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900+ từ vựng HSK 3 phiên bản mới

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Từ vựng HSK 3 phiên bản mới

愛心爱心àixīnliking, pity, love, benevolence, mercy, fondness, commitment
安排安排ānpáiarrange, plan, fix up, provide (meals/etc.)
安裝安装ānzhuānginstall, erect, fix, mount
按照按照ànzhàoaccording to, in the light of, on the basis of
ànaccording to, in accordance with
把握把握bǎwògrasp firmly
indicating pre-verbal object as thing dealt with by the action
白菜白菜báicàiChinese cabbage, pak choi, CL:棵[ke1], 個|个[ge4]
bāncopy mechanically, remove, apply indiscriminately, take away, transfer, move, move (house)
báiwhite, clear, pure, plain, wrongly written/mispronounced,
班級班级bānjíclasses and grades in school
搬家搬家bān jiāto move house, removal
辦理办理bànlǐhandle, manage, attend, conduct, enact, transact, transaction
bǎnsee 老闆|老板, boss, to catch sight of in a doorway (old)
保安保安bǎoānto ensure public security, to ensure safety (for workers engaged in production), public security, security guard
保持保持bǎochíkeep, maintain, preserve
保存保存bǎocúnpreserve, conserve, keep
bǎokeep, maintenance, preserve soil moisture, stand guarantor, defend, protection, ensure, stand guarantor for sb., preserve, preservation, warrant, bail, defence, protect, maintain, seek, guarantee
保留保留bǎoliúcontinue to have, retain, hold back, reserve
保證保证bǎozhèngpledge, guarantee
保護保护bǎohùprotect, safeguard
報到报到bào dàocheck in, register, registration, report for duty, appear, report, check_in
bèilearn by heart, recite from memory
報道报道bàodàoto report (news), report, CL:篇[pian1],份[fen4]
北部北部běibùthe north, the northern part of the country, northern part
bàonewspaper, periodical, bulletin, telegram
報告报告bàogàoreport, speech, (student) term paper
背後背后bèihòurear, in the rear, behind, rearward, at the back, backside, back end
本來本来běnláioriginally, at first, of course
本領本领běnlǐngskill, ability, capability, CL:項|项[xiang4],個|个[ge4]
比較比较bǐjiàorelatively, fairly
比例比例bǐlìproportional, rate, proportionality, quotient, proportion, proportionment, scale, ratio, balance
比賽比赛bǐsàimatch, competition
必然必然bìránsurely, inevitably, pardi, certainly
被子被子bèiziquilt, CL:床[chuang2]
變化变化biànhuàchange, transformation
本事本事běnshiliterary source material, know-how, proficiency, skill, prowess, this matter, ability, capability
變為变为biànwéichange to, become
必要必要bìyàonecessary, indispensable
表達表达biǎodáexpress, convey, voice
標準标准biāozhǔnstandard, criterion
標題标题biāotíhead, headline, title, superscription, statute title, header, headword, caption, cutline, rubric, heading
表格表格biǎogétabular array, tabulation, table, form, blank, tabular matter
表面表面biǎomiàncrust, superficial, facing, show, exterior, obverse, rind, face, superficies, top, outside, appearance, facade, surface, bosom, window dressing
表明表明biǎomíngargue, utter, disclose, enunciate, indicate, speak_for, make clear, indication, prove, point, express, manifest, tell, state clearly, give, denote, evince, unfold, portend, declare, kithe, make known, signalize
表演表演biǎoyǎnperform, act, play, demonstrate
表現表现biǎoxiànmanifestation, expression
播出播出bō chūbroadcast, disseminate
並且并且bìngqiěconj.: and, besides, moreover
播放播放bōfàngbroadcast, transmit
不必不必bùbìneed not, not have to
bìngto be side by side, simultaneously, and
不論不论bùlùnconj.: no matter how/who/what/etc.
mend, patch, nourish, supplementary
不斷不断bùduànunceasingly, continuously
補充补充bǔchōngsupply, supplement, augment, replenishment, complement, eke, fill again, accompany, add, renew, replenish, implement, stock, recruit, refill
不得不不得不bùdébùcannot but, have to
不安不安bùānbe anxious; be uneasy; be restless
不光不光bùguāngnot the only one, not only
不僅不仅bùjǐnconj.: not only
部門部门bùméncategory, section, department, service, instrumentality, branch, realm, sector, ministry, province, divisional, classification, departmental, division
部長部长bùzhǎngcommissar, manager, superintendent, cabinet minister, head of a section, minister, political commissar, ministerial, secretary, government minister, president, head of a department
才能才能cáinéngability, talent
採取采取cǎiqǔoperate, assume, adopt, accept, strike, take, take up, take over, borrow
彩色彩色cǎisècolour, chromatic, multicolour, colorful
採用采用cǎiyònginvoke, admit, assume, adoptive, use, adopt, select for use, embrace, accept, employment, take, introduce, take up, take_on, take over, take on, borrow, employ, adoption
曾經曾经céngjīngin one case, , one time, formerly, syne, at one time, of all time, once, ever
產生产生chǎnshēngcome into being, produce, engender, emerge
長處长处chángchugood aspects, strong points
長城长城Chángchéngimpregnable bulwark, the Great Wall, Great Wall
chǎngfactory, mill, plant, works, yard, depot
長期长期chángqīlong term, long time, long range (of a forecast)
場合场合chǎnghéconjuncture, situation, event, occasion, social occasion, affair
場所场所chǎngsuǒsite, digging, terrain, locality, point, arena, scene, room, locus, location, locale, stead, scene of action, lieu, amenity, meridian, where, spot, space, land site, place, seat
cháoabbr. for 朝鮮|朝鲜[Chao2 xian3] Korea, imperial or royal court, government, dynasty, reign of a sovereign or emperor, court or assembly held by a sovereign or emperor, to make a pilgrimage to, facing, towards, morning
chǎoshout for something
襯衫衬衫chènshānshirt, blouse, CL:件[jian4]
吵架吵架chǎo jiàquarrel, have a row/spat
襯衣衬衣chènyīshirt, CL:件[jian4]
稱為称为chēngwéicall as
成果成果chéngguǒproduct, achievement, outcome, gain, production, fruit, positive result, progeny, job
成就成就chéngjiùachievement, accomplishment, success
成熟成熟chéngshúripe, mature
成立成立chénglìfound, establish, be tenable, hold water
成長成长chéngzhǎnggrow up, mature
chéngwall, city wall, city, kasbah, town, township, burgh, castle, burg
城市城市chéngshìcity, town, CL:座[zuo4]
持續持续chíxùperennate, hang on, carry_over, persist, steady, keep, carry over, keep on, proceed, stretch, carry_on, retain, sustain, persevere, continuity, endure, stay, continue, hang in, hold, maintain, run, span, go on, run for, last, go along, exist, hold on
程度程度chéngdùlatitude, rate, degree, point, measure, way, grade, gree, pitch, cut, length, plane, stage, level, extent, scale, notch
chūat the beginning of, in the early part of
充滿充满chōngmǎnswarm, be brimming, inhabit, be brimming with, teem, crawl, fill, lard, pullulate with, brim, be permeated with, bathe, be filled with, permeated with, abound in, implement, exuberate, fill up, flow, abound, burst, perfuse, foam, bristle, crackle, inform, pervade, be imbued with, simmer, glut, teem in, permeate, congest, be full of, reek, charge, suffuse, pullulate, overfill, swell
初步初步chūbùinitially, preliminarily, tentatively
初級初级chūjíjunior, primary
zhòngheavy, weighty, important, considerable in amount/value
初中初中chūzhōngjunior high school, abbr. for 初級中學|初级中学[chu1 ji2 zhong1 xue2]
除了除了chúleexcept, besides
處理处理chǔlǐhandle, deal with, dispose of, process
chuánpass (on), hand down, impart, teach, spread, transmit
傳播传播chuánbōdisseminate, propagate, spread
創新创新chuàngxīnbring forth new ideas, blaze new trails
創造创造chuàngzàocreate, produce, bring about
傳來传来chuánláispread, arise, salute, deliver something to here
創作创作chuàngzuòcreative work, creation
創業创业chuàngyèstart undertaking, do pioneering work
從前从前cóngqiánpreviously, formerly, once upon a time
從來从来cóngláiall along, at all times, always
從事从事cóngshìengross, have, join, treat, plow, handle, follow, embark, undertake, attend_to, attack, occupy, absorb, go_into, work, engage, prosecute, go_about, go in for, pursue, be, meddle, embark_on, perform, enter, cover, deal, address, be engaged in, deal with, place, wage
cúnharbour, keep, deposit (money), gather, harbor, cherish, accumulate, existence, live, leave with, retain, reserve, save, consist, accumulation, preserve, survival, store, survive, check (luggage), collect, deposit, place, bank, check, exist, be in stock, remain on balance
cūnvillage, variant of 村[cun1]
存在存在cúnzàiexist, be
錯誤错误cuòwùerror, blunder
達到达到dá dàoextend to, find, fulfil, compass, encompass, extend, gain, answer, achievement, succeed, fulfill, live_up_to, attainment, strain, bring_up, achieve, get to, touch, strive, make, accomplish, progress to, come, hit, come_out, obtain, reach, attain, clock_up, suffice, do, get, arrive_at
打破打破dǎposhiver, better, explode, smash, crush, fall apart, discomfit, part, shatter, force, murder, wear, break, bust, drub, wear out
大概大概dàgàichiefly, if not, perchance, approximately, believably, maybe, presumably, plausibly, almost, conceivably, most likely, assumedly, ablings, likely, perhaps, probably, supposedly, ablins, credibly, assumably, belike
打聽打听dǎtingto ask about, to make some inquiries, to ask around
大使館大使馆dàshǐguǎnembassy, CL:座[zuo4],個|个[ge4]
大約大约dàyuēabout, around, probably, likely
dàiperiod, generation
代表代表dàibiǎorepresentative, delegate
大夫大夫dàfūa senior official in feudal China, physician, senior official, doctor
代表團代表团dàibiǎotuáncontingent, delegacy, mission, deputation, delegation
帶動带动dài dòngdrive, spur on, bring along
單元单元dānyuánmodule, unit, unit of teaching materials, residential unit
當初当初dāngchūat that time, originally
帶領带领dàilǐnglead (army/party/etc.), guide
當然当然dāngráncertainly, of course
當地当地dāngdìlocality, the place (named/mentioned/etc.)
