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Danh sách 300 từ vựng HSK 1 phiên bản mới

HSK đang có sự dịch chuyển từ HSK 6 cấp lên HSK 9 cấp. Với trình độ HSK 1, theo tiêu chuẩn mới, bạn sẽ cần nắm vững 500 từ vựng so với 150 từ vựng HSK 1 phiên bản cũ.

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Từ vựng HSK 1 bản mới bằng tiếng Anh

àilove, like, be fond of, be keen on, cherish, be apt to
愛好爱好àihàolove, like, be fond of, be keen on
爸爸爸爸bàbaold man, father, papa, pappa, daddy, pa, begetter, pop, dada, dad, male parent, pater, pappy, pops, poppa
báiwhite, clear, pure, plain, wrongly written/mispronounced,
det.: eight
白天白天báitiandaytime, during the day, day, CL:個|个[ge4]
bǎicent, centum, century, hundred, det.: hundred
baparticle: used to show mild imperative or uncertainty
bàndet.: half
半年半年bànniánhalf a year
半天半天bàntiānhalf of the day, a long time, quite a while, midair, CL:個|个[ge4]
幫忙帮忙bāng mángassist, aid, smile, lend a hand, do a favour, help, oblige, give a hand, do favor, do a good turn
bāowrap, surround, encircle, envelop, include, contain, undertake the whole thing, assure, guarantee
包子包子bāozisteamed stuffed bun, CL:個|个[ge4]
杯子杯子bēizitumbler, drinking glass, cup, glass
北邊北边běibiannorth, north side, northern part, to the north of
běndet.: this
北京北京Běijīngcapital of Red China, Beijing, Peking, Beijing (Peking), Peiping
běiatomic number 97, northward, north, berkelium, Bk, northern
本子本子běnzibook, notebook, edition, CL:本[ben3]
別的别的biédeelse, other
別人别人biérenothers, other people, another person
病人病人bìngrénshut-in, patient, subject, sufferer, case, valetudinarian, invalid
compared with
不大不大bùdànot very/too, not often
不客氣不客气bù kèqìyou’re welcome, don’t mention it, impolite, rude, blunt
不用不用bùyòngneed not
càivegetable, greens, dish, course, food
不對不对bù duìincorrect, wrong, amiss, abnormal, queer
chàbe short, lack
non, do not, no, nowise, not, nope, nae, no more, nix
常常常常chángchángoftentimes, ofttimes, commonly, ordinarily, oft, often, a great deal, normally, frequently, unremarkably, much, usually
chángoften, usually, frequently
唱歌唱歌chàng gēsing
車上车上chē shàngCar
車票车票chēpiàoticket (for train/bus)
chàngcry, chant, chirm, tune, vocalize, call, sing
chīfeed, have, be subject to, absorb, chow, live on, eat, have one’s meals, be a strain, exhaust, fare, take in, live off, annihilate, wipe out, partake, suffer, ingest, consume, graze, lunch, manducate, incur, take, get, use up, make, taste, soak up
吃飯吃饭chī fànfeed, dine, make a living, keep alive, have a meal, eat
出來出来chū laicome forward, issue, come up, step up, step to the fore, out (toward one), come_out, pop out, come out, rise, come to the fore, step forward, emergence, come forth, emerge
chūproduce, turn out, arise, happen
出去出去chū qugo_out, go/get out, get_out, go out, get out, go, exit
order, sequence, next
穿穿chuānto wear, to put on, to dress, to bore through, to pierce, to perforate, to penetrate, to pass through, to thread
cuòwrong, mistaken, bad, poor, confused, complex
cóngfrom, since, through
generalized verb of doing with specific meaning determined by its object, strike, hit, fight, construct, forge, mix
打車打车dǎchēto take a taxi (in town), to hitch a lift
打電話打电话dǎ diànhuàmake telephone call
打開打开dǎ kāiunscrew, undo, break_out, open up, unbar, unpack, unwind, shoot, turn, switch_on, open, switch on, unroll, turn/switch on, unclose, straighten, unfold, crack, unwrap, ope, turn_on, turn on, chop
打球打球dǎqiúplay a ball game using arms/hands
大學大学dàxuéuniversity, college
great, macro, old, very, vast, tall, big, high, much
大學生大学生dàxuéshēngman, university/college student, college man, university student, colleger, university, undergrad, undergraduate, college boy, college student, collegian, university_student, undergraduate student, geeks
得到得到dé dàoto get, to obtain, to receive
dàoup until
děngconj.: and so on, etc
地點地点dìdiǎnlocation, site, locale, locality, topographic point, point, venue, spot, situs, land site, place, locus
dethe earth, land, soil, fields, ground, place, position, background, distance
地方地方dìfangcountry, soil, terrain, part, clime, way, territory, room, neighbourhood, tinderbox, locality (as distinct from the central administrat, child, tract, province, position, respect, where, region, space, place, local
地上地上dìshangon the ground, on the floor
departicle: emphasizing an action/situation
弟弟弟弟dìdibrother, little brother, younger brother, cadet, little_brother, viscount
mansion, stadium, decker, det.: marker of ordinal numerals, abomasum, residence
電話电话diànhuàblower, phone call, headphone, earpiece, telephone, telephone_call, buzz, earphone, horn, telephone set, phone_call, telephony, phone
