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1000 từ vựng HSK 4 phiên bản mới

Từ khi HSK chuyển sang 9 cấp độ thay vì 6 cấp độ như trước thì số lượng từ vựng tăng lên rất nhiều. Hãy cùng O2 Education tham khảo 1000 từ vựng HSK 4 phiên bản mới.

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Từ vựng HSK 4 phiên bản mới

阿姨阿姨āyíaunt, child’s address to woman of similar age as parents, girl, babysitter, aunty, elderly unattached woman, cr#4 eche attendant, maiden aunt, family nurse, nursery/cr#4eche attendant, nurse, mother’s sister, auntie, nursery eche attendant, child’s address to woman of similar age, one’s mother’s sister
aparticle: used in direct address and exclamation; indicating obviousness/impatience/suggestion; used for confirmation
愛國爱国àiguólove one’s country, patriotic
ǎishort (of stature), low
愛護爱护àihùcherish, treasure, take good care of
矮小矮小ǎixiǎoshort and small, low and small, undersized
按時按时ànshíon time, before deadline, on schedule
安置安置ānzhìfind place for, help settle down, arrange for
暗示暗示ànshì(drop a) hint, suggest
ānsurname An, content, calm, still, quiet, safe, secure, in good health, to find a place for, to install, to fix, to fit, to bring (a charge against sb), to pacify, to harbor (good intentions), security, safety, peace, ampere
百貨百货bǎihuògeneral merchandise
ànunclear, dull, hidden, dim, dusk, secret, dark
bǎiplace, put, arrange
擺動摆动bǎidòngto sway, to swing, to move back and forth, to oscillate
擺脫摆脱bǎi tuōdisembroil, free oneself, cast/shake off, fling_off, break away from, shake_off, disinvolve, disentangle, shake off, shift, wangle, cast off, extricate oneself from, shake, waste, free oneself from, disburden, ditch, manage, lose, cast, unload, extricate oneself, prescind, unship, slip, wriggle, shunt
辦事办事bàn shìdispose, handle affairs, work
包裹包裹bāoguǒto wrap up, to bind up, bundle, parcel, package, CL:個|个[ge4]
bàidefeat, fail, lose, counteract, be defeated, beat, spoil, decay, wither
包括包括bāokuòconsist_of, consist of, subtend, embrace, comprise, incorporate, embody, involve, count, subsume, take_in, comprehend, incorporation, include, comprize, run, cover, package, consist in
包含包含bāoháncomprehend, consist of, subtend, imply, boast, go, colligate, include, hold, encompass, embrace, bear, carry, comprise, incorporate, cover, embody, connote, consist in, house, subsume, contain
寶寶宝宝bǎobaopet, sonny, darling baby, precious baby, baby, precious, poppet, sweetie, precious/darling baby
寶貝宝贝bǎobèitreasured object, treasure, darling, baby, cowry, good-for-nothing, odd character
寶貴宝贵bǎoguìvaluable, precious
寶石宝石bǎoshíprecious stone, gem
bàohold/carry in arms, adopt, hatch, brood
背景背景bèijǐngcontext, circumstance, locale, background, ground, stage setting, mise en scene, groundwork, background knowledge, frame, milieu, backcloth, scene, setting, backdrop
bèi-fold, multiplication, diameter, double, times, twice as much
保密保密bǎo mìmaintain secrecy, hide, conceal, keep sth. secret, keep secret, hold_back
本科本科běnkēundergraduate course, undergraduate (attributive)
báolacking in warmth, infertile, light, cold, weak, thin, despise, flimsy
畢業毕业bì yègraduate, finish school
bèndull, cumbersome, wooden-headed, clumsy, stupid, awkward
畢業生毕业生bìyèshēngalumnus, postgraduate, grad, alum, alumna, graduating class, graduate
avoid, preclude, evade, repel, prevent, forbid, ward off, shun, keep away, forestall, foreclose, stay away from
避免避免bìmiǎnforbear, preclude, refrain_from, forebear, escape, help, elude, leapfrog, refrain from, stave_off, evite, shun, obviate, avoid, evade, waive, help oneself, ward_off, ward, miss, avert, ward off, balk, refrain
被迫被迫bèipòforced, be forced, be compelled/forced, be compelled
辯論辩论biànlùnargue, debate
標志标志biāozhìearmark, banner, standing for, logo, symbol, marker, stamp, sign, symbolization, mark, emblem, seal, logotype, symbolizing, blip, marking, insignia
biāngroup, arrangement, arrange, invent, entwine, weave, organize, edit, compilation, write, invention, pleach, cook up, plait, make up, braid, raddle, fabricate, compose, compile, fabrication
表情表情biǎoqíngbrow, air, countenance, glow, look, cast, visage, expression, facial expression, gesture, business, dramatics, facial gesture
表揚表扬biǎoyángpraise, commend
冰箱冰箱bīngxiāngfrig, electric refrigerator, fridge, freezer, refrigerator, deepfreeze, icebox, reefer, cooler, refrigeratory
冰雪冰雪bīngxuěice and snow
bīngfighter, troops, armed force, arms, dogface, pawn in Ch. chess, military, weapons, private, soldier, ranker, joe, army, pawn, rank-and-file soldier
bìngto be side by side, simultaneously, and
不要緊不要紧bù yàojǐnunimportant, not serious, it doesn’t matter, never mind, it looks all right, but
不管不管bùguǎnconj.: no matter, regardless of
不在乎不在乎bù zàihunot to care
布置布置bùzhìdispose, embellish, arrange, set up, lay, assign, fix up, upholster
不然不然bùránconj.: otherwise, if not, or else
步行步行bùxínghoof it, tread, ambulate, leg it, foot, pedestrianize, footslog, tramp, go on foot, hoof, step, locomote, walk
cáithen and only then, just now, only (before a number)
swab, shave, spread on, scrape, apply sth. on, spread sth. on, touch lightly, wipe, grate, rub, put/spread on, brush past, brush, obliterate, chafe, efface, sweep, scratch, fray, put on, apply, besmear, put, polish, scrape into shreds, fret, scrub, mop, erase
材料材料cáiliàomaking, aggregate, stuff, ingredients, food, ingredient, data, fodder, material, datum, stock, makings, data point, timber
財富财富cáifùopulence, pile, worth, fortune, moneybag, riches, mammon, substance, wealth, wealthy, gold, lucre, means, shekel, pelf, opulency, money, oof, nabobery
財產财产cáichǎnaught, belonging, fortune, material possession, cash, riches, substance, assets, property, wealth, belongings, estate, seizin, thing, holding, possession, means, goods, asset, pelf, money, propertied, seisin, res, having
參考参考cānkǎoconsult, refer to
參與参与cānyùparticipate in
採訪采访cǎifǎngcover, interview, gather news
操場操场cāochǎngschoolyard, school ground, school yard, drill ground, sportsground, playing field, playground, sports ground
操作操作cāozuòoperate, manipulate
測量测量cèliángsurvey, measure
measure out, conjecture, measure, infer, survey, fathom
茶葉茶叶cháyètea, tea leaf, tea leaves
產品产品chǎnpǐnbaby, brand, output, product, produce, end product, merchandise, fruitage, growth, manufacture, wares, production
céngonce, ever, before
長途长途chángtúlong-distance, long distance
唱片唱片chàngpiànpressing, waxing, cut, disc, phonogram, phonograph record, record, disk, wax, phonorecord, platter, recording, gramophone record, phonograph recording
常識常识chángshínous, reason, mother_wit, general knowledge, common_sense, mother wit, horse sense, public knowledge, common sense, sense, good sense, gumption, commonsense, wisdom
抄寫抄写chāoxiěto copy, to transcribe
潮流潮流cháoliústream, tidal flow, tidal_current, tideway, trend, movement, wind, sea, fashion, tide, tidal current
chāoto make a copy, to plagiarize, to search and seize, to raid, to grab, to go off with, to take a shortcut, to make a turning move, to fold one’s arms
cháotide, current, damp, moist, humid
徹底彻底chèdǐthorough, drastic, exhaustive, outright, complete
潮濕潮湿cháoshīdamp, moist
chénsee 黑沉沉[hei1 chen1 chen1], to submerge, to immerse, to sink, to keep down, to lower, to drop, deep, profound, heavy
沉默沉默chénmòtaciturn, uncommunicative, silent
沉重沉重chénzhòngheavy, hard, serious, critical
成人成人chéngréngrownup, adult, majority, manhood, grown-up
稱贊称赞chēngzànto praise, to acclaim, to commend, to compliment
承擔承担chéngdānbear, undertake, assume
承認承认chéngrènreceive, acknowledge, okay, approbate, validate, recognize, avow, admittance, count, confess, sanctify, grant, countersign, avouch, admit, acknowledgement, reckon, own, sanction, give diplomatic recognition, concede, cede, give, ratify, agree, recognise, accept, recognition, yield, allow, endorse, profess
誠信诚信chéngxìngenuine, honest, in good faith, honesty, integrity
程序程序chéngxùrules of order, parliamentary law, instruction, process, procedure, agenda, instance, parliamentary procedure, system, order, proceeding, programme, method, sequence, course, program
吃驚吃惊chī jīngto be startled, to be shocked, to be amazed
承受承受chéngshòubear, support, endure, inherit (legacy/etc.)
遲到迟到chí dàotardy, be late, arrive late, be/come/arrive late, come, late, come/arrive late, be
chōngcharge, rush, dash
尺子尺子chǐzirule, ruler (measuring instrument), CL:把[ba3]
充電充电chōng diàncharge, electricize, refresh
充電器充电器chōngdiànqìbattery charger
尺寸尺寸chǐcunmeasurement, dimension
蟲子虫子chóngziinsect, bug, worm, CL:條|条[tiao2],隻|只[zhi1]
充分充分chōngfènfull, ample, abundant
chōulash, whip, thrash
抽獎抽奖chōu jiǎngto draw a prize, a lottery, a raffle
出口出口chū kǒuexport
抽煙抽烟chōu yānsmoke (pipe/etc.)