當中当中dāngzhōngin the middle/center
dāoknife, sword, blade, sth. shaped like a knife
到達到达dàodáfind, arrive at, go_into, get_in, go, come, show, hit, strike, arrive, fetch_up, range, show_up, gain, come_to, win, reach, come to, attain, lead, go_down, come_in, arrival, get_at, get to, get, touch, make, come_through, arrive_at, land
得分得分dé fēnscore
到底到底dàodǐto the end, at last, after all
等待等待děngdàiwait for, await
底下底下dǐxiaunder, below, beneath
地區地区dìqūsection, country, area, latitude, zone, terrain, parts, locality, sector, province, prefecture, region, district, faubourg
電視臺电视台diànshìtáitelevision station, station, spreader, broadcaster, TV station
電臺电台diàntáitransceiver, transmitter-receiver, broadcasting station
電子郵件电子邮件diànzǐyóujiànemail, CL:封[feng1],份[fen4]
調diàoto transfer, to move (troops or cadres), to investigate, to enquire into, accent, view, argument, key (in music), mode (music), tune, tone, melody, to harmonize, to reconcile, to blend, to suit well, to adjust, to regulate, to season (food), to provoke, to incite
電視劇电视剧diànshìjùTV play, soap opera, CL:部[bu4]
調查调查diàocháinvestigate, look into, survey
dìngsubscribe to, agree on, revise, draw up, staple together, book (seats), conclude, order, book, subscribe, make corrections
定期定期dìngqīfixed (of time), periodically, regularly
東部东部dōngbùorient, East, eastward, east
動人动人dòngrénmoving, fetch, emotional, attractive, touching
讀者读者dúzhěaudience, subscriber, reader
動力动力dònglìdriving force, impetus, motivity, (motive) power, wheel, (motive) power/force, agency, vector, dynamics, force, motive_power, momentum, power
短褲短裤duǎnkùshort pants, shorts
短處短处duǎnchushortcoming, defect, fault, one’s weak points
duàngive up, cut off, break off, stop, abstain from, judge, snap, break, decide
短期短期duǎnqīshort term, short-term
隊員队员duìyuánteam member
對待对待duìdàitreat, approach, handle
對方对方duìfāngother party, the other party, fellow, party, other side, adversary, other side/party
對象对象duìxiàngboy/girl friend, mate, fair game, boy friend, prey, boy, object, quarry, target, girl friend, catch, match
對手对手duìshǒumate, competitor, opposite, antagonist, comparative, contender, adversary, opponent, opposition, counterpart, equal, counterworker, rival, match
發表发表fābiǎovoice, enounce, enunciate, publish, free, sound, announce, pronounce, deliver, circulation, put_out, release, issue, vend, circularize, give, give_out, denote, present, circulate, publicize, blazon, promulgate, mouth
發出发出fā chūvoice, send_out, give_forth, send out, exhale, sound, fetch, pass off, shoot, effuse, issue, emanate, raise, give, shed, send/give out, utter, go, escape, proceed, send, give forth, give_off, give off, fall, eradiate, emit, flash, scintillate, issue_forth, give_out, give out, clank, reek, place, breathe
發達发达fādádeveloped, flourishing
發動发动fādòngstart, launch, mobilize, arouse
發生发生fāshēnghappen, occur, take place
發送发送fāsongto transmit, to dispatch, to issue (an official document or credential)
發言发言fāyánspeak, make statement/speech
發展发展fāzhǎndevelop, expand, grow
反復反复fǎnfùrepeatedly, backward_and_forward
反應反应fǎnyìngreaction, response, repercussion
反正反正fǎnzhenganyway, anyhow, in any case
範圍范围fànwéidemesne, latitude, shot, compass, extensity, panorama, parameter, boundary, arena, stretch, territory, radius, spectrum, scope, extension, sphere, orbit, circumscription, limits, purview, grasp, extent, region, space, limit, hemisphere, horizon, envelope, bounds, realm, terrain, tether, sphere of influence, range, circuit, domain, precinct, reach, area, length, spread, bailiwick, ambit, con
反對反对fǎnduìto fight against, to oppose, to be opposed to, opposition
fángguard against, guard, prevent, prepare against, defence, resistance, guard/prepare against, resist, defend, provide against
防止防止fángzhǐestop, guard against, preclude, prevention, inhibit, avoidance, help, cumber, prevent, forbid, prohibit, obviate, restrain, deter, avoid, head_off, debar, guard, help oneself, ward_off, constrain, ward, encumber, avert, ward off, disenable, forfend, shield, countercheck, forestall, keep_from, foreclose
方式方式fāngshìpath, plan, pattern, tenor, system, method, manner, style, way, guise, fashion, wise, means, shape, how, embodiment, agency, gate, mode, sort
訪問访问fǎngwènvisit, call on, interview
放到放到fàng dàoPut in
房屋房屋fángwūcasa, premises, buildings, digging, houses, housing, tenement, house
fèicost, spend, expend
房租房租fángzūrent for a room or house
費用费用fèiyongtax, cost, expense, expenditure, due, rate, exes, outlay, outgo, fee, terms, toll, price, disbursement, fare, expenses, disbursal, retainer, pay, damage, charge, monetary value, consideration, outgoing
分別分别fēnbiéseparately, respectively
分組分组fēn zǔdivide into groups
分配分配fēnpèidistribute, allot, assign
豐富丰富fēngfùrich, abundant, plentiful
風險风险fēngxiǎnperil, danger, risk, hazard
否定否定fǒudìngnegate, deny
服裝服装fúzhuāngturnout, wearing_apparel, clothing, investiture, rigging, costuming, toggery, habilimentation, habiliment, drapery, garb, attire, toilette, frock, costume, dress, investment, garmenture, rig, garment, setout, implement, garniture, getup, outfit
父母父母fùmǔparental, parents, father and mother, folks
否認否认fǒurèndeny, disavow, repudiation, naysay, denial, gainsay, reject, veto, negate, disclaim, disown, challenge, dispute, renounce, disaffirm, negative, contradict, contravene, repudiate
felicity, happiness, blessing, good fortune
父親父亲fùqinparent, father, pere, Pa, begetter, governor, abba, male parent, pater, guv
負責负责fùzépreside, be responsible for, see, entail, sponsor, be in charge of, blame, answer, undertake, liable, respond
複印复印fùyìnto photocopy, to duplicate a document
hand/turn over to, commit to, pay
複雜复杂fùzácomplicated, complex
改造改造gǎizàorecast, rebuild, re-form, reconstruct, remake, transformation, remould, transmake, reform, transform, remodel, reorganize, retread, remold, remodify, reshape, remoulding, redo, alter, recreate, transmute, make over, refashion, revamp
be rich in, be full of
概念概念gàiniànestimate, conception, view, intention, image, estimation, idea, notion, concept, construct, paradox, approximation, impression
gǎnrun after, pursue
趕到赶到gǎndàoleave for, hurry to
趕快赶快gǎnkuàiquickly, hastily
趕緊赶紧gǎnjǐnhasten, double-quick, losing no time, hurriedly
gǎndare, make bold, have courage to, be sure, have confidence to, venture, have the confidence to, be certain
感冒感冒gǎnmàocatch cold
感受感受gǎnshòuperception, sentiment, mood
幹嗎干吗gànmásee 幹嘛|干嘛[gan4 ma2]
感情感情gǎnqíngwarmheartedness, reticence, sensation, affection, susceptibility, feeling, feelings, heart, affective, withers, expression, tenderness, emotion, sentiment, fondness, soul, affectionateness, soulfulness, passion
高速高速gāosùgreat speed, velocity, high speed, high
高速公路高速公路gāosùgōnglùexpressway, highway, freeway
告別告别gàobiévaledictory, take_leave, part from, leave, parting, say good-bye to, bid farewell to
歌聲歌声gēshēngvoice, song, singing, sound of singing, singing voice
歌迷歌迷gēmílover of song, fan of a singer
歌手歌手gēshǒuwarbler, voice, vocalist, singer, bulbul, performer, lark, songster
det.: each, every
個性个性gèxìngkidney, specific property, personalism, fibre, individuation, personhood, particularity, fiber, character, individual character, self-identity, mentality, idiosyncrasy, spirit, individuality, individualism, selfhood, personality
個人个人gèrénindividual person, man_jack, personal, individual (person), man jack, individual, individuality, identity
各位各位gèwèieverybody, all (guests, colleagues etc), all of you
各地各地gèdìin all parts of (a country), various regions
各種各种gèzhǒngevery kind of, all kinds of, various kinds
根本根本gēnběnat all, utterly
各自各自gèzìeach, respective, severalty, oneself
更加更加gèngjiā(even) more
工程師工程师gōngchéngshītechnologist, engineer, applied scientist
工夫工夫gōngfuworkmanship, skill, art
工具工具gōngjùstock-in-trade, instrumentality, instrument, ministry, hand_tool, escalator, creature, utensil, material, gear, pawn, lobster-joint, cat’s-paw, kit, apparatus, tool, appurtenances, paraphernalia, means, wood, tackle, implement, medium, lever, outfit
工業工业gōngyèindustrial, industry
工廠工厂gōngchǎnglayout, mill, factory, remuneration, workshop, industrial plant, plant, hacienda, manufactory, works, shop
工資工资gōngzīearning, hire, remuneration, screw, laborage, pay, paycheck, wages, earnings, pay_packet, salary, wage_scale, differential, wage
公布公布gōngbùpromulgate, announce, publish
公共公共gōnggòngcommon, commonly, publicly, public, communal
公開公开gōngkāibare, air, unclose, publish, come_out, make known to the public, publicize, divulgate, overt, publicise, public, disclosure, make known to public, unfurl, make public