電腦电脑diànnǎoelectronic computer, computery, data processor, information processing system, computer
電視機电视机diànshìjīset, idiot_box, tv, goggle-box, idiot box, television receiver/set, teleset, television set, television receiver, TV set, goggle_box, tv set, goggle box, boob tube, receiver, telly, television
電影电影diànyǐngcinematography, moving_picture, pix, kinema, picture, film, movie, moving picture, flick, cinema, motion_picture, cinematic, celluloid, picture show, motion picture, flicker
電視电视diànshìTV, box, iconoscope, video, television set, teevee, orthicon, huckster, TV set, radiovision, television, telecasting, airwave, telly
電影院电影院diànyǐng yuàncinema, movie (house)
東邊东边dōngbiāneast, east side, eastern part, to the east of
東西东西dōngxithing, creature
dòngconcuss, get moving, travel, go, use, eat or drink, act, arouse, stir, disturb, alter, touch, change, dynamic, locomote, move
動作动作dòngzuòdemeanor, motion, behavior, performance, demeanour, play, turn, operation, operative, looseness, agency, gesticulation, movement, gesture, comportment, business, action, move
study, read, attend school, take, read aloud, read (aloud), peruse
dōuall, even, already
讀書读书dú shūread, study, attend school
對不起对不起duìbuqǐbe unfair to, I’m sorry, let … down, let sb. down, excuse me
duōmany, much, more, more than the correct/required number, excessive, too much, much/far more
多少多少duōshaodet.: how many, how much, many
兒子儿子érziviscount, man-child, boy, male offspring, son
duìcorrect, true, toward
èrdet.: two, second
fànfood, meal, repast, cooked rice or other cereals, dinner
飯店饭店fàndiànrestraurant, restaurant, hotel
房間房间fángjiānapartment, aspect, houseroom, room, chamber, bedroom
房子房子fángzibuilding (of less than three stories), room, building, property, house
fàngloose, bloom, make longer, set … free, let sb. have his own way, show, readjust, free, make larger, put in, fly, etc., release, discharge, leave alone, bung, lay aside, put, expansion, make longer/larger/etc., fling, localize, lend (money) at interest, let go, set, pasture, pose, set free, blossom, lay, let off, put out to pasture, send away, play, expand, make larger/etc., readjus
放假放假fàng jiàhave a day off, have a vacation, have day off, have or be on vacation, have or be on holiday, have a holiday, vacation
fēihover in the air, flight, hover, volatilize, wing, disappear through volatilization, flutter, skip, hover/flutter in the air, fly, blow, flutter in the air, flit
放學放学fàng xuéhave winter holidays, classes are over, finish classes, have summer holidays, finish classes (for the day)
飛機飞机fēijīaerocraft, airplane, machine, craft, aeroplane, ship, aero, avion, aeronef, plane, aircraft
非常非常fēichángextraordinary, unusual, special, very, extremely, highly
fēngwind, common practice, custom, general mood, style, news, information
gàndo, work, fight
乾淨干净gānjìngclean, clear
高興高兴gāoxìngglad, happy, cheerful, merry, pleased
gāotall, high
告訴告诉gàosutell, preach, notify, impart, inform, represent, apprize, send word, share, advise, give notice, apprise, assure, let know
哥哥哥哥gēgebig brother, elder brother, big_brother
幹什麼干什么gànshénmedo something
piece, item
gěigive, give to
gēnwith, to, from
工人工人gōngrennavvy, hired man, operative, working person, laborer, shopworker, esne, working man, hired hand, worker, workpeople, workman, hand
工作工作gōngzuòwork, job
guānshut, close, turn off, lock up, close down
關上关上guānshàngto close (a door), to turn off (light, electrical equipment etc)
guósurname Guo, country, nation, state, national, CL:個|个[ge4]
國家国家guójiāsirkar, state, country, patria, a people, nationality, nation, republic, soli, body politic, clime, national, civil order, polity, commonwealth, land, res publica
guìexpensive, costly, highly valued
還是还是háishistill, nevertheless
孩子孩子háizikid, issue, chap, daughter, children, sonny, son or daughter, child, spawn, boy, kipper, son
還有还有háiyǒuconj.: furthermore, in addition
漢語汉语HànyǔChinese language, CL:門|门[men2]
háistill, yet, also, too, as well, besides
漢字汉字HànzìChinese character, CL:個|个[ge4], Japanese: kanji, Korean: hanja, Vietnamese: hán tự
好吃好吃hǎochīdelicious, good to eat, tasty, enjoy eating good food, gluttonous
好看好看hǎokànembarrassed, interesting, nice, good-looking, delightful
好聽好听hǎotīngpleasant to hear
好玩兒好玩儿hǎowánrinteresting, delightful, amusing
and, with, gentle, peaceful
hěnpretty, thrice, monstrously, gey, quite, mighty, stinking, sopping, some, assai, full, most, clinking, much, thumping, awfully, fiendishly, thundering, very, real, really, bally, proper, grossly, powerful, so, rattling, well, considerably, greatly, terribly
hòurear, back, behind
後邊后边hòubianback, rear, behind
