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1100+ từ vựng HSK 6 phiên bản mới!

Từ khi HSK chuyển sang 9 cấp độ thay vì 6 cấp độ như trước thì số lượng từ vựng tăng lên rất nhiều. Hãy cùng O2 Education tham khảo 1000+ từ vựng HSK 5 phiên bản mới.

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Từ vựng HSK 6 phiên bản mới

āiin order, in sequence, close to, adjacent to, to suffer, to endure, to pull through (hard times), to delay, to stall, to play for time, to dawdle
安檢安检ānjiǎnsafety check
罷工罢工bàgōnggo on strike
挨打挨打ái dǎto take a beating, to get thrashed, to come under attack
白領白领báilǐngwhite collar, business person
辦公办公bàn gōngwork (usu. in an office), transact, work, handle official business
百分點百分点bǎifēndiǎnpercentage point
辦學办学bàn xuéto run a school
辦事處办事处bànshìchùoffice, agency
罷了罢了bàleparticle: elucidating a previous proposition so as to diminish its effect
保健保健bǎojiànhealth care, health protection, care for one’s health
報刊报刊bàokānnewspapers and periodicals, the press
傍晚傍晚bàngwǎnin the evening, when night falls, towards evening, at night fall, at dusk
暴風雨暴风雨bàofēngyǔrainstorm, storm, tempest
抱歉抱歉bàoqiànto be sorry, to feel apologetic, sorry!
暴露暴露bàolùunmask, divulge, expose, develop, bewray, unhood, unhusk, uncover, lay bare, show_up, reveal, flash, uncase, debunk, discover, unkennel, revelation, betray, give_away, unveil
報考报考bàokǎoenter oneself for an examination
bàoto explode or burst, to quick fry or quick boil
暴雨暴雨bàoyǔtorrential rain, rainstorm, CL:場|场[chang2],陣|阵[zhen4]
爆炸爆炸bàozhàexplode, blow up
暴力暴力bàolìviolence, force
悲慘悲惨bēicǎntragic, pathetic, miserable
爆發爆发bàofāerupt, burst/break out
背著背着bēizheCarry on
背心背心bèixīnsleeveless garment (vest, waistcoat, singlet, tank top etc), CL:件[jian4]
běndet.: this
奔跑奔跑bēnpǎoto run
被告被告bèigàotenant, indictee, accused, respondent, defendant, suspect, the accused, appellee
本期本期běnqīthe current period, this term (usually in finance)
本身本身běnshēnper se, self, oneself, identity, itself
本質本质běnzhìsuchness, basic nature, intrinsic quality, substantial, essentiality, innate character, entity, essential quality, basics, inbeing, essential, nature, self, feather, intrinsic, quiddity, being, substance, metal, quintessence, principle, kind, hypostasis, essence, fiber, internal, spirit, inwardness, woof, basis, gist
本土本土běntǔmainland, native, one’s native country, metropolitan territory, continent
extort, press for, press on towards, drive, force, compel, close in on, press up to
本地本地běndìlocal, this locality
筆試笔试bǐshìwritten examination, paper test (for an applicant)
邊緣边缘biānyuánmargin, brink, periphery, bead, brim, borderline, skirt, lip, fringe, delimitation, flange, threshold, boundary line, perimeter, rand, outer boundary, hem, line, border, verge, marginality, marge, skirting, edging, edge, corner, rim
必修必修bìxiūrequired/obligatory (course), obligatory, obligatory (course), required
shut, stop, close, stop up, obstruct, switch off, obstruction, turn off, seel
biǎnsurname Pian, flat, (coll.) to beat (sb) up, old variant of 匾[bian3], small boat
編制编制biānzhìauthorized staff/force
變更变更biàngēngchange, modify
變形变形biàn xíngdeformation, to become deformed, to change shape, to morph
變換变换biànhuànto transform, to convert, to vary, to alternate, a transformation
便是便是biànshìeven if
便便biànas early as, soon afterwards, little as, as early, and then, and so, so, as early/little as, as little as, then, in that case
遍地遍地biàndìeverywhere, all over
表面上表面上biǎomiànshangSurface on the surface
病情病情bìngqíngpatient’s condition
撥打拨打bōdǎto call, to dial
病房病房bìngfángsickroom, ward, hospital ward, hospital room
to sow, to scatter, to spread, to broadcast, Taiwan pr. [bo4]
波動波动bōdòngundulate, fluctuate
不見不见bùjiànnot to see, not to meet, to have disappeared, to be missing
不便不便bùbiàninconvenient, inappropriate
不再不再bùzàino more/longer
不至於不至于bùzhìyúunlikely to go so far as to, not as bad as
補考补考bǔkǎoto sit for a makeup exam, to resit an exam, makeup exam, resit
補習补习bǔxítake lessons after school/work
補課补课bǔ kèto make up missed lesson, to reschedule a class
不成不成bùchéngwon’t do, unable to, (at the end of a rhetorical question) can that be?
prawn, seizure, seize, arrest, catch
不禁不禁bùjīncan’t help (doing sth.)
不僅僅不仅仅bùjǐnjǐnnot only
不通不通bùtōngto be obstructed, to be blocked up, to be impassable, to make no sense, to be illogical
不怎麼樣不怎么样bù zěnmeyàngnot up to much, very indifferent, nothing great about it, nothing good to be said about it
不值不值bùzhínot worth
不怎麼不怎么bùzěnmenot very, not particularly
布滿布满bùmǎnto be covered with, to be filled with
部隊部队bùduìmilitary personnel, troops, troop, regular army, soldiery, army, party, company
採納采纳cǎinàto accept, to adopt
參賽参赛cān sàitake part in match, enter competition
cǎitread, tramp, tromp, scrunch, trample, walk, step, step on
參展参展cān zhǎnparticipate in exhibition
殘疾残疾cánjidisabled, handicapped, deformity on a person or animal
殘疾人残疾人cánjíréndisabled person
殘酷残酷cánkùbrutal, ruthless
倉庫仓库cāngkùdepot, storehouse, warehouse
cǎntragic, gloomy, savage, sorrowful, cruel, pitiful, miserable, dark
cánglay by, concealment, conceal, hide, store
操縱操纵cāozòngoperate, control, rig, manipulate
the side, to incline towards, to lean, inclined, lateral, side, lean on one side
廁所厕所cèsuǒjohn, W.C., can, jakes, lavatory, lav, cloaca, crapper, privy, water closet, bathroom, bog, washroom, closet, convenience, stool, rear, latrine, loo, facility, toilet, John, cloakroom
測定测定cèdìngto survey and evaluate
策劃策划cèhuàto plot, to scheme, to bring about, to engineer, planning, producer, planner
策略策略cèlüècoup, resource, enginery, wile, stratagem, gambit, practice, plant, diplomacy, artifice, trap, twist, tactical manoeuver, policy, game, mechanism, game plan, ambush, chicanery, finesse, lying in wait, maneuvering, joker, tactics, gimmick, manoeuvering, plan, device, art, tactical maneuver, maneuver, measure, play, tactic, manoeuvre, mechanics, tack, ambuscade, trickery, strategy, setup, r
層面层面céngmiànstorey, level, side, story, range, floor, coverage
差異差异chāyìgap, departure, spread, variance, divergence, difference, diversity, discrepancy, imparity, disparity, contrast, interval, differentia, distinction
查出查出cháchūfind, look_up, smell, investigate, find_out, find out, smoke_out, detect, track_down, smoke out, examine
查看查看chákànto look over, to examine, to check up, to ferret out
拆遷拆迁chāiqiānto demolish a building and relocate the inhabitants
產量产量chǎnliàngturnout, turnoff, outturn, capacity, output, produce, product, fruitage, throughput, fruit, production, yield, crop
長假长假chángjiàlong vacation, refers to one week national holiday in PRC starting 1st May and 1st Oct
長短长短chángduǎnlength, duration, accident, right and wrong, good and bad, long and short
長跑长跑chángpǎolong-distance running
長遠长远chángyuǎnlong-range, long, long-term, far-reaching
常規常规chángguīcode of conduct, conventions, common practice, routine (medical procedure etc)
長久长久chángjiǔpermanently, long, for a long time
常年常年chángniánall year round, for years on end, average year
場地场地chǎngdìgrounds, site, ground, yard, precinct, space, course, place, park, property
廠商厂商chǎngshāngfactory owner, factories and stores, firm, maker, business organization, business concern, manufacturing business, concern, manufacturer, business
場館场馆chǎngguǎnsporting venue, arena
場景场景chǎngjǐngstage set, set, scenery, spectacle, scene, setting, set decoration
暢通畅通chàngtōngunimpeded, free-flowing, straight path, unclogged, move without obstruction
超出超出chāo chūto exceed, to overstep, to go too far, to encroach
chǎosaute, stir-fry, roast, speculate, parch, fry, saut#2e, fire, saut#2 e, sack, scramble
chāoto exceed, to overtake, to surpass, to transcend, to pass, to cross, ultra-, super-
炒股炒股chǎo gǔ(coll.) to speculate in stocks
車號车号chēhàoCar number
車展车展chēzhǎnmotor show
車牌车牌chēpáilicense plate
撤銷撤销chèxiāocancel, rescind, revoke
撤離撤离chèlíto withdraw from, to evacuate
chēngprop up, brace, push/move with a pole, maintain, keep up
成分成分chéngfenconstitution, class/economic status, composition, economic status, component_part, ingredient, one’s profession or economic status, profession, component part, grammatical constituent, class, constituent, one’s class status, class status, element, component, metal
成品成品chéngpǐnend, end product, turnoff, end/finished product, finished product, facture
城區城区chéngqūcity district, urban area
城鄉城乡chéngxiāngurban and rural, town and country
城鎮城镇chéngzhèncities and towns
chéngbecome, turn into
衝擊冲击chōngjīlash, pound, charge, assault
持有持有chíyǒuboast, take, possess, hold, carry
重建重建chóngjiànto rebuild, to reestablish, reconstruction, rebuilding
崇拜崇拜chóngbàiworship, adore
重組重组chóngzǔto reorganize, to recombine, recombination
chōngcharge, rush, dash
出場出场chū chǎngto appear (on stage, in a show, in a photo etc), to play (for a team), to enter (arena or stage), to send sb out (e.g. off the field for a foul)
出動出动chūdòngto start out on a trip, to dispatch troops
出訪出访chūfǎngto travel on business, to visit (a foreign country), same as 外出訪問|外出访问[wai4 chu1 fang3 wen4]
出路出路chūlùway out, outlet, employment opportunities
出面出面chū miànact in one’s own capacity or on behalf o, act in one’s own capacity or on behalf of an organization, act in one’s own capacity or on behalf of an organ, appear personally
出入出入chūrùcome in and go out
出事出事chū shìto have an accident, to meet with a mishap
出名出名chū mínglend one’s name, out, fame, become well-known, become famous, famous, use the name of, be famous, well-known
出臺出台chū táito officially launch (a policy, program etc), to appear on stage, to appear publicly, (of a bar girl) to leave with a client
初等初等chūděngelementary (i.e. easy)
出行出行chūxíngto set out on a long journey, to travel afar
廚師厨师chúshīcook, chef
儲存储存chǔcúnlay in/up, store, stockpile
處處处处chùchùeverywhere, in all respects
處長处长chùzhǎngdepartment, section chief, commissioner, department/office head, department head, head of a department, office head
傳輸传输chuánshūtransmission, transmit
傳言传言chuányánrumor, hearsay
傳出传出chuánchūto transmit outwards, to disseminate, efferent (nerve)
船員船员chuányuáncrew, sailorman, sailor, shipmate, crewman, tarpaulin, old salt, seaman, bargeman, tar, boatman, Jack-tar, mariner, sea dog, gob, waister, seafarer
船隻船只chuánzhīboat, watercraft, marine, ship, vessel
船長船长chuánzhǎngcaptain (of a boat), skipper
chuànto string together, to skewer, to connect wrongly, to gang up, to rove, string, bunch, skewer, classifier for things that are strung together, or in a bunch, or in a row: string of, bunch of, series of, to make a swift or abrupt linear movement (like a bead on an abacus), to move across
窗口窗口chuāngkǒuwindow, wicket, ticket window
創建创建chuàngjiànto found, to establish
創意创意chuàngyìcreate new meanings, get-up-and-go, unique idea, new idea
創辦创办chuàngbànfound, launch, establishment, set up, establish
此處此处cǐchùthis place, here (literary)
此前此前cǐqiánbefore this, before then, previously
此次此次cǐcìthis time
此事此事cǐshìThis matter
次數次数cìshùnumber of times, frequancy, frequency, absolute frequency, legal case, oftenness, lawsuit, time, frequence
此致此致cǐzhì(used at the end of a letter to introduce a polite salutation)
從不从不cóngbùne’er, never
從沒从没cóngméinever (in the past), never did
vinegar, jealousy (in love rivalry)
村莊村庄cūnzhuāngvillage, hamlet, CL:座[zuo4]
put up, construct, join together, add (money/etc.)
