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1000+ từ vựng HSK 5 phiên bản mới!

Từ khi HSK chuyển sang 9 cấp độ thay vì 6 cấp độ như trước thì số lượng từ vựng tăng lên rất nhiều. Hãy cùng O2 Education tham khảo 1000+ từ vựng HSK 5 phiên bản mới.

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1000+ từ vựng HSK 5 phiên bản mới!

安慰安慰ānwèicomfort, console
ànbank, shore, beach, coast, CL:個|个[ge4]
岸上岸上ànshàngashore, on the riverbank
bare, tear, pluck, choose, take out, stand out among, displume, uproot, pull up, tweak, draw, pull off, deplumate, deplume, pull, surpass, get out, raise, suck out, select, seize, seizure, cool in water, lift, pull_out, pick, capture, yank, pull out, pick off
白酒白酒báijiǔspirit usually distilled from sorghum or maize, white spirit
扮演扮演bànyǎnplay part of, play part of
拜訪拜访bàifǎngpay visit, call on
包圍包围bāowéito surround, to encircle, to hem in
包裝包装bāozhuāngpackage, packing, packaging
bǎna register, block of printing, edition, version, page
bànggood, fine, strong
保衛保卫bǎowèito defend, to safeguard
報答报答bàodáto repay, to requite
報警报警bào jǐngto sound an alarm, to report sth to the police
背包背包bēibāoknapsack, rucksack, infantry pack, field pack, blanket roll, CL:個|个[ge4]
保養保养bǎoyǎngtake good care of one’s health, maintain, keep in good repair
悲傷悲伤bēishāngsad, sorrowful
抱怨抱怨bàoyuancroak, kvetch, scold, quarrel, bitch, squeal, complain, bellyache, plain, grumble, whimper, natter, grizzle, repine, nark, complaint, sound off, nag, whine, quetch, grouch, kick, yammer, backbite, squawk, crab, beef, yawp, rail, rabbit, gripe, inveigh, grouse, moan, holler
bèilifetime, generation, group of people, class, classifier for generations, (literary) classifier for people
本人本人běnrénmyself, principal, in person, I, me, oneself, identity
鼻子鼻子bízinasal, hooter, nozzle, snoot, sneezer, boko, schnozzle, conk, smeller, snout, beezer, proboscis, olfactory organ, snitch, nose, olfactory
比方比方bǐfanganalogy, instance, for instance
比重比重bǐzhòngproportion, specific gravity
北極北极běijíthe North Pole, the Arctic Pole, the north magnetic pole
畢竟毕竟bìjìngafter all, when all is said and done
閉幕闭幕bì mùthe curtain falls, lower the curtain, to come to an end (of a meeting)
彼此彼此bǐcǐeach other, one another, I/me too
閉幕式闭幕式bìmùshìclosing ceremony
編輯编辑biānjíedit, compile
surely, must, certainly, have to, necessarily
變動变动biàndòngchange, fluctuate
便條便条biàntiáo(informal) note, CL:張|张[zhang1],個|个[ge4]
邊境边境biānjìngfrontier, border
便於便于biànyúeasy to, convenient for
賓館宾馆bīnguǎnguesthouse, lodge, hotel, CL:個|个[ge4],家[jia1]
病毒病毒bìngdúworm, viral, virus
餅乾饼干bǐnggānbiscuit, cracker, cookie, CL:片[pian4],塊|块[kuai4]
博客博客bókèblog (loanword), weblog, blogger
bǐnground flat cake, dumpling, pancake, tortilla, goody, cake, sth. shaped like a cake, a round flat cake
玻璃玻璃bōliplastic, vitrum, putty, vitreous, nylon, window, windowpane, cutter, glass
博士博士bóshìPh.D, master of any trade/craft, master of any craft, Dr., holder of doctoral degree, master of any trade, Erudite, doctoral, Doctor_of_Philosophy, Ph.D., court academician, craft, erudite, Doctor of Philosophy, doctor
博覽會博览会bólǎnhuìexpo, trade fair, exhibition, exposition, fair, Expo
不利不利bùlìunfavorable, detrimental;unsuccessful
薄弱薄弱bóruòweak, frail
不耐煩不耐烦bù nàifánimpatience, impatient
補償补偿bǔchángcompensate, make up
不曾不曾bùcénghasn’t yet, hasn’t ever
不得了不得了bù déliǎodesperately serious, disastrous, extremely, exceedingly
補貼补贴bǔtiēto subsidize, subsidy, allowance, to supplement (one’s salary etc), benefit
不敢當不敢当bù gǎndānglit. I dare not (accept the honor), fig. I don’t deserve your praise, you flatter me
不時不时bùshíbetweentimes, every so often, frequently, somewhile, at any time, every now and then, often
不能不不能不bùnéngbùhave to, cannot but
不良不良bùliángunhealthy, harmful, bad
部位部位bùwèisegment, part, capsule, aspect, position, region, situs, place
不止不止bùzhǐincessantly, without end, more than, not limited to
猜測猜测cāicèguess, surmise
不足不足bùzúnot be enough, not be worth (doing sth.), cannot, should not
採購采购cǎigòuchoose and purchase
裁判裁判cáipànjudge, referee, umpire
cāiguess, conjecture, speculation, suspect, put_on, speculate
餐館餐馆cānguǎnchophouse, restaurant, porterhouse, osteria, cafe, caff
餐廳餐厅cāntīngdining hall, restaurant, eating place, eating house, hall, dining_room, rathskeller, brasserie, dining room/hall, refectory, dining room, lunchroom, diner, inn
彩票彩票cǎipiàolottery ticket
草原草原cǎoyuánveld, ley, steppe, plain, pastureland, pasture, grassland, lea, grass, campo, prairie, grazing land, grasslands
層次层次céngcìadministrative levels, rank order, arrangement, arrangement of ideas, stratification, levels, gradation, level, grade, hierarchy, coat, place
餐飲餐饮cānyǐncatering, foods, table
叉子叉子chāzifork, CL:把[ba3]
差別差别chābiédisparity, contrast, difference, discrepancy, differentiation, distinction, differential
差距差距chājùspatial difference
查詢查询cháxúninquire into/about
chāstuff, plug, get_in, insertion, insert, poke, thrust, tip, interposition, squeeze, stick, interpose, stick_in, stick in, shove
chāfork, pitchfork, prong, pick, cross, intersect, ‘X’, to cross, be stuck, to diverge, to open (as legs)
差點兒差点儿chàdiǎnr5not quite, not good enough, almost, barely, a bit different, just about to, nearly starting, on the verge of, erhua variant of 差點|差点[cha4 dian3]
拆除拆除chāichúdemolish, remove
chāisection, disaffiliate, unseal, rip, dismantle, dismantlement, unweave, pull down, take apart, tear open
長度长度chángdùlong measure, extent, long_measure, measurement, length, yardage, longness, linear measure
長壽长寿chángshòuChangshou suburban district of Chongqing municipality, formerly in Sichuan, longevity, ability to live long, long lived
產業产业chǎnyèestate, manufacture, industry, domain, manufacturing, property
chángintestines, old variant of 腸|肠[chang2]
chángto taste, to try, to experience, already, ever, once, old variant of 嘗|尝[chang2]
嘗試尝试chángshìattempt, try
廠長厂长chǎngzhǎngfactory director
場面场面chǎngmiànoccasion, tableaux, locale, front, theatre, appearance, facade, theater, scene, spectacle, scope
超越超越chāoyuèoverpass, get_ahead, outdo, overshoot, outstrip, overstep, excel, outgo, outgrow, outmatch, overpeer, surpass, tower, exceed, overrun, outrun, transcend, cut_across, forerun, outclass, soar, transgress, antecede, beggar, break, outdistance, surmount
倡導倡导chàngdǎoto advocate, to initiate, to propose, to be a proponent of (an idea or school of thought)
車主车主chēzhǔvehicle owner
稱號称号chēnghàoname, term of address, title
成交成交chéng jiāoconclude a transaction, clinch a deal, strike a bargain, close a deal
成效成效chéngxiàoeffect, result
成語成语chéngyǔChinese set expression, typically of 4 characters, often alluding to a story or historical quotation, idiom, proverb, saying, adage, CL:條|条[tiao2],本[ben3],句[ju4]
城裡城里chénglǐIn the city
乘車乘车chéngchēto ride (in a car or carriage), to drive, to motor
乘坐乘坐chéngzuòto ride (in a vehicle)
吃力吃力chīlìto entail strenuous effort, to toil at a task, strenuous, laborious, strain
池子池子chízipond, bathhouse pool, dance floor of a ballroom, (old) stalls (front rows in a theater)
乘客乘客chéngkèfare, rider, passenger
衝動冲动chōngdòngget excited, be impetuous
衝突冲突chōngtūconflict, clash
chóuto worry about
chòuwhiff, foul, malodorous, disgraceful, stinking, odorous, disgusting
chǒusurname Chou, shameful, ugly, disgraceful
出差出差chū chāito go on an official or business trip
出版出版chūbǎncome off the press, publish, come out
出汗出汗chū hànto perspire, to sweat
初期初期chūqīinitial stage, beginning period
出於出于chūyúproceed from, start from, stem from, start, proceed
除非除非chúfēiconj.: only if/when, unless
廚房厨房chúfángoffice, cookery, cookhouse, kitchen, cookroom, but, caboose
處罰处罚chǔfápunish, penalize
除夕除夕chúxīlunar New Year’s Eve
傳達传达chuándápass on, transmit, communicate
傳遞传递chuándìtransmit, deliver, transfer
傳真传真chuánzhēnportraiture, facsimile, fax
窗簾窗帘chuāngliánwindow curtains
處在处在chǔzàibe in, be (in a certain condition), be
chuǎngrush, temper oneself, charge, broke, cause, battle through, break, dash, temper oneself (by battling difficulties)
創立创立chuànglìfound, originate