出色出色chūsèoutstanding, remarkable, splendid
出席出席chū xíattend, be present
處於处于chǔyúgo, be in, be (in a certain condition)
出售出售chūshòuoffer for sale, sell
穿上穿上chuānshangassume, wear, put_on, slip, enclothe, put on
窗戶窗户chuānghuwindow, casement
窗臺窗台chuāngtáiwindow sill, window ledge
傳統传统chuántǒngrule, patrimony, legacy, custom, heritage, convention, conventionality, routine, normal practice, common practice, tradition
chúnpure, simple
純淨水纯净水chúnjìngshuǐpure water
詞匯词汇cíhuìmental lexicon, vocabulary, wordbook, lexicon, word-stock, lexis, words and phrases
this, det.: this, here
此外此外cǐwàiconj.: besides, in addition, moreover
order, sequence, next
刺激刺激cìjīstimulate, provoke, irritate, upset
stab, prick, assassinate, irritate, stimulate, criticize
從此从此cóngcǐhereon, hence, henceforth, thereupon, therefrom, from now on, from then on
wide (in diameter), thick
粗心粗心cūxīncareless, thoughtless
促銷促销cùxiāomerchandise, sell
措施措施cuòshīmeasure, demarche, corrective, move, step
促使促使cùshǐincite, prod, prompt, spur, send, motive, induce, trigger, urge, bring on, cause, propel, shame, instigate, impel, actuate, motivate, bear on, push, get, move
generalized verb of doing with specific meaning determined by its object, strike, hit, fight, construct, forge, mix
促進促进cùjìnrush, help, step_up, advancement, progress, acceleration, subserve, encourage, facilitate, anticipate, accelerate, assist, fillip, expedite, advance, promotive, boost, further, provoke, hurry, redound, cultivate, induce, hasten, catalyze, speed, promote, contribute, impel, promotion, push, forward, stimulate, whet
答案答案dáànresult, script, resolution, solution, answer, key
打雷打雷dǎ léito rumble with thunder, clap of thunder
打敗打败dǎ bàirout, outplay, whip, scupper, wallop, mop up, finish, suffer a defeat, overrule, overwhelm, flog, rack up, whop, be beaten, overpower, subdue, overmatch, snooker, be defeated, larrup, outfight, overmaster, floor, whup, knock_off, best, drub, defeat, euchre, confound, lick, fall, outrival, worst, overthrow, convince, vanquish, beat, pip
打掃打扫dǎsǎoto clean, to sweep
打折打折dǎ zhéto give a discount
打針打针dǎ zhēnto give or have an injection
大多大多dàduōfor the most part, many, most, the greater part, mostly
大巴大巴dàbāa big coach, tourist bus
大方大方dàfangexpert, scholar, mother earth, a type of green tea, generous, magnanimous, stylish, in good taste, easy-mannered, natural and relaxed
大哥大哥dàgēeldest brother, elder brother, gang leader
大規模大规模dàguīmólarge scale, extensive, wide scale, broad scale
大會大会dàhuìsynod, moot, conference, plenary meeting, congress, rally, plenum, mass meeting, plenary session
大姐大姐dàjiěbig sister, elder sister, older sister (also polite term of address for a girl or woman slightly older than the speaker)
大樓大楼dàlóumansion, massif, hall, block, manse, edifice, building, multi-storied building, residence, mansion house
大媽大妈dàmāfather’s elder brother’s wife, aunt (affectionate term for an elderly woman)
大型大型dàxínglarge-size (machines/factories/etc.)
大陸大陆dàlùCh. mainland
大眾大众dàzhòngthe broad masses, roughscuff, the public, herd, concourse, commonality, riffraff, masses, commonness, the masses, throng, multitude, commonage, commonalty, plebeian, plebs, horde, the people/masses, community, the people, million, mass, public
大爺大爷dàyearrogant idler, self-centered show-off, (coll.) father’s older brother, uncle, term of respect for older man
代替代替dàitìfill in, replace, supply, supersede, replacement, substitute for, surrogate, oust, substitute, stand_in, stand in, cover, supplant, take the place of, fill_in, sub
dàipouch, bag, sack, pocket
待遇待遇dàiyùtreatment (salary/etc.)
dàiwear, put on (of accessories)
擔任担任dānrènhold the post of, take charge of, assume, take_charge, fill, shoulder, adopt, skipper, assume the office of, assume office of, act_as, take, act as, play, undertake, take over, take on
擔保担保dānbǎoto guarantee, to vouch for
擔心担心dān xīnworry, feel anxious
單純单纯dānchúnsimple, pure, plain, artless
dānsingly, alone
單獨单独dāndútete-a-tete, apart, unaccompanied, individually, singly, solely, alone, on one’s own
導遊导游dǎoyóutour guide, guidebook, to conduct a tour
倒閉倒闭dǎobìto go bankrupt, to close down
dàntasteless, light, wishy-washy, pale, thin, weak
倒車倒车dǎo chēto change buses, trains etc, to reverse (a vehicle), to drive backwards
得意得意déyìbe proud of; be exalted; be complacent
deshould be, need
導致导致dǎozhìbring, lead, bring_about, lead to, incite, result in, conduce, bring about, produce, bring_on, render, set off, spark_off, inspire, inflict, cause, land
燈光灯光dēngguānglight, lighting, the light of a lamp, illuminance, glim, illumination, lamplight
dēngto scale (a height), to ascend, to mount, to publish or record, to enter (e.g. in a register), to press down with the foot, to step or tread on, to put on (shoes or trousers) (dialect), to be gathered and taken to the threshing ground (old)
登記登记dēng jìregister, check in
登錄登录dēnglùto register, to log in
登山登山dēng shānengage in mountain-climbing, sport
的確的确díquècertainly, surely
敵人敌人dírénantagonist, enemy, enemy force, foeman, opponent, adversary, hostile force, foe, opposing force
地方地方dìfangcountry, soil, terrain, part, clime, way, territory, room, neighbourhood, tinderbox, locality (as distinct from the central administrat, child, tract, province, position, respect, where, region, space, place, local
underside, bottom, base, end, ground
地面地面dìmiàn(earth’s) surface, ground, floor, region
地位地位dìwèistation, estate, importance, appointment, character, footing, capacity, chair, estate of the realm, level, situation, status, standing, position, spot, connection, space, sphere, quality, place, condition
地下地下dìxiasubterranean, underground, secretly, subsurface, secret, secret activity
地址地址dìzhǐlocation, domicile, street address, address, name and address, destination
典型典型diǎnxíngtypical, representative
點名点名diǎn míngroll call, to mention sb by name, (to call or praise or criticize sb) by name
電燈电灯diàndēngelectric light, CL:盞|盏[zhan3]
電動車电动车diàndòngchēElectric vehicle
電梯电梯diàntīlift, elevator
電源电源diànyuánelectric power source
dǐngtop, tip
動畫片动画片dònghuàpiànanimated film
豆腐豆腐dòufutofu, bean curd
獨立独立dúlìstand alone
動搖动摇dòngyáototter, unnerve, faze, fluctuate, jounce, falter, oscillate, enervate, seesaw, stagger, waver, depolarize, vibrate, shaken, ferment, wabble, shake, churn, teeter, vacillate, wobble, rock, weaken, agitate, unsettle, sway, vacillation, hesitate
獨自独自dúzìunaccompanied, solely, by oneself, alone
獨特独特dútèspecial, distinctive, unique
to stop up, (to feel) stifled or suffocated, wall, classifier for walls
肚子肚子dǔzikyte, venter, womb, tummy, belly, stomach, paunch, abdomen, breadbasket, wame, tripe
堵車堵车dǔ chētraffic jam, choking
度過度过dùguòpass, spend (time/etc.)