錯過错过cuòguòpass up, muff, throw_away, lose, let slip, miss, overslip, balk, overlook, cross, pass_up, slip
搭配搭配dāpèigroup, pair
搭檔搭档dādàngto cooperate, partner
打動打动dǎdòngto move (to pity), arousing (sympathy), touching
打斷打断dǎ duànto interrupt, to break off, to break (a bone)
打牌打牌dǎ páito play mahjong or cards
打發打发dǎfato dispatch sb to do sth, to make sb leave, to pass (the time), (old) to make arrangements, (old) to bestow (alms etc)
打官司打官司dǎ guānsito file a lawsuit, to sue, to dispute
大道大道dàdàowide road, the way of virtue and justice
打造打造dǎzàoto create, to build, to develop, to forge (of metal)
大街大街dàjiēstreet, main street, CL:條|条[tiao2]
大米大米dàmǐ(husked) rice
大批大批dàpīlarge quantities of
大賽大赛dàsàirace, game, tournament, contest
大師大师dàshīgreat master, lord, workmaster, artiste, Very Reverend, overlord, master, priest, maestro, non-Christian priest, Great Master
大力大力dàlìvigorously, energetically
大使大使dàshǐelchee, embassador, ambassadorial, nuncio, ambassadorship, ambassador
待會兒待会儿dāihuir5in a moment, later, Taiwan pr. [dai1 hui3 r5]
擔憂担忧dānyōube apprehensive
誕生诞生dànshēngbe born, come into being, emerge
單打单打dāndǎplay by oneself
dǎngsection, Dang, political party, CCP, KMT, Ku_Klux_Klan, clique, The Party, party, tong, kinsfolk, the Party, faction, gang
dāngwhen, while
當天当天dāngtiānon that day, the same day
當成当成dàngchéngregard as, take for, consider as, regard/consider as, treat as, regard
dàng(Tw) variant of 擋|挡[dang3], gear, official records, grade (of goods), file, records, shelves, slot, gap, crosspiece, classifier for crosspieces, classifier for events, affairs etc, Taiwan pr. [dang3]
當作当作dàngzuòregard_as, regard as, look upon as, treat as, presume
檔案档案dàngàndata file, documentation, record, archive, archives, file, dossier
到期到期dào qīto fall due (loan etc), to expire (visa etc), to mature (investment bond etc)
盜版盗版dào bǎnpirated, illegal, see also 正版[zheng4 ban3]
dǎoisland, isle
道教道教DàojiàoTaoism, Daoism (Chinese system of beliefs)
道歉道歉dào qiànapologize
低溫低温dīwēnlow temperature
低頭低头dī tóusubmission, surrender, submit, bow/hang one’s head, bow, crouch, lower, yield, hang one’s head, bow one’s head, lower one’s head
抵達抵达dǐdáreach, arrive at
抵抗抵抗dǐkàngresist, stand up to
地名地名dìmíngplace name, toponym
地板地板dìbǎnboarding, planking, hatch, plat, floorboard, hatchway, floor board, flooring, planch, floor, footplate
地下室地下室dìxiàshìrumpus_room, soutane, undercroft, rooms built below ground, ground_floor, serdab, cellar, hypogeum, crypt, subterranean, silo, subterrane, souterrain, vault, cellarage, basement
a drop, to drip
電車电车diànchētrolleybus, CL:輛|辆[liang4]
電器电器diànqìelectrical equipment/appliance
電力电力diànlìelectrical line of force, electrical energy, power, electricity, potential, electric power
diàoa string of 100 cash (arch.), to lament, to condole with, variant of 吊[diao4]
調研调研diàoyánto investigate and research, research, investigation
定價定价dìngjiàto set a price, to fix a price
定時定时dìngshíto fix a time, fixed time, timed (of explosive etc)
diēfall, tumble
定位定位dìngwèifixed position
鬥爭斗争dòuzhēngbattle, fight
動畫动画dònghuà(animated) cartoon
毒品毒品dúpǐnkif, kaif, narcotics, drug, weed, grass, narcotic drugs, drugs
gamble, bet
duānold variant of 端[duan1], start, origin
都市都市dūshìcity, metropolis
端午節端午节DuānwǔjiéDragon Boat Festival (5th day of the 5th lunar month)
短片短片duǎnpiànshort film, video clip
cross (river/sea/etc.), tide over, ferry across
隊伍队伍duìwucue, procession, contingent, ranks, troops, gang
對外对外duìwàiexternal, foreign, pertaining to external or foreign (affairs)
對抗对抗duìkàngbaulk, pit, combat, antagonise, encounter, counterwork, countervail, counteract, opposition, resistance, cope, breast, defend, fight, stem, play, battle, fight down, meet, fight back, antagonize, face, confront, front, oppose, contradict, controvert, balk, resist, jib, countercheck, take on, counterbalance, match
多半多半duōbàndet : the greater part
多方面多方面duōfāngmiànmany-sided, in many aspects
duóto seize, to take away forcibly, to wrest control of, to compete or strive for, to force one’s way through, to leave out, to lose
dūnsquat on heels, stay
奪取夺取duóqǔto seize, to capture, to wrest control of
恩人恩人ēnréna benefactor, a person who has significantly helped sb else
發病发病fā bìngonset, outbreak (of a disease)
發電发电fā diànelectricity generation, generate electricity
發放发放fāfàngprovide, grant, extend
發起发起fāqǐinitiate, commence, stage, instigate, sparkplug, sponsor, inauguraion, start, launch, promote, inaugurate, initiation
發怒发怒fā nùto get angry
發言人发言人fāyánrénvoice, spokesman, representative, interpreter, prophet, addresser, spokesperson, prolocutor, addressor, fugleman, coryphaeus
法庭法庭fǎtíngjudicature, areopagy, court, courtroom, tribunal, banc, forum, gate, banco, lockup, lawcourt, bailey
發炎发炎fā yáninflame, inflammation, inflamed
凡是凡是fánshìconj.: whatever
法語法语FǎyǔFrench (language)
繁殖繁殖fánzhíbreed, reproduce, propagate
反問反问fǎnwènto ask (a question) in reply, to answer a question with a question, rhetorical question
反響反响fǎnxiǎngrepercussions, reaction, echo
犯規犯规fàn guīto break the rules, an illegality, a foul
fànviolate, offend, attack, assail, work against, commit, have recurrence (of old illness), revert (to bad habit)
反抗反抗fǎnkàngrevolt, resist
犯罪犯罪fàn zuìcommit crime/offense
防守防守fángshǒuto defend, to protect (against)
房價房价fángjiàhouse/apartment purchase price, house purchase price, apartment purchase price, house
防範防范fángfànbe on guard, keep lookout
仿佛仿佛fǎngfúto seem, as if, alike, similar
飛船飞船fēichuánairship, spaceship
飛行員飞行员fēixíngyuánpilot, aviator
fèilung, CL:個|个[ge4]
分工分工fēn gōngdivision of labour, divide the work
憤怒愤怒fènnùindignant, angry
分裂分裂fēnlièsplit, divide, break up
峰會峰会fēnghuìsummit meeting
奉獻奉献fèngxiànoffer as tribute, present with all respect
風暴风暴fēngbàotempest, roughness, firestorm, windstorm, squall, blow, tempestuousness, storm
佛教佛教FójiàoBodhisattva, Buddhist religion, Buddhism
Buddha, Buddhism, image of Buddha
clothes, dress, garment, to serve (in the military, a prison sentence etc), to obey, to convince, to admire, to acclimatize, to take (medicine), mourning clothes, to wear mourning clothes, dose (measure word for medicine), Taiwan pr. [fu2]
父女父女fùnǚfather and daughter
父子父子fùzǐfather and son
betray, abandon, go against
