. bunch

142. The man next door has just been arrested for _______ murder, which was really shocking to all of us.

A. commenting                     B. commanding        C. committing           D. communting

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

143. I believe that what he has said was far from _______ . You shouldn’t count on him.

A. true                                    B. truth                       C. truly                       D. truthful

144. Hanoi is one of the most _______ crowded cities that has been encountered serious pollution problem in the world.

A. closely                              B. overly                    C. densely                  D. thickly

145. Last night storm is reported to have been the most destructive storm in the last 10 years, with _______ wind blowing all night.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. big                                     B. fierce                     C. large                      D. dense

146. Such an eminent General as General VO Nguyen Giap that hundreds of people all across the country came to _______ their respect for him at his funeral in 2013.

A. take                                   B. throw                     C. put                         D. pay

147. So many different ideas are milling about _______ my head, but I can’t settle down to work on any one of them.

A. in                                       B. on                           C. of                           D. at

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

148. The more considerable effort you _______, the more likely to success you will be.

A. give                                   B. get                          C. make                     D. have

149. I don’t know if she _______ offense what I’ve just said, but I didn’t mean to hurt her actually.

A. brings                                B. does                       C. gives                      D. takes

150. It has been a long time since the last time we have got such a _______ crop as this year.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. booming                           B. bumper                  C. bingo                     D. beloved

151. By the year 2055, Vietnam will have succeeded in _______ illiteracy in not only big cities but also smoe remote areas.

A. eradicating                       B. eroding                  C. erupting                D. erring

152. The number of wild birds in this area has decreased _______ in the last 10 years.

A. intensely                           B. dramatically         C. constantly             D. cruelly

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

153. All we need for the time being is the project going _______.

A. quickly                              B. considerably         C. probably               D. smoothly

154. Never before have I written code for a computer program; however, today I’ll have a go _______ it.

A. at                                       B. in                           C. to                           D. on

155. Anna, my best friend at high school is the only person I find it easy to _______ my opinion with.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. throw                                 B. share                      C. express                  D. give

156. We have got only 2 days to prepare and then _______ a presentation about animal testing.

A. get                                     B. take                        C. give                       D. put

157. As the camping site is often crowded on the weekends, we will arrive early to _______ space.

A. bring                                 B. save                       C. have                       D. come

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

158. To _______ to the development of the whole country, we should try our best to study from now on.

A. contribute                         B. construct               C. conquer                 D. congratulate

159. Seeing that there is a ____ vacancy in that company, I immediately applied for that position.

A. work                                  B. labor                      C. job                         D. stuff

160. You have to be _______ competitive to do well in these subjects.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. highly                                B. strongly                 C. extremely             D. seriously

161. We couldn’t hear anything because of the _______ noise of the drums the next-door neighbours were playing.

A. interesting                        B. exhausting             C. deafening             D.  boring

162. The director informed that no candidates _______ all the criteria for the administrative position.

A. completed                         B. fulfilled                 C. achieved                D. suited

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

163. We’re punished for not submitting our outline on time as the task _______ was too difficult.

A. assigned                            B. done                      C. taken                      D. reminded

164. The government must _______ decisive action against environmental pollution.        

A. make                                 B. have                       C. take                        D. apply        

165. Many of the world’s largest cities are _______ polluted and some are permanently covered by a cloud of pollution.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. practically                        B. strongly                 C. virtually                D. heavily

166. I really don’t _______ the point of taking the exam when you are not ready for it.

A. take                                   B. have                       C. mind                      D. see

167. If the examiner can’t _______ sense of your writing, you’ll get a low mark.

A. take                                   B. bring                      C. make                      D. understand

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

168. I would prefer to go to university and _______ a degree  in International Studies, rather than start work.

A. make                                 B. pursue                   C. do                           D. pay

169. Helen is much more confident with her English now. She can actually _______ a conversation with her teacher in English without difficulty.

A. keep                                   B. do                           C. improve                 D. hold

170. In Australia, on Mother’s Day, the second Sunday in May, children prepare and _______ their mothers ‘breakfast in bed’.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. cook                                  B. serve                      C. display                  D. present

171. At the church ceremony, the couple has to_______ their wedding vows.

A. make                                 B. have                       C. pay                         D. do

 A lot of generous businessmen have _______ valuable contributions to helping needy people.