公務員公务员gōngwùyuánjobholder, servant, public_servant, official, government official worker, functionary, government employee, public servant, officeholder, officialdom, officer, orderly, civil servant, government officials
功課功课gōngkètask, schoolwork, homework, preparation, prep, subject, lesson
公民公民gōngmínfreeman, citizen, denizen, national, civic, freewoman, commonwealth, burgher, civics
功能功能gōngnéngfunctional, niche, function, competence, capacity, anatomy
共同共同gòngtóngcommon, joint
功夫功夫gōngfuworkmanship, skill, art
姑娘姑娘gūniangquiff, cummer, gill, calico, girlie, missy, moll, damsel, fille, girl, jill, miss, judy, jeune fille, sheila, jane, lass, colleen, toots, daughter, young girl, lassie
共有共有gòngyǒuto have altogether, in all
ancient, age-old;not following current customs/practice
古代古代gǔdàiancient times, olden times
故鄉故乡gùxiāngcountry, home, patria, place of birth, native place, hometown, homeland, motherland, birthplace
關係关系guānxirelation, bearing, impact, membership credentials, backdoor connections
關注关注guānzhùfollow with interest, pay close attention to
觀察观察guāncháobserve, survey, inspect
guàhang, put up, hitch, ring up
觀看观看guānkàneye, view, watch, spectate, eyeball
觀念观念guānniànconception, intension, theory, philosophy, idolum, connotation, idea, sense, presentation, notion, concept, construct, intellection, presentment, thought, notional, conceit
管理管理guǎnlǐmanage, supervise, take care of
觀眾观众guānzhòngonlooker, TV audience, attendance, audience, spectator, viewers, followers, crowd, gallery, viewer, following, house, viewing audience
光明光明guāngmíngbright, promising, openhearted, guileless
廣播广播guǎngbōbroadcast, air
guǎnrun, manage, administer, have charge of, subject to discipline, bother about
guānglight, ray, brightness, honor, glory, luster
規定规定guīdìngrules, disciplines, regulations
廣大广大guǎngdàlarge, wide, vast, ample, large-scale, numerous, wide-spread
國內国内guónèiinterior (of country), interior, home, intestine, internal, domestic
規範规范guīfànconstraint, norm
國慶国庆GuóqìngNational Day
果然果然guǒránreally, as expected, sure enough
果汁果汁guǒzhīfruit juice
過程过程guòchéngunconscious process, mechanism, process, act, round, course
哈哈哈哈hāhasound of laughter, haha
過去过去guò qugo over, pass by
海關海关hǎiguānchophouse, customhouse, customshouse, custom, haikwan, customs, douane
害怕害怕hàipàdread, be afraid/scared, fearful, frighten, fear, frightened, shrink_from, be afraid, funk, scared, be scared, tremble
好好好好hǎohǎowell, carefully, nicely, properly
xínggo, travel, prevail, circulate, be current
好奇好奇hàoqícurious, full of curiosity
be equal to, amount to
合法合法héfǎlegal, well-formed, rightful, lawful, legitimate
合格合格hégémeasure_up, reach standard, measure up, qualify, nail, make it, pass, qualified
合理合理hélǐplausible, rational, reasonable, legitimate, equitable, sensible
和平和平hépíngmild, peaceful
紅茶红茶hóngchátea, bohea, black_tea, black tea
紅酒红酒hóngjiǔRed wine
後果后果hòuguǒaftereffect, aftermath, consequent, wake, backwash, sequel, consequence, subsequence
後面后面hòumianrear, back, in the rear, latter, behind, rearward, at the back
後年后年hòuniánthe year after next
合作合作hézuòcooperate, collaborate, work together
划船划船huá chuánpaddle/row boat
互相互相hùxiāngmutual, each other, mutually, one another, reciprocally
華人华人huárénChinese, Ch. people
huàmelt, dissolve, thaw, digest, remove, burn up, incinerate, disguise
話劇话剧huàjùstage play, modern drama, CL:臺|台[tai2],部[bu4]
歡樂欢乐huānlèhappy, joyous, gay
huánring, link
話題话题huàtítalking_point, theme, gambit, subject of a talk, ground, talk, talking point, topic, chapter, topic of conversation
環保环保huánbǎoenvironmental protection
環境环境huánjìngcircumambiency, environmental, circumstances, environment, entourage, surround, atmosphere, setting, surroundings, ambiance, condition, context, circumstance, surrounding, frame, milieu, ambient, consideration, environs, medium, ambience
會議会议huìyìsynod, moot, conference, board, convocation, soviet, congress, talks, indaba, negotiation, junta, group discussion, convention, meeting place, session, council, rendezvous, colloquy, coming together, powwow, seance, meeting, forum, consultation, roll-up, get-together, assembly
huǒfire;internal heat, anger, temper;firearms, ammunition
huóalive, live, vivid, save (sb.’s life), activate, save, be
機器机器jīqìenginery, life, machinery, machine, plant, apparatus, engine, gizmo
基本基本jīběnfundamental, essential, main
積極积极jījípositive, active, energetic, vigorous
基本上基本上jīběnshangbasically, on the whole
及時及时jíshítimely, in time, promptly
基礎基础jīchǔbase, foundation
集中集中jízhōngconcentrate, centralize, focus, put together
計算计算jìsuàncount, calculate, compute
記錄记录jìlùrecord, note
記者记者jìzhějournalist, writer, correspondent, newspaperwoman, newspaperman, gazetteer, newswriter, reporter, pressman, newshound, newsman, newsperson
紀念纪念jìniàncommemorate, mark
技術技术jìshùmechanics, know-how, prowess, science, Minerva, superior skill, art, competence, technology, craft, craftsmanship, skill, education, technique, artistry, engineering, technological, equipment, technical
繼續继续jìxùgo, resume, keep_on, abide, come on, persist in, extend, run_on, run on, carry_on, stretch, sustain, pursue, keep going, continuance, get_along, get_on, remain, continue, keep_up, go ahead, keep up, come up, continuation, hold, carry, run, go_on, maintain, go on, bide, plow ahead, hold_on, piece, restart
加工加工jiā gōngprocess
加強加强jiāqiángstrengthen, augment, reinforce
家具家具jiājuhousehold goods, movable, furnishings, furniture, home furnishings, household stuff, implement, household furnishings, fitment
加快加快jiākuàispeed up, accelerate
家鄉家乡jiāxiāngfatherland, country, home, country of origin, native place, mother country, hometown, native land, motherland, homeland
紀錄纪录jìlùminutes, notes, record, record
家屬家属jiāshǔblood relative, kinswoman, kinsman, household, kinfolk, kin, dependent, kinsfolk, family members, family dependents, cognate, folk, sib, people, dependents, blood relation, family members/dependents
價錢价钱jiàqiancost, monetary value, rate, price
價值价值jiàzhívalue, worth
堅持坚持jiānchípersist in, insist on
堅強坚强jiānqiángstrong, firm, staunch
簡單简单jiǎndānterse, casual, commonplace, simple, oversimplified, ordinary, uncomplicated
簡直简直jiǎnzhísimply, really
堅決坚决jiānjuéfirm, determined
jiànestablishment, erection, build, proposal, propose, set up, establish, found, advocate, erect, construction, construct
建成建成jiànchéngto establish, to build
建立建立jiànlìestablish, set up, found
將來将来jiāngláiin the future, future, the future, CL:個|个[ge4]
交費交费jiāofèiPay a fee
建議建议jiànyìpropose, suggest, recommend
交警交警jiāojǐngtraffic police, abbr. for 交通警察
交流交流jiāoliúexchange, interflow, interchange
交往交往jiāowǎngassociate, contact
交易交易jiāoyìdeal, trade, transaction
教材教材jiàocáitextbook, teaching material
教練教练jiàoliàntraining, drillmaster, wise man, tutor, drilling, handler, coacher, coach, instructor, private instructor, trainer, mentor
jiàorather, quite, relatively, more
接待接待jiēdàireceive (guests), serve (customers)
結實结实jiēshito bear fruit, rugged, sturdy, strong, durable, buff (physique)
接近接近jiējìnapproach, near, be close to
結合结合jiéhécombine, unite, integrate, link, be joined in wedlock
結婚结婚jié hūnmiddle-aisle, intermarry, mate, conjoin, get married, couple, married, espouse, pair, marry, unite, get_married, get hitched with, spouse, splice, hook up with, wed
jiàoto be called
解決解决jiějuésolve, resolve, settle, dispose of, finish off
結束结束jiéshùend, close, conclude
解開解开jiě kāiunknot, loose, uncouple, unbuckle, unyoke, reel off, disengage, unreel, unloosen, disentwine, detach, untie, unwreathe, unlock, ravel, disentangle, unbraid, unsnarl, unhook, unfasten, unwind, unroll, tease apart, loosen, unhitch, unlace, undone, tease, unwire, uncord, unwrap, unleash, unthread, undo, disassemble, ravel out, disconnect, unlink, sleave, untangle, unpack, puzzle_out, unbend, u
節約节约jiéyuēeconomize, save
jīnmetals, gold, money, ancient metal percussion instruments
金牌金牌jīnpáigold medal
盡量尽量jǐnliàngto the best of one’s ability
jǐnscantily, simply, alone, merely, barely, only, but, just
僅僅仅仅jǐnjǐnstrictly, solely, exclusively, entirely, alone, merely, only, purely, simply, scantly, narrowly, barely, just
緊張紧张jǐnzhāngbe nervous
jǐntighten, tight, hard up, strict, urgent, tense, taut, stringent
進步进步jìnbùprogress, advance, improve
進一步进一步jìnyībùgo step further
進展进展jìnzhǎnprogress, advance
近期近期jìnqīnear in time, in the near future, very soon, recent
經濟经济jīngjìeconomy, financial condition, income
京劇京剧jīngjùBeijing opera, CL:場|场[chang3],出[chu1]
緊急紧急jǐnjíurgent, critical
經歷经历jīnglìgo through, undergo, experience
精神精神jīngshengod, guts, heart, pneuma, consciousness, vigor, life, energy, vim, courage, esprit, moral, get-up-and-go, ginger, vitality, Psyche, psyche, spunk, gumption, juice, sand, mind, mental, mens, mickey, mettle, nature, grit, oomph, genius, vigour, substance, psychic, backbone, nous, nerve, pazazz, essence, pep, spirit, inward, drive, push, soul, gist