to float, superficial, floating, unstable, movable, provisional, temporary, transient, impetuous, hollow, inflated, to exceed, superfluous, excessive, surplus
婦女妇女fùnǚfeme, womankind, female, femininity, cummer, woman, femme, quean, bevy, matron, toots, womanhood, feminine, womenfolk, women
復蘇复苏fùsūvariant of 復甦|复苏[fu4 su1], to recover (health, economic), to resuscitate, anabiosis
富人富人fùrénrich man
改裝改装gǎizhuāngto change one’s costume, to repackage, to remodel, to refit, to modify, to convert
干涉干涉gānshèinterfere, intervene, meddle
gānhepatic, liver
富有富有fùyǒube rich/wealthy
gānpole, CL:條|条[tiao2],根[gen1], stick, pole, lever, classifier for long objects such as guns
趕不上赶不上gǎnbushàngcan’t keep up with, can’t catch up with, cannot overtake
趕上赶上gǎn shàngto keep up with, to catch up with, to overtake, to chance upon, in time for
趕忙赶忙gǎnmángto hurry, to hasten, to make haste
剛好刚好gānghǎoexact, just right
感人感人gǎnréntouching, moving
崗位岗位gǎngwèipost, station
港口港口gǎngkǒuharbour, port, seaport, haven, harbor
敢於敢于gǎnyúto have the courage to do sth, to dare to, bold in
高檔高档gāodàngsuperior quality, high grade, top grade
高峰高峰gāofēngsummit, apex, alp, vertex, acme, peak, height, pinnacle, high, all-time high
高等高等gāoděnghigher, advanced
高考高考gāokǎocollege entrance exam (especially as abbr. for 普通高等學校招生全國統一考試|普通高等学校招生全国统一考试[Pu3 tong1 Gao1 deng3 Xue2 xiao4 Zhao1 sheng1 Quan2 guo2 Tong3 yi1 Kao3 shi4]), entrance exam for senior government service posts (Taiwan)
高科技高科技gāokējìhigh technology, high tech
稿子稿子gǎozidraft of a document, script, manuscript, mental plan, precedent
高手高手gāoshǒudab, master-hand, expert, master, facility, proficient, ace
歌詞歌词gēcíwords of song, lyrics
歌星歌星gēxīngsinging star
工商工商gōngshāngindustrial and commercial circles, business circles, industry and commerce
gōngpublic, collectively owned, common, international (e.g. high seas, metric system, calendar), make public, fair, just, Duke, highest of five orders of nobility 五等爵位[wu3 deng3 jue2 wei4], honorable (gentlemen), father-in-law, male (animal)
更是更是gèngshìeven more
公雞公鸡gōngjīcock, rooster
公眾公众gōngzhòngcommunity, the public, masses, the people, public
公安公安gōngān(Ministry of) Public Security, public safety, public security
攻擊攻击gōngjīattack, assault, accuse, vilify
供給供给gōngjǐsupply, provide, furnish
gōngsurname Gong, palace, temple, castration (as corporal punishment), first note in pentatonic scale
鞏固巩固gǒnggùto consolidate, consolidation, to strengthen
孤獨孤独gūdúlonely, solitary
構建构建gòujiànto construct (sth abstract)
姑姑姑姑gūgupaternal aunt, CL:個|个[ge4]
股票股票gǔpiàocapital stock, share, stock certificate, security, share certificate, stock
故障故障gùzhàngmalfunction, break
turn round and look at, attend to, look after, take into consideration, visit, call on
guāto blow (of the wind)
guǎito turn (a corner etc), to kidnap, to swindle, to misappropriate, walking stick, crutch, seven (used as a substitute for 七[qi1])
關愛关爱guānàicare for
關聯关联guānliánrelated, linked, affiliated
觀光观光guānguāngrubberneck, take in, visit, sightsee, travel to, go sightseeing, tour
官司官司guānsilawsuit, CL:場|场[chang2]
管道管道guǎndàopipeline, conduit, piping, channel (for communication/etc.)
廣闊广阔guǎngkuòwide, vast
股東股东gǔdōngraider, shareholder, interest, old fogy, shareowner, curio, antique, partner, stockholder, interest group
光輝光辉guānghuīradiancy, irradiancy, blaze, sparkle, fire, shininess, shine, resplendency, glory, glare, magnificence, sheen, lustre, grandeur, splendor, lucidity, coruscation, refulgence, grandness, burnish, brilliance, flame, glow, luminosity, glitter, luster, refulgency, radiance, irradiance, glowing, halo, resplendence, splendour, effulgence
軌道轨道guǐdàocircle, path, trajectory, railroad track, orbital, course, proper way of doing things, trackage, track, orbit, flight, rail, railway, trackway, tramroad, career, orb
guìto kneel
國產国产guóchǎnmade in China, made in our country, make domestically
國會国会guóhuìStorthing, Oireachtas, Cortes, Congress, congress, diet, the Diet, duma, congressional, Capitol, parliament, house
國旗国旗guóqíflag, ensign, national flag
國王国王guówángregal, crowned_head, Rex, crown, kingdom, Pharaoh, male monarch, roi, king
果樹果树guǒshùfruit tree, CL:棵[ke1]
國歌国歌guógēnational anthem
過後过后guòhòuafter the event
過渡过渡guòdùto cross over (by ferry), transition, interim, caretaker (administration)
海報海报hǎibàothrowaway, poster, bill, flier, flyer, broadside, a playbill, a placard, circular, playbill, placard, broadsheet, handbill, a poster
過時过时guò shíold-fashioned, out of date, to be later than the time stipulated or agreed upon
海浪海浪hǎilàngsea wave
海外海外hǎiwàioversea, overseas, abroad
海底海底hǎidǐseabed, seafloor, bottom of the ocean
海軍海军hǎijūnmarine, naval, admiralty, jolly, navy
海洋海洋hǎiyángbriny, profound, main, deep, sea, oceanic, Neptune, brine, nautical, ocean, seas and oceans
海灣海湾hǎiwān(Persian) Gulf, bay, gulf (body of water)
好轉好转hǎozhuǎnto improve, to take a turn for the better, improvement
好容易好容易hǎoróngyiwith great difficulty, to have a hard time (convincing sb, relinquishing sth etc)
好學好学hàoxuéeager to study, studious, erudite
好似好似hǎosìto seem, to be like
合約合约héyuēcontract, booking, obligation, treaty
核心核心héxīnnub, nucleus, meat, heart, core group, substance, center, core, the center, crux, essence, root, kernel, nitty-gritty, inwardness, pith, sum, marrow, bosom, gist
和諧和谐héxiéharmonious, concordant
很難說很难说hěn nánshuōHard to say
hénghorizontal, across, (horizontal character stroke), harsh and unreasonable, unexpected
衡量衡量héngliangweigh, measure, judge
hěnfierce, very
宏大宏大hóngdàgreat, grand
洪水洪水hóngshuǐdeluge, flood
忽略忽略hūlüèoverpass, fail, pretermit, outlook, pass, overlook, neglectful, snub, cut, neglect, marginalize, miss, lose sight of, disregard, slur, ignore, forget
戶外户外hùwàiair, outdoor, open_air, out-of-doors, open, outdoors, open air, open-air
to protect
花瓶花瓶huāpíngflower vase, fig. just a pretty face, CL:對|对[dui4]
花費花费huāfeispend, expend
花生花生huāshēngpeanut, groundnut, CL:粒[li4]
幻想幻想huànxiǎngimagine, daydream, reverie, stargaze, fantasticate, fancify, dream, visionary, fancy, illusion, fantasize, chimerical, woolgather, illusory, fantasy
pot, classifier for bottled liquid
患者患者huànzhěpatient, subject, sufferer
回應回应huíyìngecho, react, answer, respond
會見会见huìjiànto meet with (sb who is paying a visit), CL:次[ci4]
會長会长huìzhǎngpresident (of club/society/etc.)