辭典辞典cídiǎndictionary (of Chinese compound words), also written 詞典|词典[ci2 dian3], CL:本[ben3],部[bu4]
此後此后cǐhòuthenceforth, henceforth, since then, thereafter, after this, hereafter
辭職辞职cí zhíresign
聰明聪明cōngmingintelligent, bright, clever
此刻此刻cǐkèthis moment, now, at present
此時此时cǐshínow, this moment
從而从而cóngérconj.: thus, thereby
從中从中cóngzhōngout of, from among, therefrom
cuìbrittle, fragile, crisp, crunchy, clear and loud voice, neat
存款存款cúnkuǎndeposit, bank saving
達成达成dá chéngreach (an agreement)
答復答复dáfuanswer, reply
answer, reply, return (a call/etc.), reciprocate
generalized verb of doing with specific meaning determined by its object, strike, hit, fight, construct, forge, mix
打扮打扮dǎbandress/make up, deck out, pose as
打擊打击dǎjīstun, frustration, blow
打包打包dǎ bāoto wrap, to pack, to put leftovers in a doggy bag for take-out
打擾打扰dǎrǎoto disturb, to bother, to trouble
打架打架dǎ jiàstruggle, scrap, wrangle, fight, come to blows, box, scuffle, brawl
大膽大胆dàdǎncourageous, audacious, venture
大綱大纲dàgāngsynopsis, outline, program, leading principles
大都大都Dàdūfor the most part, mostly
大伙兒大伙儿dàhuǒr5everybody, everyone, we all, erhua variant of 大伙[da4 huo3]
大獎賽大奖赛dàjiǎngsàiGrand prize
大腦大脑dànǎobrain, cerebrum
大事大事dàshìimportant matter, nevermind, capper, overall situation, important events, major event, significant national events, major issue
大廳大厅dàtīngbig/main hall, parlor
大熊貓大熊猫dàxióngmāogiant panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca)
大於大于dàyúgreater than, bigger than, more than, >
dāifoolish, stupid, expressionless, blank, to stay
代價代价dàijiàreward, cost, cost (of doing sth.), forfeit, expense, damage, wages, payoff, terms, toll, price, wage
代理代理dàilǐact as agent/proxy
帶有带有dàiyǒuhave, partake of
貸款贷款dàikuǎnloan, credit
單一单一dānyīone, unitary, singular, monolithic, single
膽小胆小dǎnxiǎocowardice, timid
dǎngall bladder, courage, guts, gall, inner container (e.g. bladder of a football, inner container of a thermos)
當場当场dāngchǎngon the spot, then and there
蛋糕蛋糕dàngāocake, CL:塊|块[kuai4],個|个[ge4]
當代当代dāngdàithe present age, the contemporary era
當年当年dāngniánin those days, then, in those years, during that time, that very same year
當前当前dāngqiáncurrent, today’s, modern, present, to be facing (us)
當選当选dāngxuǎnget elected
dǎngward off, block, get in the way of
道德道德dàodévalue orientation, value-system, moral, code, moral principle, morals, morale, ethical motive, ethic, virtue, morality_play, morality, ethics, virtuousness, moral excellence
倒是倒是dàoshìactually, contrariwise
得了得了déleall right!, that’s enough!, (emphatically, in rhetorical questions) possible
得以得以déyǐcan, so that…can(may)…
等級等级děngjígraduated table, rate, degree, graduation, gradation, ordering, magnitude, caste, grade, social status, ranking, order, class, gree, scale of measurement, step, stream, estate, station, rating, value, echelon, order and degree, ordered series, scale, rubric, notch, division, rank, order of magnitude
等候等候děnghòuhold back, wait, look, expect, abide, await, hold off, tarry, expectation, hang_on
地帶地带dìdàibelt, side, corridor, zone, geographical zone, terrain, region, district
低于低于dīyúbe lower than
地形地形dìxíngtopography, physique, landscape, terrain, chorography, landform
to hand over, to pass on sth, to gradually increase or decrease, progressively
典禮典礼diǎnlǐreligious rite, celebration, ceremony, ceremonial occasion, exercise, observance, function, ceremonial, ritual, order, rite
點燃点燃diǎnránlight_up, light up, kindle, enkindle, burn, tind, light, inflame, ignition, set fire to, ignite, emblaze
電池电池diànchígalvanic pile, electric battery, pile, D, battery, cell, (electric) cell, electric_battery, element, voltaic pile
電飯鍋电饭锅diànfànguōelectric rice cooker
diūdiscard, put aside
調動调动diàodòngto transfer, to maneuver (troops etc), movement of personnel, to mobilize, to bring into play
動手动手dòng shǒuattack, get to work, hit out, begin, strike, hit, start work, handle, raise a hand to strike, fall, start action, touch
動機动机dòngjīmotif, need, reason, instance, ground, incentive, signal, intention, motive, motivation, inducement, cause
動態动态dòngtàisituation, the movement (in a certain sphere of human activity), development, trend, dynamic state, dynamic, trends
動員动员dòngyuánmobilize, arouse
dòngaperture, hole in the ground, kennel, puncture, excavation, perforation, bore, cave, howe, opening, gap, hole, orifice, scoop, hollow, cavity
dòngto freeze, to feel very cold, aspic or jelly
豆製品豆制品dòuzhìpǐnBean products
poison, toxin, narcotics
對立对立duìlìoppose, set sth. against, be antagonist to
對應对应duìyìngcorrespondence, harmonize, map, homologous, corresponding, mapping, agree, reciprocal, counterpart, represent, stand for, accord, equate, homologize, correspond
dūnmetric ton, acre, ton, m.[standard], ,A, MT, tonne, t
duǒavoid, hide, hide oneself, dodge, hide (oneself)
耳朵耳朵ěrduoauricle, lobe, lobule, ear, auditory, lap, lug, lappet
兒女儿女érnǚsons and daughters, young man and woman, children, young males and females, child
二維碼二维码èrwéimǎtwo-dimensional barcode, QR code
發覺发觉fājuélight upon, discovery, find, see, espy, discover, perceive, strike, come upon, detection, come across, happen upon, detect, chance upon, chance on
發射发射fāshèlaunch, project, discharge, shoot, transmit, emit
發行发行fāhángissue, publish, distribute, put on sale
punish, penalize
發布发布fābùissue, announce
罰款罚款fákuǎnto fine, penalty, fine (monetary)
法制法制fǎzhìlegal system and institutions, made in France
法規法规fǎguīrule of law, proscription, ordinance, codification, laws and regulations, law, legislation, interdiction, rule, code, statutes, statute, canon, legislative act, law and regulations, prescription, prohibition, ban
返回返回fǎnhuícome back, recur, turn back, come, hark back, regress, turn vehicle around, revert, come/go back, enter, return, go back, recall, take back, backtrack
繁榮繁荣fánróngflourishing, prosperous, booming
放大放大fàng dàmegascopic, blow_up, magnify, blow up, amplify, enhance, enlarge, enlargement
防治防治fángzhìprevent and cure, prophylaxis and treatment
放棄放弃fàngqìdepart, chuck up the sponge, scuttle, dispense with, throw in the towel, abort, throw in, flunk, foreswear, abnegate, pass, free, lay_down, abandonment, disclaim, part_with, pass_up, abdicate, release, ditch, abjure, jettison, waive, surrender, leave, give, recant, desert, give up, divest, yield, forswear, break, abandon, unguard, back_down, yield up, demit, relinquish, break_with, drop
分成分成fēn chéngdivide, split a bonus, divide into, divide (into)
分類分类fēn lèisort
分離分离fēnlíto separate
分解分解fēnjiěto resolve, to decompose, to break down
豐收丰收fēngshōubumper harvest
分享分享fēnxiǎngshare (joy/rights/etc.), partake of
風度风度fēngdùelegance (for men), elegant demeanor, grace, poise
風光风光fēngguangscene, view, sight
瘋狂疯狂fēngkuánginsane, frenzied, unbridled
support, straighten … up, support with the hand, place a hand on, help sb. up, relief, relieve, straighten sth. up, help … up, help, support with hand
fēnginsane, mad, wild
服從服从fúcóngto obey (an order), to comply, to defer
幅度幅度fúdùamplitude, breadth, extent, spread, range, spectrum, scope
福利福利fúlìwell-being, fringe_benefit, material benefits, social welfare, weal, welfare
vector, width of cloth, size, piece, m.[general],
負責人负责人fùzérénsponsor, point man, leading cadre, person in charge, undertaker, keeper
附件附件fùjiànenclosure, attachment (email), appendix
乾脆干脆gāncuìdirect, forthright
感想感想gǎnxiǎngsentiment, reflections, feeling, thoughts, impressions, impression
干擾干扰gānrǎodisturb, interfere
干預干预gānyùintervene, interfere
鋼琴钢琴gāngqínforte-piano, piano, pianoforte
鋼筆钢笔gāngbǐfountain pen, CL:支[zhi1]
高度高度gāodùhighly, greatly
高跟鞋高跟鞋gāogēnxiéhigh-heeled shoes
高大高大gāodàtall and big, great, massive
高溫高温gāowēnheat, high temperature
高原高原gāoyuánplateau, CL:片[pian4]
高於高于gāoyúgreater than, to exceed
搞好搞好gǎo hǎoto do well at, to do a good job
gǎowork, set up, work out, organize, cause, etc., produce a certain effect, secure, manage, get hold of, carry, produce, organization, generalized doing: do, start, get, do, be engaged in, generalized doing: work/manage/etc., make, generalized doing: do/work/manage/etc.