精彩精彩jīngcǎibrilliant, splendid
經營经营jīngyíngmanage, run, engage in
景色景色jǐngsèview, scenic, outlook, perspective, scene, scenery, prospect, landscape
警察警察jǐngchápolice officer, cop, trooper, bluecoat, finest, jack, peon, policeman, police force, constable, policemen, flattie, fuzz, constabulary, shamus, bull, bobby, robert, copper, tipstaff, rozzer, flatfoot, john, peeler, Vopo, law, runner, officer, gumshoe, pig, police, the police, beetle-crusher, flic
jìngstill, quiet, calm
jiǔfor long time, of specified duration
就是就是jiùshìconj.: even if, even
jiùrelief, relieve, help, salve, salvage, rescue, save, succour
就業就业jiù yèget or take up a job
舉辦举办jǔbànconduct, hold, run
jiùold, aged, onetime, bygone, used, worn, past, former
具有具有jùyǒube provided with, have, have got, possess, hold, possession, carry, inhere, bear
具體具体jùtǐconcrete, specific, particular
決定决定juédìngdecide, resolve, make up one’s mind, determine
據說据说jùshuōthey say, it is said, it is said that…, reputedly, allegedly
決賽决赛juésàirunoff, fight-off, cup_final, playoff, cup final, match_game, finals, final, run-off
絕對绝对juéduìabsolutely, definitely
咖啡咖啡kāfēiarabica, coffee, cafe, Java, java, mocha, blackstrap
決心决心juéxīndetermination, resolution
開放开放kāifànglift a ban/etc., be turned on, be in operation
開發开发kāifadevelop, open up, exploit
開始开始kāishǐbegin, start
開展开展kāizhǎndevelop, launch, unfold
開業开业kāi yèto open a business, to open a practice, open (for business)
看起來看起来kànqilaiit looks as if, on the face of it, it appears, it seems, ostensibly, seemingly, apparently, it look as if
看上去看上去kànshangquit would appear, it seems (that)
考驗考验kǎoyàntest, trial
可靠可靠kěkàoreliable, dependable
科技科技kējìtechnology, tech, engineering science, applied science, science and technology, technological, engineering
可樂可乐kělèamusing, entertaining, (loanword) cola
克服克服kèfúsurmount, conquer, put up with (hardship/etc.)
kōngfree, with spare time
課程课程kèchéngcourse of instruction, lesson, course, course of lectures, course of study, curricular, class, curricula, syllabus, curriculum, program
空調空调kōngtiáoair conditioner, air-conditioning, air-conditioner
褲子裤子kùzibreeches, pant, unmentionables, britches, trouser, continuation, breeks, bags, unmentionable, inexpressible, pants, pantaloon, trousers
空兒空儿kòngr5spare time, free time
快速快速kuàisùexpeditious, high-speed, fast, rapid, clip
kùnsleepy, tired
浪費浪费làngfèiwaste, squander
老百姓老百姓lǎobǎixìngplebe, populace, mister, civilians, roturier, ordinary people, common people
老闆老板lǎobǎnproprietor, chief, shopkeeper, Tuan, baas, honcho, hirer, storekeeper, milord, bwana, mugwump, cit, market keeper, buckra, governor, boss, joss, tradesman, employer, guv
老太太老太太lǎotàitaiold lady, your (my/his/etc.) mother
老頭兒老头儿lǎotóur5see 老頭子|老头子[lao3 tou2 zi5]
happy, cheerful, be glad to, enjoy, be amused
樂觀乐观lèguānbe optimistic; be hopeful
類似类似lèisìanalogize, conform, analogic, be similar to, resemble, similar, analogous
離婚离婚lí hūndivorce
裡面里面lǐmianinside, interior
理髮理发lǐ fàa barber, hairdressing
理由理由lǐyóuexcuse, reasoning, reason, wherefore, argument, meaning, account, cause, room, alibi, substance, warranty, matter, justification, occasion, score, warrant, ground, sake, why, grounds, consideration, self-justification, skill
理解理解lǐjiěunderstand, comprehend
力量力量lìliangfibre, strength, potency, ability, guts, kick, cogency, point, dint, energy, mightiness, physical strength, demon, force, punch, whiz, tooth, might, forcefulness, exercise, fiber, powerfulness, lift, pith, leverage, agency, push, muscle, power
power, strength, ability, force, physical strength
利用利用lìyònguse, utilize, take advantage of, exploit
liánconj.: including
立刻立刻lìkèin a short time, at_once, promptly, offhand, at once, anon, instantly, straightway, now, slapbang, pronto, right_away, immediately, without delay, right away, forthwith, presto, at a time, before long, in a minute, swith, directly, in no time, incontinent, subito, without_delay, in real time, shortly, tout-de-suite, away, soon, presently, in a few seconds, very fast, chop-chop, at o
連忙连忙liánmángpromptly, at once
連續劇连续剧liánxùjùserialized drama, dramatic series, show in parts
聯合國联合国Liánhéguóalignment, United Nations, United_Nations, alliance, confederation, coalition, confederate, alinement, UN
連續连续liánxùcontinuously, successively
聯繫联系liánxìintegrate, relate, link, get in touch with
聯合联合liánhéunite, ally
涼水凉水liángshuǐcool water, unboiled water
lǐngreceive, draw, get, have jurisdiction over, be in possession of
領導领导lǐngdǎolead, exercise leadership
領先领先lǐng xiānlead, lead (in competition), precede, lead_up, be in lead, show, be in the lead, get the jump
另一方面另一方面lìngyīfāngmiànconj.: on the other hand
留學留学liú xuéstudy abroad
lóngdragon, dinosaur
另外另外lìngwàiconj.: in addition, besides, moreover
surname Lu, diary, record, to hit, to copy
路線路线lùxiàntrack, path, cart track, way of life, itinerary, route, cartroad, course, road, channel, line, way, routeway, pipeline, curriculum
旅館旅馆lǚguǎngasthaus, caravanserai, nonresident, roadhouse, hotel, lodge, hostler, hostel, fonda, ordinary, inn, hostelry
錄音录音lùyīnrecord sound
旅行社旅行社lǚxíngshèa tourist agency, travel_agency, a travel agency, travel service/agent, travel service, travel agent, travel agency
綠茶绿茶lǜchágreen tea
落後落后luò hòufall/lay behind
麻煩麻烦máfantrouble sb., bother
滿足满足mǎnzúfulfill, fit, cope with, fill, be satisfied/contented, gloat, contented, arrive, be satisfied, satisfy, sate, gratify, serve, meet, appease, replete, supply, satisfied, fulfill, suffice, assuage, satiate, content, be contented, conform to, suit, match
luànindiscriminate, riot, mix up, arbitrary, confused, throw into diorder, confuse, jumble, confusion, random, mishandle, in a turmoil, in a confused state of mind, snarl, in disorder, disturb
慢慢慢慢mànmànslowly; gradually
máoMao, wool, bristle, nap, pilus, down, feather, mold, mildew, Surname, hair, 1 1 0 th yuan, 1 0 th yuan, dime, silk, cent, fur, marking
毛病毛病máobingtrouble, mishap, breakdown, defect, shortcoming, fault, mistake, illness
měidet.: every
媒體媒体méitǐmass media, media, medium
měibeautiful, pretty
美好美好měihǎofine, happy, glorious
美術美术měishùconstructivism, beaux arts, beaux-arts, artistic production, artistic creation, painting, fineart, fine_art, cubism, art, fine arts
rice, shelled/husked seed
美食美食měishícate, luxury, good food, delicious food, fleshpot
面對面对miànduìface up, stand up, face, look_out_on, confront, front, affront, envisage, accost, breast
to bewilder, crazy about, fan, enthusiast, lost, confused
民間民间mínjiāngrass roots, people-to-people, nongovernmental, among the people, folk, popular
民族民族mínzútribe, citizenry, ethnos, ethnic minority/group, race, nationality, group, Volk, nation, folk, people, ethnic group, ethnographer, family, ethnic minority
面積面积miànjīarea unit, area, superficies, superficial, acreage, expanse, surface_area, square_measure, surface area, content, space, square measure
明確明确míngquèdefine, make clear/definite, make definite, definite, make clear
命運命运mìngyùnforedoom, lot, appointment, lottery, fortune, chance, dole, circumstances, allotment, predestination, cup, luck, fare, destiny, portion, kismet, fate, doom, line, fatality, weird, hazard, karma
明顯明显míngxiǎnclear, obvious
mǒudet.: some, certain
母親母亲mǔqinventer, materfamilias, mother, mither, sultana, maternal, female parent, mater
目標目标mùbiāopolestar, objective, goal, bourn, object, meaning, aim, end point, target, cause, landmark, butt, lodestar, bull’s eye, mark, tee, cynosure, end, bell ringer, loadstar, quaesitum, destination
目前目前mùqiánat the present time, currently
木頭木头mùtouslow-witted, blockhead, log (of wood, timber etc), CL:塊|块[kuai4],根[gen1]
男子男子nánzǐman, male
南部南部nánbùmeridional, the southern part of the country, southern part, South, south, the south
奶茶奶茶nǎichámilk tea
難道难道nándàoDo you really mean to say that…
難度难度nándùtrouble, problem
內心内心nèixīninterior, inner being, conscience, inside, breast, bosom, innermost being, incenter, heart
內容内容nèiróngsubject_matter, content, cognitive content, internal, contents, mental object, meat, substance, matter, lining
能不能能不能néng bùnéngCan you
年代年代niándàia decade of a century (e.g. the Sixties), age, era, period, CL:個|个[ge4]
能力能力nénglìdepartment, potency, ability, acquisition, acquirement, capacity, performance, oomph, sufficiency, energy, competence, accomplishment, size, might, faculty, hand, coequal, efficiency, inner resources, capability, giftie, attainment, capableness, zip, skill, competency, power
年初年初niánchūbeginning of year