huàwords, thing, language, tongue, talk, speech, spoken_language, conversation, utterance, expression, story, tale, saying, natural language, sayings, word
後天后天hòutiānthe day after tomorrow, post-natal, acquired (not innate), a posteriori
回答回答huídáanswer, reply
huíreturn, go back
huāspend, expend, cost
回到回到huídàoremount, retour, recur, turn back, regress, regain, revert, go_back, return to, return, go back to
回家回家huí jiāreturn home
回去回去huí  qugo_home, go_back, retrocede, go back, be back, go, return
回來回来huí laicome back, get_back, recur, revisit, come, return, be back, come_back
huìto be able, can, will, to meet
火車火车huǒchēchoo-choo, railroad train, car train, marshalling_yard, puff-puff, train
機場机场jīchǎnglanding field, flying field, airfield, airport, airdrome, field, aerodrome
雞蛋鸡蛋jīdàn(chicken) egg, hen’s egg, CL:個|个[ge4],打[da2]
機票机票jīpiàoair ticket, passenger ticket, CL:張|张[zhang1]
det.: how many, a few, several, some
記得记得jì decome to mind, think back, remember, recollect, recall, rememberance, mind, retain, place, spring to mind, bear in mind
記住记住jì zhuto remember, to bear in mind, to learn by heart
jiāfamily, household, home, house
write down, record
見面见面jiàn miànmeet, see
家人家人jiārénrelation, homefolk, inmate, kindred, household, relative, people, folks, kin, family members, family, kinsfolk, house
jiānlocality, room
jiànsee, be exposed to, become visible, call on, refer to, meet with, appear to be, appear, vide, catch sight of, meet
jiàoto be called
教學樓教学楼jiàoxuélóuteaching block, school building
介紹介绍jièshàointroduce, present, recommend, suggest, let know, brief
今年今年jīnniánthis year
姐姐姐姐jiějiesis, big_sister, elder sister, sister
今天今天jīntiāntoday, at the present, now
jìnenter, come/go into, advance
進來进来jìn laicome in, enter
進去进去jìn quenter, entry, go_in, get in, go in
jiùthen, at once, right away, an indicator strengthening speaker’s evaluation
覺得觉得juédeimagine, guess, believe, reckon, suspect, suppose, think, listen, feel, consider, think_of, appear, conceive
jiǔdet.: nine
kāiopen, open up, reclaim (land), open out, come loose, start, begin, operate, turn on (light), run (business), hold (meeting/etc.), divide into, reveal
開車开车kāi chēto drive a car
開會开会kāi huìhold/attend meeting
開玩笑开玩笑kāi wánxiàokid, spoof, jive, gag, make fun of, josh, daff, rot, quip, chaff, rib, banter, jolly, fun, sport, put_on, clown, fool, droll, jape, joke, skylark, jest, jocose, crack a joke
kànsee, look at, watch, read, look upon, regard, look after, call on, visit
看病看病kàn bìngto visit a doctor, to see a patient
看到看到kàn dàoview, receive, ken, observe, lamp, catch, see, take in, watch, chatter away, lay_eyes_on, boast, brag, shoot the breeze, spy, catch sight of, catch sight of
kǎostudy, inspect, give test, inspection, give, give/take test, test, investigate, verify, take test, give or take an examination, quiz, check
看見看见kàn jianseeing, behold, see, descry, show, perceive, lay eyes on, lamp, spy, show up, sight, catch sight of, catch sight of
考試考试kǎoshìexamination, test
subject, course, class
課本课本kèběntext edition, textbook, text, school text, schoolbook
課文课文kèwéntext, CL:篇[pian1]
kuàifast, quick, quick-witted, ingenious, sharp (of knives), straightforward
來到来到láidàoarrive, come
lǎoold, aged;of long standing, outdated, tough, overgrown, dark (of colors)
老人老人lǎorenoldster, ancient, old woman, crock, one’s aged parents or grandparents, old man/woman, one’s aged parents/grandparents, Sir, old person, gaffer, pop, one’s aged parents, the aged/old, old_man, senior_citizen, oldie, greybeard, old man, graybeard, old, grandparents, the old, the aged, senior citizen, old_boy, old boy, woman, old-timer, old man or woman, one’s aged grandparents
老師老师lǎoshīrabbi, professor, swami, instructor, teacher, mast
lèitire, build by piling up, pile up, strain, weary, toil, accumulate, involve, tired, burthen, work hard, accumulation, fatigued, wear out
lěngcool, rare, cold, unfrequented, feel cold, chill, frosty(in manner), shot from hiding, strange
liǎngdet.: two, both (sides), either (side), a few, some
língdet.: zero, naught, nil
liùdet.: six
lóustorey, Lou, tower, superstructure, storied building, story, floor, Surname, a storied building
路口路口lùkǒucrossing, intersection (of roads)
路上路上lùshangon the road, on a journey, road surface
媽媽妈妈māmamummy, mammy, ma, mother, mamma, mum, mommy, female parent, mom, Mama, mater, mama, momma
馬路马路mǎlùdrive, road, driveway, riding, a road, carriageway, avenue, street, a street used by vehicular traffic
road, path, way, journey, distance, means, sequence, logic, line, region, district, route, sort, grade, class