歌曲歌曲gēqǔmelody, aria, song, madrigal, chant, lied, tune
個兒个儿gèr5size, height, stature
隔壁隔壁gébìnext door
跟前跟前gēnqianthe front (of), (in) front, (in) sb’s presence, just before (a date), (of children, parents etc) at one’s side, living with one
更換更换gēnghuànchange, replace
跟隨跟随gēnsuíkeep abreast, succeed, heel, come after, keep up, follow, tag, pursue
工藝工艺gōngyìtechnology, craft
工作日工作日gōngzuòrìworkday, working day, weekday
更新更新gēngxīnrenew, replace
公認公认gōngrènpublicly known (to be), accepted (as)
公告公告gōnggàodeclared, placard, declare, proclaim, herald, announce, bill, decree, advertise
共計共计gòngjìto sum up to, to total
共享共享gòngxiǎngenjoy together, share
溝通沟通gōutōngcommunicate, link up
gōuditch, gutter, groove, gully, ravine, CL:道[dao4]
drum, CL:通[tong4],面[mian4], to drum, to strike, to rouse, to bulge, to swell
估計估计gūjìforecast, set, evaluate, rate, gauge, measure, count, assess, calculate, estimate, reckon, appraisal, compute, estimated, value, appraise, put, overrate, make, place, size_up
古老古老gǔlǎoancient, old
鼓掌鼓掌gǔ zhǎngclap one’s hands; applaud
鼓勵鼓励gǔlìencourage, urge
顧問顾问gùwèncounsellor, advisor, councillor, friend, consultant, counsellorship, counselorship, adviser, counselor
關懷关怀guānhuáishow loving care/concern for
關鍵关键guānjiànnub, turning_point, issue, crux, anchor, crux of the matter, juncture, hinge, mainstay, linchpin, lynchpin, key, backbone
guàifind sth. strange, blame
光榮光荣guāngrónghonor, glory, credit
光線光线guāngxiànray_of_light, shaft, beam, beam of light, radiation, light beam, sunray, light, lighting, ray, ray of light, shaft of light
广guǎngwide, spread, vast, expand, numerous
廣泛广泛guǎngfànextensive, wide-ranging
guǐsinister plot, apparition, dirty trick, sprite, spook, spectre, revenant, spirit, wraith, genie, bogle, specter, ghost
規劃规划guīhuàplan, program
櫃子柜子guìzicupboard, cabinet
gǔnto boil, to roll, to take a hike, Get lost!
guōpot, pan, boiler, CL:口[kou3],隻|只[zhi1]
國民国民guómíncitizen, country, citizenry, a people, nationality, nation, folk, subject, people, nationals, national, commonwealth, son, land
過於过于guòyúto a fault, unduly, too_much, troppo, over-, excessively, too, too much
過敏过敏guòmǐnoversensitive, allergic, allergy
hàiharm, injure, kill
過度过度guòdùtoo, excessively
好運好运hǎoyùngood luck
號召号召hàozhàocall, appeal (for supporters)
hànsee 可汗[ke4 han2], 汗國|汗国[han2 guo2], perspiration, sweat, CL:滴[di1],頭|头[tou2],身[shen1], to be speechless (out of helplessness, embarrassment etc) (Internet slang used as an interjection)
合併合并hébìngmerge, amalgamate
合成合成héchéngprefabricate, composition, compound, synthesis, synthesize, synthesise, synthetic, synergistic, composite, compose
盒飯盒饭héfànmeal in a partitioned box
small box, case
賀卡贺卡hèkǎgreeting card, congratulation card
hènregret, hate, detest, be exasperated
盒子盒子hézibox, case, casket
後悔后悔hòuhuǐregret, repent
鬍子胡子húzibeard, mustache or whiskers, facial hair, CL:撮[zuo3],根[gen1], (coll.) bandit
hóumonkey, CL:隻|只[zhi1]
華語华语HuáyǔChinese language
huáslippery, smooth, cunning, crafty
畫面画面huàmiànframe, tableau, picture plane, picture, general appearance of a picture, picture_plane, appearance, TV screen, video
劃分划分huàfēndivide, differentiate
環節环节huánjiéround segment, segment (of annelid worms), connection, link, sector, annular ring
慌忙慌忙huāngmángin a great rush, in a flurry
huāngto get panicky, to lose one’s head, (coll.) (after 得) unbearably, terribly
灰色灰色huīsèpessimistic, grey, ashy, grayness, ambiguous, grizzle, gloomy, gray, greyness, obscure
回報回报huíbàorepay, reciprocate, retaliate
回顧回顾huígùlook back, review
迴避回避huíbìto shun, to avoid (sb), to skirt, to evade (an issue), to step back, to withdraw, to recuse (a judge etc)
回頭回头huítóuturn one’s head, turn round, repent
恢復恢复huīfùresume, renew, recover, regain, restore, reinstate, rehabilitate
回信回信huíxìnto reply, to write back, letter written in reply, CL:封[feng1]
匯款汇款huìkuǎnto remit money, remittance
活力活力huólìjuvenility, sprightliness, pulse, youthfulness, stamina, bounciness, birr, sparkle, will, vigor, life, energy, vinegar, zap, vim, viridity, pride, livingness, vis, starch, get-up-and-go, mercury, vitality, zing, ginger, sap, pepper, zip, bang, verve, verdure, lifeblood, devilry, dynamism, nature, oomph, vigour, flush, punch, ambition, virility, life-blood, liveliness, pazazz, peppiness, pep, p
活潑活泼huópolively, vivacious, vivid
迴憶回忆huíyìrecollect, recall
火柴火柴huǒcháimatch (for lighting fire), CL:根[gen1],盒[he2]
火腿火腿huǒtuǐham, CL:個|个[ge4]
或是或是huòshìconj.: or, perhaps
機器人机器人jīqìrénmechanical person, robot, android
火災火灾huǒzāifire disaster, conflagration
肌肉肌肉jīròubrawn, muscular, beef, flesh, muscle, thew, sinew
基金基金jījīnfinances, endowment fund, foundation, fundation, treasury, fund, corpus, endowment, exchequer, investment firm, investment trust, investment company
即使即使jíshǐconj.: even, even if/though
squeeze, press
集團集团jítuánpopulation, aggregate, circle, clique, grouping, bloc, phalanx, group, knot, aggregation
加熱加热jiā rèto heat
繼承继承jìchénginherit, carry on
技能技能jìnéngknow-how, mastery of a technique, ability, acquisition, acquirement, mastery of a skill, proficiency, skill, craft, technical ability, technique, mastery of a skill/technique, facility, quality, faculty
加上加上jiāshangconj.: in addition (to)
加速加速jiāsùquicken, accelerate, expedite
jiāpress from both sides, place in between, mix, mingle, intersperse, carry secretly
加以加以jiāyǐhandle; treat (used before polysyllabic verbs or verbal nouns)
駕駛驾驶jiàshǐdrive (vehicle), pilot (ship/plane)
jiàprice, value, (chemistry) valence, great, good, middleman, servant
駕照驾照jiàzhàodriver’s license
堅定坚定jiāndìngstabilizing, firm, steadfast, staunch, strengthen
艱難艰难jiānnándifficult, hard
檢驗检验jiǎnyàntest, examine, inspect
減輕减轻jiǎnqīnglighten, ease, mitigate
jiǎnsurname Jian, scissors, shears, clippers, CL:把[ba3], to cut with scissors, to trim, to wipe out or exterminate
剪刀剪刀jiǎndāoscissors, CL:把[ba3]
剪子剪子jiǎnziclippers, scissors, shears, CL:把[ba3]
間接间接jiànjiēcollaterally, indirect, collateral, indirectly, roundabout, secondhand
建造建造jiànzàobuild, construct, make
健全健全jiànquánsound, perfect
jiǎdet.: first, first of the ten Heavenly Stems
建築建筑jiànzhùbuild, construct, erect
jiànkey (on a piano or computer keyboard), button (on a mouse or other device), chemical bond, linchpin
jiāngbe about to
獎勵奖励jiǎnglìreward, award
將要将要jiāngyàowill, shall, to be going to
交代交代jiāodàihand over, explain, make clear, brief, tell, account for, justify oneself, confess
膠帶胶带jiāodàiadhesive tape, rubber belt, recording tape
郊區郊区jiāoqūsuburban district, outskirts
腳步脚步jiǎobùfootfall, tread, pace, foot, footstep, step
接連接连jiēliánon end, in a row, in succession
解除解除jiěchúremove, relieve, get rid of
接觸接触jiēchùcome into contact with, get in touch with, engage, contact
解放解放jiěfàngliberate, emancipate
jièkeep off, guard against, drop, keep from, stop, refrain from, desist from, forbear from, abstain from, exhort, avoid, admonition, give up, admonish, exhortation, warn
緊緊紧紧jǐnjǐnclosely, tightly
儘可能尽可能jǐnkěnéngas far as possible, to do one’s utmost
儘管尽管jǐnguǎnconj.: even though, despite
進化进化jìnhuàevolution, CL:個|个[ge4]
近來近来jìnláinewly, of late, lately, fresh, new, latterly, in recent times, freshly, yesterday, late, recently
經費经费jīngfèifinances, monetary resource, expenses, expense, expenditure, pecuniary resource, fund, outlay, funds, outgo, cash in hand
景象景象jǐngxiàngprospects, spectacle, scene, picture, sight, show
警告警告jǐnggàowarn, admonish
競賽竞赛jìngsàicontest, competition
救災救灾jiù zāito relieve disaster, to help disaster victims
居然居然jūránunexpectedly, to one’s surprise, go so far as to
局面局面júmiànaspect, picture, state of affairs, situation, conjuncture, facet, position, phase
局長局长júzhǎngchief, head of bureau, director (of…), superintendent, commissioner, director
拒絕拒绝jùjuédeny, rebut, bar, repel, naysay, scout, abnegate, overrule, reject, decline, disclaim, eliminate, refusal, deduct, turn away, snub, shut, thumb, debar, abjure, override, exclude, recant, turndown, withhold, renunciate, retract, repudiate, forswear, turn_down, turn down, nill, kick, brush_off, repulse, rule out, brush off, recoup, pass up, rebuff, rejection, renounce, refuse, nix, foreclose
俱樂部俱乐部jùlèbùclub, (social) club, casino, Verein
劇本剧本jùběnpart, playbook, drama, script, play, scenario, libretto
舉動举动jǔdòngbehaviour, demeanor, dealing, deportment, motion, proceeding, conduct, behavior, demeanour, movement, comportment, action, move
絕望绝望jué wànggive up all hope, despair
軍人军人jūnrénsoldiery, soldier, swordsman, buffcoat, armyman, serviceman, military
決不决不juébùnohow, definitely not, anywise, scarcely, noway, nothing, never, in no way
開幕开幕kāi mùopen, inaugurate (meeting/etc.), raise curtain
開幕式开幕式kāimùshìopening ceremony
看成看成kànchéngtake for/as, as, look upon .. as, take for, take as, regard … as
看待看待kàndàiapprehend, treatment, treat, look upon, regard
看出看出kàn chūperceive, tell, see, espy, discover, discern, make out, descry
烤肉烤肉kǎoròubarbecue (lit. roast meat)
考核考核kǎohéto examine, to check up on, to assess, to review, appraisal, review, evaluation