年紀年纪niánjìyears, old age, age
niànstudy, read, attend school, think_of, read aloud, think of, miss
年底年底niándǐthe end of the year, year-end
農民农民nóngmínmujik, farmhand, granger, boor, farm worker, peasantry, countrymen, farmer, agriculture, husbandman, muzhik, peasant, fieldhand, moujik, fellah, muzjik
niúox, cattle, cow
農村农村nóngcūncountry, village, countryside, rural area
農業农业nóngyèfarm, farming, geoponics, husbandry, agricultural, plow, agriculture
女子女子nǚzǐlady, female, femme, young lady, adult female, missy, young woman, fem, moll, womankind, fille, damsel, girl, miss, woman, wren, blade
暖和暖和nuǎnhuowarm, nice and warm
I’m afraid, dread, funk, I suppose, be afraid of, fear
pāiclap, pat, lick sb.’s boots
páistand in line, arrange, put in order, sequence
排名排名pái míngput names in order
牌子牌子páizisign, trademark, brand
pàisend, dispatch, assign, appoint
判斷判断pànduànjudge, determine
配合配合pèihecoordinate, cooperate
跑步跑步pǎo bùto run, to jog, (military) to march at the double
pàngfat, stout, plump
pèimatch, find sth. to fit/replace sth. else, deserve, be worthy of, be qualified, compound, mix
批准批准pī zhǔnto approve, to ratify
skin, leather, hide, wrapper, surface, thin/flat pieces/sheets, rubber
啤酒啤酒píjiǔmalt liquor, malt, suds, nappy, wallop, beery, malt_liquor, stout, barley-bree, brewage, beer
票價票价piàojiàticket price, fare, admission fee
皮包皮包píbāohandbag, briefcase
評價评价píngjiàestimate, diagnoses, appraisal, mark, rating, rate, value, assessment, esteem, image, estimation, valuation, appraisement, opinion, rank, remark, evaluation
蘋果苹果píngguǒmincemeat, pome, apple, Empire
破壞破坏pòhuàiviolate, destroy
普遍普遍pǔbiànuniversal, general, widespread, common
普及普及pǔjípopularize, disseminate, spread
tear, split up, defeat, expose, eradicate, lay bare, cleave, expose the truth of, worn-out, break with, come apart, destroy, capture (city/etc.), defeat (enemy), broken, expose (lie/etc.), destruction, cut, separate, tattered, reveal truth, fall apart, beat, capture, split, not intact, rupture, get rid of, do away with, break
complete, prepared, together
其實其实qíshías a matter of fact, actually, in fact
其次其次qícìconj.: next, second
氣候气候qìhòusituation, clime, climatic, climate, weather, climactic
千萬千万qiānwànby all means; absolutely
前後前后qiánhòufront and rear, around or about, altogether
前進前进qiánjìngo forward
前往前往qiánwǎngdepart, cruise, go_to, go, leave, go to, proceed to, pay, seek, leave for
前面前面qiánmianfront end, face, forepart, front, in front, ahead, preceding, above, fore, forgoing, frontage, obverse
qiángstrong, powerful, vigorous, better, slightly more than, plus
強大强大qiángdàbig and powerful, formidable
強調强调qiángdiàounderscore, spotlight, place emphasis on, point_up, highlight, point, point up, enforce, emphasise, urge, underline, overstress, give emphasis to, play up, keynote, insist, punctuate, accent, betone, foreground, emphasize, emphatic, stress, set off, overemphasize, accentuate, bring out
強烈强烈qiánglièstrong, intense, violent
qiǎoclever, intelligent, skillful, ingenious, artful, deceiving, pretty, cute, opportune, fortuitous, coincidental
qiáobackbend, fret, span, pons, pier arch, bridge, spar
親切亲切qīnqiècordial, genial, warm
親人亲人qīnrénthose dear to one, one’s parents, spouse, children, etc., one’s family members, dear ones, relative, close relatives, folks
qīnparent, one’s own (flesh and blood), relative, related, marriage, bride, close, intimate, in person, first-hand, in favor of, pro-, to kiss, (Internet slang) dear, parents-in-law of one’s offspring
情感情感qínggǎnaffect, friendship, sensibility, bond, emotion, bosom, breast, sentiment, emotional, chasm, feeling, feelings
請教请教qǐngjiàoconsultation, Please enlighten me., seek advice, take counsel, consult, ask, ask for advice
情況情况qíngkuàngevent, things, state of affairs, circumstantiality, case, circumstances, way, plight, experimental condition, streak, military situation, matter, condition, mood, circumstance, context, occasion, thing, instance, affair, shape, situation, juncture, consideration
親自亲自qīnzìpersonally, in person, firsthand
球迷球迷qiúmífan (ball sports), CL:個|个[ge4]
取消取消qǔxiāocancel, abolish, nullify
慶祝庆祝qìngzhùfete, celebration, keep, festive, commemorate, celebrate, observe, rejoice, felicitate
surname Ou, area, region, district, small, distinguish, CL:個|个[ge4]
去世去世qùshìdie, pass away
全場全场quánchǎngeveryone present, the whole audience, across-the-board, unanimously, whole duration (of a competition or match)
全面全面quánmiànoverall, comprehensive, all-round, all-out
全球全球quánqiúglobal, whole world
區別区别qūbiédifference, to distinguish, to discriminate, to make a distinction, CL:個|个[ge4]
缺少缺少quēshǎolack, be short of
缺點缺点quēdiǎnprivilege, bug, failing, flaw, demerit, blemish, debit, limitation, mar, defect, glitch, foible, infirmity, blot, vice, drawback, disadvantage, imperfection, blemishment, weakness, tache, defection, shortcoming, malady, frailty, fault
quēbe short of, lack
確保确保quèbǎosecure, insure, ensure, assure, reassure, guarantee
確定确定quèdìngfind, determination, make a point, pin down, narrow down, corroborate, prove, jell, settle, express, ensure, clench, assure, confirm, decide firmly, see, certain, define, clinch, nail_down, ascertain, determinate, guarantee, nail down, insure, fix, nail, peg, sustain, state, stipulate, secure, make_sure, seal, make sure, verify, find out, affirm, determine
確實确实quèshíreally, certainly, truly, indeed
裙子裙子qúnziskirt, CL:條|条[tiao2]
熱愛热爱rèàilove ardently
人才人才réncáitalent, capable person, a talented person, qualified personnel, a person of ability
人類人类rénlèiman, wight, human_being, human, human race, mankind, individual, human species, Homo_sapiens, populace, creature, hominid, world, mortality, microcosm, humans, humanitarianism, humanity, humanness, human beings/species, people, species, humankind, human beings, public, mortal
人工人工réngōngman-made, artificiality, manual work, manpower, art, labor
人民人民rénmínmultitude, citizen, quarter, Volk, hoi polloi, subject, people, nationals, masses, the people, mass, demotic
人民幣人民币rénmínbìRMB, PRC currency
人群人群rénqúnmultitude, scrooge, herd, ruck, scrouge, meiny, crowd, troop, confluence, drove, throng, flock, gang
人生人生rénshēnglifetime, life, lifespan, human life, time of life
人員人员rényuánstrength, personnel, force, staff
認得认得rèn deto recognize, to remember sth (or sb) on seeing it, to know
認出认出rèn chūrecognition, to recognize
認可认可rènkěto approve, approval, acknowledgment, OK
rènserve in a position, appoint to a position
任何任何rènhéaught, det.: any
仍然仍然réngránstill, yet
réngyet, anyway, still
任務任务rènwuimperative, assignment, cue, duty assignment, task, service, chore, labor, errand, job, lookout, undertaking, mission, military mission, duty, project, role
日常日常rìchángdaily, everyday
沙發沙发shāfālounge, settee, sofa
散步散步sàn bùtake a walk
傷心伤心shāng xīninjure, offend, broken-hearted, be sad, pierce, hurt, grieved, sad, spite, aggrieve, grieve, be grieved, sadden, smart, wound
shānginjure, wound, fall ill from, damage, harm
商業商业shāngyèbusiness enterprise, commercial, people, mercantilism, commercial pursuit, commercial enterprise, business sector, merchantry, trade, mercantile pursuit, business, commerce
商品商品shāngpǐnarticle, product, merchandise, commodity, wares, ware, goods
上面上面shàngmiansurface of, aspect, higher authority, upper side, the higher authorities, on top/surface of, on surface of, top, the higher-ups, top side, upside, on top of, respect, above, on top, regard
上去上去shàng quto go up
上來上来shàng laicome_up, come up
沙子沙子shāzisand, grit, CL:粒[li4],把[ba3]
上衣上衣shàngyījacket, upper outer garment, CL:件[jian4]
設計设计shèjìdesign, plan
設備设备shèbèiinstallation, set, device, appointment, plant, fixing, system, appliance, fixture, fitting, accommodation, fitment, finishing, unit, furnishings, materiel, contrivance, paraphernalia, facilities, rig, equipage, setout, facility, fixings, equipment
設立设立shèlìestablish, found
身份證身份证shēnfènzhèngidentity card, ID
社會社会shèhuìcommunity, society, monde, social, public
深刻深刻shēnkèdeep, profound
shēndeepen, penetrating, profound, deep, dark
深入深入shēnrùthorough, deep-going
生產生产shēngchǎnproduce, manufacture
生存生存shēngcúnlive, exist
shēnglitre, raise variant of 升[sheng1]
生動生动shēngdònglively, moving, vivid, lifelike
生命生命shēngmìngbreath, god, head, anima, days, organism, blood, life, living thing, skin, longevity, being, vital, life form
生意生意shēngyibusiness enterprise, vocation, practice, merchant, dealing, patronage, deal, commercial enterprise, trade, biz, business, dealings, racket
生長生长shēngzhǎnggrow, develop
shēnggive birth to, bear, grow, get, have, cause to happen, make (a fire), exist, live
聲明声明shēngmíngstatement, pronouncement