對比对比duìbǐratio, correlation
鍛煉锻炼duànliànto toughen, to temper, to engage in physical exercise, to work out, (fig.) to develop one’s skills, to train oneself
多次多次duōcìmany times, repeatedly
對於对于duìyúin regard) to, toward, at, for
對付对付duìfucounter, deal/cope with, face, confront, cope with, fix, make do, handle, deal, tackle, deal with
多年多年duōniánfor many years
多種多种duōzhǒngmany kinds of, multiple, diverse, multi-
érconj.: and yet
惡心恶心ěxinnausea, to feel sick, disgust, nauseating, to embarrass (deliberately), bad habit, vicious habit, vice
兒童儿童értóngkid, nipper, enfant, tyke, youngster, small fry, minor, shaver, nestling, tike, child, chit, fry, children, infant, tiddler, small-fry
多樣多样duōyàngdiverse, multiform, various
而是而是érshìconj.: if not A, then B
二手二手èrshǒuindirectly acquired, second-hand (information, equipment etc), assistant
耳機耳机ěrjīheadphones, earphones, telephone receiver
發揮发挥fāhuībring into play, give free rein to, develop (idea/etc.), elaborate
發票发票fāpiàoinvoice, receipt or bill for purchase
發燒发烧fāshāofever, kindle, feverish, temperature, run a temperature, run a fever, have a fever, have a temperature
law, method, way, mode, standard, model, legalists, Legalist School, Buddhist doctrine, dharma, magic arts
法官法官fǎguānsentencer, Bench, judiciary, judgeship, bench, tippet, wig, justice, judicature, magistrate, court, judge, jurist, recorder, hakim, justicer, judgship
法律法律fǎlǜconstitution, juridical, legal, jus, judiciary, statute law, law, codex, legislation, jurisprudence, lex, code, Themis, statute, judicial, practice of law, prescript, forensic, natural law
法院法院fǎyuànjudicature, (law) court, judicatory, bar, courthouse, law court, court, tribunal, judiciary, banc, court of justice, jug, banco, forensic
翻譯翻译fānyìtranslate, interpret
fánto feel vexed, to bother, to trouble, superfluous and confusing, edgy
fānto turn over, to flip over, to overturn, to rummage through, to translate, to decode, to double, to climb over or into, to cross, variant of 翻[fan1]
反而反而fǎnérconj.: on the contrary, instead
反映反映fǎnyìngreflect, mirror, make known
fǎncounter, revolt, rebel, oppose, combat
方案方案fāngànformula, plan, scheme, projection, programme, proposal, schema, strategy, project, design, program
fāngjust, only just/then
方針方针fāngzhēnpolicy, guiding principle
放鬆放松fàngsōngrelax, slacken, loosen
féifat, fertile, loose-fitting or large, to fertilize, to become rich by illegal means, fertilizer, manure
分布分布fēnbùbe distributed (over an area), be scattered
分手分手fēn shǒupart, part company, separate, say good-bye, break up
分為分为fēnwéidivide … into, fall_into, divide(into)
分之…分之…… fēn zhī …… is divided into …
奮鬥奋斗fèndòustruggle, fight, strive
風格风格fēnggéplan, signature, idiom, kind, aroma, manner, idiosyncrasy, negligence, style, mode, tone, expressive style, artistic style, touch
分散分散fēnsàndivert, diversify, diffract, disperse, deconcentrate, decentralize, dispel, disgregate, decentralization, scatter, distract, decentralise, shed, break up, dispersal
風景风景fēngjǐngview, aspect, vista, panorama, scenery, prospect, scene, sight, landscape
紛紛纷纷fēnfēnin droves, one_after_another, numerous and in great confusion
封閉封闭fēngbìresistant to anything new
否則否则fǒuzéconj.: otherwise, if not, or else
風俗风俗fēngsúmores, custom, public decency, manner, institution, ritual, Sunna, manners, rite, guise
夫妻夫妻fūqīcouple, spouse, pair, man and wife, husband and wife
夫人夫人fūrenLady, lady, memsahib, milady, Dona, Mistress, dona, grande dame, donna, Mrs, mum, Senora, grace, senora, Mrs., madam, Frau, miladi, missus, senhora, wife, ma’am, Madame, madame, missis, Ladyship, Signora, signora
夫婦夫妇fūfùconjugality, couple, man_and_wife, husband and wife
符合符合fúhéfulfil, conform, fit, tally with, fill, come_up_to, cohere, satisfy, accord, coincide, assort, equate, answer, tally, consist, meet, be in keeping with, chime_in, fulfill, look, accord/tally with, relate, chime, live up to, square, accord with, conform to, correspond
付出付出fùchūpay, expend
符號符号fúhàosign, denotation, mark, icon, symbolical, symbol, notation, token, insignia, note, symbolic
附近附近fùjìnneighborship, neighborhood, precinct, vicinity, neighbourhood
負擔负担fùdānburden, load, encumbrance
複製复制fùzhìduplicate, reproduce
改善改善gǎishànimprove, perfect
改正改正gǎizhèngto correct, to amend, to put right, correction, CL:個|个[ge4]
概括概括gàikuòto summarize, to generalize, briefly, CL:個|个[ge4]
感興趣感兴趣gǎn xìngqùbe interested, be interested in
高潮高潮gāocháowater, high_tide, crescendo, coming, high tide/water, high tide, climax, upsurge, eagre, springtide, tidemark, sexual climax, blowoff, orgasm, culmination, payoff, wave, high, high water
gàicover, seal, affix seal, surpass, top, prevail over
高價高价gāojiàhigh price
格外格外géwàipiu, especially, all the more, helluva, particularly
高鐵高铁gāotiěhigh speed rail
高尚高尚gāoshàngnoble, lofty, refined, exquisite
separate, cut off, impede
隔開隔开gékāito separate
個別个别gèbiéspecifically, very few, specific, one or two exceptional, individual, exceptional
各個各个gègèevery, various, separately, one by one
個體个体gètǐunit, individual, individuality
根據根据gēnjùon the basis of, according to
工程工程gōngchéngprocess, construction, engineering, engineering project, project
gòngtotally, together, in all, in company, altogether
構成构成gòu chéngconstitute, form, compose, make up
公元公元gōngyuánCE (Common Era), Christian Era, AD (Anno Domini)
構造构造gòuzàoconstitution, configuration, make-up, build, anatomy, construction, structure, tectonic, fabric, compages, making, contexture, texture, conformation, apparatus, formation, architecture, makeup
購買购买gòumǎiinvest, take, buy, make purchases, go shopping, purchase
骨頭骨头gǔtouos, strong character, bone, character, person of a certain character
固定固定gùdìngset, plant, imbed, fix, strap, jell, fixed, affix, peg, stick, clench, rivet, regularization, rigidify, embed, infix, anchor, fixate, hold, regularize, implant, stitch, stabile, engraft, fasten, immobilize, moor, peg down, flat
guàifind sth. strange, blame
guānshut, close, turn off, lock up, close down
關閉关闭guānbìclose, shut (down)
官方官方guānfāngauthorities, official, authority, regime, authorization, government
guāngovernment official, officeholder
光臨光临guānglín(formal) to honor with one’s presence, to attend
關於关于guānyúabout, with regard to, concerning
guīreturn … to, put in sb.’s charge, take refuge, turn over to, return sth. to, come together, belong, give back to, marry, converge, return, take refuge (in Buddha/etc.), go back to
guàngto stroll, to visit
光盤光盘guāngpáncompact disc, CD or DVD, CD ROM, CL:片[pian4],張|张[zhang1]
guāmelon, gourd, squash
規律规律guīlǜlaw, regular pattern
規則规则guīzérule, regulation
果實果实guǒshífruitery, fruitage, gains, fruits, fruit, fructification
海水海水hǎishuǐwaters, seawater, salt water, sea, the sea, brine
過分过分guòfènexcessively, over-
hánkeep in mouth, cherish
規模规模guīmómagnitude, dimensions, extent, scale, scope
含量含量hánliàngcontent, quantity contained
含有含有hányǒuhave, involve, infer, imply, tinge, include, number, carry, contain
含義含义hányìmeaning (implicit in a phrase), implied meaning, hidden meaning, hint, connotation
寒假寒假hánjiàwinter vacation
寒冷寒冷hánlěngcold, frigid
航班航班hángbānscheduled flight, flight number, plane, scheduled sailing, sailing number, passenger ship
航空航空hángkōngair, aerospace, aerial, air travel, air power, aeronautical, navigation, voyage, aviation, aeronautic
行業行业hángyèmetier, mystery, profession, line, game, craft, calling, trade, industry, biz, walk_of_life, racket, living
好友好友hǎoyǒupeer, chum, crony, great friend, good friend, brick
號碼号码hàomǎpressmark, call mark, identification number, (serial) number, call number, no., number
合同合同hétong(business) contract, CL:個|个[ge4]
紅包红包hóngbāomoney wrapped in red as a gift, bonus payment, kickback, bribe
hòuthick, fat, magnanimous, favor, kind, generous, deep, strong in flavor, large, stress, profound, rich
後頭后头hòutoubehind, in the back, the rear side, later, in future
忽視忽视hūshìignore, overlook, neglect
呼吸呼吸hūxītake a breather, respiratory, take a breath, respire, catch one’s breath, inspire, breathe, rest, suspire, respiration
huāspend, expend, cost
護士护士hùshigraduate nurse, nana, nurse, sister, trained nurse, (hospital) nurse
懷念怀念huáiniàncherish memory of, think of
huàto cut, to slash, to scratch (cut into the surface of sth), to strike (a match), to delimit, to transfer, to assign, to plan, to draw (a line), stroke of a Chinese character
懷疑怀疑huáiyísuspect, doubt
黃瓜黄瓜huángguacucumber, CL:條|条[tiao2]
緩解缓解huǎnjiěto bring relief, to alleviate (a crisis), to dull (a pain)
回復回复huífùto reply, to recover, to return (to a previous condition), Re: in reply to (email)
huìto remit, to converge (of rivers), to exchange, variant of 匯|汇[hui4]
彙報汇报huìbàoto report, to give an account of, report
婚禮婚礼hūnlǐwedding ceremony, wedding, CL:場|场[chang3]
匯率汇率huìlǜinterchange, exchange rate, rate of exchange, exchange, exchange_rate
huǒcompanion, partner, group, classifier for groups of people, to combine, together
huǒfire;internal heat, anger, temper;firearms, ammunition
或許或许huòxǔpossibly, in all probability, peradventure, conceivably, mayhap, likely, perhaps, perchance, probably, maybe, haply, in all likelihood, belike
伙伴伙伴huǒbànpartner, companion, comrade
huòharvest, capture, obtain, get, catch, poll, be able to, reap, gather in, win
獲得获得huòdéfind, cop, acquirement, come_into, gain, draw, pick_up, pull, achievement, score, procure, come_by, get hold, purchase, nab, come upon, derive, latch, incur, achieve, make, bring, receive, arrive, come_out, pocket, obtain, luck into, sack, win, enter upon, pick up, garner, harvest, attain, come up, line up, extract, secure, possess, earn, reap, accrue, cover, take, acquire, get, arrive_at
獲獎获奖huò jiǎngto win an award
獲取获取huòqǔto gain, to get, to acquire
機構机构jīgòuinternal structure of an organization, motion, gadget, instrumentality, institute, organ, mechanism, gear, representation, mechanics, machinery, apparatus, establishment, institution, means, organization, agency, setup, delegacy, outfit
huòcommodity, idiot, money, blockhead, loading, goods
幾乎几乎jīhūchiefly, anear, about, near, just_about, most, well-nigh, almost, closely, practically, intimately, all but, nearly, just about, virtually, much, nigh
積累积累jīlěito accumulate, accumulation, cumulative, cumulatively
激動激动jīdòngboil, tingle, kindle, seethe, toss, inflammatory, tizz, excited, fire, throb, carry_away, ferment, effervesce, stirred, bespirit, heat, agitation, hound, agitate, invigorate, burnt, actuate, inflame, stir, agitated, excite, move, impassion
激烈激烈jīlièdrastic, fierce, heated, acute, sharp, intense
及格及格jí géto pass an exam or a test, to meet a minimum standard
extraordinary, unusual, special, very, extremely, highly
機遇机遇jīyùopportunity, favorable circumstance, stroke of luck
即將即将jíjiāngin a short time, promptly, on the point of, at once, instantly, pronto, immediately, shortly, without delay, tout-de-suite, right away, forthwith, presently, soon, in a few seconds, before long, straightaway, in a minute, about to
急忙急忙jímángin haste, hurriedly
記載记载jìzǎiput down in writing, record
極其极其jíqíabsolutely, extremely, very, parlous, heaps, utterly, entirely, miserably, goldarn, precious, exceedingly, passing, definitely, plaguily, passingly, totally, staving, goldurn, completely
技巧技巧jìqiǎotechnics, artifice, superior skill, acquisition, acquirement, cunning, trick, dexterity, accomplishment, mechanism, craft, craftsmanship, technique, artistry, handiwork, mastery, handicraft, finesse, attainment, sleight, skill, implement, execution, prowess, ingenuity, art, method, dish, mechanics, knack, cup of tea, management, bag, proficiency, address, facility, virtuosity, workman
集合集合jíhégather, assemble, muster
紀律纪律jìlǜdisciplinary, discipline, ferule, morale, regime, laws and regulations
surname Ji, season, the last month of a season, fourth or youngest amongst brothers, classifier for seasonal crop yields
季度季度jìdùquarter of a year, season (sports)
conj.: since…then
既然既然jìránconj.: since, as, now that
加班加班jiā bānto work overtime
attach oneself to, drop, transport, mail, ship, leave, entrust, post, get off, lodge at, depend on, send, entrustment, deposit, transmit, place, consign
加入加入jiārùjoin, accede to
家務家务jiāwùhousehold duties, housework
加油站加油站jiāyóuzhànpit, petrol_station, filling station, gasoline station, filling_station, gas station, gas_station, petrol station
假如假如jiǎrúconj.: if, supposing, in case
檢測检测jiǎncèto detect, to test, detection, sensing
減肥减肥jiǎn féilose weight
減少减少jiǎnshǎoreduce, decrease
堅固坚固jiāngùfirm, firmly, hard, stable
jiǎnknock_down, derogate, cut, lessen, reduce, subtraction, diminish, reduction, decrease, dwindle, subtract, minus, deduct
簡歷简历jiǎnlìcurriculum vitae (CV), résumé, biographical notes
健身健身jiàn shēnto exercise, to keep fit, to work out, physical exercise
講究讲究jiǎngjiube particular about, pay attention to, stress, strive for, backbite
漸漸渐渐jiànjiàngradually, by degrees, little by little
講座讲座jiǎngzuòlecture, professorship, cathedra, talk-in, course of lecture, chair, course of lectures
jiǎngaward, prize, reward
獎金奖金jiǎngjīnpewter, gainings, money award, gratuity, bounty, stakes, subsidy, prix, premium, incentive, prize money, perquisite, purse, winnings, stake, prize, bonus, gratification
獎學金奖学金jiǎngxuéjīnburse, stipend, foundation, exhibition, studentship, scholarship
降價降价jiàng jiàlower prices
jiàngfall, drop, lower
降低降低jiàngdīreduce, cut down, drop, lower
降落降落jiàngluòdescend, land, drop (in water level, etc.)
