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700+ từ vựng HSK 2 phiên bản mới

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Từ vựng HSK 2 phiên bản mới

aparticle: used in direct address and exclamation; indicating obviousness/impatience/suggestion; used for confirmation
愛情爱情àiqínggod, warmheartedness, affection, love_affair, heart, kindness, tenderness, bosom, love, fondness, romantic love, affectionateness
安靜安静ānjìnglull, quieten, quiesce, dummy, quiet down, quiet, hush, pipe down, peaceful
安全安全ānquánsafe, secure
愛人爱人àirenspouse (PRC), lover (non-PRC), CL:個|个[ge4]
班長班长bānzhǎngmonitor, (work) team leader, squad leader, team leader, class monitor
bànpunish (by law), manage, get … ready, set_up, buy a fair amount of, set up, run, management, handle, tackle, attend to, do, punish, bring … to justice
辦法办法bànfǎroad, expedient, policy, agency, measure, way, method, means
辦公室办公室bàngōngshìagency, office, authority, government agency, bureau
白色白色báisèWhite, white, whiteness, White (as symbol of anticommunism), white (color)
幫助帮助bāngzhùaid, bridge_over, help, bestead, bring_on, tide_over, serve, support, facilitate, accommodate, carry_through, assist, administer, attend_to, assistance, befriend, further, favour
報名报名bào míngregister, inscribe, enter, enroll, enrol, enter one’s name, sign up, recruit
bǎoto eat till full, satisfied
半夜半夜bànyèmidnight, in the middle of the night
報紙报纸bàozhǐpaper, headliner, newspaper publisher, tabloid, copyreader, newspaper, rag, courant, newsprint, sheet, gazette, dailies
北方北方běifāngnorland, septentrion, compass north, northern part of country, northernness, northern, magnetic north, northward, north, the North, the northern part of the country
比如說比如说bǐrúshuōFor example
比如比如bǐrúfor example, for instance, such as
筆記笔记bǐjìshort sketches, adversaria, notes, note
bèilearn by heart, recite from memory
筆記本笔记本bǐjìběnnotebook (stationery), CL:本[ben3], notebook (computing)
biānborder, boundary
biànchange, transform
變成变成biàn chénggrow_into, change into, go, form, grow into, change state, develop into, turn to, fall, turn_into, be, turn, become, turn into, grow, run, get
不錯不错bùcuònot bad, pretty good;correct, right
不夠不够bùgòunot enough, insufficient, inadequate
不但不但bùdànconj.: not only
不過不过bùguòconj.: but, however, only
不太不太bù tàiNot too
biǎotable, form, list
不好意思不好意思bù hǎoyìsiembarrassed, be ill at ease, find it embarrassing, feel embarrassed
不滿不满bùmǎnresentful, dissatisfied
不要不要bùyàonever, noway, don’t want, don’t (do sth.)
不如不如bùrúbe unequal/inferior to
不久不久bùjiǔnot long (after), before too long, soon, soon after
不少不少bùshǎodet.: a lot of
不行不行bù xíngwon’t do, be out of the question, be no good, not work, not be capable
不一定不一定bùyīdìngnot sure, maybe
不一會兒不一会儿bù yīhuǐr5Take a short while
部分部分bùfenpartial, department, section, partialness, slice, pars, part, det.: part, percent, partage, sphere, component, divvy, segment, portion, fraction, sector, chapter, share, percentage, piece, division, sectional, parcel
菜單菜单càidānmenu, CL:份[fen4],張|张[zhang1]
參觀参观cānguānvisit, tour
cáithen and only then, just now, only (before a number)
參加参加cānjiājoin, attend, take part in, give (advice/etc.)
草地草地cǎodìlawn, meadow, sod, turf, CL:片[pian4]
cǎofemale (of animals), herb, herbage, female, careless, hasty, grass, rough, wort, draft, straw
差不多差不多chàbuduōgood enough
zhǎnglong, be strong/good (in/at)
chálook into, consult, look up, search, investigate, consultation, audit, examination, investigation, check, examine
常見常见chángjiàncommonly seen
常用常用chángyòngin common usage
超過超过chāo guòoverpass, overreach, outwalk, outstrip, overstep, outmarch, distance, pass, overstride, outpace, overtop, surpass, crown, exceed, overtake, preponderate, overrun, top, outrun, go_over, transcend, outrange, transgress, go past, break, excess, overhaul, overshine
超市超市chāoshìsupermarket, abbr. for 超級市場|超级市场, CL:家[jia1]
車輛车辆chēliàngvoiture, vehicular traffic, vehicle, cars, vehicle traffic, car, vehicles, carriage, rolling_stock, equipment
成績成绩chéngjìexecution, carrying into action, achievement, result, showing, carrying out, performance, grade, success, doing, batting average
重複重复chóngfùrepeat, duplicate
重新重新chóngxīnover_again, newly, afresh, anew, again
出發出发chūfādepart, get_off, proceed, take_the_road, part, set out, start from, start out, sidetrack, start/proceed from, stray, take the road, sally out, sally_forth, proceed from, set_off, sally forth, take off, start, set forth, set off, digress, straggle, start off, move
成為成为chéngwéifind, join, comprise, turn to, commemorate, sample, entomb, come_up, commence, get hold, learn, add up, necessitate, run, make up, constitute, make, form, come, amount, represent, fall, presage, change, be, turn, turn into, become, line up, come up, shape, portend, foretell, get
chéngbecome, turn into
出國出国chū guógo abroad (from one’s own country)
出口出口chū kǒuexport
出門出门chū méngo_out, go on journey, go out, go on a journey, be away from home
出生出生chūshēngbe born
出現出现chūxiànappear, arise, emerge
出院出院chū yuànto leave hospital, to be discharged from hospital
出租出租chūzūhire, let, rent
出租車出租车chūzūchētaxi, (Taiwan) rental car
chuīfall through (of plans), wind, fall through, tout, play, gasconade, shoot a line, blow, break up, chuff, vaunt, boast, brag, gas, bluster, talk big, break off, toot, swash, play (wind instruments), huff, puff, land
春節春节Chūn JiéSpring Festival (Chinese New Year)
chuánbottom, body, ship, catcher, bow, bark, boat, shipboard, prow, watercraft, craft, drone, vessel, keel, sailer
春天春天chūntiānspring (season), CL:個|个[ge4]
詞典词典cídiǎnlexicon, dictionary
vocable, words, phrase, a kind of poetry originating in Tang dyn, statement, a form of classical poetry, part of speech, speech, Ci, Chinese poetry, term, word
詞語词语cíyǔword (general term including monosyllables through to short phrases), term (e.g. technical term), expression
答應答应dāyingagree, promise
打工打工dǎ gōngwork part-time while studying in college, work as an employee, etc.