shèngbe superior to, surpass, succeed, win victory, be victorious, get the better of, can bear, carry, excel, be successful, win
勝利胜利shènglìwin victory/success
石頭石头shítoustony, chimney, rock, lapis, stone
石油石油shíyóucrude, rock oil, crude oil, oil, coal oil, fossil_oil, fossil oil, petroleum
shítime (when), period, hour
失去失去shīqùdesert, shear, outgrow, loss, lost, miss, lose
時代时代shídàiday, period, a period in one’s life, epoch, present time, historical period, time, chapter, period in one’s life, modern times, historic period, contemporary world, times, era, modern world, age
實際上实际上shíjìshangin fact, in reality, as a matter of fact, in practice
實行实行shíxíngput into effect, fulfil, put … into practice, practise, practice, put into practice/effect, live, pass, obtain, prosecute, cause, phase, meet, carry_out, pull, effect, operate, carry out, actualize, use, effectuate, put … into effect, perform, apply, put into practice, run, implement, execute, do, make, wage, implementation
實力实力shílìstrength, actual strength, efficiency
時刻时刻shíkèmoment, occasion, juncture, sand, hour, time
實驗室实验室shíyànshìlab, science lab, laboratory
實驗实验shíyànexperiment, test
食品食品shípǐnmenu, vivers, viand, chow, eatable, provisions, tuck, foodstuff, viands, nourishment, comestible, tack, nutrient, victual, food, grocery, victualage, cuisine
始終始终shǐzhōngall_the_time, from beginning to end, from start to finish, always, all along, evermore, throughout
使使shǐrarefy, piss_off, germinate, drench, blow_out, leave, cut_up, refract, run, dress_up, compose, shed, frizz, put_off, trot, send, strike, send (as envoy), peal, alienate, pull_in, tone_up, bring around, astound, sublease, wither, cripple, bed_down, address, rehearse, usage, warm, smell_out, throw, inflect, get_down, skunk, capsize, congeal, bowl_over, bring_on, unseat, ensure, amalgamate, pro
世紀世纪shìjìone C, centred, C, century, age, hundred, 100
世界世界shìjièmundane, creation, world, monde, orb, nature, domain
市場市场shìchǎngbourse, bazar, marketplace, grocery store, agora, bazaar, securities industry, grocery, piazza, plaza, rialto, mart, pitch, market
世界杯世界杯shìjièbēiWorld Cup
事故事故shìgùcircumstance, trouble, mischance, accident, mishap, affair, bad luck, natural event, happening, occurrence
事件事件shìjiànfact, event, page, incidental, go, case, job, natural event, timing, proceedings, social occasion, happening, occurrence, matter, occasion, incident, shebang, affair, chapter, concernment
事實事实shìshímood, circumstance, fact, factual, reality, verity, case, deed, sooth, troth, actuality, truth, matter, matter of fact
事實上事实上shìshíshangin fact, in reality, actually, as a matter of fact, de facto, ipso facto
事業事业shìyèproposition, task, pidgin, institution, undertaking, deed, facilities, life history, endeavour, endeavor, cause, career, project, action, enterprise
試驗试验shìyàntest, experiment
試題试题shìtíexam question, test topic
適合适合shìhéqualify, conform, fit, go, befit, quadrate, will, accord, tailor, beseem, serve, comport, gee, answer, become, fit_in, service, pertain, like, accommodate, agree, belong, characterize, make, suit, match
適用适用shìyòngapplicable, lend oneself, apply, be applicable, suit
適應适应shìyìngbe accustomed to, conform, be used to, fit, humor, gear, orient, phase, adjust, accommodate, be accustomed, be inure to, get used to, adaptation, adapt, suit
收費收费shōu fèicollect fees, charge
收看收看shōukànwatch, tune in, watch (e.g., receive, look in, watch (e.g., TV), tune into, TV)
shìsurname Shi, room, work unit, grave, scabbard, family or clan, one of the 28 constellations of Chinese astronomy
收聽收听shōutīngto listen (to), to listen (in)
手續手续shǒuxùformality, procedures, formalities, procedure
收音機收音机shōuyīnjīradio, CL:臺|台[tai2]
首都首都shǒudūcapital (of country)
首先首先shǒuxiānfirst (of all), in the first place
受傷受伤shòu shānginjure, bruise, injured, be wounded, crush, hurt, sustain an injury, be injured, wounded, maimed, wound
shòupassive signifier
shūlose, be defeated
書架书架shūjiàbookshelf, CL:個|个[ge4]
熟人熟人shúrénacquaintance, friend
輸入输入shūrùimport, input
shǔbelong, be born in the year of, belong to, be subordinate to, be
shùsurname Shu, to bind, bunch, bundle, classifier for bunches, bundles, beams of light etc, to control
屬於属于shǔyúfall under, be part of, pertain, appertain, belong, relegate, fall into, belong_to, fall_under, reside, belong to, attach
雙方双方shuāngfāngboth, the two parties, two parties, both sides
數量数量shùliàngmagnitude, scalar, aggregate, deal, measure, numerical quantity, measurement, sum, worth, amount, quantity, number
思想思想sīxiǎngcogitation, mentation, imagery, imaging, lunatic_fringe, mental imagery, idea, thinking, imagination, ideology, thought, pensee, ideological
速度速度sùdùpacing, wings, rate, quickness, fastness, velocity, swiftness, lick, pace, rapidity, speed, career, tempo
suív.2 right after v.1
suǒthat which
táishort for Taiwan
所長所长suǒchánghead of an institute/etc.
談判谈判tánpànnegociate, treat, talks, negotiation, negotiate, talk terms, parley, palaver, negotiations, imparl
談話谈话tánhuàtalk, speech
tántalk, chat
tānghot/boiling water, hot springs, soup, broth
tángrefined sugar, carob bar, negus, sugar, candy, carbohydrate, sweets
特色特色tèsèmotif, a character, a characteristic, manner, trait, differentiation, flavor, colour, singularity, distinction, characteristic, hue, stripe, physiognomy, a distinguishing feature, idiom, specialty, character, difference, particular, distinguishing feature, distinguishing feature/quality, salience, coloration, distinguishing quality, specific, feature, peculiarity, artistic st
提問提问tíwènto question, to quiz, to grill
提前提前tíqiáncounter, foresee, shift to an earlier date, set ahead, advance date, advanced, advancement, move up, anticipate, advance, forestall
體會体会tǐhuìknow/learn from experience, realize
體現体现tǐxiànto embody, to reflect, to incarnate
題目题目tímùexam questions, head, lemma, theme, thesis, examination questions, question, text, title, ground, subject, topic, exercise problems, chapter, caption, rubric, heading
體驗体验tǐyànlearn through practice/experience
天空天空tiānkōngfirmament, heavenly, empyrean, heavens, welkin, blue, canopy, cloud, the heavens, vault, air, sky, the sky, Aether, wild blue yonder, blue air, heaven, blue sky, space
tiánsweet, agreeable
tiàoricochet, make omissions, sell grain, vault, hop, bounce, bound, omission, omit, palpitate, move up and down, skip over, beat, take, spring, skip, dance, hurdle, skip (over), jump, leap
跳高跳高tiàogāohigh jump (athletics)
跳遠跳远tiàoyuǎnlong jump (athletics)
調整调整tiáozhěngadjust, readjust, regulate, restructure, balance
tiěshovel, smoothing iron, iron, ferrous, arms, Surname, Fe, ferrum, spade, weapon
跳舞跳舞tiào wǔhop, trip the light fantastic, trip, cakewalk, dancing, dance, saltate, hoof, step
聽眾听众tīngzhòngauditor, listener, hearer, audience, auditory, gallery, listeners
聽力听力tīnglìhearing, listening ability
通常通常tōngchángnormal, commonly, customarily, more often than not, general, usual, on average, as a rule, ordinarily, mostly, as usual, typically, generally, normally, by and large, unremarkably, on the average, usually
通信通信tōngxìncommunicate by letter, correspond
鐵路铁路tiělùrails, railroad track, loop-line, rail, Pullman, railway, road, couchette, chemmy, railroad
停止停止tíngzhǐcease, flunk, desist, pass, suspend, stint, pass_off, break_up, stash, cut, stay, cessation, adjourn, rain_out, give, detain, blow_over, seize, give up, balk, cheese, abstain, refrain, knock_off, rest, abandon, break, knock off, drop, go, tie_up, stop, interdict, strike, lay_off, stow, cut off, discontinue, pause, leave_off, leave off, set aside, give_out, cut_out, give_up, delay, quit, cut out
同意同意tóngyìagree, consent, approve
痛苦痛苦tòngkǔbe painful; pain
tòngache, pain
tóuhead, hair (style), top/end of sth., chief
頭腦头脑tóunǎopericranium, leader, head, noggin, brain, brains, main threads, clue, nous, loaf, bean, psyche, headpiece, mind, pate, skull
突出突出tū chūoutstanding
picture, drawing, chart, map
突然突然tūránsuddenly, presto, unexpectedly, abruptly, at once, all_at_once, all together, all of a sudden, all at once
圖畫图画túhuàdrawing, picture
soil, earth, clay, land
團結团结tuánjiéunite, rally
團體团体tuántǐfraternity, sect, phalanx, collective, body, group, sodality, element, organisation, corporation, confession, college, establishment, brotherhood, community, organization, squad, union, administration, society, army, commonwealth, consort, company, lineup, combine, governance, clan, combination, fellowship, organizational, bloc, team, party, connection, family, brass, squadron
推動推动tuī dòngpush forward, promote
推廣推广tuīguǎngpopularize, spread, extend
推進推进tuījìnto impel, to carry forward, to push on, to advance, to drive forward