靠近靠近kàojìncome near, hug, stand_by, come on, nigh, snuggle, go up, be close to, near, be nearby, approach, draw near, cling, meet
烤鴨烤鸭kǎoyāroast duck
hāisound of sighing, cough
grain, m.[general],
可憐可怜kěliáncondole with, have pity on, sympathize with, abject, compassionate, lugubrious, feel for, pity
can, may
可惜可惜kěxīit’s a pity, unfortunately, it’s too bad
渴望渴望kěwàngto thirst for, to long for
客戶客户kèhùclientage, custom, customer, client, business, patronage, clientele
客氣客气kèqibe polite, stand on ceremony
課題课题kètítask, problem, question for study, subject, topic, question for discussion, discussion, topical, question for study/discussion
客廳客厅kètīngfront room, livingroom, parlour, salon, family room, parlor, drawing_room, living_room, drawing room, sitting_room, living room, sitting room, drawing, drawing/living room
空中空中kōngzhōngin_the_air, air, in the sky, sky, aerial, open air/sky, open air, space, open sky, midair
口號口号kǒuhàomotto, shibboleth, slogan, watch word, watchcry, catchword, war_cry, cant, watchword, buzzword
控制控制kòngzhìcontrol, dominate, command
肯定肯定kěndìngaffirm, approve, regard as positive
warehouse, storehouse, (file) library
快活快活kuàihuomerry, cheerful, liven, jaunty, jolly, brighten, happy
kuángmad, wild, violent
luòcome down, have, remain where one is, go under, leave behind, lower, decline, stay behind, lag behind, dip, precipitate, go down, be missing, fall/leave/stay behind, belong to, set (of sun), drop, ebb (of tide), set, receive, set down, drop behind, light, rest with, obtain, fall, leave/stay behind, fall onto, turn over to, fall behind, sink, get, ebb, land, leave out
困擾困扰kùnrǎoperplexity, puzzle
kuīdeficiency, deficit, luckily, it’s lucky that…, (often ironically) fancy that…
來信来信láixìnincoming letter, send a letter here
lànrot, sodden, deteriorate, fester, mushy, mashed, dissolute, poor, worn-out, decayed, rotten
朗讀朗读lǎngdúto read aloud
浪漫浪漫làngmàndissolute, debauched, romantic
pear, CL:個|个[ge4]
勞動劳动láodongwork, labor
禮貌礼貌lǐmàocourtesy, politeness, manners
gift, present
厲害厉害lìhaiterrible, devastating, tough, sharp
立場立场lìchǎngview, stance, language, stand, ground, capacity, standing, situation, position, perspective, standpoint, stand(point)
連接连接liánjiēassociate, coupled, conjoin, join, cable, interface, tie_in, joint, tie in, couple up, connect, bring together, couple, relate, conjunct, unite, couple_on, tie, couple on, attach, link
聯想联想liánxiǎngabbr. for 聯想集團|联想集团[Lian2 xiang3 Ji2 tuan2], to associate (cognitively), to make an associative connection, mental association, word prediction and auto-complete functions of input method editing programs
set up, erect
臉盆脸盆liǎnpénwashbowl, basin for washing hands and face, CL:個|个[ge4]
戀愛恋爱liànàilove, romantic attachment
兩岸两岸liǎngànboth sides of a river, both sides of the Taiwan Straits (I.e., Chinese Mainland and Taiwan)
臉色脸色liǎnsèbrow, countenance, facial_expression, look, facial expression, colouring, complexion
鈴聲铃声língshēngring, ringtone, bell stroke, tintinnabulation
領帶领带lǐngdàinecktie, CL:條|条[tiao2]
lìngmake, cause
流動流动liúdòngflow, go from place to place
líng(small) bell, CL:隻|只[zhi1]
漏洞漏洞lòudòngleak, flow, hole, loophole
lòuto leak, to divulge, to leave out by mistake, waterclock or hourglass (old)
落實落实luòshífix/decide in advance, ascertain, make sure, fulfill, implement, put into effect
碼頭码头mǎtoucommercial/transportation center, port city, landing, pier, marina, commercial center, quay, wharf, levee, landing place, jetty, commercial, stage, commercial and transportation center, transportation center, wharfage, staith, dock
買賣买卖mǎimaibuying and selling, business deal/transaction, (small) merchant enterprise
漫長漫长mànchángvery long, endless
毛筆毛笔máobǐwriting brush, CL:枝[zhi1],管[guan3]
漫畫漫画mànhuàtakeoff, cartoon, caricature
màorisk, brave
chew_out, vituperate, dispraise, condemnation, condemn, baste, scold, rate, curse, tear_apart, chide, call names, abuse, reprove, rebuke, fling, thunder, reproof, swear
貿易贸易màoyìdeal, carriage trade, trade, business, commerce
méifiring, coal
煤氣煤气méiqìcoal gas, gas (fuel)
門診门诊ménzhěnoutpatient service
迷信迷信míxìnhave blind faith in, make fetish of
面貌面貌miànmàoaspect, face, physiognomy, look, vestige, visage, appearance, features
迷人迷人mírénbeguile, enamor, charm, becharm, enchanting, charming, enwrap, attractive
miǎochronograph, m.[standard], ,s, sec, second
敏感敏感mǐngǎnsubtle, susceptible, vulnerable, be sensitive, sensitive
明亮明亮míngliàngbrighten, well-lit, shining, bright
面子面子miànzireputation, face, prestige
明明明明míngmíngobviously, plainly
命令命令mìnglìngcommend, order
模仿模仿mófǎngimitate, follow example of
模範模范mófànmodel, fine example
模糊模糊móhudim, fade, befog, blur, mix up, slur, fade out, blear, confuse, obscure
模式模式móshìexample, normal, rule, formula, pattern, form, shape, style, way, mode, convention, fashion, model
摩擦摩擦mócāfriction, rubbing, chafing, fig. disharmony, conflict, also written 磨擦
摩託摩托mótuōmotor (loanword), motorbike
模樣模样múyàngsign, air, aspect, form, look, front, appearance, shape, suggestion
目光目光mùguāngsight, vision, view, gaze, look
男性男性nánxìngbrother, male, him, man, male sex, adult male, mankind, masculine, mother’s son, masculinity
南北南北nánběinorth and south, from east to west, north-south
耐心耐心nàixīnnerves, forbearance, longanimity, endurance, patience
南極南极nánjísouth pole
難得难得nándéhard to come by, rare, seldom
難以难以nányǐbe difficult to
能量能量néngliàngenergy, capabilities
內在内在nèizàiinhesion, intrinsic, internality, inherent, internal, immanence, inherence
年齡年龄niánlíngsummer, age
年度年度niándù(school/etc.) year
年前年前niánqián…years ago
腦子脑子nǎozibrain, mind, head
牛仔褲牛仔裤niúzǎikùjeans, CL:條|条[tiao2]
niúox, cattle, cow
農產品农产品nóngchǎnpǐnagricultural products, farm produce
nuǎnwarm, to warm, variant of 暖[nuan3], warm
女性女性nǚxìnglady, female sex, womankind, feminie, female, sex, petticoat, femininity, female person, woman, she, patroness, womanhood, fair, feminine
偶然偶然ǒuránaccidentally, occasionally
偶像偶像ǒuxiàngmammet, god, Baal, hoodoo, icon, idol, image, effigy, fetich, fetish, model, graven image, matinee idol, swami, iconology, voodoo, joss, obeah, pagod, juju
偶爾偶尔ǒuěronce in a blue moon, from time to time, hardly ever, every so often, now and again, seldom, infrequently, on occasion, rarely, betweenwhiles, scarcely, unusually, occasionally, sporadically, every now and then, at times, now and then, once in a while
排除排除páichúget rid of, remove, eliminate
拍攝拍摄pāishètake (picture), shoot (film)
péicompanion, see, escort, accompany, keep … company, keep sb. company, assist, keep company, compensate, company
péito compensate for loss, to indemnify, to suffer a financial loss
賠償赔偿péichángcompensate, pay for
pángside, by the side of, other
配套配套pèi tàoto form a complete set, coherent
pēnsplosh, spray, sprinkle, spout, puff, gush, splash, spurt
pénbasin, flower pot, unit of volume equal to 12 斗 and 8 升, approx 128 liters, CL:個|个[ge4]
to drape over one’s shoulders, to open, to unroll, to split open, to spread out
皮膚皮肤pífūleather, chap, integument, hide, cutis, complexion, brunet, cutaneous, bark, fell, derma, brunette, skin, transplant
脾氣脾气píqikidney, dispose, irritation, surliness, behavior, temper, pique, habit, mould, irritability, bile, bad temper, biliousness, temperament, characteristic, dander, pettishness, disposition, stubborn disposition, blood, snappishness, proclivity, peevishness, grain
皮鞋皮鞋píxiéleather shoes
piànchisel, cozen, palter, green, cheat, slang, put one over, defraud, befool, trick, jockey, victimize, outjockey, take in, leap on a horse, gum, put on, pigeon, humbug, betray, fob, flimflam, dupe, gyp, illude, mulct, deceit, put one across, rook, gull, bunco, hoodwink, beguile, diddle, fox, bilk, swindle, cod, fool, do, nobble, sting, deceive, con
騙子骗子piànziswindler, a cheat
頻道频道píndàochannel, transmission channel, frequency channel
pīnto piece together, to join together, to stake all, adventurous, at the risk of one’s life, to spell
頻繁频繁pínfánfrequent, often
pǐnarticle, commodity, product, goods, kind, grade, rank, character, disposition, nature, temperament, variety, to taste sth, to sample, to criticize, to comment, to judge, to size up
品種品种pǐnzhǒngbreed, variety, CL:個|个[ge4]
平坦平坦píngtǎnlevel, even, smooth, flat
平原平原píngyuánchampaign, plain, campagna, field, park, flatlands
評論评论pínglùncomment, commentary, review
評估评估pínggūestimate, evaluate
píngbased on, according to
to splash, to spill, rough and coarse, brutish
葡萄酒葡萄酒pútaojiǔ(grape) wine
det.: its, his, her, their, it, this, that
齊全齐全qíquánall in readiness, assort, complete
啟發启发qǐfāenlighten, stimulate
啟事启事qǐshìannouncement (written, on billboard, letter, newspaper or website), to post information, a notice
期望期望qīwàngexpectation, hope
氣象气象qìxiàngmeteorologic, advection, isotherm, meteorology, cirrocumulus, meteorological, altostratus, atmosphere, prevailing spirit/atmosphere, scene, nimbus, prevailing atmosphere, climatic phenomenon, cirrostratus, cumulonimbus, prevailing spirit, meteorological phenomena, altocumulus
簽訂签订qiāndìngconclude and sign (treaty/contract/etc.)