馬上马上mǎshàngin a short time, at_once, instantaneously, promptly, at once, incontinent, in the same breath, directively, instantly, slapbang, pronto, right_away, immediately, shortly, without delay, right away, tout-de-suite, forthwith, presently, in_no_time, at a time, soon, hereupon, in a few seconds, before long, at one time, outright, straightaway, in a minute, directly, momently, in a f
mǎipick up, invest, hire, buy, purchase, put_down, trade, get
maparticle: calling for agreement or disagreement
màntardy, rude, slow down, slow, slow up, retard, lose, defer, supercilious, postpone, decelerate
mánghurry, hasten
máoMao, wool, bristle, nap, pilus, down, feather, mold, mildew, Surname, hair, 1 1 0 th yuan, 1 0 th yuan, dime, silk, cent, fur, marking
沒關係没关系méiguānxiit doesn’t matter, never mind
沒什麼没什么méishénmenothing, it doesn’t matter, it’s nothing, never mind
沒有没有méiyounot have, there is not, be without
沒事兒没事儿méishìrto have spare time, free from work, it’s not important, it’s nothing, never mind
妹妹妹妹mèimeilittle_sister, sis, younger sister, little sister, sister
méndoor, gate
門口门口ménkǒuporch, portal, doorway, gateway, threshold, room access, door, entering, entrance
門票门票ménpiàoentrance/admission ticket, admission ticket, admission fee, admission price, entrance ticket, admission charge, cover_charge, admission, entrance fee, entrance money, pasteboard, price of admission, entrance
米飯米饭mǐfàn(cooked) rice
menpluralizer after pronouns and nouns of persons
麵包面包miànbāobun, staff of life, cookie, breadstuff, bread
麵條兒面条儿miàntiáornoodles, erhua variant of 麵條|面条[mian4 tiao2]
名字名字míngzifirst_name, forename, moniker, monaker, first name, monicker, cognomen, given name, name, patronymic, appellation
明白明白míngbaiclarify, downright, recognize, agnize, tumble, follow, make out, catch, understand, discern, think, know, seize, agnise, twig, realize, get, realization
明年明年míngniánnext year
det.: which
哪些哪些nǎxiēdet.: which
take, hold, seize, capture
那邊那边nàbianbeyond, that side, there
det.: that
那裡那里nàlǐthat place
那些那些nàxiēdet.: those
nǎibreasts, milk
那兒那儿nàrthat place
奶奶奶奶nǎinainanna, address for married woman, granny, gran, grandmother, grandma, respectful form of address for an old woman, paternal grandmother
男孩兒男孩儿nánháirboy, erhua variant of 男孩[nan2 hai2]
nánbaron, male, man, steady, mankind, male person, boy, chauvinism, creature, son
男生男生nánshēngbrother, sonny boy, man, male, laddie, lad, boy student, male student, boy, schoolboy, sonny, cub, man student
nánYugoslavia, South, Nan, south, Surname, S, due south, austral, southern
男人男人nánrenmale, man, chap, mankind, buck, bastard, gentleman, jack, gent, men, blighter, cuss, hombre, lad, adult male, groom, husband, bimbo, dog, fellow, mon, menfolk, fella
南邊南边nánbiansouth, south side, southern part, to the south of
neparticle: marking quesitons about subject already mentioned; indicating strong affirmation
nánmake difficulties, take to task, put … into a difficult position, disagreeable, make difficult, unpleasant, hard, difficult, troublesome, blame
néngcan or to be capable of
你們你们nǐmenyou, you (plural), you-all
牛奶牛奶niúnǎicow’s milk
girl, female, woman, neodymium, hen, daughter, beaver, creature
女孩兒女孩儿nǚháirgirl, erhua variant of 女孩[nu:3 hai2]
女兒女儿nǚérdaughter, girl
女生女生nǚshēngschoolgirl, girl student, female student, female, girl, woman student, co-ed
女朋友女朋友nǚpéngyoujane, girl, girl friend, lady friend, girlfriend, amie
旁邊旁边pángbiānby the side of, side, adjacency, near by
pǎotravel, race, be away, escape, course, run errands, skirr, double, walk, be away/off, run away, be off, run about doing sth., run, drive, paw the earth, run about doing …, ride, leg
女人女人nǚrenjade, crumpet, female, female person, Gill, bitch, chick, fair, squaw, womenfolk, adult female, doll, momma, wench, skirt, womankind, girl, jill, wife, broad, petticoat, sister, woman, bimbo, bird, jane, she, hen, hairpin, dame, women
朋友朋友péngyouamigo, connections, kith, friend, boy, crony, ami, boy/girl friend, companion, mate, boy friend or girl friend, compadre, boy friend, Mac, paisano, matey, old_boy, sport, folks, pard, hearty, Kamerad, cocker, cobber, girl friend, pardner, company
piàoticket, ballot, note
det.: seven
起床起床qǐ chuánguprise, get up from bed, arise, get out of bed, turn out, rise, deck, get_up, awake, get up
起來起来qǐ  lai[aspect]
汽車汽车qìchēautomotive vehicle, machine, wheels, motorcar, motor vehicle, car, automotive, auto, wheel, autocar, motor, automobile, hoot, mobile, bus
前邊前边qiánbianfront, the front side, in front of
qiáncopper coin, cash, money, fund, sum
錢包钱包qiánbāopurse, wallet
qǐngrequest, ask (a favor), engage, hire (teacher/etc.), Please…
前天前天qiántiānthe day before yesterday
請假请假qǐng jiàvacate, ask for leave
請問请问qǐngwènExcuse me, may I ask…?