從小从小cóngxiǎofrom childhood, as a child
打算打算dǎsuanmean, specify, plan, think, intention, propose, design, purpose, contemplate, allot, destine, calculate, intend, designate, be after
打印打印dǎyìnto print, to seal, to stamp
大部分大部分dàbùfendet.: most of, the majority of
大大大大dàdagreatly, enormously, (dialect) dad, uncle
大多數大多数dàduōshùdet.: most of, the majority of
大家大家dàjiāsundry, great master, rich and influential family, pontiff, all of us, everyone, authority, master, distinguished family
大海大海dǎhǎiseaway, sea, the open sea
大量大量dàliàngdet.: any numer of, a great many
大門大门dàménbarndoor, portal, main entrance, front_door, gate, door, entry, main door/gate, front door, main entrance/door/gate, entrance
大人大人dàrengrownup, adult, milord, respectful salutation for one’s seniors/, grown-up, respectful salutation for one’s parents, Your Excellency, panjandrum, Highness, respectful salutation for one’s parents/seniors/etc., Tuan, Bahadur, bahadur, sahib
大聲大声dàshēngloud, loud voice
大衣大衣dàyīovercoat, topcoat, cloak, CL:件[jian4]
大自然大自然dàzìránwild, earth, nature, natural state, state of nature
dàilook after, raise
帶來带来dài láibring, redound, impart, bring_on, bring on, express, fetch, lend, convey, contribute, bring about, bestow, carry, bring oneself, add, usher, incur, land
單位单位dānwèidepartment, unit, denomination, module, building block, unit of measurement, monad, unit (in measurement or organization)
大小大小dàxiǎocalibre, measurement, admeasurement, bulk, proportion, magnitude, extent, degree of seniority, dimension, girth, size, adults and children
dànconj.: but, yet, still, nevertheless, only, merely
但是但是dànshìconj.: but, however, yet, still
dànclump, egg, lump, bunch, an egg-shaped thing
dāngwhen, while
當時当时dāngshíthen, at that time, while, at once, right away
到處到处dàochùuniversally, everywhere, everyplace, far and near, about, around, far and wide, all_over, high_and_low, all over, throughout, high and low, far_and_near, passim, abroad, at all places
dàosay, speak, talk, think, suppose
道路道路dàolùtrack, path, runway, steps, route, course, toby, road, thoroughfare, way
道理道理dàolithread, principle, the right way, theory, reason, argument, sense, order, truth, rationality
deshould be, need
得出得出dé chūto obtain (results), to arrive at (a conclusion)
的話的话dehuàconj.: if
děngconj.: and so on, etc
dēngblowlamp, lantern, light source, light, lamp, tube, valve, burner
let droop, hang down, lower
等於等于děngyúbe equal to, tantamount to, equal, be equal, amount, reach, be, be equivalent to
地鐵地铁dìtiěsubway, metro
地球地球dìqiúthe earth/globe, globe, world, Earth, ball, terrene, earth, the globe, the earth
地鐵站地铁站dìtiězhànsubway station
diànshop, store, inn
點頭点头diǎntóutake a bow, nod one’s head, noddle, nod
東北东北dōngběiNortheast China, Manchuria
東方东方dōngfāngoriental, dawning, northeast, eastward, E, Orient, orient, orientation, the Orient, Surname, sunrise, eastern, eastern hemisphere, Dongfang, due east, East, the East, east, the east
冬天冬天dōngtiānwinter, CL:個|个[ge4]
diàodrop, reduce, exchange, lose, fall behind, be missing, fall, knock, come off, change, shed, turn
東南东南dōngnánsou’-east, Southeast China, southeast, SE
懂得懂得dǒngdeexperience, know, live, understanding, understand, twig, gaum, grasp
動物动物dòngwùthing, critter, crittur, zoic, anthropomorphism, animal, deer, animate being, beast, creature, burrow, sire, worker, fauna, brute
動物園动物园dòngwùyuánzoological_garden, zoo, zoological garden, menagerie
讀音读音dúyīnpronunciation, literary (rather than colloquial) pronunciation of a Chinese character
duǎnshort, brief
短信短信duǎnxìntext message, SMS
隊長队长duìzhǎngcaptain, chieftain, skipper, police chief, header, headman, commandant, police captain, sirdar, team leader
dǒnghave, comprehend, understanding, understand, compass, grasp, get the picture, glom, know, apprehend, twig, savvy, follow, make out, dig
duōmany, much, more, more than the correct/required number, excessive, too much, much/far more
多久多久duōjiǔhow long?
duìcorrect, true, toward
多麼多么duōmeto what extent, to what degree, however, what, how
多數多数duōshùtrillions, millions, mort, relative majority, throng, det : majority, prevalence, multitude, lac, Host, host, bulk, horde, raft, million, lakh, rimption, pack, skit, strength, acre, generality, ruck, chunk, number, shoal, multiplicity, billions, preponderance, jillions, zillions, grist, world, majority, meiny, regiment, legion, mass, plurality
多雲多云duōyúncloudy (meteorology)
而且而且érqiěconj.: furthermore, and
發現发现fāxiànfind, discover
飯館饭馆fànguǎnrestaurant, CL:家[jia1]
方便麵方便面fāngbiànmiàninstant noodles
方法方法fāngfǎknow-how, plan, attack, system, stepping-stone, manner, method, gateway, idea, measure, way, guise, key, wise, quomodo, plan of attack, tack, machinery, process, avenue, modus, how, means, channel, gate, approach, agency, gamesmanship, mode, medium, sort
方面方面fāngmiànside, aspect, sector, part, light, facet, behalf, way, respect, direction, bearing, field, phase, sphere, angle, hand
放下放下fàngxiàset_down, set down, lay/put down, lay, lower, lay_down, draw, lay down, dismount, put_down, plank, drop_away, deposit, digress, drop_off, depose, put down, place down
方向方向fāngxiangpath, set, directional, aspect, tenor, course, lay, exposure, way, range, aim, trend, direction, bearing, orientation, hand, tack, way of life, quarter, channel, line, heading
分開分开fēn kāirive, uncouple, unyoke, divaricate, detach, disjoint, cleave, shift, break_up, cut, segregate, isolate, divorce, severalize, unclasp, divide, dissever, disjoin, break, come off, demarcate, fork, sever, sequester, disconnect, part, come away, sunder, break up, keep apart, separate, diverge, branch, set_off, ramify, split, sequestrate, untwine, separation, set apart, parcel
分數分数fēnshùpoint, score, mark, grade, fraction, football score, numeric
放心放心fàng xīndisburden, set one’s mind at rest, set one’s mood at rest, be at ease, feel relieved, rest assured
服務服务fúwùbe in the service of, serve
複習复习fùxíto review, revision, variant of 復習|复习[fu4 xi2]
gǎialteration, rectification, transformation, change, correct, put … right, transform, rectify, revision, switch over to, ameliorate, revise, put right, amend, correction, gybe, alter
改變改变gǎibiànchange, transform
gāidet.: this, that
感到感到gǎndàofeel, sense
感動感动gǎndòngbe touched, be moved, affect, feel, stir, thrill, melt, magnetize, inspire, touch, reach, move
乾杯干杯gān bēito drink a toast, Cheers! (proposing a toast), Here’s to you!, Bottoms up!, lit. dry cup
感覺感觉gǎnjuésense perception, feeling
幹活兒干活儿gànhuór5to work, manual labor
gāngexactly, only a short while ago, just now, barely, only just, just
剛纔刚才gāngcái(just) a moment ago
剛剛刚刚gānggāngjust now, scarcely, fresh, only, exactly, a moment ago, hardly, but, just
高級高级gāojíhigh-level, high-class, quality
感謝感谢gǎnxièthank, be grateful
高中高中gāozhōngsenior middle school, senior high school, senior_high_school
個子个子gèziheight, stature, build
gèngmore, still/even more, further, furthermore
公共汽車公共汽车gōnggòng qìchēbus, CL:輛|辆[liang4],班[ban1]
公交車公交车gōngjiāochēpublic transport vehicle, town bus, CL:輛|辆[liang4]
公路公路gōnglùtrunk road, calzada, route, main road, highroad, highway, road, thoroughfare, causeway, chaussee
公平公平gōngpíngfair, just, impartial
公園公园gōngyuáncommon, green, garden, commons, park
公司公司gōngsīplace of business, business organization, incorporation, establishment, business concern, office, concern, business establishment, business, enterprise, company, corporation