推開推开tuīkāito push open (a gate etc), to push away, to reject, to decline
退退tuìretreat, retire, decline, ebb
退出退出tuì chūwithdraw from, quit
退休退休tuìxiūto retire, to go into retirement, to step down
外交外交wàijiāodiplomatics, diplomatic negotiations, diplomacy, nonintervention, diplomatism, diplomatic, foreign affairs
外文外文wàiwénforeign language (written)
完美完美wánměiperfect, consummate
外面外面wàimiansurface, outward appearance, without, outside, exterior
完整完整wánzhěngcomplete, integrated, intact
完善完善wánshànperfect, consummate
玩具玩具wánjùyo-yo, bauble, plaything, toy, teether, knickknack
往往往往wǎngwǎngoftentimes, ofttimes, always, more often than not, frequently, oft, often
危險危险wēixiǎndangerous, perilous
危害危害wēihàito jeopardize, to harm, to endanger, harmful effect, damage, CL:個|个[ge4]
偉大伟大wěidàgreat, mighty
衛生間卫生间wèishēngjiānbathroom, toilet, WC, CL:間|间[jian1]
衛生卫生wèishēnghygiene, health, sanitation
為了为了wèilein order to, for the purpose of, so as to
wéisurname Wei, to encircle, to surround, all around, to wear by wrapping around (scarf, shawl)
文化文化wénhuàcivilization, literacy, acculturation, Kultur, vandalism, cultural, education, schooling, culture
文明文明wénmíngcivilization, culture
文件文件wénjiànpage, documental, archive, writ, documents, data file, paper, document, judicial writ, literature, circular, documentation, portfolio, archives, file, written document, papers
文章文章wénzhāngnonsense, hidden meaning, writing, hidden, written material, article, implied meaning, essay, writings, literary works, patch, hidden/implied meaning
文學文学wénxuéliterary, philology, letters, letter, literature
握手握手wò shǒuto shake hands
屋子屋子wūziroom, house
武器武器wǔqìenginery, steel, arming, armament, weapons system, hardware, armored, armature, munition, weaponry, artillery, implements of war, armory, arms, ammunition, armor, weapon, arm, armoring
武術武术wǔshùmilitary skill or technique (in former times), all kinds of martial art sports (some claiming spiritual development), self-defense, tradition of choreographed fights from opera and film (recent usage), also called kungfu 功夫, CL:種|种[zhong3]
文字文字wénzìwriting, phraseology, writing style, language, endearment, script, written language, text, writing phraseology, writing style/phraseology, character, textual, characters, symbolic representation, version, word-sign, literal, letter, word, literalness
西部西部xībùwestern part, West, westward, west, the west
舞臺舞台wǔtáiboard, arena, bandstand, stage, proscenium, boards
下來下来xià laicome down from a higher place
希望希望xīwànghope, wish
下去下去xià qugo on, continue, go down, descend, take_up, descent
顯然显然xiǎnránevidently, manifestly, clear, visibly, plainly, plain, distinctly, clearly, patently, apparently, obviously
顯得显得xiǎndeseem, look, appear
下面下面xiàmiannext, lower level, underside, following, underneath, subordinate, undersurface
顯示显示xiǎnshìdemonstrate, argue, exhibit, prove, display, show, illustrate, manifest, demonstration, announce, stamp, unroll, witness, write, give, evince, dangle, betray, bespeak, say, profess, develop, indicate, signal, flaunt, read, register, manifestation, speak, reveal, evidence, tell, shew, proclaim, discover, stage, bear, establish, record, prognosticate, betoken, note, signalize
現場现场xiànchǎngscene (of an incident), location, site, locale, scene of a crime, locality, live, scene, spot, field
現金现金xiànjīnquids, rhino, clink, ready, cash reserve in bank, dough, dust, ducat, kale, cash, blunt, till, ready money
現實现实xiànshíreality, actuality
线xiànthread, string, wire
相當相当xiāngdāngquite, fairly, considerably
相比相比xiāngbǐliken, equate, compare, comparison
現象现象xiànxiàngphenomenon, phenomenal, appearance
相互相互xiānghùeach other, mutually, one another, in return, reciprocally
相關相关xiāngguāncognate, relational, interrelate, associated, be interrelated, relevant, related, be mutually related
相似相似xiāngsìresemblance, alike, be alike, be similar/alike, match, be similar, resemble
xiāngfragrant, scented, savory, appetizing, popular, welcome
消失消失xiāoshīdisappear, vanish, dissolve
消息消息xiāoxicommunication, witting, message, item, news, peep, info, intelligence, notice, information, advertisement, tidings, advert, word
xuèclaret, blood, hematic, lifeline, lifeblood, sap
效果效果xiàoguǒoperation, execution, result, effect, background, sound effects, purpose, point, background signal, fruitage, outcome, force, punch
xīnheart, mind, feeling, center, core
信封信封xìnfēngenvelope, CL:個|个[ge4]
行李行李xíngliclobber, impedimenta, dunnage, luggage, baggage
信任信任xìnrèntrust, have confidence in
形成形成xíngchéngtake shape, form
形式形式xíngshìcircumstance, form, kind, modality, reading, interpretation, variety, shape, embodiment, species, mode, version, sort
形象形象xíngxiàngimagery, figure, form, picture, persona, image
形狀形状xíngzhuàngset, figuration, physiognomy, form, appearance, shape
幸運幸运xìngyùnvery fortunate, lucky
xìnletter, mail, message
xìngnature, character, sex, gender
性別性别xìngbiésexuality, grammatical gender, sexual distinction, sex, gender
性格性格xìnggéfibre, make-up, mettle, humor, nature, complexion, capacity, mentality, mould, mold, being, streak, temperament, personality, character, fiber, disposition, strain, makeup, make
xiūembellish, decorate, repair, mend, overhaul, build, construct, trim, prune
修改修改xiūgǎirevise, amend, alter
需求需求xūqiúneed, requisition, demand, want, desiderative, requirement, call
需要需要xūyàoneed, want, require, demand
宣布宣布xuānbùdeclare, proclaim, announce
宣傳宣传xuānchuánpropagandist, publicist
選手选手xuǎnshǒuparticipant, basketeer, athlete selected for a sports meet, basketball player, jock, contestant, cap, cager, athlete, player, champ, performer, player selected as contestant
學費学费xuéfèientrance_fee, tuition fee, premium, schooling, tuition
weight_down, hold down, push down, compact, constrict, be getting near, suppress, squeeze, compress, risk money on, quell, bring pressure to, pull, press, keep under control, throttle, push/hold down, intimidate, scrunch, weigh down, scrouge, daunt, shelve, pigeonhole, contract, approach, keep under, push, stake, control
壓力压力yālìforce per unit area, P, strain, overwhelming force, pressure sensation, burdensomeness, oppressiveness, pressure, onerousness, stress, compulsion, constraint, muscle, lading
yānsmoke, mist, vapor
yǎnelaborate, development, practise, practice, develop, act, performance, represent, deduction, drill, play, evolution, evolve, play the part of, perform, play the role of, mount, elaboration, deduce
眼前眼前yǎnqiánbefore one’s eyes
演唱演唱yǎnchàngsing in performance
演唱會演唱会yǎnchànghuìvocal recital
演員演员yǎnyuánactor or actress, playactor, imitator, stage manager, barnstormer, actor, performer, impersonator, cast, performing artist, dramatis personae, role player, histrionic, thespian, trouper, player, cast of characters, stager, histrion
演出演出yǎnchūshow, perform
yángkidney, drover, baa, trotter, argali, mutton, sheep, Surname
陽光阳光yángguāngsunray, shine, sun, sunlight, sunshine, sunbeam
要是要是yàoshiconj.: if, suppose, in case
一切一切yīqièdet.: everything, every
衣架衣架yījiàclothes hanger, clothes rack
一方面一方面yīfāngmiànconj.: on one side, on the one hand…, on the other hand…, for one thing…, for another…
藝術艺术yìshùbeaux-arts, aesthetical, artistic production, artistic, ars, art, academy, aesthetic, artistic creation, skill, craft, artistry, esthetic
意義意义yìyìimportance, significance, denotation, purport, drift, signality, emptiness, meaning, construction, bearing, substance, import, effect, insignificancy, hang, signification, sense
意外意外yìwàiaccident, mishap
因此因此yīncǐconj.: therefore, consequently
銀牌银牌yínpáisilver medal, CL:枚[mei2]
印象印象yìnxiàngeffect, mark, impress, embossment, impressional, image, imprint, engram, sound, intuition, impression
迎接迎接yíngjiēgreet, receive, welcome, accolade, meet
營養营养yíngyǎngnutrition, nourishment
影視影视yǐngshìmovies and television
yínglick, beat, whip, gain, capot, win
應用应用yìngyòngapplication, use
優點优点yōudiǎnstrong, merit, vantage, excellency, perfection, assets, beaut, advantage, excellence, upside, strong_point, good point, virtue, desert, desirability, strong point, long_suit, beauty, strong/good point, desirableness
yóufrom, via, by, through, owing/due to
優勢优势yōushìascendence, laterality, preponderancy, vantage, ascendancy, ascendent, transcendency, dominance, predominance, draw, gree, upper_hand, prevalence, advantage, mastery, ascendency, supremacy, advantageousness, control, preeminence, dominion, jump, edge, better, deadwood, overweight, superiority, domination, sovereignty, preponderance, ascendance, transcendence, prepotency, hank, asce
郵件邮件yóujiànmail, postal items, V-mail, mailing, postal matter, post, postbag, posting
郵票邮票yóupiàopostage_stamp, album, label, stamp, postage, postage stamp, stickies