qiānsign, autograph
起碼起码qǐmǎat least
簽名签名qiānmíngsign one’s name, autograph
簽約签约qiān yuēsign a contract
簽字签字qiān zìto sign (one’s name), signature
前景前景qiánjǐngoutlook, perspective, prospect, expectation, vista, foreground
氣體气体qìtǐexhaust, fume, gaseous, gas, exhaust fumes, pneumatic, gaseity, mofette, fumes
qiàndeficient, to owe, to lack, yawn
qiāngrifle, gun
前提前提qiántíprecondition, prerequisite, reason, premiss, antecedent, stipulation, premise, presupposition, hypothesis, induction, condition
強度强度qiángdùstrength, intension, kick, degree, emphasis, intensity, depth, intensiveness
搶救抢救qiǎngjiùrush to save
強迫强迫qiǎngpòrequire, oust, press-gang, impose, obtrude, coerce, sandbag, coercion, force (sb. to do sth.), enforce, pressure, compel, force, compulsory, push out, hustle, constrain, blackmail, strain, starve, oblige, thrust out, thrust, bear, impel, bulldoze, dragoon, force-feed, blackjack, high-pressure
悄悄悄悄qiāoqiāosilently, stealthily, quietly
qiǎngpillage, loot, vie for (work/etc.)
qiáolook at, lay eyes on, behold, see, look, glaum, regard
qiāoto hit, to strike, to tap, to rap, to knock, to rip sb off, to overcharge
勤奮勤奋qínfènhardworking, diligent
qínqin, a seven-stringed plucked instrument, general name for stringed instruments, zither-like instrument, general name for certain musical instruments
qīngnature’s color, green, blue, greenish black
敲門敲门qiāo ménto knock on a door
清理清理qīnglǐsettle (accounts/etc.), sort out affairs
清晨清晨qīngchénearly morning
區域区域qūyùarea, region, district
晴朗晴朗qínglǎngsunny and cloudless
全都全都quándōuall, without exception
情節情节qíngjiéplot, verisimilitude, buildup, scenario, literary argument, argument, circumstances, story, clue, intrigue, details, action
全世界全世界quánshìjièworldwide, entire world
情形情形qíngxingcircumstance, trimness, event, trim, instance, state of affairs, case, circumstances, status, situation, condition
quànencourage, urge, talk, advise, advice, persuade, prevail, encouragement, try to persuade, exhort
quánspring (small stream), mouth of a spring, coin (archaic)
缺乏缺乏quēfábe short of, lack
確立确立quèlìradicate, entrench, establishment, build, establish, establish firmly
群眾群众qúnzhòngswarm, posse, herd, huddle, ruck, concourse, crowd, varletry, the masses/People, lineup, throng, the masses, mob, multitude, press, mobility, clamjamfry, People, crush, jam, horde, the People, confluence, army, flock, mass
群體群体qúntǐpopulation, community, society, grouping, group, colony, groups
熱量热量rèliàngheat, quantity of heat, calorific value
rǎnto dye, to catch (a disease), to acquire (bad habits etc), to contaminate, to add color washes to a painting
熱門热门rèménfavorite, in great demand, popular
人間人间rénjiānthe human world
人士人士rénshìpublic figure, personage
人物人物rénwùcharacter, persona, original, spirit, figure painting, character in literature, figure, person in literature, person, fish, personage, personality
rěnforbear, endure, put up with, be hardhearted enough to, hold back, bear, bide, toleration, tolerate, have the heart to, tolerance
人力人力rénlìstrength, manpower, resources, manual labor
忍不住忍不住rěnbuzhùunable to endure, can’t help but do something, can’t help but do sth., cannot help, unable to bear, can’t bear
ràocircle, revolution, coil, wind, revolve around sth., entwine, weave, baffle, go around, confuse, go round, thread, move round, revolve, confusion, meander, make a detour, bypass, reel, be fuddled, detour, become entangled
rènto recognize, to know, to admit
認定认定rèndìngfirmly believe, set one’s mind on sth.
忍受忍受rěnshòuforbear, hack, dree, stomach, abide, hurt, aby, hold still for, stick, brave out, live on, ache, endure, cut, swallow, suffer, brave, brook, bide, thole, digest, receive, stand, absorb, go, put up, hold out, live, hold up, sustain, abye, support, stand_for, bear, stand for, survive, last, tolerate, weather
rēngto throw, to throw away
如此如此rúcǐthus, like this, such
仍舊仍旧réngjiùstill, as before
入門入门rùménentrance door, to enter a door, introduction (to a subject)
如同如同rútónglike, similar to
軟件软件ruǎnjiàn(computer) software
如下如下rúxiàas follows
ruǎnsoft, weak, pliant, poor in quality
sànbreak up
to sprinkle, to spray, to spill, to shed
殺毒杀毒shā dúAntivirus
shāabatement, fight at close quarters, killing, go into battle, burn, reduction, slaughter, burn (of medicine), fight, smite, abate, massacre, diddle, reduce, weaken, liquidate, smash, kill, slay, smart
山區山区shānqūmountain area
shǎstupid, muddleheaded, stunned, silly
扇子扇子shànzifan, CL:把[ba3]
商標商标shāngbiāomarque, mark, trade name, brand, logotype, monotype, nameplate, label, idiograph, trademark
上級上级shàngjíhigher level/authority
上下上下shàngxiàabove and below, up and down, high and low, superior and inferior, senior and junior, old and young, ruler and subject, heaven and earth
上漲上涨shàngzhǎngrise, go up (of water level/prices/etc.)
