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Mời các em xem thêm Collocation là gì?

1. Collocations với “education”

– Formal education

Formal education plays an important role in the development of the country.

– Higher education

Universities and colleges both provide higher education options for a wide range of students.

– Further education

Recently a large number of further education institutions have shown interest in offering new scholarship programs.

– Tertiary education

Research has shown that students who have access to tertiary education have better career opportunities than others.

– Comprehensive education

In developed countries, universities usually provide their students with comprehensive education.

– Education department

The education department has declined to comment on the papers that have been released.

– Education institution

There has never been a more important time to question the purpose of higher education institutions.

– Have/receive education

Alice was at a disadvantage as a result of the poor education she had received.

– Continue/extend education

Alex went to Harvard to extend his education.

– Offer/give/ provide somebody (with) education

The school offers Suzie a free high-quality all-around education program.

2. Collocations với “knowledge”

– Considerable/great/vast knowledge

She has a vast knowledge of biology, animal habitats, and the natural environment.

– General knowledge

English will take them all around the world, considerably expanding their experience and general knowledge.

– Theoretical knowledge

Vietnamese schools are well-known for subjects that contain a great deal of theoretical knowledge.

– Practical knowledge

Vietnamese students tend to lack practical knowledge when it comes to mathematics.

– Professional/academic knowledge

In this case, professional knowledge of anthropology will prove beneficial.

– Acquire/gain knowledge

The employment allowed her to apply the knowledge she had gained at university into practice.

– Spread knowledge

The doctor’s mission is to spread knowledge of how to prevent the disease.

– Broaden/improve knowledge

After a long time of training, he has broadened his knowledge a lot.

– Retain knowledge

What is the best way to retain your knowledge after a long time?

3. Collocations với “scholarship”

– Scholarship examination

Scholarship examinations are held by education funds every 3 years.

– Scholarship program

In the past 10 years, many scholarship programs have been held to support students’ finances.

– To gain/get/win a scholarship

Lisa won a scholarship for her musical talent 2 years ago.

– Award/ give (somebody) scholarship

He has been awarded an annual scholarship by the academic council for his contribution.

4. Collocations với “learning”

– Interactive learning

Nowadays, many educational expertises consider interactive learning as an effective method to replace the traditional one.

– Online learning

Online learning is the best solution for the whole academic department in COVID19 pandemic.

– Distance learning

Distance learning helps busy students to have an opportunity to access new knowledge.

– Independent learning

Independent learning promotes students’ thinking and creativity.

– Learning environment

A good teacher knows how to create a creative learning environment for their students.

– Learning materials

There are many types of learning materials that students can approach such as textbooks, internal scientific researches, etc.

– Learning experience

Fun and engaging classroom activities can improve students learning experience.

– To improve learning environment

Wearing uniforms to school is one way to improve the learning environment as it gives students a sense of equality.

– To facilitate online learning

Schools should facilitate online learning to elevate student’s learning experiences.

5. Các Collocation với “ability”

– Learning ability

Students who have well-educated parents tend to have better learning ability.

– Academic ability

Parents have to develop their child’s academic ability as soon as possible.

– Demonstrate/show ability

Both students demonstrated their ability through the competition.

– Appreciate/recognize ability

Students whose ability are appreciated tend to be more successful.

Một số collocations chủ đề Education khác

– First-year/second-year/third year/fourth-year student

Most first-year students tend to get flustered when asked to give a presentation.

– Graduate/ post graduate student

He is an excellent graduate student of our school.

– Mature student

She studies psychology as a mature student, having spent many years counseling adolescent psychology.

– Pursuing a brick and mortar education

He is a consistent student, who is always pursuing a brick and mortar education instead of online education.

– Application of general concepts

Alice’s invention was the result of applications of general technology concepts.

6. Collocations chủ đề Environmental damage

– Cause/ contribute to climate change

If we collectively choose to drive electric vehicles instead of petrol-driven ones, we can significantly reduce the carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to climate change.

– Prevent/ combat illegal logging

Due to the fact that the Earth now has fewer trees to deal with carbon dioxide emissions, it is imperative for the government to come up with solutions to prevent illegal logging.

– Degrade ecosystems

As humans and natural disasters continue to alter and degrade ecosystems, understanding how to restore landscapes and communities of utmost importance.