交換交换jiāohuànreciprocate, switching, barter, exchange, commute, switch, communicate, interchange, bandy, shift, trade, batter, truck, swop, change, counterchange, swap, clear, buy, transpose, change over, commune, turn around
交際交际jiāojìcommunication, social intercourse
教訓教训jiàoxunlesson, moral
階段阶段jiēduànstaged, period, phase angle, stage, gradation, level, peg, grade, remove, phase, leg, step
街道街道jiēdàoneighborhood, mews, gate, residential district, neighbourhood, street
節省节省jiéshěngsaving, to save, to use sparingly, to cut down on
結構结构jiégòuconstitution, configuration, framing, structural, design, underframe, framework, construction, structure, schematism, economy, fabric, mechanics, composition, machinery, contexture, texture, constellation, fable, ordonnance, skeleton, organization, frame, architecture, chemistry, make
jiétie, knit, knot, weave, congeal, form, forge, cement, settle, conclude
降溫降温jiàng wēnto become cooler, to lower the temperature, cooling, (of interest, activity etc) to decline
姐妹姐妹jiěmèisisters, siblings, sister (school, city etc)
結論结论jiélùnultimate, sequitur, consequent, ending, close, inference, closing, end matter, afterword, consequence, verdict, finality, back matter, conclusion, peroration, summation, summing-up, end, upshot, illation, outcome, conclusion (of a syllogism)
解釋解释jiěshìexplain, interpret, analyze
儘快尽快jǐnkuàias quickly/soon as possible
盡力尽力jìn lìdo_one’s_best, do all one can, render, take pains, be at pains, take_pains, stretch, strain, strive, try one’s best
進口进口jìn kǒuimport
禁止禁止jìnzhǐestop, inhibit, bar, outlaw, banish, forbid, suppress, interdict, defend, taboo, veto, prohibit, enjoin, blackball, restrain, debar, proscribe, negative, disallow, relegate, nix, prohibition, ban
緊密紧密jǐnmìsettle, close together, rapid and intense, compact, inseparable, close
近代近代jìndàithe not-very-distant past, modern times, excluding recent decades, (in the context of Chinese history) the period from the Opium Wars until the May 4th Movement (mid-19th century to 1919), capitalist times (pre-1949)
經典经典jīngdiǎncanon, classic, classics, sutra, scriptures, scripture, Bible
竟然竟然jìngránunexpectedly, to one’s surprise
鏡頭镜头jìngtóutraining, lens, scene, shot, camera lens, vertex, optical lens
精力精力jīnglìstamina, get-up, birr, spirits, vigor, energy, cheer, vinegar, vim, whiz, pride, starch, get-up-and-go, mercury, zing, ginger, sap, verve, zip, git-up, pizazz, power, sinew, go, dynamism, oomph, vigour, foison, ambition, moxie, gimp, peppiness, pazazz, pep, pizzaz, snap, stingo, spirit, drive, pith, pizzazz, last, push, steam
鏡子镜子jìngzilooking_glass, gaper, looking glass, mirror, spectacles, glass, glasses
酒吧酒吧jiǔbābar, pub, saloon, CL:家[jia1]
究竟究竟jiūjìngactually, exactly, after all, in the end
居民居民jūmínmunicipality, population, citizen, denizen, townie, people, dweller, populace, residenter, resident, towny, inhabitant, habitant, liver
居住居住jūzhùinhabit, occupy, shack_up, locate, domicile, shack, abide, subsist, settle, live, howff, reside, indwell, populate, lodge in, quarter, dwell, people, belong, bide, hang_out, house, residence
巨大巨大jùdàgigantic, gargantuan, huge
聚會聚会jùhuìget-together, gathering
get together, assemble, forgather, gather
具備具备jùbèibe provided with, supply, render, have, furnish, possess, provide, possession
角色角色juésètheatrical role, character, persona, part, function, office, fictional character, actor, fictitious character, personage, role
開花开花kāi huāburst forth, flower, bloom, split apart, explode, blossom, effloresce, unfold, feel elated, break apart, blow
juǎnvolume, coil, furl, roll, spool, documents, m.[general], ,part, data file, tome, reel, book, examination paper, cylindrical mass of something, file, dossier
開水开水kāishuǐboiled water, boiling water
看來看来kànlaiit looks as if, it appears, it seems, it look as if
看不起看不起kànbuqǐto look down upon, to despise
看望看望kànwangto visit, to pay a call to
考察考察kǎocháinspect, make on-the-spot investigation, observe and study
考慮考虑kǎolǜthink over, consider
空間空间kōngjiānelbow room, allowance, margin, roomage, open air/sky/space, road, leeway, way, open air, sheets, room, tolerance, opening, clear, sky, spacial, interspace, vacuity, spatial, dimension, open sky/space, space, place, vacuum
kōngfree, with spare time
head, tuft, m.[general],
be troubled by, suffer from, cause sb. suffering, bitter
口語口语kǒuyǔcolloquial speech, spoken language, vernacular language, slander, gossip, CL:門|门[men2]
快遞快递kuàidìexpress delivery
寬廣宽广kuānguǎngwide, vast, extensive, broad
礦泉水矿泉水kuàngquánshuǐmineral spring water, CL:瓶[ping2],杯[bei1]
會計会计kuàijiaccountant, bookkeeper
擴大扩大kuòdàenlarge, expand, extend, swell, dilate
擴展扩展kuòzhǎnexpand, spread, extend
kuānwide, broad, generous, lenient, comfortably off, well-off, relax, relieve, extend
垃圾垃圾lājīleavings, crap, sordes, trumpery, culch, garbage, filth, debris, cultch, sweeping, trashery, raffle, slush, truck, detritus, rubbish, trash, dirt, muck, litter, offscouring, offal, rubble, recrement, dust, rejectamenta, refuse, junk, gook
括號括号kuòhàoparentheses, brackets
拉開拉开lā kaito pull open, to pull apart, to space out, to increase
來不及来不及láibujíbe too late to do sth.,
hot (spicy), pungent
來得及来得及láidejíthere’s still time, able to do sth in time
來源来源láiyuánresource, wellspring, origin, provenance, quarter, root, source, beginning, springhead, fodder, fount, quarry, fountain, mint, parentage, whence, paternity
老家老家lǎojiānative place, old home, one’s original home
老婆老婆lǎopoold lady, broomstick, missis, missus, married woman, squaw, old_lady, wife
老公老公lǎogongold man, eunuch, married man, hubby, husband
老實老实lǎoshihonest, frank, well-behaved, good, simple-minded, naive
lèitear, lachrymal, teardrop, brine, eyewater
淚水泪水lèishuǐteardrop, tears
樂趣乐趣lèqùamusement, playfulness, fun, merriment, pleasure, sweet, delight, bang, entertainment, enjoyment, pleasance, joy
類型类型lèixíngcategory, species, genre, portrait, nature, stamp, cast, type
冷靜冷静lěngjìngsober, calm
離不開离不开lí bukāiinseparable, inevitably linked to
力氣力气lìqiphysical strength, effort
歷史历史lìshǐpast records, historical, history
立即立即lìjíat_once, off-hand, promptly, at once, down, instantly, directively, straightway, herewith, thereupon, ex tempore, without_delay, pronto, right_away, instant, straight, immediately, in_short_order, right away, instanter, straightaway, in short order, off-the-cuff
利益利益lìyìprivilege, profit, vantage, favor, interest, behoof, account, goodness, gain, increment, avail, boon, plus, commodity, lucre, advantage, stead, boot, benefit, welfare, good, asset, behalf, percentage, stake, favour
利息利息lìxīpremium, usury, accrual, interest
liàngto measure, capacity, quantity, amount, to estimate, abbr. for 量詞|量词[liang4 ci2], classifier (in Chinese grammar), measure word
良好良好liánghǎogood, well
兩邊两边liǎngbiāneither side, both sides
糧食粮食liángshivictuals, victualage, provisions, nutrient, ration, sustentation, provision, provender, food, purveyance, sustenance, foodstuff, commissariat, cereals, bread, viands, grain
了不起了不起liǎobuqǐamazing, terrific, extraordinary
療養疗养liáoyǎngto get well, to heal, to recuperate, to convalesce, convalescence, to nurse
了解了解liǎojiěunderstand, comprehend, find out, acquaint oneself with
lièarrange, line up, list, enter in a list
列入列入lièrùbe listed, be listed/placed, placed, be placed, rank
列為列为lièwéibe classified as
liǎtwo (colloquial equivalent of 兩個|两个), both, some
臨時临时línshías the time draws near, at the last moment, temporary, interim, ad hoc
零食零食língshíbetween-meal nibbles, snacks
流傳流传liúchuánspread, circulate, hand down
樓梯楼梯lóutīstairs, staircase
陸續陆续lùxùcontinuously, one after another, in succession
陸地陆地lùdìdry land (as opposed to the sea)
律師律师lǜshīscribe, counsellor, advocate, gown, avocat, solicitor, barrister, lawyer, counsel, jurist, counselor, counselor-at-law, attorney
錄取录取lùqǔenroll, recruit, admit
論文论文lùnwéndisquisition, memoir, paper, discourse, theme, treatise, thesis, article, tractate, dissertation