請進请进qǐngjìn‘please come in’
請坐请坐qǐng zuòSitting
去年去年qùniánlast year
rénperson, people
認識认识rènshiknow, recognize
認真认真rènzhēnserious, earnest, take for real
to go, to leave, in order to
日期日期rìqīcalendar, when, date
ròupulp, chilli, cabobs, meat, lobscouse, paella, meaty, fleshy, flesh, marmite
shānShan, jebel, pike, mountain, whitethorn, hump, anything resembling a mountain, gable, kop, chimney, hill, Surname, mount
商場商场shāngchǎngdepartment store, bazar, line of business, field of operation, grocery store, emporium, bazaar, grocery, mall, commercial circle, field, market
shàngon, above
sāndet.: three
商店商店shāngdiànconcern, hospital, business, store, shoppe, shop
上班上班shàng bānstart work, go to work, be on duty
上車上车shàngchēto get on or into (a bus, train, car etc)
上課上课shàng kèattend class, go to class;give lesson/lecture
上網上网shàng wǎngto go online, to connect to the Internet, (of a document etc) to be uploaded to the Internet, (tennis, volleyball etc) to move in close to the net
上邊上边shàngbianthe top, above, overhead, upwards, the top margin, above-mentioned, those higher up
上學上学shàng xuéattend school, be at school
上午上午shàngwǔmorning, CL:個|个[ge4]
shǎolack, be deficient, lose, be missing
上次上次shàngcìlast time
身上身上shēnshangon the body, at hand, among
shéiwho, someone, anyone
身體身体shēntǐsoma, system, physical structure, body, health, carcase, corpus, frame, person, somatic, organic structure, personage
生病生病shēng bìngcome down, ail, fall ill, traik, sick, sicken
生氣生气shēng qìget angry, be angry
shídet.: ten
時候时候shíhouday, moment, (a point in) time, (duration of) time, time
時間时间shíjiānmoment, day, clock time, fourth_dimension, relativity, hour, duration, time, when, while, temporal, economy
shìresponsibility, trouble, event, thing, worry, accident, case, involvement, work, affair, job, concern, business, toast, matter
shìoffer, attempt, essay, flesh, try, seek, assay, test
是不是是不是shìbùshìis or isn’t, yes or no, whether or not
shìis, are, am, yes, to be, variant of 是[shi4], (used in given names)
手機手机shǒujīcell phone, mobile phone, CL:部[bu4],支[zhi1]
書包书包shūbāobag, book bag, satchel, schoolbag
shūvolume, document, style of calligraphy, book, script, letter
shùwood, Ruptiliocarpon caracolito, tree, arbor, Surname, caracolito
shuǐwater, H2O, liquid, bubble, a general term for rivers, lakes, seas, etc., Shiu, waters, aqueous, Aquarius, river, Surname, blister, drink, eau, aqua
shuōspeak, talk, explain, scold
說話说话shuō huàphilosophize, thrum, talk, peach, babble out, speech, articulate, chat, speak, babble, gossip, blab out, sing, address, tattle, blab, mouth, say
睡覺睡觉shuì jiàoturn_in, log Z’s, doss, slumber, catch some Z’s, go to bed, sleep, doss down, crash, go_to_sleep, hit_the_sack, kip
sòngaccompaniment, escort, see sb. off, see sb. off/out, to dispatch, see … off, accompany, to deliver, send, direct, serve, guide, give as a present, deliver, see sb. out, see, lead, see … out, conduct, give, to send, carry, delivery, carriage, take, hospitalize
det.: four
suìyear (for crops), m.[standard], , year of age, year (of age), year, annum, year for crops
什麼什么shénmeanything, what
she, her, she (neologism for {1ta1}[2]), )
她們她们tāmenthey (female)
he, she, it, they (referring to inanimate things in object position)
tàiexcessively, too, extremely, very
天氣天气tiānqìsky, elements, weather condition, atmospheric condition, weather
聽見听见tīng jianhear
聽寫听写tīngxiědictate, dictation, CL:次[ci4]
tīnghear, list, hearken, obey, obedience, listen, heed, administer, let, allow, hark
wàioutside, in addition, foreign, external
外邊外边wàibianoutside, outer surface, abroad, place other than one’s home
同學同学tóngxuéclass fellow, fellow student, condisciple, classmate, schoolmate, schoolfellow, form of address used in speaking to a student
外國外国wàiguóforeign, foreign country, outland, outremer
玩兒玩儿wánrto play, to have fun, to hang out
wǎnfar on in time, late
晚飯晚饭wǎnfànevening meal, dinner, supper, CL:份[fen4],頓|顿[dun4],次[ci4],餐[can1]
晚上晚上wǎnshangevening, night, CL:個|个[ge4], in the evening
網友网友wǎngyǒuonline friend, Internet user
外語外语wàiyǔforeign language
忘記忘记wàngjìmisremember, block, blank out, neglect, overlook, draw a blank, leave_out, disremember, fail, forget
wàngforget, overlook, neglect
wènask, examine, question, interrogate
I, me, ego, self
det.: five
午飯午饭wǔfànlunch, CL:份[fen4],頓|顿[dun4],次[ci4],餐[can1]
西西W, Spain, west, occident, due west, western
西邊西边xībianwest, west side, western part, to the west of
wash, bathe, sack, develop (film), shuffle (cards/etc.)
洗手間洗手间xǐshǒujiāntoilet, lavatory, washroom
喜歡喜欢xǐhuanlike, love, be fond of, be happy/elated
xiàunder (condition/fact etc.)
下班下班xià bānget_off
下邊下边xiàbianunder, the underside, below
下車下车xiàchēget off/out of vehicle
下次下次xiàcìnext time
下課下课xià kèfinish class, get out of class
下午下午xiàwǔafternoon, CL:個|个[ge4], p.m.
xiānearlier, in advance, before
先生先生xiānshengdoctor of Chinese medicine, Don, mulla, Ms., sir., teacher, gentleman, gospodin, Signor, signor, fortune-teller, babu, baboo, Herr, Mister, bey, mister, bwana, husband, siree, buckra, sirrah, senor, guv, sahib, Mr., rabbi, don, signore, Dan, sir, m’sieur, effendi, Tuan, baas, Monsieur, lording, monsieur, doctor, Mr, milord, Mynheer, signior, esquire, bookkeeper, Senor, rabboni, Senhor, sieur, sen
xiǎngthink, suppose, reckon, consider, want to, would like to, feel like (doing sth.)