– Heavily/ seriously/severely deplete natural resources

If we keep severely depleting natural resources, the environment will become unbalanced.

– Produce pollution

Human activities that produce air pollution include processes involving combustion and chemical accidents.

7. Collocations chủ đề Environmental protection

– Introduce / impose green taxes

In order to protect the environment, politicians shouldn’t be afraid of introducing green taxes.

– Take action on/ reduce/ stop/ fight global warming

People need to curtail their use of fossil fuel and switch to clean sources of energy such as solar and wind power to reduce carbon emissions and fight global warming.

– Curb pollution

The authority is considering a ban on all private vehicles in an effort to curb air pollution and improve people’s health.

– Develop renewable energy

The government should provide tax relief for companies that develop renewable energy projects that produce electricity from wind, solar and wave power.

– Recycle waste

Learning how to recycle waste is one of the things that people can do to protect the environment.

8. Useful collocations on the topic of environment

Damaging the Environment

– Serious environmental degradation

In some industrial zones, the production processes may result in serious environmental degradation.

– Irresponsible disposal of industrial waste

Global warming stems from the irresponsible disposal of industrial waste.

– Waste treatment systems

If factory installed waste treatment systems instead of discharging chemical wastes into rivers, water pollution could be controlled.

– Discharge chemical waste

Nowadays, more and more company and industrial zones have been discharging chemical waste into rivers, causing death to many fish and other aquatic animals.

– Litter the street

Residents will consider newcomers dirty and ill-mannered if they litter the street or spit gum in public places.

– The emission of greenhouse gases:

If countries all over the world could decrease their energy consumption, this will reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

– Chemical fertilizers/weed killers

Organic farmers do not pollute the water or the soil which result from the application of chemical fertilizers and weed killers.


Countries such as Japan are leading the way, for example, in developing more eco-friendly cars, buses and lorries.

– To be spoiled by

Several famous beaches in Vietnam have been spoiled by this lack of respect for the local environment.

– Contamination of land, air or water

“Contamination of land, air and water has reached alarming levels.”

– Illegal logging and deforestation

“It should not be forgotten that illegal logging in the Amazon Basin is still a major factor in climate change.”

– Burning fossil fuels

Individuals can make a small contribution by not burning wood and other fossil fuels.

– Long-term consequences

The effects of our use of fossil fuels today may last for generations, and it is almost certain to have long-term consequences for humanity.

– Renewable energy

Wind farms and other sources of renewable energy will help to reduce CO2 emission to an acceptable level.

– Environmental protection

Environmental protection is one of the most important challenges almost every country is facing.

– Sustainable development

The government should commit to sustainable development and the protection of the environment.

– To deplete natural resource

Depleting natural resource is become a serious concern for the government to get deal with.

– Fight climate change

International cooperation is necessary to fight climate change.

– Conserve energy

Scientists in many countries are cooperating to find a method to conserve energy.

– Sort the daily garbage

One thing that individual can do to protect the environment is sorting the daily garbage.

– Dump waste

Disposal of household waste is a daunting task for local authorities. Towns and cities cannot just dump such waste and hope it will go away.

– Toxic waste

Efforts to recycle waste are only a partial solution. Meanwhile, the problem of toxic waste remains.

– Offset carbon emissions

Some airlines have schemes now for offsetting carbon emissions.

– Introduce green taxes

Politicians should not be afraid of introducing green taxes and incentives to encourage eco-friendly design in architecture.

– Reduce carbon footprint

– Food miles

We can all reduce our carbon footprint by flying less, and reduce our food miles by buying local produce.

Climate Change and Its Consequence

– Searing heat: extreme heat

Parts of Europe which used to be cooler now experience intense, searing heat, and temperatures soar above the average every summer

– Widespread flooding

Most areas in Europe suffer widespread flooding on a regular basis.

9. Collocations chủ đề Technology

– Be replaced by automation

Some parts of human workforce will soon be replaced by automation, especially the repeatable tasks such as packaging or storage control.

– Addicted to something

Children addicted to the internet will show behaviors of increased aggressiveness and irritability, as well as loss of sleep and depression.

– Keep up to date with technology

As technology has now become a central pillar of business, it is critical that companies keep up to date with the constant changes in technology.

– Overdependence on technology

There are certain benefits from workplace automation, such as greater efficiency and freeing up the human workforce to be more creative, but overdependence on these technologies could be detrimental.