A. done                                  B. taken                      C. made                      D. given

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

172. Volunteer organisations are generally small-staffed, so they need to _______ lots of volunteers for a huge event.

A. employ                              B. recruit                    C. research                 D. catch

173. You’d better _______ a commitment to being a volunteer on a regular basis.

A. promise                             B. do                           C. make                      D. pull

174. When you get involved in a volunteer project, you are able to _______ your knowledge into practice.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. take                                   B. put                         C. bring                      D. push

175. Football superstar David Beckham has a huge _______ for kids in need.

A. head                                   B. strength                 C. memory                 D. heart

176. Our performance was _______ to be the best one in this competition last night.

A. cheered                             B. appeared               C. judged                   D. seen

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

177. The local celebrities joined hands to _______ a fund-raising campaign for charity.

A. solve                                  B. conserve                C. come up                D. launch

178. After many weeks, his solo album _______ a profound influence on the youth all over the country.

A. remains                             B. maintains              C. becomes                D. persuades

179. Our band needs to _______ our nerves to perform in this music competition.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. control                              B. conquer                 C. calm                       D. lose

180. That disable boy’s victory in the race set the _______ example to all students in the school.

A. finest                                 B. first-class              C. rarest                     D. most convenient

181. The flight from London to Rome was _______  cheap. It only cost 20 euros.

A. ridiculously                      B. really                      C. utterly                  D. strangely

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

182. Some people love her new book, others are very angry about it. It is _______ controversial.

A. highly                                B. strongly                 C. timely                    D. urgently

183. His father was a pacifist all his life and was _______ opposed to war.

A. highly                                B. strongly                 C. timely                    D. urgently

184. The exam results were _______disappointing for the whole class. We had all expected to do much better.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. strongly                            B. bitterly                  C. timely                    D. deeply

185. When I realised how much my selfish behaviour had upet everyone, I was _______ ashamed.

A. strongly                            B. bitterly                  C. timely                    D. deeply

186. In the 1990s she ran a(n) _______  successful company which made outstanding profits.

A. highly                                B. strongly                 C. timely                    D. urgently

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

187. Everyone got more than 95% correct in the test; it was _______ easy.

A. ridiculously                      B. bitterly                  C. utterly                  D. strangely

188. You must apologise immediately. It was a(n) _______  stupid remark to make.

A. deeply                               B. bitterly                  C. utterly                  D. strangely

189. That you should even think that I would steal money from you is _______  ridiculous! You must be crazy!

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. deeply                               B. bitterly                  C. utterly                  D. strangely

190. Thanks very much. I’ll return the _______ one day.

A. debt                                   B. favor                      C. appreciation          D. good

191. The author of the book _______ an unusual position on the topic.

A. adopts                               B. adapts                    C. affects                   D. arranges

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

192. The writer of the article _______ his opinion very clearly.

A. explains                            B. states                     C. declares                 D. announces

193. I _______ firmly to my belief in the importance of basic human rights.

A. keep                                  B. take                        C. hold                       D. put

194. The book _______ some key questions but fails to deal with them in a satisfactory manner.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. rises                                   B. arises                     C. raises                     D. boosts

195. “Look at that player! He kicked Ronald”. Yes, that was a _______ foul.

A. deliberate                         B. determined           C. calculated             D. planned

196. She’s just made a move higher up the career _______.

A. steps                                  B. ladder                    C. lift                          D. staircase

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

197. Hundreds came to _______ their last respects to the dead president.

A. pay                                     B. have                       C. express                  D. indicate

198. The deputy _____ charge in the case of the robbery.

A. did                                     B. was                        C. took                       D. made

199. All the research has been carried out proves beyond any _______ of doubt that smoking can seriously damage your health.

Săn SALE Shopee ngay thôi

A. shade                                 B. shadow                  C. reflection              D. protection

200. The daughter has yet to realize that her mother suffered from a _______ death when she was only two years old.

A. disastrous                         B. messy                    C. fatal                       D. tragic

                                                              —The end—

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