huǐdestruction, ruin, slay, damage, slander, spoil, bugger up, burn up, refashion, make over, destroy, defame, demolish
hùnfool/play around together
混亂混乱hùnluànconfused, chaotic
混合混合hùnhéassociate, immingle, muddle, incorporate, mixed, meld, confect, amalgamate, blend in, fuse, interblend, hybrid, admix, mingle, wuzzle, mix, shuffle, mercurify, engraft, concoct, interlace, interweave, immix, go, interfuse, mix_up, sophisticate, marry, combine, mix in, conflate, merge, intermix, jumble, commingle, decompound, intermingle, knead, coalesce, interflow, compound, commix, blend,
活躍活跃huóyuèanimate, kick around, active, invigoration, knock_about, cavort, enliven, vitalize, knock about, energize, flourish, invigorate, brighten, kick about, vitalization, vivify, move
火箭火箭huǒjiànrocket, CL:枚[mei2]
機動車机动车jīdòngchēmotor vehicle
hūnmuddle-headed, twilight, to faint, to lose consciousness, old variant of 昏[hun1]
機關机关jīguānmechanism, stratagem, scheme, intrigue
基督教基督教JīdūjiàoChristian religion, Christianity, Christendom, Christianism, Christian
機械机械jīxièmechanics, enginery, rig, machinery, mechanism, machine, appliance, mechanical
激情激情jīqíngpassion, fervor, enthusiasm, strong emotion
吉祥吉祥jíxiánglucky, auspicious, propitious
極端极端jíduānextreme, exceeding
急救急救jíjiùfirst aid, emergency treatment
gather, collect
疾病疾病jíbìngtrouble, attack, evil, ailment, affection, misery, malfunction, complaint, infirmity, disease, ill, illness, malady, decline, sickness, condition
吉利吉利jílìGeely, Chinese car make, auspicious, lucky, propitious
家電家电jiādiànelectrical household appliance, electrical home appliance, household electrical appliances
家園家园jiāyuánhome, homestead, native heath, homestall, homeland
嘉賓嘉宾jiābīnesteemed guest, honored guest, guest (on a show)
給予给予jǐyǔbring, feed, offer, afford, hold_out, impart, adduce, lend, grant, contribute, given, concede, give to, give, bestow, add, put, render, deal, ladle, administer, assign, give_in, allow
假日假日jiàrìholiday, non-working day
監督监督jiāndūsupervise, superintend, control
監測监测jiāncèmonitor, supervise
jiǎnto pick up, to collect, to gather
簡介简介jiǎnjièbrief introduction, synopsis
jiànsword, skewer, fox, sabre, steel, snickersnee, brand, bilbo, saber, blade, glaive, falchion
鑒定鉴定jiàndìngto appraise, to identify, to evaluate
jiànarrow, CL:支[zhi1]
將軍将军jiāngjūnproblem, mate, general, high-rank officer, marshal, full general, shogun, aga, warlord, tycoon, check
講課讲课jiǎng kèteach, lecture
jiàngthick paste of fermented soybean, marinated in soy paste, paste, jam
驕傲骄傲jiāoàobe proud, take pride in
醬油酱油jiàngyóusoy sauce
焦點焦点jiāodiǎnfocal point, point at issue, focal, focus, focal_point, central issue
jiānsharp-pointed, piercing, cuspidal, shrill, sharp
教堂教堂jiàotángtabernacle, kirk, house_of_God, church, temple, fane, cathedral, church building, bema
教育部教育部JiàoyùbùEducation, Ministry of Education, Department of Education, Education Department
接收接收jiēshōureceive, take over (property/etc.)
街頭街头jiētóustreet corner, street_corner, street (corner), street
juésense, feel, wake (up), become aware/awakened, discover
節假日节假日jiéjiàrìpublic holiday
節能节能jié néngto save energy, energy-saving
傑出杰出jiéchūexcel at, exceed, shine at, outstanding, stand_out
jiēto take the lid off, to expose, to unmask
截止截止jiézhǐend, cut off, expire, close
jiěseparate, divide, cut apart, untie, undo, explain, interpret, dissolve
解說解说jiěshuōexplain orally, appease
截至截至jiézhìby (specified time), up to
jièboundary, scope, extent, circles, group, kingdom (taxonomy)
金額金额jīnéamount of money, sum_of_money, sum, money, penny, amount/sum of money, sum of money, amount
節奏节奏jiézòupacing, cadency, musical rhythm, pulse, speech rhythm, rhythm, regular recurrence, pulsation, beat, pace, movement, tune, cadence, clip, tempo
借鑒借鉴jièjiànto use other people’s experience, to borrow from a source, to use as reference
金錢金钱jīnqiánpewter, splosh, green, Oscar, siller, gelt, tin, coin, roll, dollar sign, funds, dollar mark, shekels, wealth, lucre, pecuniary, dinero, bankroll, dough, scratch, bread, means, moolah, shekel, shiner, cabbage, kale, spondulicks, pelf, oof, money, loot, wampum, brass, dollar
jǐnuse up, exhaust, try one’s best, put to best use, end
進攻进攻jìngōngattack, assault
近日近日jìnrìin the past few days, recently, in the last few days
近視近视jìnshìshortsighted, nearsighted, myopia
驚人惊人jīngrénalarming, whacking, astounding, spectacular, amazing, astonishing
jīngessence, extract, vitality, energy, semen, sperm, mythical goblin spirit, highly perfected, elite, the pick of sth, proficient (refined ability), extremely (fine), selected rice (archaic)
精美精美jīngměiexquisite, elegant
精品精品jīngpǐnplum, showpiece, fine work, quality goods, top quality article, article of fine quality
jǐngJing, well, Surname, something in the shape of a well
驚喜惊喜jīngxǐnice surprise, to be pleasantly surprised
金融金融jīnróngfinance, banking
景點景点jǐngdiǎnscenic spot, place of interest (tourism)
糾紛纠纷jiūfēnentanglement, embarrassment, cobweb, skein, embroilment, dissension, complication, issue, conflict, confusion, dispute, shindig, knottiness, dustup, aggro, tangle, betanglement, maze, imbroglio, strife
糾正纠正jiūzhèngcorrect, redress
jìngclean, completely, only, net (income, exports etc), (Chinese opera) painted face male role
酒水酒水jiǔshuǐbeverage, a drink
救命救命jiù mìngto save sb’s life, (interj.) Help!, Save me!
救援救援jiùyuánto save, to support, to help, to assist
救助救助jiùzhùto help sb in trouble, aid, assistance
jǐngview, Jing, shot, routine, bit, act, number, situation, scene, scenery, Surname, turn, condition
就算就算jiùsuànconj.: even if, granted that
就是說就是说jiùshìshuōthat is to say, in other words, namely
according to, on the grounds of
juāndonation, subscription, relinquish, abandonment, subscribe, contribution, donate, abandon, contribute
捐款捐款juānkuǎnto donate money, to contribute funds, donation, contribution (of money)
捐贈捐赠juānzèngcontribute (as gift), donate, present
捐助捐助juānzhùto donate, to offer (aid), contribution, donation
theatrical work (play, opera, TV series etc), dramatic (change, increase etc), acute, severe
決策决策juécèpolicy decision
覺悟觉悟juéwùto come to understand, to realize, consciousness, awareness, Buddhist enlightenment (Sanskrit: cittotpāda)
juéextremely, most, absolutely, in the least, by any means, on any account
絕大多數绝大多数juédàduōshùdet.: most of, majority
軍艦军舰jūnjiànwarship, military naval vessel, CL:艘[sou1]
軍事军事jūnshìwar, martial, military affairs, legion, military
軍隊军队jūnduìmilitary personnel, troops, armed forces, armament, military, soldiery, force, Sabaoth, array, army troops, military unit, host, military force, cohort, battalion, legion, troop, regular army, army, armed_forces, rank
開關开关kāiguānpower switch, to open a gate
開創开创kāichuàngstart, initiate
開通开通kāitongto open up (windows for air, ideas for discussion, transport routes etc), open-minded
開設开设kāishèopen (shop/etc.), offer (course/etc.)
開夜車开夜车kāi yèchēto burn the midnight oil, to work late into the night
看得見看得见kàndéjiàncan see, visible
開頭开头kāitóubeginning, to start
kànsee, look at, watch, read, look upon, regard, look after, call on, visit
看管看管kānguǎnto look after
看得起看得起kàndeqǐto show respect for, to think highly of
看作看作kànzuòto look upon as, to regard as
康復康复kāngfùto recuperate, to recover (health), to convalesce
看好看好kànhǎobelieve something/someone will be worthy in the future
考場考场kǎochǎngexam room
科研科研kēyán(scientific) research
客車客车kèchēcoach, bus, passenger train
考題考题kǎotíexam question
空軍空军kōngjūnairforce, air_force, Luftwaffe, air force, squadron
kěnbe willing/ready to
口試口试kǒushìoral examination, oral test
kuàlead, go, bestride, straddle, go beyond, run, pass, extend, stride, ride, cut across, step
快車快车kuàichēexpress (train, bus etc)
ruthless, strong (e.g. of wine), (loanword) cool, hip
kuàngore, minevariant of 礦|矿[kuang4]
寬闊宽阔kuānkuòexpansive, wide, width, thickness
kuòrich, wide, broad
來往来往láiwangassociate, contact
làito depend on, to hang on in a place, bad, to renege (on promise), to disclaim, to rat (on debts), rascally, to blame, to put the blame on, surname Lai, variant of 賴|赖[lai4]
laparticle: used when informing sb. of st.; indicating excitement/doubt/comfort/etc.