– Face-to-face communication/meetings/interaction >< interaction through computers:

These days, face-to-face communication is gradually replaced by the use of social media, such as Facebook or Instagram.

In terms of business, the constant advancement of technology has allowed business people in different countries to interact through computers without ever meeting each other.

– Enhance the productivity of something

Technology can greatly enhance the productivity of businesses, as it allows for more effective communication, as well as enables the automation of manual tasks and promotes higher-value work.

– Keep (their) eyes glued to (their) screens/smartphones

Between staring at computer screens during working hours and regularly gazing down at their phones, people nowadays are spending more time keeping their eyes glued to their screens than ever before.

– Engrossed in social media

The sight of young people keeping their eyes glued to their phones, being deeply engrossed in social media platforms is now increasingly common.

– Integrate/incorporate technology into something

Effective technology integration can make students more engaged, and allow them to take more control over their own learning process.

10. Collocations chủ đề Travelling

-To be in the middle of nowhere: Ở một nơi xa xôi hẻo lánh

Amazon river is not a kind of being in the middle of nowhere, it’s famous for its wild scene, a wide variety of animal and attract a lot of explorer every year.

– Off the beaten track: Vùng xa, bí hiểm, chưa ai biết đến

Exploring the wood to some people is going to a place which is off the beaten track, but to me, as a fan of exploring, I get used to it and like it.

– Peak season/ Low season: mùa cao điểm/ mùa thấp điểm

On peak season, costs of hotel and other services in scheduled place are getting higher. Sometimes, if you don’t book in advance, you may not have any room to stay.

– Scheduled beach: bãi biển vắng người

But frankly speaking, I would rather enjoy the scheduled beach’s view than anything else.

– Tourist trap: Nơi thu hút đông khách du lịch

I have a feeling that being in a Tourist trap, I am inconvenient because of the noise and the crowd there.

– Have a thirst for adventure: niềm đam mê du lịch, khám phá

Having a thirst for adventure, I would like to explore new place, which hasn’t been known before.

– Dominate the landscape: nơi cao nhất

Khalifa tower of Dubai dominates the landscape in the world.

– To be an eye-opener: trải nghiệm giúp mở mang tầm mắt

That journey to the most far off the beaten track is an eye-opener to me, I have learnt a lot from this experience.

– Discover new culture and cuisine: Khám phá nền văn hoá, ẩm thực

Thailand is reputed for its unique in culture and custom. Once you have time to visit here, you should discover new culture and cuisine, try everything and make it as your own memory.

– Escape the daily routine: thoát khỏi cuộc sống thường nhật

When you have free time, you should escape the daily routine, stand up and go for a travelling, adapt yourself to the adventure and relax.

– Capture the beauty of: lưu giữ lại vẻ đẹp của

My Nikon is the best mate of me. He always accompanies and captures the beauty of scenery or breathtaking view in my trip.

– Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city: tránh khỏi ồn ào náo nhiệt ở thành phố

Make best use of your time to free yourself from loads of works, get away from the hustle and bustle of the city by going on a vacation with bestie or homie.

– Go backpacking: du lịch bụi

When I was a student at university, I and my homies often go backpacking once every 2 month to a trekking place for new experience

– Package deal = package tour = package holiday: du lịch trọn gói

Family often chooses package tour as for its convenient for all of the advanced booking and available services.

– Red-eye flight: chuyến bay muộn ban đêm

Having not booked in advanced, all of the seats were full, therefore, I have to choose the red-eye flight back to my hometown.

– Call it a day: kết thúc những hoạt động của một ngày, trở về phòng, khách sạn

After a full day with meaningful activities for teambuilding, everyone may get tired. We should call it a day, shower and relax, then gather in the front door for night camping!

– Bright and early/ first thing: sáng sớm tinh mơ.

We’ll need to leave bright and early to catch the first ferry to the island

– Set off on one’s travels: Bắt đầu chuyến du lịch

We should go to sleep early tonight because we must set off on our travels earlier than planned.

– Pack one’s bags: Thu xếp hành lý chuẩn bị đi chơi

Everyone should be ready, buy everything you need, bring them along and pack all things in your bags before a long day vacation.

– Fleabag motel/roach motel: một phòng trọ giá rẻ, tồi tàn.