輪船轮船lúnchuánsteamship, steamer, ocean liner, ship, CL:艘[sou1]
luòcome down, have, remain where one is, go under, leave behind, lower, decline, stay behind, lag behind, dip, precipitate, go down, be missing, fall/leave/stay behind, belong to, set (of sun), drop, ebb (of tide), set, receive, set down, drop behind, light, rest with, obtain, fall, leave/stay behind, fall onto, turn over to, fall behind, sink, get, ebb, land, leave out
輪子轮子lúnziwheel, CL:個|个[ge4]
毛巾毛巾máojīnwashcloth, flannel, Turkish towel, face towel, face cloth, hand_towel, towel, washrag, napkin, terry towel, hand towel
毛衣毛衣máoyī(wool) sweater, CL:件[jian4]
帽子帽子màozicastor, lid, cap, brand, headgear, chapeau, titfer, hat, headpiece, label, amice, tag
沒錯没错méicuòthat’s right, sure!, rest assured!, that’s good, can’t go wrong
美金美金měijīnbuck, dollar, U.S. dollar
美女美女měinǚlooker, bombshell, siren, cookie, peach, dish, sweetheart, peri, lulu, beautiful woman, charmer, smasher, belle, knockout, mantrap, Venus, stunner, beauty, lovely
夢見梦见mèngjiànto dream about (sth or sb), to see in a dream
夢想梦想mèngxiǎngfond dream
祕書秘书mìshūsecretarial, secretary, clerk, amanuensis, secretarial assistant
密碼密码mìmǎcode, secret code, password, pin number
dense, thick, intimate, close
密切密切mìqiēosculate, intimate, close
面臨面临miànlínhave, face, confront, envisage, flank, present, be faced with, be up against, bide, meet
免費免费miǎn fèibe free of charge, free_of_charge, gratuitous, gratis
面試面试miànshìto be interviewed (as a candidate), interview
描寫描写miáoxiědescribe, depict, portray
名牌兒名牌儿míngpáir5Famous brand
名人名人míngrénnotability, luminary, celebrity, don, celeb, hotshot, lion, famous person, eminent peron, anybody, name, adept, star, figure, man of mark, proficient, performer, personality, social lion, nob, famous peron, guiding light, article, eminent person, boss, famous/eminent person, famous, toff, leading light, notable, swell, personage
名片名片míngpiànvisiting_card, calling card, card, pasteboard, visiting card, carte, namecard, calling_card, visiting
feel out, sound out, fumble, feel for, palpate, feel, stroke, finger, try to find out, touch, grope for, feel/sound out
模特兒模特儿mótèr5poser, artist’s model, model
模型模型móxíngformula, pattern, mould, mold, modeling, construct, die, convention, exponent, plaything, former, modelling, model, simulation, normal, rule, moulding, molding, shape, matrix, clay sculpture, restoration, toy
tip, end
默默默默mòmòquietly, silently
det.: which
男女男女nánnǚmen and women
男士男士nánshìgent, man, men, menfolk
難免难免nánmiǎnhard to avoid
哪怕哪怕nǎpàeven, even if, even though, no matter how
nàogive vent, be troubled by, give vent to anger, suffer from, make a noise, do, stir up trouble, make, go in for
鬧鐘闹钟nàozhōngalarm clock
內部内部nèibùentrails, bowel, interior, inner, within, bosom, inside, innards, internal, inward
內科内科nèikēinternal medicine, general medicine
能幹能干nénggàncapable, competent
寧靜宁静níngjìngpeaceful, tranquil, quiet
nóngthick, concentrated, stress, favor, dense
女士女士nǚshìsenorita, lady, Ms., mum, Senora, educated girl, educated woman, madonna, madam, Miss, woman, ma’am, Madame, madame, gentlewoman, senhorita, dame, mademoiselle
暖氣暖气nuǎnqìcentral heating, heater, warm air
拍照拍照pāi zhàotake a picture, take (picture), shoot (film), snap, film, take a photograph, take, photograph, shoot
排列排列páilièarrange, put in order
páidominoes, plate, prosodic pattern for ^1 ci2 ^ or ^3 qu3, card, cards, cards, dominoes, etc., brand, tablet, prosodic pattern for ^1ci2^ or ^3qu3^
盤子盘子pánziplate, pan, salver, bowl, dish, tray
胖子胖子pàngzifat person, fatty
培訓培训péixùncultivate, train
培訓班培训班péixùnbāntraining class
培養培养péiyǎngfoster, train, develop, culture
培育培育péiyùcultivate, foster, breed
品質品质pǐnzhìcalibre, appraisal, caliber, character, self, intrinsic, brew, quality, timber, sort
片面片面piànmiànunilateral, one-sided
平方平方píngfāngsquare (as in square foot, square mile, square root)
平靜平静píngjìngcalm, quiet, tranquil
迫切迫切pòqièimminent, imperative, pressing, urgent
平穩平稳píngwěnsmooth, steady
妻子妻子qīzifrow, feme, married woman, wifelike, wife, woman, femme, missis, squaw
破產破产pòchǎngo bankrupt, come to naught
期末期末qīmòend of term
期待期待qīdàilook forward to
期間期间qījiānlength, period, time period, amount of time, duration, course, interim, period of time, time, standing, chapter, tract, space, term, streak, efflux
期中期中qīzhōnginterim, midterm
期限期限qīxiàntime limit, allowed time, deadline, term
企業企业qǐyèproposition, business enterprise, business organization, business concern, concern, commercial enterprise, endeavour, endeavor, industry, business, project, corporation, enterprise
其餘其余qíyúetceteras, det.: others, remainder, the rest
汽水汽水qìshuǐsoda, pop
器官器官qìguānappendage, member, variety meat, penis, apparatus, organs, organ, transplant, phallus, extremity
前途前途qiántúlookout, future, prospects, prospect, futurity, career
qiǎnshallow, superficial, easy, simple, light (of color)
前頭前头qiántouin front, at the head, ahead, above
巧克力巧克力qiǎokèlìchocolate (loanword), CL:塊|块[kuai4]
親密亲密qīnmìchum, intimate, close
親愛亲爱qīnàidear, beloved, darling
qiècut, slice
青春青春qīngchūnspringtime, flower, prime, juvenility, youthfulness, one’s youth, young adulthood, youth, prime of life, youthhood, juvenescence, may
輕鬆轻松qīngsōnglight, relaxed
輕易轻易qīngyilightly, rashly
清醒清醒qīngxǐngwaken, wake up, sober up, be wide-awake, be clear-headed, wide-awake, wake, be sober, awaken, be sober/wide-awake, sober, come alive, awake, come to, regain consciousness, arouse, sober_up
情景情景qíngjǐngscene, sight, circumstances
qióngexhaust, exhausted, impoverished, hard-pressed, pursue to limit, poor
窮人穷人qióngrénpauper, poor people, prole, poor, poor man, the poor, beggar, have-not
趨勢趋势qūshìstream, gravitation, tendency, wind, tide, drift, sequel, trend, current, direction, inclination, tendence, momentum, flow
秋季秋季qiūjìautumn, fall
權利权利quánlìprivilege, claim, merit, title, entitlements, escheatage, right, dib, authority, competency, obligation, pretension, prescription, dibs
quèhowever, but, yet, indeed
確認确认quèrèncountersign, confirm, affirmation, identify with certainty, identify, acknowledgement, acknowledge, quiet, confirmation, recognize, seal, verify, uphold, affirm, notarize
然而然而ránérconj.: even so, but
熱心热心rèxīnbe enthusiastic about
熱鬧热闹rènaolively, buzzing with excitement
人家人家rénjiaI (used by females), dwelling, I, sb. else, sb. else’s house, family, household
日曆日历rìlìcalendar, CL:張|张[zhang1],本[ben3]
如今如今rújīnnowadays, now
日記日记rìjìdiary, journal
ruòinfirm, a little less than, young, inferior, weak, a bit less than, feeble
sànbreak up
sǎoto sweep, broom
color, CL:種|种[zhong3], look, appearance, sex, color, dice
sǎnfimbria, brolly, sth. shaped like an umbrella, umbrella, mush, gamp, bumbershoot
色彩色彩sècǎihue, tincture, palette, tint, blazonry, leavening, tinct, grain, color, shade
shǎnsprain, get out of the way, wink, shine, leave behind, have mishap, twist, sparkle, dodge, flash
閃電闪电shǎndiànlightning, CL:道[dao4]
shàiair, cold-shoulder, soak up sun, sun-dry, shine on, sun upturned soil
善於善于shànyúexcel, surpass, stand out, be adept in, be good at
善良善良shànliánggood and kind, decent
商務商务shāngwùcommercial affairs, commercial, commerce, business
上個月上个月shànggèyuèlast month
shǎngadmire, enjoy
上門上门shàng ménto drop in, to visit, to lock a door, (of a shop) to close, to go and live with one’s wife’s family, in effect becoming a member of her family
上樓上楼shànglóuto go upstairs
shāooven broil, roast, burn, broil, run a fever, baking, stew … in soy sauce, cook, heat, bake, burning, burnt, stew, grill, cooking, have a temperature
設置设置shèzhìset/put up, install
申請申请shēnqǐngapply for
身材身材shēncáistature, figure
設施设施shèshīinstallation, facilities
深厚深厚shēnhòudeep, profound, solid, deep-seated
身份身份shēnfenstate, dignity, station, estate, body, estate of the realm, capacity, status, standing, caste, doctorate, place, identity, condition
身高身高shēngāoheight, stature, height (of person)
神祕神秘shénmìmysterious, mystical