藍天蓝天lántiānblue sky
欄目栏目lánmùregular column or segment (in a publication or broadcast program), program (TV or radio)
藍領蓝领lánlǐngblue collar, common laborer
láofirm, sturdy, fold (for animals), sacrifice, prison
老鄉老乡lǎoxiāngfellow townsman, fellow villager, sb from the same hometown
冷氣冷气lěngqìair conditioning
冷水冷水lěngshuǐcold water, unboiled water, fig. not yet ready (of plans)
理財理财lǐ cáifinancial management, finance
禮堂礼堂lǐtángassembly hall, auditorium, CL:座[zuo4],處|处[chu4]
texture, grain (in wood/etc.), reason, logic, truth, natural science (esp. physics), law, principle, doctrine, theory
power, strength, ability, force, physical strength
理智理智lǐzhìreason, intellect, rationality, rational
聯盟联盟liánméngconference, alliance, coalition, hookup, ally, Verein, confederacy, federacy, circuit, combination, Bund, confederation, federation, union, bloc, league, axis
profit, interest, advantage, benefit
聯賽联赛liánsàiloop, league matches, league match
兩側两侧liǎngcètwo sides, both sides
兩手两手liǎngshǒuTwo hands
聊天兒聊天儿liáo tiānr5to chat, to gossip, erhua variant of 聊天[liao2 tian1]
liáoendure, rely/depend on, rely on, depend on, chat
聯手联手liánshǒulit. to join hands, to act together
靈活灵活línghuónimble, agile, flexible, elastic
lièto split, to crack, to break open, to rend
liàomaterial, stuff, grain, feed, to expect, to anticipate, to guess
領袖领袖lǐngxiùforeman, leader, head, guru, cob, doyen, cacique, Duce, duce, gaffer, chief, boss, soul, sovereign, honcho
留言留言liúyánto leave a message, to leave one’s comments, message
lìngdet.: another
流感流感liúgǎnflu, influenza
樓道楼道lóudàocorridor, passageway (in storied building)
樓房楼房lóufánga building of two or more stories, CL:棟|栋[dong4],幢[zhuang4],座[zuo4]
領取领取lǐngqǔdraw, receive
錄像录像lùxiàngto videotape, to videorecord, video recording, CL:盤|盘[pan2]
betray, betrayal, appear, reveal, show
錄音機录音机lùyīnjī(tape) recording machine, tape recorder, CL:臺|台[tai2]
旅店旅店lǚdiàninn, small hotel
馬車马车mǎchēcart, chariot, carriage, buggy
路過路过lùguòto pass by or through
máihide away, burial, bury, inter
綠化绿化lǜhuàmake (a place) green, afforest
慢車慢车mànchēlocal bus or train, slow train with many stops
饅頭馒头mántousteamed roll, steamed bun, steamed bread, CL:個|个[ge4]
盲人盲人mángrénblind person
maparticle: used to persuade someone to do something; used to emphasize the obvious
梅花梅花méihuāplum blossom, clubs (on playing cards), wintersweet
美容美容měiróngimprove looks
měngsuddenly, abruptly
méngto cover, ignorant, to suffer (misfortune), to receive (a favor), to cheat, (knocked) unconscious, dazed, stunned, surname Meng, Mongol ethnic group, abbr. for Mongolia 蒙古國|蒙古国[Meng3 gu3 guo2], Taiwan pr. [Meng2]
免得免得miǎndeconj.: so as not to, so as to avoid
miángeneric term for cotton or kapok, cotton, padded or quilted with cotton
面對面面对面miànduìmiànface to face
面嚮面向miànxiàngto face, to turn towards, to incline to, geared towards, catering for, -oriented, facial feature, appearance, aspect, facet
miàowonderful, excellent, fine, ingenious, clever, subtle
mièdestruction, go out, put out, wipe out, extermination, put/go out, put, exterminate, turn off, destroy, extinguish
民歌民歌míngēfolk song, CL:支[zhi1],首[shou3]
民工民工míngōngmigrant worker, temporary worker enlisted on a public project
民警民警mínjǐngcivil police, PRC police, abbr. for 人民警察
民主民主mínzhǔdemocracy, democratic rights
名勝名胜míngshènga place famous for its scenery or historical relics, scenic spot, CL:處|处[chu4]
名額名额míngénumber of people allowed, quota of people
民意民意mínyìpublic_opinion, popular will
名譽名誉míngyùhonour, laurel, celebrity, worship, character, odor, credit, repute, fame, name, rep, reputation, honorary, distinction, regard, honor
名義名义míngyìtitle, name
mìnglife, lot, fate, destiny
grind, mill, turn round/about
沒收没收mòshōuto confiscate, to seize
membrane, film
墨水墨水mòshuǐink, CL:瓶[ping2]
mother, elderly female relative, origin, source, (of animals) female
grave, tomb, mausoleum
拿走拿走názǒuto take away
母子母子mǔzǐmother and child, parent and subsidiary (companies), principal and interest
奶粉奶粉nǎifěnpowdered milk
難忘难忘nánwàngunforgettable, memorable
奶牛奶牛nǎiniúmilk cow, dairy cow
內外内外nèiwàiinside and outside, domestic and foreign
內地内地nèidìmainland China (PRC excluding Hong Kong and Macau, but including islands such as Hainan), Japan (used in Taiwan during Japanese colonization), inland, interior, hinterland
內衣内衣nèiyīundergarment, underwear, CL:件[jian4]
能否能否néngfǒucan or not
mud, clay, paste, pulp, restrained
niǔto turn, to twist, to wring, to sprain, to swing one’s hips
排行榜排行榜páihángbǎngseniority among siblings
pànto judge, to sentence, to discriminate, to discern, obviously (different)
派出派出pàichūsend, dispatch
盼望盼望pànwànghope/long for, look forward to
pàosteep, soak, immerse
皮球皮球píqiúball (made of rubber, leather etc)
配置配置pèizhìdispose (troops/etc.), deploy
piānstubbornly, on the contrary
貧困贫困pínkùnimpoverished, poverty
聘請聘请pìnqǐngengage, invite
pàoto sauté, to fry, to dry by heating, to prepare herbal medicine by roasting or parching (in a pan), variant of 炮[pao4]
品牌品牌pǐnpáibrand, make, trademark
平凡平凡píngfánordinary, common
píngto discuss, to comment, to criticize, to judge, to choose (by public appraisal)
平臺平台píngtáipatio, terrace, hathpace, platform
屏幕屏幕píngmùscreen (TV, computer or movie)
評選评选píngxuǎnto select on the basis of a vote or consensus
pat, attack, throw oneself at, rush at, tap, beat, dab, bend over, pounce on, lie_down, throw oneself on, flap, flutter, fling self at
平方米平方米píngfāngmǐsquare meter
pave, spread, overlay, extend, unfold, lay, surface, set in order, bespread
奇妙奇妙qímiàowonderful, marvelous
slope, CL:個|个[ge4], sloping, slanted
欺負欺负qīfubrowbeat, take advantage of, pick on
企圖企图qǐtúattempt, intend
氣氛气氛qìfēnmood, air, look, feeling, aura, aurae, spirit, smell, genius loci, feel, flavor, atmosphere, tone, karma, ambiance, ambience
恰當恰当qiàdàngappropriate, proper, suitable, fitting
恰好恰好qiàhǎoas it turns out, by lucky coincidence, (of number, time, size etc) just right
起訴起诉qǐsùto sue, to bring a lawsuit against, to prosecute
恰恰恰恰qiàqiàexactly, just, precisely
鉛筆铅笔qiānbǐ(lead) pencil, CL:支[zhi1],枝[zhi1],桿|杆[gan3]
謙虛谦虚qiānxūmake modest remarks
qiānlead along (by holding hand/halter/etc.), pull, involve, implicate
起點起点qǐdiǎnstarting point
前方前方qiánfāngahead, the front
強盜强盗qiángdàohijacker, ravener, robber, rifler, freebooter, housebreaker, mugger, stickup, highwayman, brigand, ripoff, robbery, bandit, dacoit
潛力潜力qiánlìbottom, possibility, ability, potency, capability, capableness, potentiality, potential, potential(ity), latent capacity
強勢强势qiángshìpowerful influence
強壯强壮qiángzhuàngstrong, sturdy, robust
巧妙巧妙qiǎomiàofelicitous, skillful, ingenious, clever, shrewd
橋梁桥梁qiáoliángbridge, fig. connection between two areas
強化强化qiánghuàstrengthen, intensify, consolidate
切實切实qièshífeasible, realistic, practical, earnestly, conscientiously
侵犯侵犯qīnfànviolate, infringe on (sb.’s rights)
茄子茄子qiézieggplant (Solanum melongena L.), aubergine, brinjal, Guinea squash, phonetic ‘cheese’ (when being photographed), equivalent of ‘say cheese’
親屬亲属qīnshǔkin, kindred, relatives
傾向倾向qīngxiàngtendency, trend, inclination
qīngpure, clean, fresh, cool, lonely, poor
清潔清洁qīngjiéclean, sanitary
清潔工清洁工qīngjié gōngcleaner, janitor, garbage collector
親眼亲眼qīnyǎnwith one’s own eyes, personally
清明節清明节QīngmíngjiéQingming or Pure Brightness Festival or Tomb Sweeping Day, celebration for the dead (in early April)
情緒情绪qíngxùform, pulse, humor, depression, temper, feeling, spirits, monkey, emotion, sentiment, humour, soulfulness, mood, heartbeat, heartstrings, sulks, chord, vein, feelings, emotional state, spirit, frame_of_mind, sentiments, moodiness, emotions, steam, tune, soul
清洗清洗qīngxǐto wash, to clean, to purge
球星球星qiúxīngsports star (ball sport)
求職求职qiúzhíseek for job
球員球员qiúyuánballplayer, player, ball team member
渠道渠道qúdàoirrigation ditch, (fig.) channel, means
取款取款qǔ kuǎnto withdraw money from a bank
去掉去掉qùdiàoto get rid of, to exclude, to eliminate, to remove, to delete, to strip out, to extract
區分区分qūfēnsection, demarcate, compart, sectionalize, zone, screen, compartmentalize, individuate, differentiation, distinguish, mark off, secern, district, segment, separate, mark, sieve, differentiate, mark out, classify, divide, ramify, screen out, set apart, sort
quánsurname Quan, authority, power, right, (literary) to weigh, expedient, temporary
全力全力quánlìall one’s strength, wholehearted dedication
權力权力quánlìinfluence, rod, authoritativeness, clutches, whip_hand, dominance, say-so, reins, force, emirate, might, pretension, station, commission, grasp, leverage, danger, authority, place, power, arm, disposal, puissance
全新全新quánxīnall new, completely new
quànbond (esp. document split in two, with each party holding one half), contract, deed (i.e. title deeds), ticket, voucher, certificate, variant of 券[quan4]
缺陷缺陷quēxiàngap, deficiency, trouble, flaw, blemishment, blemish, shortage, limitation, incapacity, defect, shortcoming, deformity, defacement, drawback, disfigurement, disadvantage
讓座让座ràng zuòto give up one’s seat for sb
熱點热点rèdiǎnhot spot, point of special interest
熱水热水rèshuǐhot water
熱水器热水器rèshuǐqìwater heater
熱線热线rèxiànhotline (communications link)
人權人权rénquánhuman rights
日夜日夜rìyèday and night, around the clock
卻是却是quèshìnevertheless, actually, the fact is …
認同认同rèntóngidentify, have meeting of the minds
融合融合rónghémix together, fuse, stick together
融入融入róngrùmelt, thaw, blend, merge
日語日语RìyǔJapanese language
according to, in accordance with, such as, as if, like, for example
如一如一rúyīAs one
乳製品乳制品rǔzhìpǐndairy products
agree with, set (of sun), set, take in, join, receive, be admitted into, become a member of, enter, descend, infiltrate, conform with, conform to, interlard
入學入学rù xuéenter a school, enrol, college, enter school, enter, start school, matriculate, enter college
ruòconj.: if, as if
sāifill in, stuff in, stuff, fill, squeeze in, bung, spile, squeeze, line, stick, fill/stuff in
sàito compete, competition, match, to surpass, better than, superior to, to excel
賽場赛场sàichǎngracetrack, field (for athletics competition)
三明治三明治sānmíngzhìsandwich (loanword), CL:個|个[ge4]
山峰山峰shānfēng(mountain) peak
山谷山谷shāngǔmountain valley
喪失丧失sàngshīcost, forfeiture, forfeit, give_away, lapse, loss, bereaved, lose, jump
傷口伤口shāngkǒuwound, cut
傷亡伤亡shāngwángcasualties, injuries and deaths
山坡山坡shānpōhillside, mountain slope
傷員伤员shāngyuánwounded person
商城商城shāngchéngsee 商城縣|商城县[Shang1 cheng2 xian4], shopping center, department store
上市上市shàng shìgo/appear on market
上當上当shàng dàngbe duped, be taken in, get_stuck, be fooled, be tricked
上演上演shàngyǎnproduce, bring on, put on stage, play, stage, mount, perform, bring out, performance
上帝上帝ShàngdìCreator, god, Yahveh, Almighty, almighty, Godhead, Jehovah, Being, Supreme_Being, God Almighty, Maker, Allah, deity, omnipotent, king, abba, Omniscience, omniscient, God, creator, Providence, Omnipotence, Deus, providence, Divine, lording, Lord, lord, maker, Supreme Being, judge, Dominus, Heaven, All-father, Adonai, Father-God, divinity, Father
上臺上台shàng táienter
sháospoon, ladle, CL:把[ba3], abbr. for 公勺[gong1 shao2], centiliter (unit of volume)
舌頭舌头shétoulingua, clack, tongue, clapper, ability to talk, glossa, enemy soldier captured to extract inform, enemy soldier captured to extract information, an enemy soldier captured for the purpose of extra
設計師设计师shèjìshīarchitect, designer, stylist
深化深化shēnhuàto deepen, to intensify
涉及涉及shèjícome to, pertain, involvement, implicate, entail, relate, cover, deal, concern, bear on, run_on, involve, touch on, refer, touch upon, deal with, touch, come_to, relate to
深深深深shēnshēndeep, profound
審查审查shěncháexamine, investigate
升級升级shēng jíupgrade, go up (in grade/etc.), escalate
升學升学shēng xuéenter higher school
生活費生活费shēnghuófèicost of living, living expenses, alimony
省錢省钱shěngqiánto save money
升值升值shēngzhírevalue, appreciate
聖誕節圣诞节Shèngdàn JiéChristmas time, Christmas season, Christmas
師父师父shīfuguru, address for nun/etc., teacher, tutor, address for monk, professional, master, nun, a polite form of address to a monk or nun, address for monk/nun/etc., etc.