由於由于yóuyúconj.: owing/due/thanks to
郵箱邮箱yóuxiāngmailbox, post office box
遊戲游戏yóuxìgame, CL:場|场[chang3], to play
yóuswim, float, travel, rove
游泳游泳yóuyǒngfin, swim, bathe
有的是有的是yǒudeshìhave plenty of, there’s no lack of
有利有利yǒulìbe advantageous/beneficial
有效有效yǒuxiàorun, stand, valid, effective, efficacious, avail, make, hold
預防预防yùfángprevent, guard against
預計预计yùjìestimate, view, predict, expect, calculate in advance, anticipate
員工员工yuángōngemployee, personnel, reason, force, staff, cause
願望愿望yuànwàngwish, desire, pleasure, Eros, will, orexis, desirability, dream, wishfulness, mind, mirage, wistfulness, aspiration, ambition, hope
yuēabout, around
預習预习yùxíto prepare a lesson
樂隊乐队yuèduìorchestra, dance orchestra, dance band, band
雜誌杂志zázhìjournal, bulletin, mag, magazine, periodical
早已早已zǎoyǐalready, since, long ago, long ago/since, long since
造成造成zàochéngmake_for, give rise to, create, set_up, strike, creation, cause, contribute, bring_about, procure, give, bring about, cut_out, necessitate, shape, present, bring_forth, generate, yield, make, breed
責任责任zérènneed, care, encumbrance, buck, accountability, blame, obligation, turn, load, responsibleness, incumbrance, responsibility, onus, commission, burden, commitment, loading, trust, pigeon, charge, business, fault, place, liability, duty, guardianship
增加增加zēngjiāincrease, raise, add
zàoarrive at, training, create, go to, build, invent, construct, education, concoction, mint, invention, cook up, educate, establish, fabricate, make, concoct, train
增長增长zēngzhǎngincrease, grow
展開展开zhǎnkāispread out, unfold, open up, launch, develop
zhěnominal suffix, one who, -er
真實真实zhēnshítrue, real, authentic, factual
爭取争取zhēngqǔstrive for, fight for, wrangle, work hard for, contest, go for, strive/fight for, contend, try_for, woo, try for, strive, win over, scramble, do all one can to
zhēngbe short of, disagree, argue, duel, arguement, compete, vie, dispute, contest, fence, be wanting, contend, debate, disputation, strive
zhàoaccording to, in accordance with, towards
zhěngdet.: exact
整理整理zhěnglǐput in order, arrange
整個整个zhěnggèwhole, entire, total
整齊整齐zhěngqíin good order, neat, tidy, even, regular
整天整天zhěngtiānall day long, whole day
整整整整zhěngzhěngfully, full, whole
整體整体zhěngtǐintegrity, allness, entirety, integer, integral, monolith, entireness, ensemble, wholeness, entire, tout ensemble, whole, totality, unity
正式正式zhèngshìformal (of actions/speeches/etc.)
zhèngprecisely, punctually
zhèngcertificate, proof, to prove, to demonstrate, to confirm, variant of 症[zheng4]
證據证据zhèngjùsupport, telltale, testification, witness, case, testimonial, documentation, grounds, evidential, token, proof, earnest, testimony, cogent evidence, attestation, testament, evidence
證件证件zhèngjiàncertificate, papers, credentials, document, ID
支持支持zhīchísustain, hold out, bear;support, back, stand by
支付支付zhīfùpay (money), defray
證明证明zhèngmíngprove, testify, bear out
zhǐonly, merely
直播直播zhíbōlive broadcast (not recorded), direct Internet broadcasting, (agriculture) direct seeding
zhídirectly, straight, continuously, just, simply
直到直到zhídàountil, up to
值得值得zhí debe worth, merit, pay, rate, behove, worthwhile, worth, worthy, deserve, call_for, command
zhíbe worth
職工职工zhígōngworkers, staff, CL:個|个[ge4]
職業职业zhíyèmetier, vocation, iceman, mystery, engagement, work, walk of life, employment, job, occupational group, ploy, craft, trade, avocation, employ, racket, pursuit, profession, situation, line, occupation, position, calling, walk_of_life, career, billet, duty, living, shop
只好只好zhǐhǎocan only, have no choice but, have to, be forced to
只有只有zhǐyǒucan only, have no choice but, to be forced to
只是只是zhǐshìmerely, only, just, simply be
zhǐrefer to
指導指导zhǐdǎoguide, direct
指出指出zhǐchūpoint, point_out, catch_out, bespeak, indicate, denote, point out (that), note, show, designate, point out
至少至少zhìshǎoleastwise, leastways, at (the) least, at_least, only, fully, even a little, at least, at any rate, in the least, at least, at the least
至今至今zhìjīnthus_far, up_to_now, until_now, so far, to this day, up to now, to date, hitherto, erenow
制度制度zhìdùism, organization, dispensation, regimen, machine, regulations, form, system, regime, organisation, economy, institutional, institution
制定制定zhìdìngformulate, draft
製作制作zhìzuòmake, manufacture
志願志愿zhìyuànaspiration, wish, ideal
製造制造zhìzàomake, manufacture, engineer, create, fabricate
中部中部zhōngbùcentral section, middle
中華民族中华民族Zhōnghuámínzúthe Chinese nation, Ch. people
zhōngtimekeeper, timepiece, ticker, carillon, Zhong, time, bell, handleless cup, chime, gong, carillon playing, bell ringing, clock, Surname
終於终于zhōngyúin the last analysis, at long last, at last, lastly, ultimately, all things considered, out, on the whole, at_last, eventually, in the final analysis, finally
種子种子zhǒngzipippin, berry, pip, edible seed, key, spore, seed, canary seed
週圍周围zhōuwéiall around, circumference, circumambience, compass, ambit, periphery, circumambiency, round, surrounding, perimeter, environment, precinct, vicinity, circuit, ambience, around
重大重大zhòngdàgreat, major, crucial, weighty, whang, fatal, significant, grave
zhūpiggy, porcine, pig, porker, hoggery, Sus scrofa, piggish, hog, piggery, swine
主持主持zhǔchípreside, head, care of, take care of, preside over, chair, minister, sponsor, direct, uphold, direction, take charge/care of, take charge of, moderate, emcee, celebrate, manage, host, mastermind, officiate, stand for, managment, run, take charge, compere
主動主动zhǔdòngon one’s own initiative
主張主张zhǔzhāngadvocate, stand for, maintain, hold
主意主意zhǔyiidea, plan, decision, definite view
主任主任zhǔrènhead, principal, captain, chair, director, head teacher, chief, chairman, school principal
zhuāclutch, cop, grab, press-gang, scrape, arrest, hent, catch, pay special attention to, be responsible for, scratch up, take charge of, paw, grasp, scratch, claw, nab, clapperclaw, glom, seize, capture, snatch, prehend, stress
zhùbless, invoke blessing, express good wishes, wish
注意注意zhù yìpay attention to, take note of
專家专家zhuānjiāguru, pundit, adept, expertise, professional person, specializer, specialist, proficient, whiz, oner, expert, swami, savant, dab, professional, authority, stunner, technician
專門专门zhuānménspecial, specialized
抓住抓住zhuā zhùclutch, grip, grab, kep, nail, grapple, get_hold_of, catch, seize hold of, take_hold_of, grip sb.’s attention, cleek, grasp, hold, nab, seize, tackle, capture, snatch, take, take hold of, prehend, catch hold of, glaum, hold on
專題专题zhuāntíspecial subject/topic
zhuǎnturn, revolve, rotate
轉變转变zhuǎnbiànchange, transform
狀況状况zhuàngkuàngrepair, background, picture, state (of affairs), state of affairs, status, gear, scene, setting, scope, condition, state, circumstance, trimness, context, showing, trim, factor, condition/state (of affairs), situation, shoes, consideration, place
狀態状态zhuàngtàirepair, form, lie, state (of affairs), state of affairs, fix, status, going, plight, phase, condition, state, trimness, attitude, trim, shape, situation, posture, position, fettle, mode, predicament
zhǔnaccurate, exact
資格资格zīgeclaim, credential, prerequisite, character, capability, qualifications, requirement, qualification, capacity, root/basis part of a character, status, sufficiency, seniority, competence, fitness, competency, condition
zhuīreminiscence, to pursue, course, reminisce, trace, chase after, recall, follow, chase, pursue, go after, to chase after, look into, pursuit, heel, chevy, find out, get to the bottom of, seek, run after
資金资金zījīnprincipal_sum, fund, bankroll, finance, coffer, ante, grubstake, munition, wherewithal, capital, working capital
子女子女zǐnǚsons and daughters, children
自然自然zìrannatural world
自覺自觉zìjuébe conscious/aware
自身自身zìshēnself, oneself
zǒngalways, invariably, anyway, after all, inevitably, sooner or later
自主自主zìzhǔbe one’s own master, take initiative
足夠足够zúgòufully, enough, last, amply, suffice, sufficiently
組合组合zǔhémake up, compose, unite
足球足球zúqiúsoccer, football
作品作品zuòpǐnwriting, musical composition, whole kit and caboodle, works (of literature, artwork, kit and caboodle, product, whole works, creation, full treatment, kit and boodle, whole kit and boodle, works (of literature/art), composition, thing, piece of music, workpiece, output, art), written material, opus, whole shebang, whole caboodle, production, whole kit, piece, workmanship, wo
左右左右zuǒyòuleft and right
總結总结zǒngjiéto sum up, to conclude, summary, résumé, CL:個|个[ge4]
做客做客zuò kèto be a guest or visitor
作者作者zuòzhěcomposer, author, writer, wright, paragrapher, auteur, paternity


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