故事故事gùshispiel, recital, relation, scam, rede, plot, yarn, narration, story, fiction, tale, history, legend, narrative
gòube enough/sufficient/adequate
故意故意gùyìpurposive, deliberate, willful, intentional
顧客顾客gùkèchap, client, shopper, correspondent, constituency, patronage, trade, market, guest, clientele, newspaperman, newspaperwoman, newswriter, pressman, customer agent, customer, business
關機关机guān jīto turn off (a machine or device), to finish shooting a film
關心关心guānxīnbe concerned about
觀點观点guāndiǎnview, aspect, stand, point_of_view, light, eyes, framework, sentiment, bet, standpoint, point of view, eye, viewpoint, slant, perspective, position, angle
廣場广场guǎngchǎngmews, agora, public square, concourse, carrefour, piazza, plaza, square, campus, place
過來过来guò laicome over/up, up, come over, come up, come_over, come here
過年过年guòniancelebrate/spend New Year
過去过去guò qugo over, pass by
hǎiwater, foam, bottom, main, huge group of people, Surname, sea catfish, the sea, sea, mare, drink, fishpond, briny, great capacity, Neptune, billow, huge group of things, depth, waters, pond, wave, brine, big lake
海邊海边hǎibiāncoast, seaside, seashore, beach
hǎncry out, yell
好多好多hǎoduōdet : many, much
好處好处hǎochupull, profit, advantage, stead, benefit, virtu, welfare, virtue, good, behoof, goodness, gain, pap, beauty, beaut
好久好久hǎojiǔquite a while
好人好人hǎoréna healthy person, good person, goodman, sb. who tries to get along with everyone, bawcock, good, agreeable individual, good egg, a person who tries to get along with everyone (oft
好事好事hǎoshìgood action, deed, thing or work (also sarcastic, ‘a fine thing indeed’), charity, happy occasion, Daoist or Buddhist ceremony for the souls of the dead, to be meddlesome
好像好像hǎoxiàngseem, be like
合適合适héshìset, fit, accommodate, befit, suitable, right, appropriate, belong, beseem, becoming, suit
hēiblack, dark, wicked, sinister, vicious, be greedy, extort
watercourse, stream, Yellow River, fluvial, river, drink
黑板黑板hēibǎnblackboard, CL:塊|块[kuai4],個|个[ge4]
hóngin vogue, famous, redden, red, popular
紅色红色hóngsèred color
後來后来hòuláiafterwards, later
huāspend, expend, cost
花園花园huāyuánflower garden
water, waterfront, a name referring to the provinces of Hunan and Hub, lacustrine, loch, mere, lake, lough, Hunan and Hubei, laky
huàpainting, pictures
畫兒画儿huàr5picture, drawing, painting
畫家画家huàjiāpainterly, creative person, artist, painter, penman, artists
壞人坏人huàirénhellion, bad person, scoundrel, badman, baddie, villain, malefactor, evildoer
壞處坏处huàichuharm, troubles, CL:個|个[ge4]
歡迎欢迎huānyínginvite, greet, take in, receive, welcome, gratulate, embrace, salute
huànadjourn, barter, exchange, commute, reseat, trade, conversion, convert, change
黃色黄色huángsèchrome, yellowness, yellow, salacity, or
huíreturn, go back
回國回国huí guóreturn to one’s country
huìto be able, can, will, to meet
活動活动huódongactivity, maneuver, behavior
huòconj.: or, either or
或者或者huòzhěconj.: or, either…or…
capercailzie, Gallus gallus, giblets, chook, horse of the wood, capercaillie, gallinaceous, Tetrao urogallus, sultan, chicken
機會机会jīhuiscouth, occasion, good luck, hap, liberty, fortune, opportunity, chance, joss, hazard, happy chance, probability, luck, scope, room, break, turn, opening
level, rank, grade
rapid, fast, violent
計劃计划jìhuàplan, project, program
計算機计算机jìsuànjīcomputer, (Tw) calculator, CL:臺|台[tai2]
jiādramatise, plant, embroider, intercalate, lard, put in, blow up, inflict, deliver, aggrandize, plus, dramatize, increase, augment, embellish, augmentation, confer, append, add, pad, summate
加油加油jiā yóugas, lubricate, oil, refuel, gas up, embolden, accelerate, lubrication, fuel, cheer, recreate, hearten, make an extra effort
jiāfamily, household, home, house
家庭家庭jiātínghearthstone, background, fireside, establishment, household, hearth, domestic, hearthside, menage, home, family unit, family, house
家長家长jiāzhǎngmasterman, housemaster, graybeard, patriarch, parent of schoolchildren, patriarchal, goodman, patriarchate, paterfamilias, the head of a family, genearch, patriarchy, householder, head of household, the parent or guadian of a child
jiǎfalse, fake, phony, artificial
假期假期jiàqīseason, holiday, leave, period of leave, vacation
檢查检查jiǎnchácheck, inspect, examine
jiàncorrespondence, paper, document, bit, m.[general], , single item, letter, piece
jiǎngdiscourse, utter, talk, negotiation, make clear, negotiate, parley, pay attention to, speak, syllable, discuss, explain, tell, be particular about, explanation, interpretation, interpret, relate, discussion, stress, mouth, say, remark, verbalize
見到见到jiàndàosee, meet, perceive
健康健康jiànkānghealthy, sound
講話讲话jiǎnghuàparley, jaw, turn to, address, talk, speak, say, speak to
jiāoassociate with, make friends, fall in with, mate
交給交给jiāogěirelinquish, give_away, submit, give to, hand/give to, hand to, give_up, reach, hand
交朋友交朋友jiāo péngyouto make friends, (dialect) to start an affair with sb
交通交通jiāotōngintercourse, commutation, transportation, communication, commuting, traffic, traffic_light, liaison man, communications, dealings, liaison
jiǎohorn, bugle, sth. horn-shaped
角度角度jiǎodùaspect, perspective, degree, arcdegree, point of view, angle
餃子饺子jiǎozidumpling, pot-sticker, CL:個|个[ge4],隻|只[zhi1]
叫作叫作jiàozuòto call, to be called
教師教师jiàoshībeak, don, school teacher, schoolman, teacher, schoolmaster, preceptor, professor, pedagogue, schoolteacher, coach, master, instructor, educator, preceptorship
jiǎofoot, leg, base
教學教学jiāo xuéteach and study
教室教室jiàoshìclassroom, schoolroom
接到接到jiēdàowelcome, receive, meet
接受接受jiēshòureceive (honors, have, receive, acknowledge, sweep up, espouse, etc.), come to grips, adopt, embrace, greet, welcome, hook on, seize on, take up, accede, taken, entertain, latch on, buy, fasten on, swallow, imbibe, accept, receive (honors/etc.), undergo, get to grips, take, adapt, acceptance, thole
接下來接下来jiēxiàláinext, immediately after
接著接着jiēzhenext, immediately after
jiēcounty fair, fair, place, market, toby, street
節目节目jiémùitem, item (on program), programme, act, telecast, number, program
節日节日jiérìfestival, holiday
結果结果jiē guǒresult, outcome, consequence
jiēto receive, to answer (the phone), to meet or welcome sb, to connect, to catch, to join, to extend, to take one’s turn on duty, to take over for sb
進入进入jìnrùgo_into, get_in, debouch, get in, go into, move into, come_into, pass, step_in, lapse, get_into, set in, go in, get into, kick in, penetrate, intromission, pierce, come_in, come in, enter, entry, sink, impenetrate
今後今后jīnhòuhereafter, henceforth, in the future, from now on
進行进行jìnxíngbe in progress, go on, carry on/out
經常经常jīngchángeveryday, daily, alway, often, a great deal, frequently, sempre, much, regularly, constantly, evermore, day-to-day
經過经过jīngguòpass, go through, undergo
經理经理jīnglǐamaldar, intendant, manager, steward, executive, managing director, exec, director, skipper, syndic, executive director
酒店酒店jiǔdiànwineshop, public house
就要就要jiùyàowill, shall, to be going to
jiǔlibation, bracer, plonk, wine, tipple, poison, pottle, spirits, creature, vin, cup, drink, hooch, arrack, medicine, alcohol, bottle, hootch, alcoholic drink, rum, bibble, potation, belly-wash, alcoholic beverage, Bacchus, booze, liquor, juice, fortifier, inebriant, lotion, intoxicant
舉手举手jǔ shǒuraise one’s hand, haul_off, raise one’s hand(s), show, put up one’s hand
舉行举行jǔxínghold (meeting/etc.)