現在现在xiànzàinow, at present, at the moment, modern, current, nowadays
xiǎosmall, little, petty, minor;young
小孩兒小孩儿xiǎoháirchild, erhua variant of 小孩[xiao3 hai2]
小姐小姐xiǎojiěSignorina, Senorita, senorita, signorina, young_lady, damosel, Dona, mum, young lady, damoiselle, missy, tootsy, demoiselle, damsel, Miss, Fraulein, miss, sheila, sister, toots, senhorita, damozel, Ladyship, ladyship, Mademoiselle, mademoiselle
小朋友小朋友xiǎopéngyǒuchild (adult address to child), little boy, children, little boy/girl, girl, little girl, little boy or girl, child
小學小学xiǎoxuéprimary school, elementary school
小學生小学生xiǎo xuésheng(primary) pupil, schoolboy, schoolgirl
xiàosmile, laugh
xiědescription, bewrite, direct, describe, pencil, draw, paint, inscribe, write, depiction, write_out, throw_off, depict, address, author, screeve, word, compose
xīnnew, fresh, up-to-date
新年新年xīnniánNew Year, CL:個|个[ge4]
星期星期xīngqīSunday, week
星期日星期日XīngqīrìSunday, CL:個|个[ge4]
星期天星期天xīngqītiānSunday, CL:個|个[ge4]
xínggo, travel, prevail, circulate, be current
休息休息xiūxirepose, have, lie dormant, respire, take time off, have a rest, take a rest, take off, relax, take_time_off, have/take a rest, rest
學生学生xuéshengacademic, pupil, pup, tutee, follower, scholar, schoolchild, schoolboy, alumnus, disciple, learner, scholastic, student
xuéstudy, learn, imitate, mimic
學習学习xuéxístudy, learn, emulate
學校学校xuéxiàoseminary, schoolhouse, educational institution, school, institution
學院学院xuéyuànseminary, college, school, hall, institute, academy, faculty
yàowant, need, must, should
爺爺爷爷yéyegrandad, Grandpa, granddad, grandpa, (paternal) grandfather, gramps, granddaddy, grandfather
page, leaf, m.[general], ,sheet of paper, sheet, piece, piece of paper, folio
衣服衣服yīfuclothes, wearing apparel, toggery, gear, tog, wear, bib-and-tucker, drapery, thing, dress, duds, vestment, wardrobe, clout, apparel, clothing, dud, wrapping, vesture, clobber, habit, robe, togs, livery, habilimentation, array, hull, garb, attire, attirement, stitch, rig, garment, raiment, wearable, dressing
also, too, as well, either, even
醫生医生yīshēngGalen, MD, physician, Dr., medic, doc, hakeem, medico, Aesculapius, medical man, surgeon, leech, doctor
醫院医院yīyuànspital, hospital, infirmary, hospice
det.: one
一會兒一会儿yīhuìra moment, a while, in a moment, now…now…, also pr. [yi1 hui3 r5]
一下兒一下儿yīxiàr(used after a verb) give it a go, to do (sth for a bit to give it a try), one time, once, in a while, all of a sudden, all at once, erhua variant of 一下[yi1 xia4]
一半一半yībàndet.: one half, in part, half
一邊一边yībiānat the same time, simultaneously;on the one/other hand
一點兒一点儿yīdiǎnrdet.: a little bit
一起一起yīqǐin_chorus, together, in all, in the same place, holus-bolus, altogether, in company
一些一些yīxiēdet.: some, a few, a little
一樣一样yīyàngsame, equal, similar
有的有的yǒudedet : some
yǒuhave, possess
有名有名yǒu míngwell-known, famous
有時候有时候yǒushíhoufrom time to time, on_occasion, occasionally, somewhile, otherwhile, now and again, sometimes, now and then, at times, on occasion, whiles, once in a while
有些有些yǒuxiēkind_of, rather, somewhat
有用有用yǒuyòngbelong, profit, count, useful, avail, powerful
yòuright side as side of precedence, right side, west, winger, right, the right side, the Right, the right
右邊右边yòubianright side, right, to the right
yuǎnfar, distant (lit./fig.)
zàiagain, once more, further(more), in a higher degree, and then, not (do sth.) before
再見再见zàijiàngood-bye, see you again
zàiin, at, on, etc.
在家在家zàijiāAt home
zǎoearly, long ago, in advance, beforehand, prematurely
早飯早饭zǎofànbreakfast, CL:份[fen4],頓|顿[dun4],次[ci4],餐[can1]
早上早上zǎoshangearly morning, CL:個|个[ge4]
zhànto stand
zhǎolook for, seek, call on, approach
找到找到zhǎodàolight upon, find, discover, run_down, founded, regain, strike, come upon, come across, run down, trace, turn_up, happen upon, get, chance on, chance upon
這邊这边zhèbiānthis side, here
zhènow, this, det.: this, it
這裡这里zhèlǐthis place, there, here