稍微稍微shāowēikind_of, sort_of, a little bit, some, slightly, passably, somewhat, moderately, a little, ratherish, a bit
shéophidian, serpent, Indian python, snake, Python molurus, viper
shāoa little bit, any, slightly, a little, mezzo, poco, a bit
捨不得舍不得shěbudebe grudge doing sth., spare, begrudge, loathe to part with
捨得舍得shě deto be willing to part with sth
設想设想shèxiǎngimagine, assume, have consideration for
shèsociety, group, club, agency, (old) god of the land
shèloose, discharge in a jet, insinuate, go off, allude to, discharge, send out, fire, firing, shooting, emit, deliver, shoot
射擊射击shèjīshoot, fire
攝像摄像shèxiàngto videotape
攝像機摄像机shèxiàngjīvideo camera, CL:部[bu4]
攝影師摄影师shèyǐngshīphotographer, cameraman
shēnto stretch, to extend
深度深度shēndùmeasurement, fullness, profundity, depth, level, deepness, fulness, profoundness
shéngod, supreme, architect, Thor, superpersonality, Providence, providence, Deus, immortal, energy, numen, Being, divine, being, Surname, maker, Allah, vitality, look, deity, spirit, gum, omnipotent, anthropomorphism, expression, mind, soul, omniscience, immortality, omniscient, kami, Elohim, divinity
神經神经shénjīngnervus, nerve
深處深处shēnchùdepth, bowel, recesses, profound, oceanic abyss, depths, deep, recess
神情神情shénqíngpatina, way, expression, facial_expression, look, patine
生成生成shēngchéngto generate, to produce, generated, produced
昇高升高shēnggāoup, hike, ascend, come up, arise, move up, climb, go up, lift, wax, loft, soar, heighten, rise, mount, escalate
神奇神奇shénqímagical, mystical, miraculous
勝負胜负shèng-fùvictory or defeat, the outcome of a battle
shèngleave, be left (over), surplus, remnant, be left, remain
剩下剩下shèng xiabe left over, leave, be left (over), be left, remain
師傅师傅shīfuemperor, tutor of king, tutor of emperor, professional, address for service workers, master, general term of address in late 7 0 s an, general term of address in late 70s and 80s, master worker, tutor of king/emperor
詩歌诗歌shīgēpoem, CL:本[ben3],首[shou3],段[duan4]
時常时常shíchángnow_and_again, always, frequently, from_time_to_time, somewhile, oft, often
十足十足shízú1 0 0 percent;out-and-out;downright
時光时光shíguāngyears, times, days, hour, time
時機时机shíjīmoment, day, an occasion, occasion, go, an opportune moment, opportunity, conjunction, conjuncture, juncture, a suitable (or right) time, turn, opportune moment
時事时事shíshìcurrent trends, the present situation, how things are going
實惠实惠shíhuìtangible benefit, material advantages, cheap, economical, advantageous (deal), substantial (discount)
shèto ascend in light steps, to pick up, to collate or arrange, ten (banker’s anti-fraud numeral)
使得使得shǐderender, wreck, compel, cause, make
示範示范shìfàndemonstrate, exemplify, exhibit
勢力势力shìlistrength, influence, potency, weight, hold, leverage, yoke, sway, force, steam, presence, power, puissance
試圖试图shìtúattempt, pretend, set about, try, seek, undertake
收購收购shōugòupurchase, buy
收集收集shōujícollect, gather
收拾收拾shōushiput in order, tidy up
手段手段shǒuduànresource, recourse, vehicle, wile, stratagem, gambit, artifice, instrument, twist, road, trick, ploy, shift, resort, polity, step, instrumentation, plan of attack, communication, artillery, finesse, means, channel, approach, implement, medium, gimmick, attack, device, refuge, method, instrumentality, stepping-stone, gateway, ministry, measure, way, tactic, expedient, quomodo, machinery, t
手法手法shǒufǎmanoeuvering, artifice, manner, hanky-panky, legerdemain, tactical manoeuver, trick, tactical maneuver, maneuver, technique, play, tactic, manoeuvre, modus_operandi, prestidigitation, stroke, tact, skill, maneuvering, sleight, implement, touch, gimmick
受災受灾shòu zāidisaster-stricken, to be hit by a natural calamity
視為视为shìwéiregard_as, deem, count, regard as, consider as, repute, look_on, regard/consider as, look_at, call, regard
shòuskinny, emaciated, thin, waste, lean (of meat)
書桌书桌shūzhuōdesk, CL:張|张[zhang1]
shǔrat, mouse, CL:隻|只[zhi1]
蔬菜蔬菜shūcàivegetal, kale, greenstuff, veggie, greengrocery, kail, greens, vegetables, truck, veg, sass, vegetable, vegetative
鼠標鼠标shǔbiāomouse (computing)
熟悉熟悉shúxiknow sth. well, know sb. well, get into, ken, have an intimate knowledge of, acquaint, know sth., know … well, familiar, know sth./sb. well, be familiar with, sb. well
摔倒摔倒shuāidǎoto fall down, to slip and fall, to throw sb to the ground
shuāithrow, cast/throw down/off, drop, plunge, lose one’s balance, off, swing, fall, tumble, throw down, cause to fall and break, cast down, cast, hurtle down, throw off, move backward and forward, fling, break
數目数目shùmùfigure, count, amount, number
雙手双手shuāngshǒulily-white, both hands
水產品水产品shuǐchǎnpǐnWater products
率領率领shuàilǐnglead, head, command
水分水分shuǐfènmoisture content, (fig.) overstatement, padding
水災水灾shuǐzāiflood, flood damage
說法说法shuōfaway of saying sth., wording, formulation, statement, version, argument
碩士硕士shuòshìMaster (of Arts), M.A., eminent scholar
私人私人sīrénone’s own man, private, personal relative, personal friend/relative, personal friend, confidant
sōuto search
四周四周sìzhōuall around, fringe, surrounding, periphery, environment, outer boundary, on all sides, on every side, vicinity
搜索搜索sōusuǒto search (a place), to search (a database etc)
宿舍宿舍sùshèberth, serai, hall, dorm room, lodging_house, dormitory room, dorm, hostel, billet, dormitory, living quarters, house
酸甜苦辣酸甜苦辣suān-tián-kǔ-làsour, sweet, bitter and spicy hot, fig. the joys and sorrows of life
隨意随意suí yìas one pleases
隨後随后suíhòusoon after
歲月岁月suìyuèprecession, years, days, time
思維思维sīwéithought, thinking
suìbreak to pieces, break … to pieces, garrulous, smash, knap, crumble, gabby, fragmentary, batter, broken
隨著随着suízhealong with, in the wake of, in pace with
損害损害sǔnhàiinjury, damage
所在所在suǒzàiubiety, location, place, locality
suǒto lock up, to lock, lock, old variant of 鎖|锁[suo3]
抬頭抬头tái tóuraise one’s head, gain ground, improve, go up (in price)
太空太空tàikōngfirmament, outer space
táilift, betray, carry (together), raise, carry, argue for the sake of arguing
dànpluck/play (musical instrument)
逃跑逃跑táopǎoto flee from sth, to run away, to escape
逃走逃走táo zǒurun away, flee
táoguy, escape, egress, scarper, break away, shrink from, fly, take flight, evade, run away, evasion, flee, run, shirk, turn tail, bunk, lam, dodge
桃樹桃树táoshùpeach tree, CL:株[zhu1]
討厭讨厌tǎo yàndisincline, to loathe, be disgusted with, to have a dislike of, scunner, to dislike, despise, keck, to take an aversion to, loathe, loathing, disrelish, hate, detest, dislike, disgusting, disfavor
桃花桃花táohuāPeach flower
特性特性tèxìngattribute, distinctive feature, tang, a character, appanage, a characteristic, nature, trait, differentiation, data, habit, lineament, shtick, tone, distinction, identity, property, characteristic, specificity, ring, specialty, hair, character, cast, idiosyncrasy, specific, diagnosis, chemistry, feature, peculiarity, quality
特有特有tèyǒucharacteristic, especial
特定特定tèdìngspecifically, ad-hoc, given, specially designated, specific, specialized, ad hoc, specified
提倡提倡tíchàngadvocate, encourage, recommend
提起提起tíqǐmention, speak of
提示提示tíshìto point out, to remind (sb of sth), to suggest, suggestion, tip, reminder, notice
體積体积tǐjīvolume, bulk
題材题材tícáisubject_matter, theme, material, content, subject, subject matter, depicted object
天才天才tiāncáigenius, talent, gift
天然氣天然气tiānránqìnatural gas
體力体力tǐlìbreath, brawn, strength, bottom, main, thews, stamina, vigor, energy, physical strength, vigour, vim, physical power, strength of body, vitality, physical power/strength, thew, muscle, sinew
tīngdepartment, provincial government department, office, lobby, salle, hall
調解调解tiáojiěto mediate, to bring parties to an agreement
通用通用tōngyòngcommon (use), interchangeable
調節调节tiáojiéregulate, adjust
停留停留tíngliústay for a time or at a place
偷偷偷偷tōutōuon the QT, secretly, stealthily, on the Q.T., in secret
土豆土豆tǔdòupotato, CL:個|个[ge4], (Tw) peanut, CL:顆|颗[ke1]
突破突破tū pòmake a breakthrough, surmount
articulation, utter, ptyalize, puke, articulate, vomit, spin, spew, tell, give up unwillingly, spit, speak out, spit up, disgorge, expectorate, cough up, spue, gob, throw up, say, cough out
團長团长tuánzhǎnghead of delegation, regimental commander, head of troupe/etc., chief of a delegation, head of a troupe, troupe, head of delegation/troupe/etc., chairman of a delegation, chief of a troupe, colonel, head of a delegation, etc.