lift, raise, hold up, cite, propose
to stop, to block, card, CL:張|张[zhang1],片[pian4], calorie, cassette, (computing) (coll.) slow, to block, to be stuck, to be wedged, customs station, a clip, a fastener, a checkpost, Taiwan pr. [ka3]
開機开机kāi jīto start an engine, to boot up (a computer), to press Ctrl-Alt-Delete, to begin shooting a film or TV show
sentence, m.[general],
看法看法kànfaside, view, mentality, idea, outlook, a way of looking at a thing, opinion, thought, sight, standpoint, hypothesis, attitude, hobbyhorse, viewpoint, possibility, theory, slant, pronouncement, way of looking at sth., thinking, supposition, supposal
開心开心kāi xīnfeel happy, rejoice
考生考生kǎoshēngcandidate for an entrance examination, examinee
kàodepend/rely on
開學开学kāi xuéstart school, begin term
department, section, rules, laws, a branch of academic or vocational study, stage directions, (animal) family, a division or subdivision of an administrative uni, family, branch of study, faculty, administrative section
科學科学kēxuéology, scientific, science, scientific knowledge
可愛可爱kěàilovable, likeable, lovely
可怕可怕kěpàfearful, terrible
可是可是kěshìconj.: but, yet, however
可能可能kěnéngprobably, maybe
to be able to, to subdue, to restrain, to overcome, gram, variant of 剋|克[ke4], Ke (c. 2000 BC), seventh of the legendary Flame Emperors, 炎帝[Yan2 di4] descended from Shennong 神農|神农[Shen2 nong2] Farmer God, to scold, to beat
可以可以kěyǐcan, may
課堂课堂kètángclassroom, CL:間|间[jian1]
空氣空气kōngqìair, airspace, atmosphere, aerial, deflector, atmospherics
快餐快餐kuàicānfast food, snack, quick meal
快點兒快点儿kuàidiǎnr5to do sth more quickly, erhua variant of 快點|快点[kuai4 dian3]
客人客人kèrenstranger, guest, caller, client, visitant, invitee, company, visitor
快樂快乐kuàilèhappy, cheerful
快要快要kuàiyàoalmost, nearly, almost all
greet, cry, weep
筷子筷子kuàizichopsticks, CL:對|对[dui4],根[gen1],把[ba3],雙|双[shuang1]
來自来自láizìcome from, originate from, come, stem/originate from, attach_to, stem, come/stem/originate from, hail
slit, press-gang, help, solicit, lend a helping hand, canvass, draw, zoom, transport by vehicle, pull, release, press, cut, schlep, play (bowed instruments), tote, tug, gash, tow, bend, snake, schlepp, move (troops), solicitation, haul, chat, solicit (business), give a helping hand, drag out, force, play, slash, drum_up, claw, implicate, overstretch, empty the bowels, drag, trail, drag
藍色蓝色lánsèblue, blue (color), blueness
老年老年lǎoniánsenescence, caducity, senility, old_age, agedness, hoariness, age, old age
老朋友老朋友lǎopéngyouold friend, (slang) period, menstruation
distant/apart from
lǎoold, aged;of long standing, outdated, tough, overgrown, dark (of colors)
離開离开lí kāileave, depart/deviate from
裡頭里头lǐtouinside, interior
禮物礼物lǐwùtribute, giving, proffer, gift, compliment, box, benefice, acknowledgment, present, souvenir
例如例如lìrúfor instance/example, e.g., such as
例子例子lìziexemplification, example, representative, illustration, instance, piece, case
liǎnmap, mug, kisser, puss, visage, snoot, frontispiece, pan, smiler, mazzard, mush, facial, countenance, phiz, figurehead, face, physiognomy, front, human face
練習练习liànxípractice, exercise
liànpractice, exercise, boil and scour raw silk, educate, reeducate, nurture, coach, hone, drill, school, lunge, break, breed, train
liángcool, cold, discouraged, disappointed
涼快凉快liángkuainice and cold, pleasantly cool
liàngbright, light, loud and clear
零下零下língxiàbelow zero
liǎngdet.: two, both (sides), either (side), a few, some
留下留下liú xiàstay, leave behind, leave, allocate, devote, entail, stick, stay behind, leave_behind, stay put, stick around, remain
liúcontinue, stay, keep, leave behind, leave, grow, accept, (let) grow, leave (sth.), let grow, ask … to stay, take, bide, wear, study in a foreign country, save, reserve, reservation, ask sb. to stay, remain
留學生留学生liúxuéshēngstudent studying abroad, returned student
liúspread, circulate
流行流行liúxíngprevalent, popular, fashionable, in vogue, spread, rage (of contagious disease)
旅客旅客lǚkèjourneyer, guest, hotel guest, traveler, traffic, wayfarer, viator, rider, traveller, passer, passenger
旅行旅行lǚxíngtravel, journey, tour
綠色绿色lǜsèverdure, green, greenness, green color, verdancy, bice, virescence, vert, pistachio, viridity
路邊路边lùbiāncurb, roadside, wayside
màibring, parade, prostitute, make living at, go, sell out, show off, negotiate, exert to the utmost, tout, not spare, deal, betray, make living by, at, sell, make living by/at, betrayal, trade, fetch, market, bring in
旅遊旅游lǚyóutrip, journey, tourism, travel, tour, to travel
滿意满意mǎnyìsatisfy, well-pleasing, pleased, satisfied
māopussycat, puss, malkin, cat, kitty, tabby, felid, feline, true cat, pussy
rice, shelled/husked seed
面前面前miànqiánin_front, in front of, in the front of, in the face of, front, presence, before
名稱名称míngchēngtitle, denotation, compellation, appellative, designation, name, denomination, calling, rubric, appellation
名單名单míngdānchecklist, register, registry, list, roll, listing, roster, name list
滿mǎndet.: entirely, wholly
目的目的mùdìview, pretence, objective, goal, purport, intention, bourn, object, motive, motivation, meaning, aim, end point, hent, target, scope, sense of purpose, errand, purposefulness, sake, function, end, purpose, quaesitum, intent
拿到拿到nádàotake, get_hold_of, get
拿出拿出náchūante, produce, take_out, get out, pose, take out, bring forth, take away, bring out
det.: that
那時候那时候nà shíhouat that time
明星明星míngxīngheadliner, lucida, (movie/etc.) star, impersonator, (movie, famous performer, stardom, Venus, star, etc.) star, movie_star
那樣那样nàyàngthat kind of, like that
南方南方nánfāngS, due south, the southern part of the country, South, south, southern part of country, the South, southern
難過难过nánguòuncomfortable, feel bad, feel sorry, have hard time, bad, sad, have a hard time, be grieved, sorry
難看难看nánkànugly, unsightly
難受难受nánshòuto feel unwell, to suffer pain, to be difficult to bear
難聽难听nántīngunpleasant to hear, coarse, vulgar, offensive, shameful
能夠能够nénggòucan, able, would, may
年級年级niánjígrade, year (in school, college etc), CL:個|个[ge4]
難題难题nántíproblem, Gordian knot, grief, sticker, question, enigma, difficult problem, puzzler, spinosity, stickler, a hard nut to crack, puzzle, toughie, poser, difficulty, crux, nut, challenge, tickler, conundrum, knot, hump, knottiness, stinker, puzzlement, teaser, stumper, twister
年輕年轻niánqīngjunior, young
niǎobeak, caprimulgiform bird, jay, carinate bird, birdie, bird, carinate, chaffinch, flying bird, fowl
nòngplay with, make, do, handle, engage in, obtain, get, fetch, play tricks
努力努力nǔlìmake great effort, try hard