失敗失败shībàibe defeated, fail, lose
甚至甚至shènzhìeven (to the point of), so much so that
神話神话shénhuàfairy story, fairy tale, mythos, mythic, fable, fairytale, myth, mythology
失業失业shī yèlose one’s job; be out of work
shīverse form, poem, canto, verse, rhyme, number, song, poesy, poetry
詩人诗人shīrénmuse, rhymist, swan, lark, Parnassus, Maker, minstrel, harmonist, metrist, maker, bulbul, songster, versifier, poet, singer, eisteddfod, bard
失望失望shīwàngbecome disappointed, lose (hope/faith)
實用实用shíyòngpractical, pragmatic, functional
湿shīhumidify, moisten, humid, damp, dampen, wet
食堂食堂shítángmess_hall, eatery, hall, buttery, commissariat, (institutional) dining room, mess hall, mess, refectory, dining room, canteen
實施实施shíshīput into effect, implement
使勁使劲shǐ jìnto exert all one’s strength
士兵士兵shìbīngrank-and-file soldiers
市區市区shìqūurban area, city proper, row, urban district, downtown, urban_area
似的似的shìdeseems as if, rather like, Taiwan pr. [si4 de5]
事物事物shìwùproposition, pigeon, object, thing, affair, un
事先事先shìxiānahead, beforehand, in advance, in_advance, aforetime, aforehand
是否是否shìfǒuwhether or not, is it so or not
試卷试卷shìjuànexamination paper, test paper, CL:份[fen4],張|张[zhang1]
收回收回shōu huítake back, call in, recall, withdraw, countermand
收益收益shōuyìearnings, profit
收穫收获shōuhuòharvest, gains, results
手裡手里shǒuliin hand, (a situation is) in sb’s hands
shǒuguard, defend, keep watch
受不了受不了shòubuliǎounbearable, unable to endure, can’t stand
手套手套shǒutàoglove, mitten, CL:雙|双[shuang1],隻|只[zhi1]
售貨員售货员shòuhuòyuánsalesperson, CL:個|个[ge4]
舒適舒适shūshìcomfortable, cozy
叔叔叔叔shūshufather’s younger brother, uncle, uncle (child’s address for young males)
熟練熟练shúliànpracticed, proficient, skilled, skillful
暑假暑假shǔjiàsummer vacation, CL:個|个[ge4]
樹林树林shùlínforest, motte, woods, wood, planting, grove, timberland, woodland, hurst, timber
樹葉树叶shùyèleaves, foliage, leafage, leaf, leave, leaves (of trees)
數碼数码shùmǎnumber, numerals, figures, digital, amount, numerical code
shuāto brush, to paint, to daub, to paste up, to skip class (of students), to fire from a job, to select
刷牙刷牙shuā yáto brush one’s teeth
刷子刷子shuāzibrush, scrub, CL:把[ba3]
shuàisurname Shuai, handsome, graceful, smart, commander in chief, (coll.) cool!, sweet!
帥哥帅哥shuàigēhandsome guy, lady-killer, handsome (form of address)
睡著睡着shuìzháoasleep, fall_asleep, go_off, nod off, drift off, doze off, fall asleep, dope off, flake, drowse off, conk, dormant, flake out, drop off
率先率先shuàixiāntake lead/initiative
說不定说不定shuōbudìngperhaps, maybe
說服说服shuō fúpersuade, talk sb. over
似乎似乎sìhūit seems, quasi, apparently, seemingly, as if
順序顺序shùnxùsystem, method, taxis, gradation, consecution, succession, order, ranking, rota, sequence, orderliness, turn
松樹松树sōngshùpine, pine tree, CL:棵[ke1]
思考思考sīkǎoponder over, reflect on
sōngcrisp, loose, light and flaky, slack, loosen, relax, unbend, soft, not hard up
塑料袋塑料袋sùliàodàiplastic bag
suānsick at heart, grieved, distressed, aching, tingling
塑料塑料sùliàoplastics, CL:種|种[zhong3]
隨手随手suíshǒuconveniently, without extra trouble, while doing it, in passing
孫子孙子sūnzison’s son, grandson
孫女孙女sūnnüson’s daughter, granddaughter
縮短缩短suō duǎnshorten, curtail, cut down
臺階台阶táijiēsteps, flight of steps, step (over obstacle), fig. way out of an embarrassing situation, bench (geology)
縮小缩小suō xiǎorecede, dwindle away, narrow, foreshorten, shrinkage, narrow down, abridge, minify, reduction, puncture, compress, specialize, scale down, dwindle, deflate, minish, take in, reduce, lessen, shorten, diminish, dwindle down, shrink, subside, deescalate, retract
臺上台上táishàngon stage
套餐套餐tàocānset meal, product or service package (e.g. for a cell phone subscription)
tǎngcouch, lie, lean back, recline
特殊特殊tèshūexceptional, special, particular; peculiar, distinctive
特徵特征tèzhēngimpress, trait, hallmark, cachet, stamp, characteristic, speciality, cast, feature, characteristic marks, features, artistic style, touch, trademark, earmark, particularity, nature, genius, imprint, lineament, mold, shtick, distinction, specificity, physiognomy, idiom, signature, character, salience, diagnosis, syndrome, stigma, stylemark, signalment
提醒提醒tí xǐngremind, warn, alert to
特價特价tèjiàspecial price
提供提供tígōngfeed, offer, put_up, afford, proffer, set_up, capitalize, bring_forward, sponsor, extend, ply, provision, sustain, equip, supply, cough_up, bear, render, furnish, cater, billet, provide
體重体重tǐzhòngbody weight, beef, (body) weight, avoirdupois, weight
體操体操tǐcāojerk, physical exertion, workout, exercise, physical_exercise, gymnastic, calisthenics, exercising, gymnastics, physical exercise, gym
體檢体检tǐjiǎnabbr. for 體格檢查|体格检查[ti3 ge2 jian3 cha2]
替代替代tìdàireplace, supervene upon, replacement, supersede, substitute for, alternate, substitute, supersession, displace, supplant
for, on behalf of
天真天真tiānzhēnnaive, innocent
填空填空tián kòngto fill a job vacancy, to fill in a blank (e.g. on questionnaire or exam paper)
tiánwriting, fill in, stuff, write, fill, close, charge, fill up
tiāopluck, provoking, stir up, choose, incite, instigation, lance, shoulder, push sth. up, selection, carry on both ends of shoulder pole, push … up with a pole or stick, choice, defy, prick, raise, instigate, poke, provocation, plunk, select, carry on the shoulder with a pole, push/poke sth. up, poke sth. up, pick, push, provoke
挑選挑选tiāoxuǎnchoose, select
調皮调皮tiáopínaughty, mischievous, unruly
tiēpaste, glue, stick to
挑戰挑战tiǎo zhàna challenge to battle/contest
停下停下tíngxiàto stop
tǐngvery, rather, quite
童話童话tónghuàfairy story, fairy tale, fairy-tale, children’s stories, fairytale, fairy tales
同情同情tóngqíngsympathize with
統一统一tǒngyīunify, unite, integrate
tóuheave, agree with, throw, drop, mail, join, toss, go to, cater to, lodge, send, put into, fit in with, flip, peck, pitch, hurtle, betoss, project, deliver, stay, sky, post, cast, delivery, throw into, throw oneself into, hurl, fling, poll, vote
痛快痛快tòngkuaidelighted, to one’s heart’s content, straightforward, also pr. [tong4 kuai5]
投訴投诉tóusùcomplaint, to complain, to register a complaint (esp. as a customer)
投入投入tóurùthrow/put into
tòuto penetrate, to pass through, thoroughly, completely, transparent, to appear, to show
途中途中túzhōngen route
圖案图案túànminiature, device, pattern, illumination, emblem, embossment, design, imprint, cutout, designing, type
推遲推迟tuīchíto postpone, to put off, to defer
土地土地tǔdicountry, acre, terra, soil, premise, realm, territory, dirt, local god of the land, farming, earth, ground, kingdom, holding, agrarian, solid ground, benefice, esplees, tract, village god, glebe, terra firma, land, dry land
透明透明tòumíngdiaphanous, see-through, crystalline, transparent
推銷推销tuīxiāopromote sale of, peddle
襪子袜子wàzisocks, stockings, CL:隻|只[zhi1],對|对[dui4],雙|双[shuang1]
tuōcast/come off, shed, take off, escape from
外匯外汇wàihuìforeign exchange
外套外套wàitàostragulum, overclothes, outerwear, pall, surcoat, overcoat, loose coat, greatcoat, manta, outer garment, topcoat, coat, bolero, lagging, benny
晚點晚点wǎn diǎn(of trains etc) late, delayed, behind schedule, light dinner
wānto bend, bent, a bend, a turn (in the road etc), CL:道[dao4]
萬一万一wànyīconj.: just in case, if by any chance
wángRex, ameer, king, prince, emeer, monarch, shah, emir, amir, Surname, sovereign, Wang
網絡网络wǎngluòInternet, network (computing, telecommunications, transport etc)
網址网址wǎngzhǐwebsite, web address, URL
圍巾围巾wéijīnscarf, shawl, CL:條|条[tiao2]
微信微信WēixìnWeixin or WeChat (mobile text and voice messaging service developed by Tencent 騰訊|腾讯[Teng2 xun4])
維持维持wéichíkeep, preserve
維護维护wéihùsafeguard, defend, uphold
維修维修wéixiūkeep in (good) repair, maintain
尾巴尾巴wěibaappendage, a person shadowing sb., stern, tail-like part, servile adherent, tail
未必未必wèibìmay_not, not necessarily, may not
未來未来wèiláifuture, tomorrow, CL:個|个[ge4], approaching, coming, pending
位於位于wèiyúbe situated, situated, locate, precede, lie, come, nestle, subsist, underlie, sit, be located, skirt, rank