Being cheated by the appearance of this motel, we have booked full week staying here. When moving to the room, it’s really a fleabag motel.

11. Collocations chủ đề Money

– pocket/ spending money

My dad gave me a little extra pocket money.

– stolen/ dirty money

We don’t want your dirty money!

easy money

People were tempted into the trade by the thought of easy money.

– big money

Carter won big money in Vegas last year.

– counterfeit/ fake money

He was arrested for using fake money.

– hard-earned money

He spent all his hard-earned money.

– hush/ protection money

I knew he was doing illegal business, so he offered me hush money.

– bonus/ extra money

If you complete the project before next week, there’ll be some bonus money.

– government/ public money

It’s not right to waste public money on projects that benefit those who are already wealthy.

– gas/ lunch/ petrol/ rent money

Could you lend me some lunch money today?

– prize/ grant/ scholarship money

They won a lot of grant money for their research into DNA.

– pension/ retirement money

We plan to move to Los Angeles with our retirement money.

– coin/ print money

The government printed a lot of money in 2001.

– count money

Always count your money.

– earn money

I don’t earn much money, but I love my job.

– borrow money

He borrowed money from the bank.

– lend money

He refused to lend me the money.

– bank/ deposit/ put in money

I deposited a large amount of money last Friday.

– draw out/ get out/ take out/ withdraw money

I’d like to withdraw £500 from my current account.

– pay out/ shell out/ spend

Altogether he had paid out almost £5000 for the improvements.

– give/ donate money

They donated more than $200,000 to charity last year.

repay money

I’ll repay you the money you lent me next week.

– owe money

I owe my brother $50.

– save money

I try to save some money every month.

– accept money

I’m afraid I can’t accept your money.

– change money

Can you change a £20 note?

– steal money

Boys broke into a shop and stole £45 in cash.

– launder money

He was jailed for laundering drug money.

– collect money

I’m collecting money for Children in Need.

– invest money

The city has invested millions of dollars in the museum.

12. Collocations chủ đề Business

– Annual turnover

The company had an annual turnover of new liturgy introduced in 2011.

– Bear in mind

Bear in mind that the authors of these books also have agendas.

– Break off negotiations

He said he decided almost immediately after the hijacking to break off negotiations.

– Cease trading

A company can cease trading and still be registered at Companies House.

– Chair a meeting

He will also chair a meeting of the International Democratic Union.

– Close a deal

I told her not to come back until she closed a deal.

– Come to the point

It has come to the point where communication is relied on technology.

– Dismiss an offer

This is what happens when you dismiss an offer of food and you are running for president.

– Draw a conclusion

The basis upon which you draw a conclusion is subject to incredible impeachment.

– Draw your attention to

“I want to draw your attention to one absolutely fundamental fact”, he said.

– Go bankrupt

I am afraid that most of the small farmers will go bankrupt.

– Go into partnership

Tom went into partnership with Smith to form the firm in 1990.

– Launch a new product

If we launch a new product, we don’t see people lining up at the door, he added.

– Lay off staff

He is accused of failing to notify authorities of plans to lay off staff.

– Market forces

He predicted that market forces will continue to reform the current system.

– Past few weeks

The stock is healthy, having consolidated the past few weeks.

– Sales figures

He declined to give sales figures.

– Take on staff

Employers cannot take on staff unless they have a card.

13. Collocations chủ đề sports

– Be in good/bad condition

After resting, I was then in good condition and ready to compete again.

– Keep/stay fit

Besides exercising regularly, a sound diet can also help me keep fit.

– Get in shape

What made me feel a bundle of nerves these days was that I only have 3 weeks left to get in shape before my wedding. I needed to look completely gorgeous in my wedding gown.

– Keep one’s figure >< Lose one’s figure

She’s lost her figure since she stopped hitting the gym and started consuming too much fast food.

– Take up a sport/an exercise

My brother was eager to take up a new sport, so I recommended chess to him.

– Sports facilities

Having sports facilities in a university campus can benefit students’ comprehensive development.

– Have/suffer from an injury

Kathy has to retire after suffering from that severe ligament injury.

– Ban something on safety grounds

Dog fighting has been banned on safety grounds because this sport is not only violent but can also lead to illegal gambling.

– A feast for the eyes/ears

With the talented instruction of Mr.Park, U23 Vietnam’s techniques were totally a feast for the eyes.