爬山爬山páshānmountaineer, climb mountain, climb
páistand in line, arrange, put in order, sequence
排隊排队pái duìstand in line, queue
I’m afraid, dread, funk, I suppose, be afraid of, fear
pèngexplore, stub, paw, encounter, knock against, partake, run into, take one’s chance, knock, disturb, touch, meet, bump
swarm, creep, shin, grabble, crawl, climb, go up, trail, climb up, mount, clamber, scramble
碰到碰到pèngdàocome across, run_into, encounter, come_across, run into, touch, run_across, meet
碰見碰见pèng jianto run into, to meet (unexpectedly), to bump into
平安平安píngānsafe and sound, quiet and stable
píngflat, level, even, ordinary, common, uniform, safe and sound, peaceful, calm, fair, just, objective
漂亮漂亮piàoliangposh, handsome, brilliant, remarkable, splendid, beautiful, smart
平時平时píngshíordinarily, in normal times, in peacetime
平常平常píngchángordinary, common
瓶子瓶子píngzibottle, CL:個|个[ge4]
píngcruse, flask, vase, bottle, ninepin, jug, jar, pot, ampulla, m.[container],
普通話普通话pǔtōnghuàMandarin (common language), Putonghua (common speech of the Chinese language), ordinary speech
其中其中qízhōngamong, of them, in it, among them, which, them, det.: it, in, in which
普通普通pǔtōngordinary, common, average
其他其他qítādet.: others, the rest, other, else
騎車骑车qíchēto cycle
起飛起飞qǐfēitake off (of planes/etc.)
air, gas, smell, atmosphere, spirit
ride/sit astride, ride astride, override, get_onto, sit on the back of, sit, stride, ride_on, ride, mount, pedal, sit astride, bestraddle
qiāndet.: thousand
氣溫气温qìwēnatmospheric temperature, mercury, temperature, air temperature
前年前年qiánniánthe year before last
青少年青少年qīngshàoniánadolescent, stilyaga, teens, young person, teenager, teenagers, young people and teenagers, youths, youth, stripling, hobbledehoy, youngsters, younker
qīnglight, agile, alert, easy, simple, rash, reckless, unimportant, frivolous, slight, neglect
青年青年qīngniányoung people, adolescent, youngster, springal, boy, youth, youths, stripling, young, hobbledehoy, younker
晴天晴天qíngtiānclear sky, sunny day
請客请客qǐng kèto give a dinner party, to entertain guests, to invite to dinner
qíngclear, fine (weather)
請求请求qǐngqiúask, request, entreat
球場球场qiúchǎngplaying_field, gridiron, court, ball field, field, pitch, course, park, ballpark
qiúseek, try, strive for
球隊球队qiúduìside, team, ball game team
have, withdraw, choose, assume, take away, adopt, assumption, select, draw_out, withdrawal, obtain, remove, take, fetch, get, aim at, pick_up, sponge, adoption
球鞋球鞋qiúxiéathletic shoes
秋天秋天qiūtiānautumn, CL:個|个[ge4]
quándet.: all, Surname, whole, Quan
取得取得qǔdégain, acquire, obtain
全部全部quánbùlot, aggregate, all, gross, entirety, allness, shebang, caboodle, complete, bunch, sum, total, gamut, entire, det.: all, totality, whole, everything
全家全家quánjiāwhole family
全年全年quánniánthe whole year, all year long
全身全身quánshēnmutton, the whole body, em, whole body, mut
全體全体quántǐgreat, entirety, general, ensemble, altogether, collectivity, entire, totality, whole body, whole, all, pie, crew, be-all, plenary assembly, en_bloc, wholeness, gamut
全國全国quánguówhole nation, nationwide, countrywide, national
ràngallow, induce sb. to do sth.
人們人们rénmenworkforce, hands, work force, folk, people, they, the people, men, manpower, common people
人數人数rénshùnumber of people
然後然后ránhòutherewith, and so, and_then, and then, thereupon, after that, so, then, with that
認為认为rènwéifind, treat, deem, suppose, look_on, repute, discount, esteem, accredit, feel, account, calculate, estimate, take to be, reckon, expect, think, hold, trust, recognise, opine, sound off, adjudge, consideration, consider, regard as, look upon, believe_in, disbelieve, allow, conceive, regard, call, imagine, view, forecast, believe, suspect, rate, animadvert, look on, listen, speak up, figure, c
日子日子rìziyom, day, a particular day, livelihood, life, date, days, time
日報日报rìbàodaily newspaper
入口入口rù kǒuadit, window, gateway, propylaeum, entranceway, entree, entrance, portal, in door, threshold, inlet, approach, door, entry, entering, access, entryway, intake, ingress
如果如果rúguǒconj.: if
商量商量shāngliangtalk, consult, arrange, confer, talk over, discussion, advise, discuss, concert
商人商人shāngrénmerchandiser, trader, businessman, merchant, monger, trafficker, chapman, dealer, cit, merchantman, tradespeople, merchantry, bargainer, man of affairs
上週上周shàngzhōulast week
身邊身边shēnbiānnearby, side, at hand
少年少年shàoniánnipper, covey, early youth (10-16), juvenility, adolescent, youngster, teens, gossoon, boy, boy or girl of early youth, spalpeen, juvenile, callan, callant, shaver, lad, laddie, juvenile person, teenager, stripling, young boy, early youth, younker
少數少数shǎoshùdet.: a few
什麼樣什么样shénmeyàngwhat kind?, what sort?, what appearance?
shēnggive birth to, bear, grow, get, have, cause to happen, make (a fire), exist, live
生詞生词shēngcínew word (in textbook), word that is unfamiliar or not yet studied, CL:組|组[zu3],個|个[ge4]
聲音声音shēngyīnvoice, vocal, language, huskiness, vox, vocalization, audio, noise, sonic, tone, sound, phone, audio frequency
十分十分shífēnvery, fully, utterly, extremely
生活生活shēnghuólife, existence, livelihood
實習实习shíxípractice, do fieldwork
實際实际shíjìpractical, literal
shěngto save, to economize, to do without, to omit, to leave out, province, CL:個|个[ge4], to inspect, to examine, to be aware, to pay a visit (to one’s parents or elders)
實現实现shíxiànrealize, achieve, bring about
食物食物shíwùscran, board, ingesta, sustentation, provender, viand, chow, aliment, pabulum, edibles, prog, nurture, cheer, eatable, edible, alimentary, eatables, chowchow, nutrient, diet, bread, trencher, sustenance, nutriment, nosh, nutrition, victuals, cib., vivers, eating, toke, meat, cib, grub, peck, viands, comestible, nourishment, fare, victual, food, commons, fodder, scoff, victualage, muckamuck, ta
實在实在shízaiindeed, really, honestly, in fact, as a matter of fact
使用使用shǐyònguse, employ, apply
市長市长shìzhǎngalcalde, city manager, mayor, portreeve, mayoral, civic leader, provost, civil leader, burgomaster
shìmarket, city, CL:個|个[ge4]
事情事情shìqingproposition, pie, shebang, thing, affair, occasions, undertaking, concern, question, business, schmear, matter
收到收到shōu dàohear, find, achievement, receive, receipt, obtain, achieve, incur, get, come_to
收入收入shōurùearning, incoming, gainings, finance, ingathering, proceed, receipts, income, coming-in, taking, pocket, earnings, fruit, revenue, proceeds, living
受到受到shòudàoexperience, receive, come in for, suffer, undergo, come_in_for, be given, come_to, be subjected to
shúripe, cooked, done, deep (sleep, thoughts, etc.)