盛行盛行shèngxíngbe current, be in vogue
時節时节shíjiéseason, time
師生师生shī-shēngteacher and student
時時时时shíshíalways, constantly, often
時期时期shíqīepoch, season, date, period_of_time, phase, day, occasion, estate, period, length, period (of time), phase angle, stage, conjuncture, chapter, times, era, leg, guardianship
時裝时装shízhuāngfashion, fashionable clothes
時而时而shíéroccasionally, from time to time
shíknow, recognize
市民市民shìmíncitizen, burgess, citizenry, metropolitan, townsman, townsfolk, town, towner, civic, residents of a city, townee, burgher, townspeople
試點试点shìdiǎntest point, to carry out trial, pilot scheme
適當适当shìdàngbeseem, proper, suitable, suit
事後事后shìhòuafter the event, in hindsight, in retrospect
收藏收藏shōucángcollect, store up
識字识字shí zìto learn to read
收養收养shōuyǎngto take in and care for (an elderly person, a dog etc), to adopt (a child), adoption
手續費手续费shǒuxùfèiservice charge, processing fee, commission
收取收取shōuqǔcollect, gather
首腦首脑shǒunǎohead (of state), summit (meeting), leader
首席首席shǒuxíchief (representative, correspondent etc)
首次首次shǒucìfirst, first time, for the first time
書房书房shūfángstudy (room), studio, CL:間|间[jian1]
首相首相shǒuxiàngprime minister (of Japan or UK etc)
薯片薯片shǔpiànfried potato chips
雙打双打shuāngdǎfoursome, doubles
shuìdroit, tax, geld, due, scot, exaction, capital levy, gabelle, duty, taxation, revenue enhancement
shùnto obey, to follow, to arrange, to make reasonable, along, favorable
薯條薯条shǔtiáofrench fries, french fried potatoes, chips
說明書说明书shuōmíngshū(technical) manual, (book of) directions, synopsis (of play/etc.)
司長司长sīzhǎngbureau chief
說實話说实话shuō shíhuàto speak the truth, truth to tell, frankly
死亡死亡sǐwángbe dead/doomed
四處四处sìchùabout, all around, everywhere, everyplace, all over, throughout, around
Buddhist temple, mosque, government office (old)
送禮送礼sòng lǐto give a present
送行送行sòng xíngto see someone off, to throw someone a send-off party
素質素质sùzhìcalibre, fibre, stuff, vocation, diathesis, caliber, character, strain, predisposition, quality, timber
算是算是suànshìregard_as, considered to be
suīconj.: though, although, even if
算了算了suànleForget about it., That’s enough!
踏實踏实tāshidependable, at ease, solid
歲數岁数suìshuage (number of years old)
pagoda, stupa, tower
tread, trample, stamp, step, step on
suǒthat which
檯燈台灯táidēngdesk lamp, table lamp
嘆氣叹气tàn qìto sigh, to heave a sigh
探索探索tànsuǒexplore, probe
太陽能太阳能tàiyángnéngsolar energy
探討探讨tàntǎoinquire into, explore
tāoto fish out (from pocket), to scoop, variant of 掏[tao1]
特地特地tèdìpurposely, specially, on purpose
unusual, special, extraordinarily
特快特快tèkuàiexpress (train, delivery etc)
疼痛疼痛téngtòngpain, soreness, fester, suffer, hurt, ache, sore
特意特意tèyìspecially, intentionally
shin, spurn, drop-kick, prick, boot, kick, toe, dropkick, play, lunge, punt
提交提交tíjiāoto submit (a report etc), to refer (a problem) to sb
提升提升tíshēngpromote, hoist, elevate
天堂天堂tiāntángparadise, heaven
tiánfarmland, glebe, cropland, Surname, field, plow, Tian
天下天下tiānxiàrule, world, China, domination, everywhere under heaven
tiānadd, fuel, appose, addition, increase, have a baby
田徑田径tiánjìngtrack and field, track-and-field, athlete, athletics, sport
通報通报tōngbàoto inform, to notify, to announce, circular, bulletin, (scientific) journal
聽取听取tīngqǔto hear (news), to listen to
通道通道tōngdàopath, scuttle, headway, corridor, passageway, gateway, gallery, close, walkway, areaway, hatchway, thoroughfare, lobby, winze, passage, aisle, opening, gangway, gap, passage(way), clearance, passing, headroom, enterclose, inlet, jackladder, access, byway
通紅通红tōnghóngvery red, red through and through, to blush (deep red)
通行通行tōngxíngpass/go through, be current or of general use
通話通话tōnghuàconverse, communicate by telephone
tóngdet.: simialr, same
同胞同胞tóngbāooffspring of same parents, paisano, neighbour, countrymen, countryfolk, fellow countryman, neighbor, compatriot, countryman, cousin
同期同期tóngqīthe corresponding time period (in a different year etc), concurrent, synchronous
通訊通讯tōngxùncommunication, news report, newsletter
同行同行tónghángperson of the same profession, of the same trade, occupation or industry, to journey together
銅牌铜牌tóngpáibronze medal, bronze plaque bearing a business name or logo etc, CL:枚[mei2]
同一同一tóngyīidentical, the same
投票投票tóu piàoballot, tender, bid, poll, cast, cast a vote, vote
圖書图书túshupicture_book, books
透露透露tòulùexpose, disclose, divulge, develop, impart, unrip, confide, sound, fall, disembosom, get around, reveal, let_on, disclosure, let on, leakage, divulgence, get out, discover, let out, leak, declare, break, give away, bring out
途徑途径tújìngtrack, path, pathway, footpath, avenue, gateway, channel, road, way, pipeline, curriculum
徒弟徒弟túdiapprentice, disciple
soil, earth, clay, land
退票退票tuìpiàoto bounce (a check), to return a ticket, ticket refund
tūnto swallow, to take
推出推出tuīchūpresent to public
tuōhold in palm, support from under, serve as foil, set off, plead, give as a pretext, rely on, entrust, put lining in
tuōpull, drag, haul
拖鞋拖鞋tuōxiéslippers, sandals, flip-flops, CL:雙|双[shuang1],隻|只[zhi1]
scrape, scoop up, scoop, pick, excavate, excavation, grub, lift out, take up, scoop out, dig, grave
娃娃娃娃wáwamammet, baby, doll, child
外幣外币wàibìforeign currency
外部外部wàibùouter, surface, external, outwall, outside, exterior
外出外出wàichūgo out
外科外科wàikēsurgery, chirurgery, surgical, surgical department
外觀外观wàiguānshell, outward appearance, show, externality, visual aspect, exterior, effect, superficies, look, likeness, appearance, facade, surface, presentment, apparel, impression, facies, aspect, complexion, resemblance, semblance, guise, frontage, outwardness, rind, garb, showing, face, veneer, outside, garment, getup
外衣外衣wàiyīouter clothing, semblance, appearance
外來外来wàiláiforeign, adventive, externally, incoming, external, outside, exotic
外資外资wàizīforeign capital
外頭外头wàitououtside, out
頑強顽强wánqiángtenacious, hard to defeat
王后王后wánghòuqueen, CL:個|个[ge4],位[wei4]
王子王子wángzǐking’s son, prince
往後往后wǎnghòufrom now on, in the future, time to come
網吧网吧wǎngbāInternet café
網頁网页wǎngyèweb page
往年往年wǎngniánin former years, in previous years
望見望见wàngjiànto espy, to spot
危機危机wēijīambush, clutch, climacteric, crisis, precipice, hump, conjuncture, juncture, sharpness, gravity, edge
往來往来wǎngláicontact, intercourse
微波爐微波炉wēibōlúmicrowave oven, CL:臺|台[tai2]
為此为此wèicǐfor this reason, with regards to this, in this respect, in order to do this, to this end
為何为何wèihéwhy, for what reason
臥鋪卧铺wòpùa bed (on a train), a couchette
文娛文娱wényúcultural recreation, entertainment
無邊无边wúbiānwithout boundary, not bordered
烏雲乌云wūyúnblack cloud
無關无关wúguānhave nothing to do with
物品物品wùpǐnwhatchamacallit, sundry, stuff, commodity, affair, physical object, goods, article, object, content, whatsis, res, sundries
無效无效wúxiàoof/to no avail, null and void
mistake, error, to miss, to harm, to delay, to neglect, mistakenly
舞蹈舞蹈wǔdǎodancing, saltation, nautch, dance, terpsichore, choreography, stage dancing
西班牙語西班牙语XībānyáyǔSpanish language
吸毒吸毒xī dútake drugs
犧牲牺牲xīshēngsacrifice oneself, die martyr’s death, do sth. at the expense of self or sb. else
洗衣粉洗衣粉xǐyīfěnlaundry detergent, washing powder
戲曲戏曲xìqǔtraditional opera, drama, trad. opera, singing parts in ^chuan2 qi2 ^ and ^za2, singing parts in ^chuan2qi2^ and ^za2ju4^
細菌细菌xìjūnbacillus, bacilli, bacteria, B, bacteriological, microbe, contaminant, bacterium, clump, germ, microphyte, bacterial