這兒这儿zhèrnow, here
這些这些zhèxiēdet.: these
zhēnreally, truly, indeed, clearly
真的真的zhēn dereally, truly, indeed
zhèngprecisely, punctually
正在正在zhèngzàicourse of, be, be in process
知道知道zhīdaotell, have, ken, understand, infer, wis, learn, cognize, gather, know, be aware of, wise up, savvy, mind, realize
知識知识zhīshilear, know-how, understanding, ken, instruction, science, sophistication, consciousness, light, awareness, cognizance, knowledge, lore, mastery, know, cognition, acquaintanceship, mind, intellect, knowingness, equipment
中國中国ZhōngguóCathay, China, china
zhōngcenter, middle, interior
中間中间zhōngjiāncenter, middle
中文中文ZhōngwénChinese, Ch. (written) language, Ch. language, Sinitic
中午中午zhōngwǔnoon, midday, CL:個|个[ge4]
中學中学zhōngxuémiddle_school, grammar_school, secondary school, Ch. learning, middle school, high_school, grammar school
中學生中学生zhōngxuéshēngmiddle-school student, high school student
zhòngheavy, weighty, important, considerable in amount/value
重要重要zhòngyàoimportant, significant, major
zhùinhabit, cease, stay, visit, shack, dwell, stop, people, live, reside, populate, dig
準備准备zhǔnbèiprepare, get ready
桌子桌子zhuōzimahogany, table, desk
graphic symbol, writing, pronunciation (of a word), form of a written character, receipt, printing type, script, name taken at the age of 20, courtesy name, wordage, character, grapheme, contract, scripts, symbolic representation, style of handwriting, word
zison, child, seed, egg, small thing, 1st earthly branch: 11 p.m.-1 a.m., midnight, 11th solar month (7th December to 5th January), year of the Rat, Viscount, fourth of five orders of nobility 五等爵位[wu3 deng3 jue2 wei4], ancient Chinese compass point: 0° (north), (noun suffix)
zǒuscram, travel, foot, go away, evaporate, ankle, waltz, step, bugger off, etc., go through, leave, leak, run, buzz off, leg, pad, fork, visit, go, escape, lose flavor, work, call on, strike, sashay, trace, pursue, gang, lose shape/etc., get_along, come_along, walk, hoof it, lose flavor/shape/etc., leg it, let out, shape, drive, cover, take, get, hoof, move
zuìmost, to the highest degree, much, superlatively
走路走路zǒu lùgo away, stroam, go on foot, walk
最好最好zuìhǎohad better, it would be best
最後最后zuìhòufinal, last, finally, ultimate
左邊左边zuǒbianleft, the left side, to the left of
zuǒleft side, east, the Left
zuòsit, take seat
坐下坐下zuòxiàsubside, sit, sit down, sink, sit_down
zuòmake, do

Danh sách 300 từ vựng HSK 1 phiên bản mới bằng tiếng Việt

STTTừ vựngPhiên âmTừ loạiNghĩa
  1ài动词yêu, thích
2爱好àihào名词sở thích
5ba助词nhé, nhỉ, đi, nào, thôi,…
7白天báitiān名词ban ngày
8bān名词lớp học
9bàn数词một nửa
10半天bàntiān名词nửa ngày
11bāng动词giúp đỡ
12bāo名词túi, ví
13包子bāozi名词bánh bao
14杯子bēizi名词cốc, chén, li, tách
16北边běibiān名词phía Bắc
17本子běnzi名词vở, quyển vở
20别的biéde代词cái khác
22病人bìngrén名词bệnh nhân
23不大bú dà形容词nhỏ, không lớn
24不对búduì形容词không đúng
25不用búyòng副词không cần
27cài名词rau, món ăn
29chà动词kém (giờ), thiếu
32车票chēpiào名词vé xe
34chū动词ra, ra ngoài
37量词lần, lượt, chuyến
38cuò形容词sai, sai lầm, lỗi, nhầm
39动词đánh, bắt
40打开dǎkāi动词mở, mở ra
41形容词to, rộng, lớn
42大学dàxué名词đại học
43de助词(biểu thị sự sở hữu) của
44děng动词chờ, đợi
45地点dìdiǎn名词địa điểm, nơi chốn
46地方dìfang名词nơi, chỗ, vùng
47弟弟dìdi名词em trai
49diàn名词điện, pin
50电话diànhuà名词điện thoại
51电视diànshì名词(chương trình) tivi
52电影diànyǐng名词phim, điện ảnh
53dōng名词phương Đông
54东边dōngbian名词phía Đông
55东西dōngxi名词đồ đạc, đồ, vật
56动作dòngzuò动词,名词động tác, hoạt động
59读书dúshū动词đọc sách
61对不起duìbuqǐ动词xin lỗi
63多少duōshao代词bao nhiêu
65儿子érzi名词con trai
68饭店fàndiàn名词nhà hàng
70fàng动词đặt, để, xếp
71放学fàng//xué动词tan học
73飞机fēijī名词máy bay
74非常fēicháng副词rất, vô cùng, cực kì, hết sức…
77干净gānjìng形容词sạch sẽ
80高兴gāoxìng形容词vui, vui mừng
82哥哥gēge名词anh trai
83名词bài hát
84量词cái, con, quả,…
85gěi动词cho, đưa cho
86gēn介词với, theo
87工作gōngzuò名词công việc, việc làm
88guān动词đóng, tắt
90guó名词đất nước, nước nhà
91国家guójiā名词quốc gia, đất nước
92hái副词còn, vẫn
93还是háishi副词có lẽ, hãy cứ
94孩子háizi名词con cái, trẻ con