shōureceive, accept, take in/back, gather in, conclude, stop
數字数字shùzìnumeral, numerical, digit, amount, number, numeric, figure, digital, quantity
水平水平shuǐpínglevel, horizontal, grade, degree, standard, horizontality
順利顺利shùnlìsmooth, successful, without a hitch
說明说明shuōmíngexplain, illustrate, show
送到送到sòng dàoDeliver
shùdet.: several
suànconsider, regard/count as
送給送给sònggěipresent to, to give as a present, send to, give, send/present to, to present
隨便随便suí biàninformal, willful, do as one pleases, wanton, casual, random, careless
隨時随时suíshíwhenever, whene’er, always, readily, whenever necessary, at all times, as occasion demands, at any time
所以所以suǒyǐconj.: so, therefore, as a result
雖然虽然suīránconj.: though, although
所有所有suǒyǒudet.: all
they (neologism for {1ta1}[3] [4]), [4]), ), this, that, it
它們它们tāmenthey, they (non-human)
太太太太tàitailady, memsahib, Dona, dona, Mrs, mum, Senora, senora, Mrs., mistress of a household, madam, Frau, goodwife, missus, senhora, married woman, wife, vrouw, Madame, madame, missis, wahine, Signora, signora
太陽太阳tàiyángApollo, luminary, daystar, digit, sunlight, solar, sunshine, Phoebus, lamp, sun, Sol, fireball
討論讨论tǎolùnto discuss, to take something up with someone, to talk about
態度态度tàidustance, treatment, demeanor, dealing, deportment, pose, behavior, manner, demeanour, way, bearing, attitude, air, behaviour, front, mien, conduct, mental attitude, approach, posture, address, position, bedside_manner, movement, gesture, comportment, presence, sort
特點特点tèdiǎndistinctive feature, trait, point, flavor, singularity, flavour, distinction, characteristic, excellence, speciality, specialty, idiosyncrasy, salience, distinctiveness, specialness, feature, spot, peculiarity
téng(it) hurts, sore, to love dearly
mention, refer to, promote, bring up
特別特别tèbiéunusual, specially
提出提出tí chūput forward, pose, raise
提到提到tídàomention, refer to
提高提高tí gāoraise, heighten, enhance, increase, improve
體育体育tǐyùtraining, physical education, athletics, sports, gymnastic, physical_education, physical training, physical culture, physical education/training, gym
體育場体育场tǐyùchǎngstadium, CL:個|个[ge4],座[zuo4]
體育館体育馆tǐyùguǎnstadium, coliseum, gym, turnhall, palestra, gymnasium
天上天上tiānshangcelestial, heavenly
tiáobar, item, short note, a long narrow piece, streak, clause, stripe, sth. long and narrow, filet, m.[general], , article, strip, assize, twig, ingot, slip
條件条件tiáojiànmood, formula, conditional, precondition, prerequisite, requisition, factor, qualification, requirement, stipulation, proviso, circumstances, provision, term, reservation, if, condition
聽說听说tīngshuōhear, understand, learn, rumor, hear that…, hear/understand that…, be told, understand that…, hear of
停車停车tíng chēpark the car
聽講听讲tīng jiǎngto attend a lecture, to listen to a talk
tíngstay, cease, put_off, cessation, stop, switch off, cheese, stop over, cut off, halt, turn off, lie at anchor, pause, park
tǐngvery, rather, quite
停車場停车场tíngchēchǎngparking_lot, parking area, parking, car_park, parking lot, car park, halt, yard, park
挺好挺好tǐnghǎovery good
通知通知tōngzhīnotify, inform
同時同时tóngshíat the same time, simultaneously
同樣同样tóngyàngsame, equal, similar
同事同事tóngshìbrother, coadjutor, workmate, friend, yokefellow, co-worker, fellow worker, confrere, colleague, stablemate, companion, crew, workfellow, staff, socius, coworker, bedfellow, fellow, haver, rival, comrade
通過通过tōngguòadopt, pass, carry (motion/legislation)
tóuhead, hair (style), top/end of sth., chief
頭髮头发tóufabarba, chevelure, lock, head of hair, hair, tress, mane, hair (on human head)
圖片图片túpiànpictorial matter, picture, photograph, pic, artwork
tuǐham, a leg-like support, underpinning, thigh, gamb, shank, supporter, leg
外地外地wàidìparts of the country other than where one is, place other than where one is
wánexhaust, run_out, wipe_out, run out, pay, complete, completion, finish, be through, be over, use_up, wind up, payment, use up, pay (taxes), end up
完成完成wán chéngfill in, finish out, fulfil, practice, complete, finish, encompass, clear_up, top_off, cleave, top off, accomplishment, make out, effect, perfective, fulfill, go through, exercise, discharge, fill out, completion, end, run, bring … to fruition, round_out, achieve, execute, round out, make, cap off, accomplish, practise, follow through, come, finalize, fulfilment, dispatch, bring …
完全完全wánquáncompletely, fully, wholly, absolutely
外賣外卖wàimàito go, take out (relates to food bought at a restaurant)
tuīpush, decline, refuse, reject, put off, postpone, delay
晚報晚报wǎnbàoevening newspaper, (in a newspaper’s name) Evening News
晚安晚安wǎnānGood night!, Good evening!
晚餐晚餐wǎncāndinner, supper
晚會晚会wǎnhuìevening entertainment, soiree, evening party, social evening, party, evening, evening entertainment/party
wàndet.: ten thousand, myriad, multitudinous
網球网球wǎngqiúlawn tennis, tennis, follow-through, tennis ball
網站网站wǎngzhànwebsite, network station, node
wǎnggo toward
為什麼为什么wèishénmewhy, why?, how come, why is it that?, whereat, whereto
wèilocation, digit, m.[general], , status, figure, throne, position, place, condition
味道味道wèidaogustatory perception, gust, tang, taste perception, feeling, savor, flavor, taste sensation, savour, streak, flavour, relish, sapidity, smatch, soupcon, tincture, tasting, smell, smack, gustatory sensation, suggestion, snack, taste
wèihello, hey
問路问路wèn lùto ask for directions, to ask the way (to some place)
午餐午餐wǔcānmidday meal, lunch
問題问题wèntíproblem, mishap, query, job, interface, question, inquiry, matter, enquiry, trouble, issue, worry, subject, topic, hang-up, business, quaere
午睡午睡wǔshuìto take a nap, siesta
西北西北xīběinorthwest, Northwest China, the Northwest
溫度温度wēndùbarothermohygrograph, temperature, barothermohygrogram
西方西方xīfāngthe Occident, West, New World, occidental, westward, west, the West, the west, Hesperian, occident, Western, sunset, western hemisphere, western
西醫西医xīyīWestern medicine, a doctor trained in Western medicine
西餐西餐xīcānWestern-style food, CL:份[fen4],頓|顿[dun4]
習慣习惯xíguànhabit, custom
洗衣機洗衣机xǐyījīwasher, washing machine, CL:臺|台[tai2]
xiàunder (condition/fact etc.)