先鋒先锋xiānfēngvanguard, pioneer
xiándislike, mind
顯出显出xiǎn chūto express, to exhibit
xiǎndanger, dangerous, rugged
陷入陷入xiànrùplunge, be immersed in, land oneself in, slump, be caught in, lapse, launch, get_into, fall_in, invaginate, be deep in, engulf, run_into, fall_into, be lost/immersed in, be lost, sink into, tangle, fall into, immerse, sink, be lost in, bed, immersed in, get bogged down in, land, sink/fall into
線路线路xiànlùwiring, line, route, circuit
想不到想不到xiǎngbudàounable to anticipate
消耗消耗xiāohàoconsume, use up, deplete
消滅消灭xiāomièeradicate, die out, eliminate, abolish, wipe out, annihilate, kill, slake, decimate, carry off, disappear, exterminate, lapse, expunge, abolition, knock out, quell, destroy, pass away, kill off, deafen, extermination, detruncate, liquidate, snuff_out, snuff out, extirpate, snuff, elimination, perish, discreate, vanish, extinguish
小費小费xiǎofèitip, gratuity
小麥小麦xiǎomàiwheat, CL:粒[li4]
小於小于xiǎoyúless than, <
笑臉笑脸xiàoliǎnsmiling face, smiley 🙂 ☺, CL:副[fu4]
曉得晓得xiǎodetell, know, ken
笑容笑容xiàorónggrinning, smiling expression, laugh, smiling, a smile, a smiling face, smile, grin
協會协会xiéhuìan association, a society, CL:個|个[ge4],家[jia1]
協商协商xiéshāngconsult, talk things over
協調协调xiétiáocoordinate, harmonize, bring into line
寫字樓写字楼xiězìlóuoffice building
協助协助xiézhùassist, help
寫字檯写字台xiězìtáiwriting desk
心臟心脏xīnzàngticker, cardiac, center, pump, heart
心靈心灵xīnlíngpsychical, mind, psyche, soul, spirit, mens, heart
心臟病心脏病xīnzàngbìngheart disease
新興新兴xīnxīngburgeoning, new and developing, newly_arisen, rising
薪水薪水xīnshuistipend, emolument, remuneration, screw, pay, wages, earnings, fee, compensation, pay_packet, salary, wage, living
信用信用xìnyònghonour, trustfulness, confidence, trustingness, trustworthiness, repute, affiance, credit, reposal, trust, tick, reputation, credence, jawbone, honor
行程行程xíngchéngthrow, travel, tenor, itinerary, route, journey, route/distance of travel, distance of travel, stroke, route of travel
興旺兴旺xīngwàngprosperous, thriving, to prosper, to flourish
xíngform, shape, body, entity
凶手凶手xiōngshǒumurderer, assassin
袖珍袖珍xiùzhēnpocket-sized, pocket (book etc)
修車修车xiūchēto repair a bike (car etc)
xiōngvicious, fierce, ominous, inauspicious, famine, variant of 兇|凶[xiong1]
xuánto hang or suspend, to worry, public announcement, unresolved, baseless, without foundation
旋轉旋转xuánzhuǎnrevolve, gyrate, spin
選拔选拔xuǎnbáto select the best
學會学会xué huìlearned society, (scholarly) association
學員学员xuéyuántrainee, member of institution of learning, student
血管血管xuèguǎnafferent, vas, vena, blood_vessel, vessel, vein, blood vessel
壓迫压迫yāpòoppress, repress, constrict
循環循环xúnhuáncirculate, cycle.circulatory system
煙花烟花yānhuāfireworks, prostitute (esp. in Yuan theater)
沿海沿海yánhǎicoast, coastal, along the coast, littoral
沿著沿着yánzheto go along, to follow
研發研发yánfāresearch and develop, R&D, research and develop something, research and development
眼看眼看yǎnkànsee sth. happen, watch helplessly
演奏演奏yǎnzòugive instrumental performance
宴會宴会yànhuìbanquet, feast, dinner party, CL:席[xi2],個|个[ge4]
yǎngsurname Yang, to face upward, to look up, to admire, to rely on
yángocean, vast, foreign, silver dollar or coin
養老养老yǎng lǎoto provide for the elderly (family members), to enjoy a life in retirement
氧氣氧气yǎngqìO, atomic number 8, oxygen
藥品药品yàopǐnpharmaceutical, medicines and chemical reagents, drug, restorative
要不然要不然yàoburánconj.: otherwise, or else, or
要好要好yàohǎoto be on good terms, to be close friends, striving for self-improvement
要麼要么yàomeor, either one or the other
要素要素yàosùbasics, ingredient, essential, key element, constituent, fashioning, element, core, making, stuff, essential factor, factor, essence, strand, elemental, devising, chemistry, requisite, momentum
wild, undomesticated
野生野生yěshēngdesert, wild, godforsaken, waste, feral, uncultivated
醫藥医药yīyàomedicament, medicine, curative, medication, remedy, physic
依次依次yīcìin order, in succession
依賴依赖yīlàirely/depend on
一次性一次性yīcìxìngone-off (offer), one-time, single-use, disposable (goods)
一貫一贯yīguànconsistent, persistent, all along
一路上一路上yīlùshàngAll the way
儀器仪器yíqìinstrumentation, device, setup, apparatus, instrumental, instrument, armamentarium
儀式仪式yíshìreligious rite, ceremonial occasion, deeds, practice, form, rituality, office, formality, ritual, circumstance, ceremony, formalness, exercise, powwow, observance, ceremonial, rite, works
一番一番yì fānSome
遺憾遗憾yíhànregret, pity
一模一樣一模一样yīmú-yīyàngexactly the same (idiom), carbon copy, also pr. [yi1 mo2 yi1 yang4]
一時一时yīshía period of time, a while, for a short while, temporary, momentary, at the same time
一齊一齐yīqísimul, in unison, together, simultaneously
一行一行yīxíngparty, delegation
藝人艺人yìréncreative person, artiste, entertainer, artist, artisan, cackler, actor, handcraftsman, performer
議題议题yìtíitem on the agenda, head, question, topic for discussion, topic for/under discussion, topic under discussion, subject under discussion, under discussion, topic for
異常异常yìchángunusual, extraordinary, abnormal
意想不到意想不到yìxiǎngbùdàounexpected, previously unimagined
意願意愿yìyuànwill, wish, desire, inclination, aspiration, request, pleasure
因素因素yīnsùconsideration, ingredient, constituent, factor, strand, component, element
yīnconj.: because, as
陰謀阴谋yīnmóuplot, conspiracy
音量音量yīnliàngintensity, volume, quantity, loudness, volume of sound
陰影阴影yīnyǐngumbrage, shadow, shadiness, hatching, spectre, hatch, blight, umbra, penumbra, cloud, umber, shade, shadowiness
音像音像yīnxiàngaudio and video, audiovisual
隱私隐私yǐnsīsecrets, private business, privacy
隱藏隐藏yǐncángcache, hold back, hidden, blot_out, suppress, disguise, concealment, remain under cover, lurk, secrete, reserve, recess, hoodwink, dissemble, stash, veil, hold in, bury, hide, conceal, occult, mask, ensconce, cover_up, palliate, obscure, hoard
yìnprint, engrave
影迷影迷yǐngmífilm enthusiast, movie fan, CL:個|个[ge4]
影星影星yǐngxīngfilm star
用處用处yòngchuuse, value, practical application, function, purpose, point, usefulness, mileage, role
應急应急yìng jíto respond to an emergency, to meet a contingency, (attributive) emergency
用法用法yòngfǎhang, usage, use
用得著用得着yòngdezháoto be able to use, useable, to have a use for sth, (in interrogative sentence) to be necessary to
應對应对yìngduìreply, answer
用心用心yòng xīnbe diligent/attentive
優質优质yōuzhìexcellent quality
用品用品yòngpǐnsuccedaneum, articles for use, replacer, substitute
遊玩游玩yóuwánto amuse oneself, to have fun, to go sightseeing, to take a stroll
遊人游人yóuréna tourist
遊戲機游戏机yóuxìjīvideo game, game machine
遊行游行yóuxíngmarch, parade, demonstration
有關有关yǒuguānbe related
有沒有有没有yǒuméiyǒuhave or not have
有事有事yǒushìbe occupied/busy, if problems arise
in, at, to, from, out of, by
娛樂娱乐yúlèamusement, entertainment, recreation
愉快愉快yúkuàibe happy, be cheerful
and, together with, to give
預約预约yùyuēmake an appointment
雨衣雨衣yǔyīraincoat, CL:件[jian4]
yuánsurname Yuan, land used for growing plants, site used for public recreation
園地园地yuándìspecial page in periodical, special section in periodical, park/garden area, special section, croft, page in periodical, garden area, special section/page in periodical, garden plot, park area, field, scope, park
yuánoriginally, formerly
原告原告yuángàocomplainant, plaintiff
原諒原谅yuánliàngexcuse, pardon
圓珠筆圆珠笔yuánzhūbǐballpoint pen, CL:支[zhi1],枝[zhi1]
緣故缘故yuángùscore, grounds, reason, cause, sake
援助援助yuánzhùsupport, aid
遠離远离yuǎnlíbe far away, stand aloof, be far off (the mark/etc.)