推行推行tuīxíngcarry out, practice
脫離脱离tuōlídepart, disaffiliate, sever, wander, disengage, renegade, defect, secede, splinter, break away, drop_out, free, opt, extricate, bolt, separate oneself from, break up, be divorced from, separate, deviate, swerve, break_loose, prescind, escape_from, pervert
外界外界wàijièexternal world, external/outside world, the outside world, outside, environment, outside world, externality, external, the external world
完了完了wánliǎoto be finished, to be done for, ruined, gone to the dogs, oh no
為難为难wéinándisoblige, feel awkward, make things difficult for, create difficulties, feel embarrassed, embarrass, create difficulties (for sb.), be in a quandary, snarl, torment, bewilder, ride, bewildering
微博微博wēibómicro-blogging, microblog
為期为期wéiqīby/lasting (a definite time)
為止为止wéizhǐuntil, (used in combination with words like 到[dao4] or 至[zhi4] in constructs of the form 到…為止|到…为止)
違法违法wéi fǎillegal, be illegal, offend, violate, violate law, transgress, illegitimate, break the law
違反违反wéifǎnoutrage, depart, offend, violate, go_against, deviate, infringe, diverge, vary, go against, violation, contravene, transgress, infringement, infract, breach, break, run counter to
圍繞围绕wéiràoto revolve around, to center on (an issue)
違規违规wéi guīviolate rule/regulation
委託委托wěituōto entrust, to trust, to commission
唯一唯一wéiyīsole, one and only, only, unique
為主为主wéizhǔgive first place to
衛星卫星wèixīngman-made satellite, artificial satellite, moon, acolyte, satellite
溫和温和wēnhémild, moderate, temperate, tame, gentle
wèiventriculus, solar_plexus, venter, kyte, gizzard, belly, tummy, paunch, stomach, craw, gastric, breadbasket, gut, tum, abomasum
慰問慰问wèiwènto express sympathy, greetings, consolation etc
take hold of, agitate, grasp, double, bite, shake, hold
文藝文艺wényìliterature and art
污水污水wūshuǐslops, sewage, wastewater, sewerage, waste water, drainage, sewer water, slop, foul water, polluted water, waste, effluent
臥室卧室wòshìbedroom, CL:間|间[jian1]
無奈无奈wúnàibe helpless
污染污染wūrǎnpollute, contaminate
無疑无疑wúyísurely, undoubtedly, beyond doubt, certainty, pardi, certainly, easily
物價物价wùjiàcommodity prices
house, room, CL:間|间[jian1],個|个[ge4]
物業物业wùyèproperty, real estate, abbr. for 物業管理|物业管理[wu4 ye4 guan3 li3], property management
物質物质wùzhìstuff, material, substance, materiality, matter
西紅柿西红柿xīhóngshìtomato, CL:隻|只[zhi1]
喜劇喜剧xǐjùThalia, comedy, sock
西裝西装xīzhuāngsuit, Western-style clothes, CL:套[tao4]
drama, play, show
戲劇戏剧xìjùdramatic_work, dramatic composition, theatricals, dramatic work, stage, theatre, theater, drama, dramaturgy, play, dramatic art, boards, dramatics
xiàbounce, intimidate, frighten, daunt, bludgeon, scare, cow, bluster, horrify, huff, threaten
先前先前xiānqiánbefore, previously
鮮艷鲜艳xiānyànbright-colored, gaily-colored
xiǎndemonstrate, be obvious, manifest, appear, display, show
先後先后xiānhòuearly or late, priority, in succession, one after another
現有现有xiànyǒunow available, existing
現狀现状xiànzhuàngcircumstance, present conditions, actuality, current status, present situation, status_quo, status quo
xiànto offer, to present, to dedicate, to donate, to show, to put on display, worthy person (old)
xiánvariant of 閑|闲, idle, unoccupied, leisure, free time
線索线索xiànsuǒtrack, thread, cue, lead, handhold, purchase, scent, train of thought, clue, trail, key, clew, pointer
鄉村乡村xiāngcūncountry, countryside, campong, rural, rural area, village, Kampong, hamlet
相等相等xiāngděngequal, equally, equivalent
香腸香肠xiāngchángsausage, CL:根[gen1]
詳細详细xiángxìdetailed, minute
相應相应xiāngyingto correspond, answering (one another), to agree (among the part), corresponding, relevant, appropriate, (modify) accordingly
xiānghome village/town, country, countryside, native place, rural area, town, village, township (under county), township, country(side), home village, hamlet, home town
向上向上xiàngshàngupward, up, to advance, to try to improve oneself, to make progress
象徵象征xiàngzhēngsymbol, emblem, token
相聲相声xiàngshengcomic dialog, sketch, crosstalk
消毒消毒xiāodúto disinfect, to sterilize
消除消除xiāochúsmooth, lull, removal, cancel, eradicate, rase, to clear up, turn back, counteract, iron_out, wipe, drive off, abate, die, eliminate, drive away, obviate, avoid, exorcise, chase away, wipe out, annihilate, run off, unblock, drive out, stamp out, kill, lift, disarm, get rid of, slake, rid of, decimate, to remove, demagnetize, undo, to clear, sublate, carry off, blue-pencil, exterminate, sa
向前向前xiàngqiánforward, onward
消防消防xiāofángfight/prevent fire
消費者消费者xiāofèizhěcustomer, buyer, consumer
消極消极xiāojínegative, passive, inactive
xiēto rest, to take a break, to stop, to halt, (dialect) to sleep, a moment, a short while
協議書协议书xiéyìshūcontract, protocol
xiéoblique, inclined, tilted
心態心态xīntàistate_of_mind, state of mind, psychology
心疼心疼xīnténgto love dearly, to feel sorry for sb, to regret, to grudge, to be distressed
辛苦辛苦xīnkǔtry, endure hardship, work hard, tug, tote, lug
欣賞欣赏xīnshǎngappreciate, enjoy, admire
信箱信箱xìnxiāngpost-office box, mailbox, letter_box, letter box, postbox, box
行駛行驶xíngshǐgo (of vehicles/boats/etc.)
信念信念xìnniànconfession, tenet, strong belief, belief, creed, persuasion, conviction, opinion, faith
形態形态xíngtàiconfiguration, figuration, pattern, conformation, form, modality, appearance, contour, shape, morphology, morph
性能性能xìngnéngoperation, function (of machine, functioning, natural capacity, etc.), capability, behavior, capacity, performance, function, funtion, property, function (of machine/etc.)
雄偉雄伟xióngwěigrand, imposing, magnificent, majestic
xióngursine, Xiong, Surname, bear
休閒休闲xiūxiánleisure, relaxation, not working, idle, to enjoy leisure, to lie fallow
修復修复xiūfùto restore, to renovate, restoration, (computing) to fix (a bug)
修養修养xiūyǎngaccomplishment, training, mastery, self-cultivation
修建修建xiūjiànto build, to construct
選修选修xuǎnxiūstudy, read, take … as an elective course, take as an elective, take, learn
學科学科xuékēstudy, area, school subject, science, subject field, subject, course, subject area, discipline, branch of learning, course of study, field of study, branch of knowledge, field
學位学位xuéwèiacademic_degree, degree, academic degree
尋求寻求xúnqiúseek, explore
學者学者xuézhěacademic, literate, pandit, letters, litterateur, learned person, literati, philomath, pundit, academician, faculty member, scholar, bookman, clerk, student, scholarly person, man of letters, man of learning, speleologist, doctor, clerisy, initiate, swami, punditry, savant, learned man, sophist
許可许可xǔkěpermit, allow
押金押金yājīndeposit, down payment
詢問询问xúnwènask about, inquire
延伸延伸yánshēnextend, stretch
亞軍亚军yàjūnsecond place (in a sports contest), runner-up
鴨子鸭子yāziduck, male prostitute (slang)
嚴厲严厉yánlìstern, toughen, maul, severe
嚴肅严肃yánsùserious, solemn
言語言语yányuspoken language, speech
研究所研究所yánjiūsuǒgraduate_school, research institute, school, laboratory, graduate school, institute
眼光眼光yǎnguāngbrainstorm, eye, penetration, view, brainwave, way of looking at things, foresight, discernment, insight, vision, judgment, sight, taste
搖頭摇头yáo tóushake one’s head
也好也好yěhǎoparticle: showing hesitant acceptance; (in ~也好, ~也好/罷) showing the acceptance or introduction of choices
yǎoincriminate, grip, articulation, incriminate sb. else (usu. falsely), be nitpicking (about use of words), incrimination, articulate, bark, snap at, squeak, crunch, gnaw, tooth, pronounce, gnaw_at, prick, snap, knap, nip, bite off, begnaw, pronounce distinctly, pronunciation, be nitpicking, take, bite, seize with teeth, sting, incriminate sb. else
業務业务yèwùservice, practice, vocational work, line of work, affair, line, occupation, professional work, business, transaction
夜間夜间yèjiannighttime, evening or night (e.g. classes)
依法依法yīfǎin conformity with legal provisions, lawfully, in accordance with the law, wrongfully, legally, de jure, according to law
一流一流yīliútop quality, front ranking
依據依据yījùaccording to, on the basis of, judging by
依舊依旧yījiùas_usual, as was common, as usual, still, as before
一輩子一辈子yībèizi(for) a lifetime
一帶一带yīdàineighborhood, area, region, district
依照依照yīzhàoaccording to, in light of
一旦一旦yīdànconj.: once, some time or other
一句話一句话yījùhuàin a word, in short
一下兒一下儿yīxiàr5(used after a verb) give it a go, to do (sth for a bit to give it a try), one time, once, in a while, all of a sudden, all at once, erhua variant of 一下[yi1 xia4]
一下子一下子yīxiàziin a short while, all at once, all of a sudden
一路一路yīlùtaking the same route, throughtout the journey, all the way, all along, going the same way, through
一向一向yīxiàngtypically, all_along, up to now, always, consistently, all along, usually, forever
det.: second
以便以便yǐbiànconj.: so that, in order to, with the aim of
以往以往yǐwǎngin the past, formerly
一口氣一口气yīkǒuqìwithout a break, at one go, in one breath, holus-bolus
一身一身yīshēnwhole body, from head to toe, single person, a suit of clothes
意識意识yìshiconsciousness, witting, sensibility, conscious, conscience, ideology, awareness, subconscious, mentality
意味著意味着yìwèizheto signify, to mean, to imply
意志意志yìzhìvolition, will, zap, determination, pleasure, heart, willpower
因而因而yīnérconj.: consequently
飲料饮料yǐnliàostuff, bibation, drinkable, beverage, belly-wash, potation, quencher, soft_drink, slop, brewage, potable, drink
飲食饮食yǐnshídietetic, fare, food and drink, trencher, refection, diet
yìnghard, stiff, firm, tough, obstinate
擁有拥有yōngyǒuoccupy, have, receive, aught, hold back, keep, keep back, owe, retain, own, possess, possession, hold, seize, take, acquire, corral, hold on
用不著用不着yòngbuzháonot need, have no use for
用戶用户yònghùcustomer, subscriber, enjoyer, user, consumer
yīngshould, ought to
用來用来yòngláiin order to, so as to
優惠优惠yōuhuìgive preferential/special treatment
優先优先yōuxiānpreferential, preferred, priority
用于用于yòngyúuse in, use on, use for
由此由此yóucǐhereby, from this
猶豫犹豫yóuyùhesitant, fudge, oscillate, stagger, waver, be irresolute, scruple, irresolute, crane, pause, yo-yo, vacillate, hang, weaken, boggle, swither, dacker, balk, demur, swiver, hesitate
游泳池游泳池yóuyǒngchíswimming pool, CL:場|场[chang3]
有害有害yǒuhàidestructive, harmful, damaging
友誼友谊yǒuyìfellowship, comity, communion, attachment, companionship, friendly relationship, sodality, association, friendship, good-fellowship, friendliness, company, palship
有力有力yǒulìforceful, strong, potent, powerful
有利於有利于yǒulìyúbeneficial to
有著有着yǒuzheto have, to possess
羽毛球羽毛球yǔmáoqiúshuttlecock, badminton, CL:個|个[ge4]
預備预备yùbèiget ready, dight, set, ready, busk, preparation, store, set up, prepare, line, gear up, provide_for, provide, equip, outfit
羽絨服羽绒服yǔróngfúdown-filled garment
雨水雨水yǔshuǐrain, Rainwater, rainwater, Rainwater (second solar term), rainfall, Rain water (2nd solar term)
元旦元旦YuándànNew Year’s Day
預期预期yùqīexpect, anticipate
原理原理yuánlǐprinciple, tenet
園林园林yuánlíngardens, park, landscape garden
原先原先yuánxiānab initio, at_first, initially, at the start, in_the_beginning, at first, originally
原始原始yuánshǐoriginal, firsthand, primeval, primitive
yuànto blame, to complain
原有原有yuányǒuoriginally possess, previously exist
遠處远处yuǎnchùdistance, bottom, distant place, distant point
yuànwill, wish, may, desire
約束约束yuēshùcontrol, restrain, bind
月餅月饼yuèbingmoon cake
閱覽室阅览室yuèlǎnshìreading room, CL:間|间[jian1]
運行运行yùnxíngto move along one’s course (of celestial bodies etc), (fig.) to function, to be in operation, (of a train service etc) to operate, to run, (of a computer) to run
yùntransportation, wield, transport, revolve, utilize, use, dribble, bear, carry, utilization
月球月球yuèqiúthe moon
zāidisaster, calamity, old variant of 災|灾[zai1]
災害灾害zāihàitragedy, cataclysm, visitation, fatality, ravage, catastrophe, disaster, suffering, calamity
再次再次zàicìonce again, once_more, second time, again, a second time, over, third, once more/again, once more
災區灾区zāiqūdisaster area, stricken region
災難灾难zāinànaffliction, tragedy, adversity, catastrophe, wo, misadventure, calamitous, mishap, bad luck, tribulation, smashup, cataclysm, trouble, mischance, disaster, mucker, fate, calamity, scourge, plague, infliction, visitation, misfortune, casualty, suffering, melt-down
在場在场zàichǎngpresent, be present, be on the spot, stand_by, spot, be on the scene
在內在内zàinèi(included) in it, among them
暫停暂停zàntíngsuspense, suspended, suspend, intermit, set aside, discontinue, remit, stop, suspension, pause, break, time-out
再也再也zàiyě(not) any more
zāomassacre, muddle, spoiled (lit., flub, fig.), pickle, goof, bumble, rotten
糟糕糟糕zāogāoterrible, Too bad!, What a mess!