位置位置wèizhipositioning, site, stand, stance, about-face, lie, locality, spatial relation, setting, situs, locus, slot, ubiety, station, location, emplacement, ubication, situation, niche, positional, position, place, seat
wèihello, hey
wěnfirm, stable, steady, staid, sedate, sure, certain
穩定稳定wěndìngstable, steady
not have, there is not
無法无法wúfǎnohow, unable to, unable, cannot
無聊无聊wúliáobored, boring, senseless, silly, stupid
無論无论wúlùnconj.: no matter what/how/etc., regardless
問候问候wènhòuto give one’s respects, to send a greeting
無所謂无所谓wúsuǒwèinot deserve the name of, be indifferent, cannot be designated as, not matter, can’t be considered as
無數无数wúshùcountlessness, thousand, limitlessness, infinitude, boundlessness, trillions, millions, myriad, innumerableness, unboundedness, billions, zillions, jillions, host, countless, legion, det.: innumerable, incalculability, million, infiniteness, innumerability, immensity, umpteen
無限无限wúxiàninfinite, limitless
五顏六色五颜六色wǔyán-liùsèmulti-colored, every color under the sun
西瓜西瓜xīguawater melon, watermelon
drop, absorption, absorb, draw to oneself, sip, breathe in, attraction, suck, suck up, sup, draw_in, puff, drink, inhale, attract, inhaust
吸管吸管xīguǎn(drinking) straw, pipette, eyedropper, snorkel, CL:支[zhi1]
吸收吸收xīshōuabsorb, suck up, assimilate, recruit
吸煙吸烟xī yānto smoke
吸引吸引xīyǐnengross, arrest, appeal, fascinate, attraction, fetch, draw, transfix, pull in, entrance, pull, enamour, spellbind, enamor, capture, trance, captivate, call, grip, fascination, absorb, bewitch, tempt, becharm, speak_to, fix, engage, catch, rivet, enchant, beguile, charm, seduce, take, enwrap, magnetize, draw in, attract
喜愛喜爱xǐàilike, love, be fond of
系統系统xìtǒnglineage, filiation, scheme, pedigree, system, formation, superstructure, programme, organization, succession, tract, system of rules, organisation, program
系列系列xìlièsuccession, set, spectrum, course, train, series
fine, exquisite, minute, in small particles, meticulous, thin and soft, thin, careful, light, trifling, slender, delicate, detailed
細節细节xìjiécircumstance, minutiae, nicety, minutia, speciality, item, detail, particulars, punctilio, particular, point, specific, respect, regard, details
細緻细致xìzhìcareful, meticulous, painstaking
下降下降xiàjiàngdescend, go/come down, drop, fall, decline
下個月下个月xiàgèyuènext month
下樓下楼xiàlóuGo downstairs
下載下载xiàzàito download, also pr. [xia4 zai4]
xiānfish, old variant of 鮮|鲜[xian3], fish, old variant of 鮮|鲜[xian1]
鮮花鲜花xiānhuāflower, fresh flowers, CL:朵[duo3]
鮮明鲜明xiānmíngbright (of color), distinct, distinctive
xiánsurname Xian, salted, salty, stingy, miserly
顯著显著xiǎnzhùoutstand, striking, noticeable, remarkable, appear, marked, notable, outstanding, stand_out
相處相处xiāngchǔget along (with one another)
相反相反xiāngfǎnoffending, adverse, opposite, converse, opposite, contrary, oppose, reverse
箱子箱子xiāngzisuitcase, chest, box, case, trunk, CL:隻|只[zhi1],個|个[ge4]
想念想念xiǎngniànimagine, long to see again, remember with longing, think_of, miss, yearn
想象想象xiǎngxiàngto imagine, to fancy, CL:個|个[ge4]
項目项目xiàngmùevent, head, item, particular, article, point, specific, entry, listing, clause, project
相片相片xiàngpiànexposure, print, semblance, likeness, photo, photograph, photographic print
銷售销售xiāoshòusell, market
小吃小吃xiǎochīsnack, refreshments, CL:家[jia1]
小伙子小伙子xiǎohuǒziyoung man, young guy, lad, youngster, CL:個|个[ge4]
小型小型xiǎoxíngspyglass, miniature, small-sized, bar, small-scale, pettiness
效率效率xiàolǜsufficiency, effectualness, effectuality, productiveness, usefulness, efficiency, effectivity, effectiveness
心理心理xīnlǐmental_state, psychology, mentality
新郎新郎xīnlánggroom, bridegroom
新鮮新鲜xīnxianfreshen, novel, fresh, new, strange
新型新型xīnxíngpattern, novelty, of new type
形容形容xíngróngcharacterize, description, describe
形勢形势xíngshìcircumstances, situation, terrain, CL:個|个[ge4]
xíngmold, type, style, model
型號型号xínghàomodel number
xǐngwaken, come to, wake up, sober up, be clear in mind, regain consciousness, wake, be awake, awaken, arouse, come alive, awake, be striking to the eye
興趣兴趣xìngqùrelish, appetite, zestfulness, dish, cup of tea, pastime, hobby, interest, gusto, bag, avocation, zest
性質性质xìngzhìkidney, attribute, fibre, description, affection, temper, nature, self, mold, temperament, property, composition, character, hair, bent, kind, disposition, habitude, meridian, dimension, quality, note, sort
胸部胸部xiōngbùchest, breast, thorax
修理修理xiūlǐrepair, mend, fix
選擇选择xuǎnzéselect, opt
學年学年xuéniánschool/academic year
學分学分xuéfēnpoint, semester hour, course credit, credit
學時学时xuéshíclass hour, period
學問学问xuéwenlear, ology, lore, knowledge, learning, acquirement, learnedness, cognition, erudition, letter, eruditeness, scholarship
學術学术xuéshùology, academic, systematic learning, science, learning
尋找寻找xúnzhǎocomb, locate, quest, search, scout, chase, reconnoiter, look_around, look_for, look, look for, find_out, pick, reconnoitre, prospect, hunt, seek, rummage, shop
ivory, cuspid, fang, broker, tooth-like thing, tusk, tooth
迅速迅速xùnsùfast, speedy, rapid, prompt
亞運會亚运会YàyùnhuìAsian Games
牙刷牙刷yáshuātoothbrush, CL:把[ba3]
yaparticle: replacing 啊 when preceding word ends in a, e, i, o, or (y)u; used in direct address and exclamation; indicating obviousness/impatience/suggestion; used for confirmation
延長延长yánchánglengthen, prolong, extend
延期延期yán qīto delay, to extend, to postpone, to defer
嚴格严格yángérigorously enforce, rigorous, tight, grim, strict
yánsurname Yan, tight (closely sealed), stern, strict, rigorous, severe, father
延續延续yánxùcontinue, go on, last
嚴重严重yánzhòngserious, significant, acute, critical, severe, grave
研究研究yánjiūstudy, research
研究生研究生yánjiūshēngdon, postgraduate, grad student, grad, graduate student, student, graduate_student
研製研制yánzhìto manufacture, to develop
眼鏡眼镜yǎnjìngcheater, lorgnon, spectacles, specs, glasses, spectacle, barnacles, eyeglasses, barnacle, eyeglass, glass
眼淚眼泪yǎnlèitear, teardrop, tears, eyedrop, waterworks
演講演讲yǎnjiǎnglecture, speech
陽臺阳台yángtáiveranda, pergola, patio, terrace, mirador, trysting place, balcony, gallery, piazza, gazebo, deck, verandah
yāoisthmus, bend, haunch, middle, strategic pass, cingulum, reins, loin, pocket, small of the back, strait, waist of a garment, middle part, waist
眼裡眼里yǎnliIn the eyes
養成养成yǎngchéngto cultivate, to raise, to form (a habit), to acquire
藥物药物yàowùhealer, pharmic, medicine, druggery, curative, drug, pharmaceuticals, medicines, medicaments, medicinal, medicament, pharmaceutical, medication, remedy, drugs
yáorock, agitate, wigwag, row, pan, swing, shake, wave, scull, turn
yàowant, need, must, should
業餘业余yèyúunpaid, dilettante, amateur, recreational
醫療医疗yīliáotreat, cure
醫學医学yīxuémedicine, practice of medicine, medical science, leechcraft, physic, iatrology, medical
依靠依靠yīkàorely/depend on
一律一律yīlǜequally, without exception
一致一致yīzhìsymphonize, coheiress, identical, quadrate, accord, coincide, equate, homologize, answer, comport, concur, consist, unanimous, chime_in, agree, jibe, unite, square, correspond, consort
葉子叶子yèzifoliage, frond, leafage, leaf, leave
依然依然yīránnotwithstanding, natheless, withal, even so, yet, nonetheless, nevertheless, all the same, however, still, as before
一再一再yīzàirepeatedly, again and again, time and again, over_and_over
移動移动yídòngmove, shift
removal, alteration, transform, shift, remove, movement, alter, change, move
遺產遗产yíchǎnheritage, legacy, inheritance, bequest, CL:筆|笔[bi3]
遺傳遗传yíchuánbequeath, pass on to next generation
疑問疑问yíwèninterrogation, enquiry, question, interrogatory, demand, dubiousness, inquiry, interrogative, interrogative mood, doubtfulness, query, quaere, doubt
以及以及yǐjíconj.: as well as, along with, and
以內以内yǐnèiwithin, less than
一般來說一般来说yībānláishuōgenerally speaking
義務义务yìwùduty, obligation, volunteer duty
議論议论yìlùndebate, discuss
yǐnquote, cite
引導引导yǐndǎoguide, lead