遠方远方yuǎnfāngdistance, beyond, beyondness, distant place, corner
yūnconfused, dizzy, giddy, to faint, to swoon, to lose consciousness, to pass out, dizzy, halo, ring around moon or sun
約定约定yuēdìngagree upon
運作运作yùnzuòoperate, work
樂曲乐曲yuèqǔcomposition, piece of music, music, musical composition, piece, number, opus
允許允许yǔnxǔpermit, allow
暈車晕车yùn chēto be carsick
mixed, miscellaneous, various, to mix
再生再生zàishēngbe reborn, regenerate
再說再说zàishuōfurthermore, besides
遭到遭到zāodàoendure, encounter, meet with, run into, suffer, soak_up
遭遇遭遇zāoyùmeet with, encounter
早晚早晚zǎowǎnmorning and evening, sooner or later
增進增进zēngjìnenhance, promote, further
zhāvariant of 紮|扎[zha1], penetrating (as of cold), struggle, to tie, to bind, classifier for flowers, banknotes etc: bundle, Taiwan pr. [zha2]
增值增值zēngzhíto appreciate (financially), to increase in value, value-added (accountancy)
炸彈炸弹zhàdànbomb, CL:枚[mei2],顆|颗[ke1]
扎實扎实zhāshistrong, solid, sturdy, firm, practical, see 扎實|扎实[zha1 shi5]
zhàto deep fry, to explode
zhàidebt, CL:筆|笔[bi3]
炸藥炸药zhàyàoexplosive (material)
占據占据zhànjùinhabit, occupy, stand, assume, prevail, hold, invade, occupation, take, take up
戰場战场zhànchǎngfield of battle, plain, theatre, camp, cockpit, battlefield, theater, battleground, field, battlefront
戰術战术zhànshùtactical, war, tactics, military tactics, tactic, swordcraft
戰略战略zhànlüèstratagem, tactical, strategics, tactics, strategy
戰友战友zhànyǒucomrade-in-arms, battle companion
站臺站台zhàntáiplatform (at a railway station)
掌聲掌声zhǎngshēngclapping, applause
zhǎnglong, be strong/good (in/at)
zhàngaccount, bill, debt, CL:本[ben3],筆|笔[bi3]
賬戶账户zhànghùbank account, online account
zhǎngrise, go up (of water/prices/etc.)
障礙障碍zhàngàidiscouragement, bottleneck, clog, bar, encumbrance, embarrassment, malfunction, jam-up, baffle, impediment, obstruction, rub, roadblock, stay, rubber, disturbance, balk, holdback, bunker, stymy, remora, obstacle, barrier, stumbling_block, hitch, handicap, lesion, hedge, snag, drawback, let, wall, crab, difficulty, penalty, hang-up, facer, hindrance, hurdle
照樣照样zhàoyàngas before, (same) as usual, in the same manner, still, nevertheless
照耀照耀zhàoyàoto shine, to illuminate
招聘招聘zhāopìnto invite applications for a job, to recruit
哲學哲学zhéxuéism, philosophic, philosophical, philosophy, school of thought, doctrine
這就是說这就是说zhèjiùshìshuōThis means that
zhèntown, garrison post, trading center
爭奪争夺zhēngduóto fight over, to contest, to vie over
整頓整顿zhěngdùnrectify, reorganize
正當正当zhèngdāngproper, legitimate
整治整治zhěngzhìrenovate, repair, dredge (river/etc.), punish, discipline, do, work at, prepare, make ready, arrange, regulate, deal with problem or adversary
政策政策zhèngcèstatism, tack, line, policy, statecraft
政權政权zhèngquánrein, political power, political/state power, state power, power, regime, political
政黨政党zhèngdǎngpolitical party
之類之类zhīlèiconj.: such like
支援支援zhīyuánbackstop, support, side, help, patronize, root, stand by, bear, angel, hold out, back, see through, assist, assistance, sustain, back up
支撐支撑zhīchengprop up, sustain, support
知名知名zhīmíngnoted, famous
zhīto weave, to knit
直升機直升机zhíshēngjīhelicopter, CL:架[jia4]
職責职责zhízéduty, responsibility, obligation
zhǐdemeanor, bearing
只得只得zhǐdéhave to
只顧只顾zhǐgùsolely preoccupied (with one thing), engrossed, focusing (on sth), to look after only one aspect
只管只管zhǐguǎnsolely engrossed in one thing, just (one thing, no need to worry about the rest), simply, by all means, please feel free, do not hesitate (to ask for sth)
指數指数zhǐshùexponential, index, index number, index (number), indicant, exponential function, exponent, power, index_number, indicator
指定指定zhǐdìngearmark, appointed, specify, set, domicile, appointment, ticket, fix, name, delegate, specified, express, named, consign, designate, assignment, state, depute, appoint, nominate, dictate, assign, destine, determine
指頭指头zhǐtoufinger, toe, CL:個|个[ge4]
至於至于zhìyúas for/to
智慧智慧zhìhuìlore, sapiency, sconce, wit, intelligence, gumption, savvy, wiseness, soundness, wisdom, grey_matter, sapience
治病治病zhìbìngto treat an illness
中華中华Zhōnghuáthe Chinese nation, China
中外中外zhōngwàiChina and foreign countries
中期中期zhōngqīmiddle (of a period of time), medium-term (plan, forecast etc)
忠心忠心zhōngxīngood faith, devotion, loyalty, dedication
zhǒngto swell, swelling, swollen
種種种种zhǒngzhǒngall kinds of
珠寶珠宝zhūbǎopearls, jewels, precious stones
諸位诸位zhūwèi(pron) everyone, Ladies and Gentlemen, Sirs
主持人主持人zhǔchírénanchor, emcee, host, symposiarch, anchorman, director, impresario, chair, chairperson, linkman, presenter, compere, master of ceremonies, moderator
zhōusee 葷粥|荤粥[Xun1 yu4], congee, gruel, porridge, CL:碗[wan3]
主角主角zhǔjuéleading role, title_role, star, protagonist, lead, principal, title role, name part
zhǔboil, scald, seethe, poach, cook
主流主流zhǔliúmain stream/current, essential/main aspect/trend
住宅住宅zhùzháishebang, dwelling_house, dwelling, roof, abode, residential, home, toft, howff, housing, habitation, homesite, tenement, place, residence, house, property
zhùhalt, stay, be stationed at
柱子柱子zhùzipillar, CL:根[gen1]
專用专用zhuānyònguse for special purpose
祝願祝愿zhùyuànto wish
轉動转动zhuǎn dòngturn (round), move
zhuǎnturn, revolve, rotate
賺錢赚钱zhuàn qiánprofit, gain, make profit, cash in on, earn money, make money
壯觀壮观zhuàngguānsublime, spectacular, magnificent
zhuànknock_up, garner, take in, clear, make profit, earn, gain, draw, realize, make a profit, do, bring_in, get, pull_in, make, bring in, pick_up, pull in
追究追究zhuījiūto investigate, to look into
裝備装备zhuāngbèiequipment, outfit
自來水自来水zìláishuǐrunning/tap water, running, tap_water, running water, tap water
咨詢咨询zīxúnto consult, to seek advice, consultation, (sales) inquiry (formal)
zhuōclutch, cop, grasp, nip, hold, seize, capture, take hold of, hent, catch
自我自我zìwǒself, oneself
自學自学zìxuéself-study, to study on one’s own
自言自語自言自语zìyán-zìyǔto talk to oneself, to think aloud, to soliloquize
自在自在zìzaicomfortable, unrestrained, at_ease, free
宗教宗教zōngjiàotheology, community, religious, cult, creed, faith, religion
總部总部zǒngbùbase of operations, head office, armory, base, headquarters
總經理总经理zǒngjīnglǐCEO, general_manager, chief executive officer, chief operating officer, executive, managing director, general manager, president
總監总监zǒngjiānhead, director (of an organizational unit), (police) commissioner, inspector-general, rank of local governor in Tang dynasty administration
總量总量zǒngliàngtotal, overall amount
走私走私zǒu sīsmuggle
zòuto play music, to achieve, to present a memorial to the emperor (old)
excessive, foot, to be sufficient, ample
足以足以zúyǐsufficient/enough to
祖父祖父zǔfùgrandad, gramps, grandfather, grandsire, (paternal) grandfather, granddad, grandpa, granddaddy
race, nationality, ethnicity, clan, by extension, social group (e.g. office workers 上班族)
祖國祖国zǔguócountry, China (used only by Chinese), mother_country, China, old_country, fatherland, home, country of origin, mother country, old country, homeland, native land, motherland, metropolis
祖母祖母zǔmǔfather’s mother, paternal grandmother
最終最终zuìzhōngfinal, ultimate
zuìvariant of 罪[zui4], crime
zuānan auger, diamond, to drill, to bore, to get into, to make one’s way into, to enter (a hole), to thread one’s way through, to study intensively, to dig into, to curry favor for personal gain
罪惡罪恶zuìècrime, evil, sin
zuòdo, make, rise, write, compose, pretend, affect, feign
最佳最佳zuìjiāfirst-rate, best, superlative, optimum
作廢作废zuòfèito become invalid, to cancel, to delete, to nullify
座談會座谈会zuòtánhuìcolloquium, symposiac, panel_discussion, an informal discussion meeting, symposium, teach-in, forum, symposia, conversazione, panel discussion
作戰作战zuò zhàndo battle, war, fight, battle, conduct operations


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