95汉语Hànyǔ名词tiếng Trung
96汉字Hànzì名词chữ Hán
97hǎo形容词tốt, khỏe, đẹp, hay
99好看hǎokàn形容词đẹp, xinh, hay
100好听hǎotīng形容词dễ nghe, êm tai
105后边hòubian名词phía sau
106后天hòutiān名词ngày kia
108huà名词lời nói
109huài形容词xấu, hỏng
111huí动词về, quay lại, trở về…
112回答huídá动词trả lời
113回到huídào动词về đến
114huì动词biết (do học mà biết được)
115火车huǒchē名词xe lửa, tàu hỏa
116机场jīchǎng名词sân bay
117鸡蛋jīdàn名词trứng gà
119记得jìde动词nhớ, nhớ ra
121家人jiārén名词người nhà
122jiān量词gian, căn (phòng)
125jiào动词gọi, tên là
126教学楼jiàoxuélóu名词tòa nhà giảng đường
127姐姐jiějie名词chị gái
128介绍jièshào动词giới thiệu
129今天jīntiān名词hôm nay
130jìn动词vào, vào trong
131进来jìnlái动词vào, đi vào, vào trong (hướng về chỗ người nói)
132进去jìn//•qù动词vào, vào trong (hướng về phía xa vị trí người nói hiện tại)
133jiǔ数词9, chín
134jiù副词liền, ngay, thì, chính
135觉得juéde动词cảm thấy
136kāi动词mở; nở
137kàn动词nhìn, xem, thăm
138kǎo动词thi, kiểm tra
139考试kǎoshì名词bài thi, bài kiểm tra
141名词bài (học), tiết (học)
142课文kèwén名词bài khóa
143kǒu名词miệng, mồm
147来到láidào动词đến (một địa điểm cụ thể)
148lǎo形容词già, cũ
149老人lǎorén名词người già, người cao tuổi
150老师lǎoshī名词thầy giáo, cô giáo, giáo viên
151le助词đã (trợ từ động thái, đứng sau động từ, biểu thị động tác đã hoàn thành)
155liǎng数词2, hai
156liù数词6, sáu
157lóu名词tầng, lầu, tòa
159路口lùkǒu名词ngã (ba, tư) đường
160妈妈māma名词mẹ, má
161马上mǎshàng副词ngay, lập tức, ngay bây giờ
162ma助词không(trợ từ nghi vấn, đặt cuối câu tạo thành câu hỏi)
166máo量词hào (lượng từ của tiền)
167méi动词không, không có
168没有méiyǒu副词không, chưa
169妹妹mèimei名词em gái
170mén名词cửa, cổng
171门口ménkǒu名词cửa, cổng
173面包miànbāo名词bánh mì
176明白míngbai动词biết, hiểu
177明天míngtiān名词ngày mai
178动词cầm, lấy, nắm bắt
180那儿nǎr代词đâu, chỗ nào
181哪些nǎxiē代词những… nào
182代词kia, đó
183那边nàbiān代词đằng kia
184那儿nàr代词ở kia, chỗ kia, chỗ đó
185那些nàxiē代词những… ấy/đó/kia
187奶奶nǎinai名词bà nội, bà
189男孩儿nánháir名词bé trai, con trai
190男人nánrén名词đàn ông
191男生nánshēng名词học sinh nam, nam sinh
192nán名词hướng Nam, phía Nam
193nán形容词khó, khó khăn
194ne助词đâu, nhỉ
195néng动词có thể, được
196代词bạn, cậu
197你们nǐmen代词các bạn, các cậu
199nín代词bạn, ngài,… (cách xưng hô tôn trọng)
201女儿nǚ’ér名词con gái; cô gái, cô bé
202女孩儿nǚháir名词cô bé, cô gái; con gái
203女人nǚrén名词phụ nữ, đàn bà
204女生nǚshēng名词nữ sinh, học sinh nữ
205旁边pángbiān名词bên cạnh
207朋友péngyou名词bạn, bạn bè
209数词7, bảy
211汽车qìchē名词xe ô tô, xe hơi
212qián名词trước, trước khi
213前边qiánbian名词phía trước
214前天qiántiān名词hôm kia, hôm trước
216qǐng动词xin mời, mời, hãy
217请问qǐngwèn动词xin hỏi
219去年qùnián名词năm ngoái
222认识rènshi动词biết, quen biết
223认真rènzhēn形容词chăm chỉ, nghiêm túc
226sān数词3, ba
228商店shāngdiàn名词cửa hàng, cửa hiệu
229shàng名词trên; trước (trình tự thời gian)
230上边shàngbian名词bên trên, phía trên
231上午shàngwǔ名词buổi sáng (8 giờ đến 10 giờ)
234身体shēntǐ名词cơ thể; sức khỏe
236生日shēngrì名词sinh nhật
237shí数词10, mười; chục
238时候shíhou名词lúc, khi
239时间shíjiān名词thời gian
240shì名词việc, công việc; chuyện
244手机shǒujī名词điện thoại di động
246书店shūdiàn名词cửa hàng sách, nhà sách
251数词4, bốn, tư
252sòng动词tặng, tặng quà
254代词anh ấy, ông ấy
255他们tāmen代词họ, bọn họ
256代词cô ấy, bà ấy
257她们tāmen代词họ, các cô ấy
258tài副词quá, lắm
261同学tóngxué名词bạn học, bạn cùng lớp
262图书馆túshūguǎn名词thư viện
264外语wàiyǔ名词ngoại ngữ, tiếng nước ngoài
266网友wǎngyǒu名词bạn trên mạng, bạn quen qua mạng
269代词tôi, mình
270我们wǒmen代词chúng tôi, chúng ta
271数词5, năm
272午饭wǔfàn名词bữa trưa, cơm trưa
273西名词hướng Tây, phía Tây
274动词rửa, giặt
275喜欢xǐhuan动词thích, quý
276xià名词dưới; sau (trình tự thời gian)
277下午xiàwǔ名词buổi chiều
278xiān副词trước, trước tiên
279xiǎng动词muốn, nghĩ
280xiǎo形容词nhỏ, bé
281小时xiǎoshí名词tiếng đồng hồ
283谢谢xièxie动词cảm ơn
285学校xuéxiào名词trường học, trường
286yào动词muốn (yêu cầu)
287衣服yīfu名词quần áo
288一样yíyàng形容词như nhau, giống nhau
290有用yǒuyòng动词hữu dụng, có ích
291yòu名词bên phải, phải
293再见zàijiàn动词tạm biệt
295怎么zěnme代词thế nào, sao, làm sao
296zhè代词đây, này
297知道zhīdào动词biết, biết rằng
298重要zhòngyào形容词quan trọng
300zuò动词làm, nấu


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