洗澡洗澡xǐ zǎohave a bath, lave, take a bath, tub, bath, wash, bathing, bathe
下週下周xiàzhōunext week
相同相同xiāngtóngbe identical/alike, uniform, be identical, overlap, alike, identical, be alike
夏天夏天xiàtiānsummer, CL:個|个[ge4]
相信相信xiāngxìndeem, believe, credit, esteem, accredit, feel, trow, count, have faith in, guess, lippen, buy, be convinced of, hold, think, trust, accept, know, hone, believe_in, favour, believe in, hope
想到想到xiǎng dàoimagine, ideate, think, envisage, anticipate, bethink, dream, recollect, think_of, call to mind, think of, occur, conceive of
想法想法xiǎngfaview, stance, mentality, idea, notion, sentiment, judgment, construct, thought, opinion, conception, viewpoint, judgement, belief, mind-set, what one has in mind, persuasion, perspective, concept, mind, impression
下雪下雪xiàxuěto snow
想起想起xiǎng qǐretrieve, think back, envisage, hit, echo, remember, think_of, call to mind, recall, recollect, think of
xiàngto, towards
xiǎngmake a sound
xiàngbe like
小聲小声xiǎoshēngin a low voice, (speak) in whispers
小時候小时候xiǎoshíhouin one’s childhood
小說小说xiǎoshuōnovel, offprint, fiction
小心小心xiǎoxinbeware, watch_out, keep one’s eyes skinned, keep one’s eyes peeled, careful, cautious, be careful, see, watch, guard, ware, cautionary, keep one’s eyes open, take care, look_out, look out
xiǎosmall, little, petty, minor;young
小組小组xiǎozǔsquad, section, unit, group
校園校园xiàoyuánschoolyard, campus
校長校长xiàozhǎngprexy, head, principal, headteacher, schoolmaster, master, warden, president, beak, rector, superintendent, director, head teacher, preceptor, headmaster, chancellor, school principal
笑話笑话xiàohuajoke, jest
心裡心里xīnlichest, heart, mind
心情心情xīnqíngcognitive state, cue, frame of mind, form, stomach, pulse, humor, feeling, temper, state of mind, cheer, humour, frame/state of mind, mood, vein, spirit, feelings, frame, frame_of_mind, habit of mind, mind, tune
xiéshoe, variant of 鞋[xie2]
心中心中xīnzhōngcentral point, in one’s thoughts, in one’s heart
xìnletter, mail, message
新聞新闻xīnwénunco, leak, intelligence, newsworthiness, witting, journalistic, information, journalism, courant, news
信號信号xìnhàosign, cue, beacon, code, beacon fire, messenger, signal, semaphore, signaling, waft
信心信心xìnxīntrustfulness, trustingness, confidence, belief, affiance, religion, feeling, fay, trust, positiveness, notion, reliance, religious belief, faith, hope, impression
信用卡信用卡xìnyòngkǎcharge plate, charge card, credit card, credit_card, charge_card, bank card
信息信息xìnxīinformation, news, message
行動行动xíngdòngaction, operation
行人行人xíngrénfoot traffic, passerby, goer, pedestrian, pedestrian traffic, passenger
行為行为xíngwéifact, demeanor, form, deportment, dealing, behavior, doings, course, act, point, goings-on, demeanour, procedure, lapse, going, bearing, turn, behaviour, activity, ongoing, thing, human action, conduct, commitment, human activity, behavioral, agency, deed, comportment, action
姓名姓名xìngmíngsurname and personal name, name, full name
學期学期xuéqīschool term, semester
休假休假xiū jiàhave holiday/vacation/leave
許多许多xǔduōlot, scores, lots, sight, pot, heap, quantity, plenty, slews, ton, battalion, many, scads, tidy sum, power, spate, chunk, pile, crowd, vastness, batch, lashings, whole lot, mint, mound, pocketful, large number, trunkful, ream, mickle, great deal, flock, mass, slew, heaps, a lot of, piles, whole slew, mess, raff, slue, gobs, much, lotta, multitude, volume, wad, store, raft, tons, satiety, rafts, doze
xuǎnselect, pick, elect, choose, take, pick out, van
顏色颜色yánsècompanion, countenance, pigment, coloring, tincture, dyestuff, colour, facial expression, tinct, grain, colouring, color
yǎneye, small hole, aperture, salient/weighted point, salient/weighted point
yǎngkeep in good repair, keep, cultivate, cultivation, form, maintenance, foster, give birth to, convalesce, sustain, nourish, support, provide for, convalescence, grow, raise, maintain, acquire, rest, recuperate
樣子样子yàngzitendency, pattern, form, manner, likelihood, way, resemblance, semblance, sample, guise, fashion, wise, model, air, mien, appearance, shape, suggestion, gesture, sort
要求要求yāoqiúrequest, demand
藥片药片yàopiàna (medicine) pill or tablet, CL:片[pian4]
yàohealer, medicine, certain chemicals, drug, medicament, medicinal drug, aspirin, medication, remedy, physic
也許也许yěxǔpossibly, peradventure, conceivably, assumedly, mayhap, doubtless, ablings, perhaps, perchance, potentially, probably, maybe, presumably, ablins, just
藥水药水yàoshuǐYaksu in North Korea, near the border with Liaoning and Jiling province, medicine in liquid form, bottled medicine, lotion
夜裡夜里yèliduring the night, at night, nighttime
一部分一部分yībùfenportion, part of, subset
一會兒一会儿yīhuìr5a moment, a while, in a moment, now…now…, also pr. [yi1 hui3 r5]
一路平安一路平安yīlù-píngānto have a pleasant journey, Bon voyage!