引起引起yǐnqǐelicit, beget, causation, give rise to, incite, pique, engender, bring_on, trigger, fire, compel, kick_up, superindividual, draw, spawn, invite, touch_off, occasion, lead, bring_about, procure, touch off, raise, enkindle, give, poke, produce, capture, generate, stir, arouse, excite, put forward, provoke, breed, bring, conjure up, grip, create, kindle, tempt, set_up, interest, give rise, enga
引進引进yǐnjìnrecommend, introduce from elsewhere
yīngshould, ought to
英勇英勇yīngyǒngheroic, gallant, valiant
營業营业yíngyèdo business
影子影子yǐngziumbra, sign, silhouette, reflection, trace, shadow, vague impression
勇敢勇敢yǒnggǎnbrave, courageous
贏得赢得yíngdénail down, rake_in, carry_off, nail, peg, conquer, try_for, gain, turn, win, garner, claim, earn, carry, capture, take, notch, nobble
用途用途yòngtúpurpose, service, help, use, value, mileage, avail
優良优良yōuliángfine, good
勇氣勇气yǒngqìgameness, pluck, guts, mettle, braveness, grit, heart, moxie, courage, backbone, boldness, pride, gutsiness, nerve, pecker, courageousness, valour, spirit, spunk, gallantry, valor, virtue, audacity, bravery, pluckiness, gumption, sand, gut, valiance
優美优美yōuměigraceful, exquisite
郵局邮局yóujúpost office
優秀优秀yōuxiùoutstanding, excellent
有限有限yǒuxiànlimited, finite
有趣有趣yǒuqùmerry, fascinating, interesting, fun, amusive, comic, amusing
幼兒園幼儿园yòuéryuánkindergarten, nursery school
於是于是yúshìconj.: thereupon, hence, consequently, as a result
語法语法yǔfǎphraseology, parlance, language, syntax, locution, sentence structure, grammar, expression, wording, phrasing, phrase structure, diction
語音语音yǔyīnspoken pronunciation of characters, pronunciation, spoken (vs. written) pronunciation of characters, speech sounds, phonetic
預訂预订yùdìngto place an order, to book ahead
玉米玉米yùmǐcorn, maize, CL:粒[li4]
預測预测yùcècalculate, forecast
meet, encounter, treat, receive
遇見遇见yù jianto meet
遇到遇到yù dàocome across, run_into, receive, meet with, encounter, run into, meet, befall
原料原料yuánliàomaking, stuff, feedstock, ingredient, primary, raw_material, fodder, material, staple, raw material
yuánround, satisfactory, comprehensive
原則原则yuánzégod, rule, formula, regulation, principle, fundamental, axiom, basis, linguistic rule, faith, principium
約會约会yuēhuiappointment, engagement, date, CL:次[ci4],個|个[ge4], to arrange to meet
月底月底yuèdǐend of the month
運動會运动会yùndònghuìsports meeting, sport, gymkhana, athletic meeting, fixture, gate, game, sports meet, games, sports_meeting, meet
閱讀阅读yuèdústudy, read, peruse
運動員运动员yùndòngyuánathlete, CL:名[ming2],個|个[ge4]
運氣运气yùnqifortune, luck
運用运用yùnyòngutilize, wield, apply
在乎在乎zàihucare about, take … to heart, lie in, rest with, worry, care, mind
再三再三zàisānrepeatedly, again and again, over and over again, thrice, time and again
贊成赞成zànchéngendorsement, agree with, stand, assent, favor, cotton, uphold, subscribe, support, see, clear, approve, agree, sympathize, second, approve of, jibe, assist, indorse, optional, plump_for, favour, endorse
在於在于zàiyúbe at, on, lie, in, depend on, lie_in, rest with, lie in, be determined by, consist_in, consist in
贊賞赞赏zànshǎngto admire, to praise, to appreciate
贊助赞助zànzhùsupport, assist
造型造型zàoxíngmoulding, molding, style, mold, mold-making, fashioning, mould-making, modelling, model
戰鬥战斗zhàndòuto fight, to battle, CL:場|场[chang2],次[ci4]
戰士战士zhànshìfighter, soldier, warrior, CL:個|个[ge4]
戰勝战胜zhànshèngto prevail over, to defeat, to surmount
戰爭战争zhànzhēngwar, warfare
丈夫丈夫zhàngfumasterman, man, papa, manliness, mister, goodman, married man, husband, hub, hubby
招呼招呼zhāohutake care lest, receive, yoo-hoo, notify, take care of, recognize, say hello to, greet, halloo, speak, notification, come up to, hail, work hard, tell, beckon, get into a fight, address, accost, mind, ask, call
著火着火zháo huǒto ignite, to burn
著急着急zháo jíworry, feel anxious
召開召开zhàokāiconvene, convoke
zhēnneedle, pin, stitch, injection, shot, acupuncture
針對针对zhēnduìin the light of, in connection with
爭論争论zhēnglùnto argue, to debate, to contend, argument, contention, controversy, debate, CL:次[ci4],場|场[chang3]
征服征服zhēngfúto conquer, to subdue, to vanquish
政府政府zhèngfǔsirkar, state, country, nation, governmental, body politic, government, administration, civil order, polity, commonwealth, regime, res publica, land
徵求征求zhēngqiúask_for, seek, solicit
政治政治zhèngzhìpaternalism, trouble, government, policy, political relation, political science, polity, politics, political affairs, political
之前之前zhīqiánbefore, prior to, ago
之後之后zhīhòulater, behind, at the back of, after
之一之一zhīyīone of (sth), one out of a multitude, one (third, quarter, percent etc)
之間之间zhījiānamong, between
植物植物zhíwùvegetal, flora, herb, plant, grower, vegetable, plant life, vegetation, botanical, vegetive, dwarf, vegetative
制訂制订zhìdìngwork/map out, formulate
指揮指挥zhǐhuīconduct, direct, command
質量质量zhìliàngweight, molar, mass, quantity, quality
zhìstudy, research, cure, govern, treat, government, eliminate, harness, rule, manage, wipe out, management, administration, administer, control, punish, treat (disease)
治療治疗zhìliáotreatment, cure
智力智力zhìlìintelligence, intellect
智能智能zhìnéngintelligent, able, smart (phone, system, bomb etc)
中介中介zhōngjièto act as intermediary, to link, intermediate, inter-, agency, agent
種類种类zhǒnglèikidney, description, race, form, nature, manner, variety, feather, ordering, ilk, style, class, order, stamp, type, genus, category, stripe, kind, strain, cast, shape, denomination, species, persuasion, league, classification, breed, sort
中獎中奖zhòng jiǎngto win a prize, a successful gamble
種植种植zhòngzhíplant, grow
逐漸逐渐zhújiànstep_by_step, by degrees, gradually
逐步逐步zhúbùstep by step, progressively
重量重量zhòngliàngavoirdupois weight, weight, ponderousness, heaviness, loading, heft, ponderosity, avoirdupois, heftiness, massiveness, gravity, lading
主席主席zhǔxíchairwoman, presiding officer, president (of organization, chair, chair (of meeting), prolocutor, chairperson, subchairman, chairmanship, state), chairman, chair/president (of organization/state), moderator, president
祝福祝福zhùfúinvoke blessing, wish happiness to
主題主题zhǔtímotif, lemma, musical theme, theme, thesis, idea, literary argument, argument, motive, leitmotiv, matter, subject_matter, keynote, issue, subject, topic, mythos, melodic theme
著名著名zhùmíngfamous, noted, well-known, celebrated
抓緊抓紧zhuā jǐnto grasp firmly, to pay special attention to, to rush in, to make the most of
專心专心zhuānxīnoccupy, immerge, pore, zoom in, concentrate, betake, dive, pay attention, concentrate effort, advert, give ear, center, rivet, concentrate one’s attention, focus, hang, pay heed, devote, apply, be absorbed, be absorbed in, centre, attend
轉動转动zhuǎn dòngturn (round), move
著作著作zhùzuòcomposition, writing, composing, oeuvre, work, opus, literature, writings, book, production, bookmaking, body of work
轉告转告zhuǎngàoto pass on, to communicate, to transmit
轉身转身zhuǎn shēnturn round, go_about, face about, turn
轉彎转弯zhuǎn wānto turn, to go around a corner
裝修装修zhuāngxiūrepair, renovate (house/etc.), decorate, renovate (house, etc.), renovate, furnish, renovation, fit up
裝置装置zhuāngzhìinstall, fit
轉移转移zhuǎnyíshift, transfer, divert, change, transform
準時准时zhǔnshíon time, punctual, on schedule
追求追求zhuīqiúseek, pursue, woo, court
資料资料zīliàofood, source, info, means, data, information, material, datum, data point, matter
from, since
資源资源zīyuánresource, natural resources, mine, resources
字母字母zìmǔletter (of the alphabet), CL:個|个[ge4]
綜合综合zōnghésynthetical, comprehensive, multiple, composite
總共总共zǒnggòngin all, all told, altogether
總理总理zǒnglǐpremier, prime minister
總統总统zǒngtǒngpresident (of a republic)
總之总之zǒngzhīin a word, tout ensemble, on the whole, all in all, altogether, in short
阻止阻止zǔzhǐprevent, stop, prohibit
嘴巴嘴巴zuǐbajaw, cheeks, kisser, mouth
作出作出zuòchūmake (decision/etc.)
作為作为zuòwéiregard as, look on as, take for
最初最初zuìchūfirst, primary, initial, original, at first, initially, originally
做夢做梦zuò mèngto dream, to have a dream, fig. illusion, fantasy, pipe dream


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