早期早期zǎoqīearly period, early phase, early stage
zēngadd, increase, rise, gain
增產增产zēng chǎnto increase production
增大增大zēngdàto enlarge, to amplify, to magnify
增多增多zēngduōincrease (in number/quantity)
增強增强zēngqiángstrengthen, enhance
zhāito take, to borrow, to pick (flowers, fruit etc), to pluck, to select, to remove, to take off (glasses, hat etc)
zèngto give as a present, to repel, to bestow an honorary title after death (old)
展覽展览zhǎnlǎnexhibit, show, display
贈送赠送zèngsòngpresent, complimentary, ladle, give_away, present … as a gift, proffer, gift, give, present as gift, donate, compliment, give … as a present
占領占领zhànlǐngto occupy (a territory), to hold
展現展现zhǎnxiànunfold before one’s eyes
展示展示zhǎnshìreveal, lay bare
占有占有zhànyǒuown, have, occupy, hold
zhǎngrise, go up (of water/prices/etc.)
漲價涨价zhǎng jiàrise in price
掌握掌握zhǎngwòtake … into one’s hands, know well, master, have in hand, grasp, command, possess, control
招生招生zhāo shēngrecruit students
招手招手zhāo shǒuto wave, to beckon
珍貴珍贵zhēnguìvaluable, precious
珍珠珍珠zhēnzhūpearl, CL:顆|颗[ke1]
珍惜珍惜zhēnxītreasure, value, cherish, foster, appreciate, hold dear, prize, care for
真誠真诚zhēnchéngsincere, genuine, true
真相真相zhēnxiàngfact, bottom, low-down, the real facts, dinkum, truth, real/true situation, size, score, real, lowdown, real situation, the real facts/truth, verity, the actual state of affairs, true situation, the real truth, the real situation
真理真理zhēnlǐgod, true, gospel truth, verity, true statement, truism, gospel, truth, veritas
振動振动zhèndòngto vibrate, to shake, vibration
震驚震惊zhènjīngshock, amaze, astonish
爭議争议zhēngyìcontrovert, controversy, dispute, disputation
正版正版zhèngbǎngenuine, legal, see also 盜版|盗版[dao4 ban3]
正如正如zhèngrújust as, precisely as
正規正规zhèngguīregular, standard
證實证实zhèngshíconfirm, verify
證書证书zhèngshūcredentials, certificate
掙錢挣钱zhèng qiánto make money
之內之内zhīnèiinside of, among, within
zhēngsee 掙扎|挣扎[zheng1 zha2], to struggle to get free, to strive to acquire, to make (money)
之外之外zhīwàibeyond, apart from, excluding
之中之中zhīzhōnginside, among, within
之下之下zhīxiàunder the condition of, under, beneath, below
執行执行zhíxíngcarry out, execute
支出支出zhīchūdefrayal, payout, outgo, outgoing, expense, disbursal, expenditure, outlay, disbursement
直線直线zhíxiànstraight line, sharply (rise or fall)
支配支配zhīpèiarrange, allocate, budget, control, dominate, govern
值班值班zhí bānto work a shift, on duty
職位职位zhíwèislot, appointment, character, berth, post, archbishopric, job, ministry, situation, office, position, spot, billet, place, posting
職能职能zhínéngfunction, role
只不過只不过zhǐbuguòonly, merely, nothing but, no more than, it’s just that …
只見只见zhǐjiànOnly see
指標指标zhǐbiāodirective, characteristic, guideline, quota, index, norm, indication, fingerboard, indicant, loadstar, guiding principle, target, needle, fingerpost, pointer, indicator
職務职务zhíwùengagement, job, part, office, line of duty, contribution, ministration, task, responsibility, commission, post, line of work, affair, hat, function, situation, occupation, line, province, share, duties, business, duty
指示指示zhǐshìindicate, point out, instruct
指責指责zhǐzécensure, criticize
製成制成zhìchénghew, make, successfully complete
zhìto, until, till
治安治安zhìānpeace, order, public security, police, public order, security, public order/security
制約制约zhìyuēto restrict, condition
中斷中断zhōngduànto cut short, to break off, to discontinue, to interrupt
中秋節中秋节Zhōngqiūjiéthe Mid-Autumn Festival on 15th of 8th lunar month
治理治理zhìlǐadminister, govern, bring under control, put in order
中央中央zhōngyāngcentral authorities (of state/party/etc.)
中藥中药zhōngyàotrad. Ch. medicine
終點终点zhōngdiǎnterminal point, destination, finish line
終身终身zhōngshēnlifetime, life, marriage, all one’s life, lifelong
終止终止zhōngzhǐstop, end
中毒中毒zhòng dúpoison, taint, be poisoned
週期周期zhōuqīperiod, cycle
眾多众多zhòngduōmultitudinous, numerous
主辦主办zhǔbànsponsor, direct, direction, host, give
主體主体zhǔtǐmain body, body, hypostasis, main body/part, subject, principal part, corpus, main part, part
主管主管zhǔguǎnperson in charge
助理助理zhùlǐaide, adjunct, coadjutant, assistant, ancillary, auxiliary
助手助手zhùshǒuassistant, helper
主導主导zhǔdǎoleading, dominant, guiding
注視注视zhùshìto watch attentively, to gaze at
註冊注册zhù cèregister
注重注重zhùzhònglay stress on, pay attention to
祝賀祝贺zhùhèto congratulate, congratulations, CL:個|个[ge4]
專輯专辑zhuānjíalbum, special issue, record album, special issue of periodical, short films, special collection of pamphlets, short films, etc., special collection of pamphlets, short f, etc.
轉化转化zhuǎnhuàto change, to transform, isomerization (chemistry)
轉換转换zhuǎnhuànchange, transform
轉讓转让zhuǎnràngtransfer (technology, goods etc), conveyancing (property)
轉向转向zhuǎn xiàngto change direction, fig. to change one’s stance, to get lost, to lose one’s way
zhuàngto knock against, to bump into, to run into, to meet by accident
資產资产zīchǎnresource, belongings, holding, material possession, asset, capital fund, competency, substance, property, capital, assets
資本资本zīběncapitalization, principal, principal sum, finance, sth. capitalized on, corpus, working capital, capital
子彈子弹zǐdànbullet, CL:粒[li4],顆|颗[ke1],發|发[fa1]
仔細仔细zǐxìcareful, be careful, look out
資助资助zīzhùto subsidize, to provide financial aid, subsidy
自殺自杀zìshācommit suicide
purple, violet, amethyst, Lithospermum erythrorhizon (flowering plant whose root provides red purple dye), Japanese: murasaki
自豪自豪zìháopride, pride oneself on
總裁总裁zǒngcáihead examiner, director-general, president, governor
總數总数zǒngshùresult, all, amount of money, aggregate, sum total, summation, amount, number, sum, total, tale, sum of money, totality, capita, quantity
總體总体zǒngtǐcompletely, totally, total, entire, overall, population (statistics)
總算总算zǒngsuànat long last, finally
自願自愿zìyuànvoluntary, act voluntarily
阻礙阻碍zǔàihinder, block, impede, bar
組織组织zǔzhītissue, nerve, weave, organization, organized system
尊敬尊敬zūnjìngrespect, honor, esteem
尊重尊重zūnzhòngrespect, value, esteem
遵守遵守zūnshǒuhonour, comply with, obey, keep, hold back, abide, keep back, comply, observe, abide_by, observance, abide by, respect, restrain, honor


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