– Performance-enhancing drugs

Athletes using performance-enhancing drugs are believed to have an advantage over their opponents.

– Fail a drug test

Much as she wanted to join the match, she was banned from competing because of failing the drug test.

– (Play) A home game/(Play) An away game

Ling was ready to compete. She was quite relaxed and confident since that was a home game and she believed she understood the field more than the opponent team.

– Break a record/Set a record

Having reached the speed of 44.72km/h in the 60-80m stretch, Usain Bolt has set the world record of being the fastest runner in the world.

– Neck and neck

The two teams were neck and neck in the final round and drew. Then, a tiebreaker was called in.

– A tennis/basketball/badminton court

We used to practice basketball daily at the basketball court behind our school.

– A golf course

Building a golf course requires a huge investment as well as a vast enough space.

– A soccer field

I have a slight injury when playing soccer since the grass on the soccer field was very wet and slippery after the rain last night.

14. Collocations chủ đề music

– Background music (n): nhạc nền

The soft background music made her feel sleepy.

– Live music (n): nhạc sống

Your instruments are all dead, and it’s no use trying to get live music out of them.

– A catchy tune (n): giai điệu bắt tai

Their songs have such a catchy tune, and you can also sing along to easily

– Classical music (n): nhạc cổ điển, truyền thống

Older people like ballet, classical music, folks because they want reminiscence.

– Musical performance (n): buổi/ Sự biểu diễn âm nhạc

Taylor Swift held up a great musical performance in America last month.

– A huge following (n): có đông người hâm mộ

Abba wrote various wonderful songs, and some “massive hits”, which makes them have a huge following.

– Music festival (n): lễ hội âm nhạc

I’m really into live music. I go to a lot of music festivals.

– Musical talent (n): tài năng âm nhạc

Musical talent is formed of both nature and nurture

– Taste in music (n): gu âm nhạc

When I was young, I only want to listen to rock, but now my taste in music is completely different.

– Easy listening: nhạc dễ nghe

Some people do not like easy listening music because they don’t think that it is very interesting or exciting.

– A piece of music: tác phẩm âm nhạc

It was a charming piece of music.

– In tune: đúng tông

They sang perfectly in tune.

– Out of tune: lệch tông

She smiled, grateful that Alex didn’t know he was out of tune.

– To be tone deaf: không phân biệt được giai điệu/ mù âm nhạc

I’d love to be able to play the guitar, but I think I’m a bit tone deaf so I find it quite hard.

– To download tracks: Tải nhạc

It’s good for marketing new musical talent or particular bands as it’s so easy to share and download tracks for free.

– To sing along: hát theo

Their songs have such a catchy tune, and you can also sing along to easily …

– To go on tour: Đi lưu diễn

Backstreet Boys have a huge following so they go on tour every year.

– To have such great voices: có giọng hát tuyệt vời

The two women in Abba had such great voices.

– To appreciate music: thưởng thức, đánh giá âm nhạc

By learning how to play a musical instrument, children can learn many things like self-discipline, determination, and how to appreciate music better.

– To take up a musical instrument: bắt đầu học về một loại nhạc cụ

I’ve always wished I’d taken up a musical instrument.

15. Collocations chủ đề food and drink

– A light meal: bữa ăn nhẹ

Our light meals and dinner recipes are perfect if you fancy a light lunch or maybe even a quick snack.

– A heavy meal: bữa ăn chính

After a heavy meal, you should take a little more rest than usual.

– Mashed potatoes: khoai tây nghiền

Potatoes are blended with warmed butter and milk to create those perfect, smooth mashed potatoes everyone loves.

– Freshly-ground coffee: cà phê tươi xay

The smell of freshly-ground coffee woke me up this morning.

– Take-away: đồ mang về từ nhà hàng

More and more take-away coffee brands, both domestic and foreign, have appeared on the market, creating a new tendency of enjoying coffee among the youth.

– Bread and butter: điều gì đó cần cho sự sống hay kế sinh nhai

EX: The voters are worried about bread and butter issues like jobs and taxes

– Fish and chips: thức ăn mang về truyền thống, phổ biến tại anh quốc

Fish and chips is a hot dish of English origin consisting of fried battered fish and hot chips

– Home-cooked food: đồ ăn nấu ở nhà

Many families have stopped sitting down for meals together despite the fact home-cooked food offers both social and health benefits

– Convenience food = processed food: thức ăn chế biến sẵn

It’s nice to get a bit of home-cooked food after all that convenience food.