一路順風一路顺风yīlùshùnfēngto have a pleasant journey (idiom)
以前以前yǐqiánlangsyne, ago, in the past, formerly, prevenient, before, previously
一共一共yīgòngaltogether, in all, all told
以後以后yǐhòuafterwards, later, future, in the future, hereafter
以上以上yǐshàngthe above/foregoing/above-mentioned
以外以外yǐwàiother than, except, beyond, outside
以下以下yǐxiàthe following
一點點一点点yīdiǎndiǎna little bit
一般一般yībāngeneral, ordinary, common
一生一生yīshēnglifetime, all, existence, life, throughout one’s life, all one’s life, career, all/throughout one’s life
一直一直yīzhíe’er, away, continuously, all the way, right, forever, all_along, always, the whole way, all along, straight, slap, through, ever, evermore
亿det.: hundred million
以為以为yǐwéiimagine, think/believe/consider erroneously, treat, deem, believe, suspect, suppose, consider erroneously, repute, animadvert, esteem, trow, speak up, feel, count, believe/consider erroneously, calculate, view as, guess, ween, look, expect, think erroneously, think, hold, opine, interpret, sound off, take_for, consider, take for
因為因为yīnweiconj.: because, for, on account of
意見意见yìjianlatitude, point_of_view, estimation, sight, conceit, verdict, hypothesis, attitude, estimate, possibility, judgement, appraisal, ground, slant, differing opinion, ruling, complaint, thinking, suggestion, comment, advisement, mind, apprehension, say, vote, impression, deliverance, view, understanding, feeling, idea, notion, sentiment, judgment, advice, current, opinion, advert, theory, v
意思意思yìsisignificance, token of infection, intention, interest, idea, trace, meaning, thought, opinion, substance, etc., import, a token of appreciation/etc., indirect request, wish, a token of affection, desire, appreciation, fun, signification, gratitude, sense, hint, a token of affection/appreciation/etc., suggestion, mind, intent
陰天阴天yīntiāncloudy day, overcast sky
音節音节yīnjiésyllable, key, pitch
音樂會音乐会yīnyuèhuìmusicale, philharmonic, concert
銀行卡银行卡yínhángkǎbank card, ATM card
應該应该yīnggāishould, ought to
銀行银行yínhángjug, depository financial institution, bank building, banking company, banking concern, bank
英文英文YīngwénEnglish, English (language), English language, English_language
英語英语YīngyǔEnglish, English (language), profit, surplus
影片影片yǐngpiàncelluloid, movie_film, flick, production, film, pic, movie
yīnovercast (weather), cloudy, shady, Yin (the negative principle of Yin and Yang), negative (electric.), feminine, moon, implicit, hidden, genitalia, surname Yin, variant of 陰|阴[yin1]
yóuoil, fat, grease
永遠永远yǒngyuǎne’er, always, for_good, evermore, ever, forever
友好友好yǒuhǎoYouhao district of Yichun city 伊春市[Yi1 chun1 shi4], Heilongjiang, friendly, amicable, close friend
有點兒有点儿yǒudiǎnr5slightly, a little, somewhat
遊客游客yóukètraveler, tourist, (online gaming) guest player
有人有人yǒurénsomeone, people, anyone, there is someone there, occupied (as in restroom)
有意思有意思yǒuyìsiinteresting, meaningful, enjoyable
語言语言yǔyánlinguistic communication, lingual, language, idiom, tongue, oral communication, speech, perspicuity, lingo, contumely, Fortran, parole, natural language, spoken language, linguistic process
yòuagain, moreover
原來原来yuánláioriginally, formerly
原因原因yuányīnorigin, causation, reason, wherefore, causal, breeder, spore, cause, causal agent, whence, causal agency, occasion, root, subject, causality, why, starter
paella, variegated carp, gudgeon, bighead, Yu, Surname, Argonaut, salmon, fish, catfish
院長院长yuànzhǎngdirector/president (of museum/institute/etc.), head of branch of government
yuànpublic facility, college, courtyard, designation for certain government offices and pub, hospital, clinic, branch of government, university, institutes, compound, abbey, academy, institute, yard, educational institution, faculty
願意愿意yuànyiwill, be willing, please, wish, like, care
月亮月亮yuèliangmoonlight, Cynthia, moon, lune, Phoebe, Diana, lunar
越來越越来越yuèláiyuèmore_and_more, more and more
yuè~A~B) the more A the more B
運動运动yùndongsports, athletics, exercise, movement, campaign
咱們咱们zánmenwe, you and I
zánI or me we (including both the speaker and the person spoken to) variant of 咱[zan2], see 咱[zan2]
zàngdirty, squalid, smudge, filthy, smutch, blur, smear
院子院子yuànzipatio, court, courtyard, yard, compound
早餐早餐zǎocānbreaker, petit dejeuner, brekker, dejeuner, breakfast, morning tea
早晨早晨zǎochenearly morning, CL:個|个[ge4]
怎麼辦怎么办zěnmebànwhat should someone do?
怎麼樣怎么样zěnmeyàngHow are things?
早就早就zǎojiùalready at an earlier time
怎樣怎样zěnyàngno matter how, in any way, in a certain way, how?, what, how
zhànconstitute, make up, account for
站住站住zhànzhùto stand
長大长大zhǎng dàvegetate, be brought up, grow_up, maturate, grow, grow up, bulk, age, mature
zhànto stand
找出找出zhǎochūrout out, find, unearth, rout up, rout, quest, observe, notice, grub, seek_out, dig_out, seek out, discover, find_out, root_out, spy, spot, detect, smoke out
照片照片zhàopiànsnapshot, shot, likeness, picture, photo, icon, image, caption, exposure, photograph, pic, ikon
照相照相zhào xiàngto take a photograph
照顧照顾zhàogulook after, care for, attend to, patronize (as customer)
這麼这么zhèmeso, such, this way, like this
這時候这时候zhè shíhòuAt this moment
真正真正zhēnzhèngtrue, indeed, certainty
正常正常zhèngchángnormal, regular
正是正是zhèngshì(emphasizes that sth is precisely or exactly as stated), precisely, exactly, even, if, just like, in the same way as
這樣这样zhèyàngso, such, like this, this way
正確正确zhèngquècorrect, true, exact, proper, right
zhǐonly, merely
只能只能zhǐnéngcan only, obliged to do sth, to have no other choice
直接直接zhíjiēdirect, immediate
正好正好zhènghǎojust, exactly
只要只要zhǐyàoconj.: so long as, provided
中級中级zhōngjímiddle level (in a hierarchy)
中年中年zhōngniánmiddle age
中小學中小学zhōngxiǎoxuéprimary and middle school
中心中心zhōngxīncenter, heart, hub
中餐中餐zhōngcānChinese meal, Chinese food, CL:份[fen4],頓|顿[dun4]
中醫中医zhōngyītrad. Ch. medicine, doctor of trad. Ch. medicine
重視重视zhòngshìattach importance to, take sth. seriously, value
週年周年zhōuniánanniversary, annual
重點重点zhòngdiǎntaproot, accent, emphasis, focal point, point, keystone, hinge, salient point, stress, gravity
主人主人zhǔrénlord, housemaster, host, symposiarch, marse, bwana, padrone, boss, master, baas, provider, mast, owner, landlord
住院住院zhù yuànbe hospitalized
自己自己zìjǐlonesome, number_one, own, ego, self, oneself, name
zhuānginstall, fit, assemble, load, pack, hold
準確准确zhǔnquèaccurate, exact, precise
自行車自行车zìxíngchētwo-wheeler, roadster, machine, bicycle, wheel, push-bike, cycle, motorcycle, bike, velocipede
自由自由zìyóufree, unrestrained
字典字典zìdiǎnlexicon, wordbook, lexical, thesaurus, chararter dictionary, dictionary
走過走过zǒuguòto walk past, to pass by
走進走进zǒujìnenter, step_in, walk in, go in
rent out
走開走开zǒukāito leave, to walk away, to beat it, to move aside
組成组成zǔ chéngform, make up (into), compose
主要主要zhǔyàomain, chief, principal, major
zuǐspigot, mug, rattletrap, kisser, trap, puss, visage, spile, nib, smiler, beak, countenance, snout, physiognomy, bill, cake-hole, bazoo, spout, anything shaped or functioning like a mouth, mouth, gob, neb
最近最近zuìjìnrecent, recently, these days, latest, soon, nearest (of locations), shortest (of routes)
組長组长zǔzhǎngchief/head of group/section
作家作家zuòjiāpenster, scribe, ink-slinger, pen, inkslinger, writer, wright, novelist, litterateur, literator, tragedian, composer, author, penman, biobibliography, bookman
作用作用zuòyòngaction, function, effect, intention, motive
zuòfare, stand, base, constellation, footstall, pedestal, m.[general], , customer, Aquarius, seating, plinth, place, seat
座位座位zuòweiseat, CL:個|个[ge4]
做到做到zuò dàoachievement, accomplishment, achieve, accomplish
做法做法zuòfaway of doing sth., modus_operandi, practice, manner, method, making sth., way of making sth., shtick, way, way of doing, way of doing/making sth., personal manner
作業作业zuòyèschool assignment, work, task, operation, production
做飯做饭zuò fàndo the cooking, prepare a meal, prepare meal

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