– Organic food

Organic food is now a regular feature at most supermarkets.

– Make your mouth water: làm cho bạn thấy rất đói, thèm ăn

The smell of that bacon cooking is making my mouth water.

– Raise one’s glasses: nâng li lên để chúc mừng

Let’s raise our glasses and drink a toast to the happy couple!

– On a strict diet: ăn kiêng nghiêm ngặt

He’s on a strict diet because he wants to have a better attractive physical appearance.

– Eat a balanced diet: có một chế độ ăn cân đối, hợp lý

A balanced diet is one that gives your body the nutrients it needs to function correctly

– Follow a recipe: nấu theo hướng dẫn

I follow a recipe when cooking

– Grab a bite to eat: ăn một cách nhanh chóng (khi vội)

Do you want to grab a bite to eat before we see the movie?

– Eat like a horse (= eat a lot)

These hamburgers are so delicious that she eats like a horse

– Eat out

Eating out has become a popular choice for Vietnamese officer workers.

– Wine and dine: thiết đãi nồng hậu

The company wined and dined us, hoping to convince us we should accept the job

– Ask for the bill: tính tiền trong nhà hàng

What’s the best way to ask for the bill in a restaurant?

– Spoil your appetite: ăn gì đó để hết cơn đói khi đến giờ ăn

Don’t have any more chocolate – it’ll spoil your appetite

– Work up an appetite: hoạt động thể lực để làm cơ thể nhanh đói

He had worked up an appetite in the gym.

– Food hygiene: vệ sinh an toàn thực phẩm

Restaurants must guarantee about food hygiene or food safety.

16. Collocations chủ đề work

Get a better job
In order to get a better job, I have to study for a language certificate.

Good promotion opportunity
Being hard working, competitive and good at team work, you will have agood promotion opportunity in this company.

Run one’s own business
I want to startup when I graduate from this university. I could take control and run my own business.

Meet the qualifications
To have a position in Unilever, you have to be very excellent, outstanding and meet all the qualifications they required.

Be on the dole: Hưởng trợ cấp thất nghiệp
In Viet Nam, people who has not had a job to serve themselves will be on the dole, according to 2013 Working Laws.

Learn from mistakes/ experiences: Học hỏi từ những sai lầm/ những trải nghiệm
Ex: Learning from mistakes – the best lesson that is suitable for everyone.

Fulfil the requirements
Having fulfilled the requirements they offered, I take the chance to work as Marketing Executive in PepsiCo.

Selfemployed: tự làm chủ
I want to be self – employed after 3 years working for Mr.Thanh.

Run a marketing campaign: chạy một chiến dịch tiếp thị
Before running a marketing campaign, you should well prepare for everything: master plan, detailed strategy and budget plan.

Have a good workinglife balance
However hard you try to achieve your goal in this job, you should have a good working – life balance.

Relevant experience
Besides certificates and influency in foreign language, this position requires relevant experiences.

Take gap year
After first year as a freshman, I take gap year, attend a marketing course, work part time to gain experience. Then, I will take an IELTS exam to go and study abroad.

Earn a competitive salary: Có được mức lương tốt
Dealing to have a low price on this contract, I earn a competitive salary from this month.

Be good at going under pressure: chịu áp lực công việc tốt
An intensively hard job needs people who are good at going under pressure.

In a professional working environment: Trong một môi trường làm việc chuyên nghiệp
When you work with us, not only will you earn a competitive salary, but also you will gain experience from others in a professional working environment.

– Interpersonal skills: kỹ năng giao tiếp ứng xử, xây dựng quan hệ
In the world that work changes so rapidly, company often requires interpersonal skills to build relationship worldwide.

Be off work at the moment: Đang tạm nghỉ việc
I am in 7th ofpregnant period and off work at the moment.

A short term contract: hợp đồng ngắn hạn
I love to skip work over the time, so, I am on a short term contract.

Take a drop in salary: Giảm lương
Due to the fact that our company has been in the red, we must take a drop in salary.

Be more rewarding than: Đáng làm hơn
Offering more benefits to the employees, this job is more rewarding than anything else.


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